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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Laughing Lovers!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Laughing Lovers!

Kate Bosworth and her fiance Michael Polish walk arm in arm on Tuesday morning (October 23) while on a stroll through New Orleans, La.

The 29-year-old actress and her fiance tried to give each other a high five during their walk, but missed and let out some big laughs.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The couple is currently in New Orleans while Kate works on her new film Homefront, in which she plays the meth addicted sister of a drug lord, played by James Franco.

FYI: Kate is carrying a Jerome Dreyfuss bag.

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  • sinca

    They’re giving each other a high five because they’re making more money off their photo ops that their failed careers couldnt’ provide them.

  • ellen

    thank goodness i found my barf bag in time


    wao…polish looks like an emaciated version of Bluto the villain from popeye ….ps kate please dont laff to hard..okay sweetie ur burning too much calories and u need not to be burning any calories at the rate you look.

  • gb

    Bosworth is completely malnourished. Thats worrying.

  • Anya


  • Macy

    Good grief, talk about fake crap for a photo op. High five, really? Oh we just happened to miss too? As if!

  • stella

    They both take pathetic to a whole new level.

  • Nicole

    I don’t hate Kate the way some people on here do (I don’t care about her either way)…but do we really need daily posts on her? I think it’s just making everyone dislike her more…

  • Blackcat9

    How can anyone find this ATTRACTIVE?! Look at the size of her KNEE compared to the rest of her leg! I’m not even trying to be mean. This is not HEALTHY and it is NOT ATTRACTIVE! Most of all PRAISING someone who looks close to death and calling her toned and svelte sends a VERY BAD MESSAGE to young girls! I know that there are some people saying he has lost some weight for the movie role. I say BULL CRAP! Kate was already GROSSLY underweight and already had the look of a meth head without the additional weight loss!

    That’s why Kate lost the role as the lifeguard. They were expecting Blue Crush Kate and saw malnourished I couldn’t pull a fly out of soup Kate. So they replaced Kate but said OH! But ,we have the perfect role for you Kate. Meth Head! Perfect! and no need for additional weight loss!

  • sure

    so someone said that she didn’t look so happy and lo and behold smiling high giving pictures this woman is so sad even in a supposed happy relationship. Next she will be in a restaurant shoving down oatmeal porridge by the bowls not that she doesn’t need it.

  • connie

    wait, who cares ?

  • connie

    they must not know that everyone else thinks they are a-holes:)

  • Marieke de Graaf

    My GOD, she’s thin.

  • Oh noooo

    These 2 failed twiglets pretending to be all loved up in HW Turning green and now Barfing :(

  • So?

    If he really loved her he would get her some help. That’s one scary looking q tip.

  • Eresyn

    the Skinny Siamese twins strike again…ugh!

  • lindeta

    Funny pics!!! Love Kate! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeannie

    I really don’t understand how anyone can think she looks good. I have no idea if she lost weight for the role, but she didn’t need to. This isn’t a good look on anyone. That last picture is scary.

  • ladybug

    @Jeannie: I’m going on the presumption that she did because she looks worse than normal, weight-wise, her chestbone area especially. It’s not in the least bit attractive.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: Her chestbone area is disturbing. I may not like the girl, but these pictures made me scared for her.

  • chelle

    OK I know I have been pretty mean in the past but this is seriously disturbing…. and don’t laugh at me for this but they used all sorts of special effects for KStew in breaking dawn for the emaciated look so to me this is beyond ridiculous if she did lose for the part.

  • Lena

    These 2 again? Why? They aren’t even attractive. I wouldn’t mind seeing beautiful couples at least. But he is a failed werewolf and she is a shadow of her former self.

  • mforman

    I am starting to think that aside from the creature paying JJ, he likes all our negative posts, because there are always so many. Why else in gods name would he keep posting this crap over and over.
    The stans can talk about me but this is the worst she has looked in years, I mean seriously look at her chest. There is not one thing that is attractive about her, nothing even pleasant, she actually looks dirty and unwashed.
    My question is does the creature actually think she looks good, does the hobbit want KB as a role model for his teenage daughter, does his ex wife want her daughter looking up to her. I don’t get any of them.
    Honestly, she looks like she is about to fall over, maybe that is why they cling to each other. They my be in love, but I have never, ever seen any couple behave like this. I mean I just picutes of JT and JB on their honeymoon, yes they were holding hands, but nothing like this. Really who are they trying to convince.
    Also, I think her part may be small because she just got to the set and already has another day off. It seems everybody else is working and she is running around NOLA.

  • mforman

    Sorry to post again right away but I just saw this on
    Making the most of some time off from their busy careers, Kate Bosworth took her fiancé Michael Polish on a walking tour of New Orleans, Louisiana this afternoon (October 23).
    The “Blue Crush” babe looked to be having a marvelous time with her soon-to-be hubby as they walked around the Big Easy holding hands and laughing.
    First, what careers. The hobbit has done nothing but keep working on BIg Sur, and the creature only got this part because she is the only one in HW who looks like a meth addict and needed no makeup to play the part. They are the two biggest wastes of air and space.
    Also, I love how the only film they associate with KB is from 10 years ago, that is just sooooo sad and shows you all what a useless and terrible actress she is.

  • ladybug

    @mforman: Lohan could have nailed this role last year.

    But the ‘busy careers’, really? Was that tongue in cheek? I hope so.

    And the DM notices that Kate’s lost weight:

    “Only hungry for love! Kate Bosworth shows her bony ribcage and skinny legs as she wraps herself around fiancé Michael Polish”

  • mforman

    @ladybug—Oh, I missed the classic DM, I am so surprised they wrote that. Maybe they too are reading peoples comments. They usually kiss her anorexic a*s,
    You are right about Lohan, if they could get insurance on her, that is, I wonder how much longer companies are going to want to insure the anorexic creature, she is definitely a filming risk.
    We know our comments are being read, because all of a sudden she is tweeting about a dessert and showing a photo with two spoons.
    I wish I could say the “busy careers” comment was tongue in check, I just love their reference to a 10 year old film.
    Their desparation grows daily and with each new ridiculous post.

  • aussiefan

    Dear Kate…she makes everyone feel so weary. Alexanders’ heart is really on its knees.. vomiting . The Hobbit keeps a poker face so well, that even JJ couldn’t tell – that Molish’s baby’s so vain- Kate is almost a mirror and the sound of her name sends a permanent shiver , down Alexanders’ spine ,
    down Alexander’s spine !!

  • She needs help

    When are the media going to collectively stand up and address that looking like she does is unhealthy and stop praising her as the ideal woman’s body. She is a horrible role model for young women. Looking at her thread at The Fashion Spot only solidifies this point. They think these cut off shorts and tank top are classic and that she looks glowing. Why are people praising her when they should be getting her help . As Iyanla Van Zant says ” call a thing a thing people”. She is a 29 year old woman who has whored herself and starved herself for the sake of fame and fashion so that people will notice her and give her attention and validation.
    She clings to men and morphs to them because that is the only way she thinks she can get love. She is insecure but puts on an aire of arrogance so that people won’t notice. Somewhere someone taught her that appearances where all that mattered not substance. She isn’t shallow, she’s empty. I don’t care how much money she may make, how expensive the clothes are she wears, where in the world she gets to travel and who she has dated. I would never want her empty life. She is not someone to be envied, she is someone to be pitied and prayed for.

  • aussiefan

    @She needs help: F ‘ that I don’t pray hmm, for anybody ..

    Are ya sure its not just for the movie ? lol

  • aussiefan

    *cough* cause ya know what a serious method actor Kate is * cough*

    Can’t take this steaming pile of pseudo pap shyte seriously…

    So everybody sing .. Kate’s so vain she’s almost a mirror and the sound of her name send a permanent shiver down Alexander’s spine …

  • mforman

    @She needs help–#28—That was an amazing post. You said it all and perfectly.
    If you really think about it the only media that really posts about her are the ones that are so obviously being paid to and fed information on her. It is getting more and more obvious what the creature and her little paid for famewhores are doing, by giving the same information to each site. That was why I was so glad to read the Daily Mail posted that article today and I thank @ladybug for putting it on her post. They have been the first to really say things. They mentioned not only her chest bones, but also her legs in those shorts.
    You are so right about how she has whored herself, AS liked socceer so she did, MP likes the Cowboys, now she does, she dresses differently with each man, acts differently with each one. I only hope she changes her sheets in between men, but then she goes from one to the other so fast, she probably doesn’t have time.
    I have always said that KB likes the negative publicity more then the positive because she gets more attention with the negative stuff.
    I agree with you the creature is a smug, vapid, void, waste of air and space. KB has nothing to offer, nor does she want to make any contributions that are worthwhile, unless of course they benefit her.
    What scares me is, is how can MP or his ex wife want this thing near their teenage daughter, I just don’t understand it, honestly, KB is not a role model, she is the person that belongs on the poster to scare teenage girls what not to ever look like.

  • chris

    Are these 2 people supposed to be Hollywood “stars”?

  • aussiefan

    As I posted ..who takes this pap whoring seriously ?
    Look if this person really had a problem it would be fame whoring on JJ.
    Seriously, how many teenagers take notice .. They are all on You Tube and Face Book not taking notice of a B grade actor..*cough* I was being generous *cough*

  • ladybug

    @aussiefan: It’s not her specially, it’s the general glorification of being underweight that’s presented in the US media, especially the gossip/fashion media.

    And yes, part of this weight loss is probably for the movie, and yet until the DM article what gossip sites were mentioning it made it into her being all ‘toned’ and crap. Plus the fact that she seems to have no clue that going around flaunting her chest bones like that is unattractive. Matthew McConaughey has lost a lot of weight for his new role and you don’t see him out and about flaunting how skinny he is now.
    It’s as if she has no idea of how she actually looks to other people.

  • mforman

    @ladybug—-I am telling you, KB sees absoultely nothing wrong with the way she looks, to her she looks good. That is what is so scary Also MP has his nose so far up her anorexic a*s he sees nothing wrong with her either.
    The only people she has that are around her besides MP are all being paid, she has no real friends that would say something, out of concern, she pays people to tell her how great she looks.
    The creature could have worn jeans and a t shirt and nobody would have seen those chest bones or her legs, but she chose to walk around looking like that. Dressed once again like a 15 year old, it is like in her mind she is still a “HW Starlet”, she needs to realize her starlet days are long gone.
    If I was Jasper’s mom I would be worried that she was around KB so much.
    Look at how the media attacked Lady Gaga when she put on a little weight. It was all over the news and in every magazine, they were cruel and nasty.
    Also, I love how this negative DM article once again had no reporters name attached to it, it is like they don’t want her or her people to know who wrote it. Makes me laugh.

  • Zed

    She looks great in some of the pictures. Petite but not too thin. Other pics look weird.

  • Green

    JJ has a business relationship with KB’s company, JewelMint.

  • Whycantipost

    Why does he look like Shia Labeouf here? Not that it’s a good thing.. bleh.
    Kate looks ill.

  • ladybug

    @Zed: Great? Really? I know that different body types appeal to different people, but she’s really underweight here, even if for just the movie, it’s not attractive.

    @Green, JewelMint isn’t KB’s company, JewelMint is part of BeachMint. And I strongly suspect that even if KB and CC are still involved in JM it won’t be for long.
    JJ was very involved in promoting JM, in the beginning. But when was the last time he mentioned JM in one of her posts, even when she was wearing it?

  • Whycantipost

    From Crazy Days and Nights:

    I don’t even think this C list director is all that great looking but because of the hate that this formerly almost A list movie actress and who is now working her way back up to a solid B+ has for this B-/C list actress, our former A list actress f**ked the C list director who also happens to be the fiancee of the B- list actress. Our former A lister says she was bored and out of cigarettes and wanted to wipe the smirk off the B- lister’s face.

    Could be the BoZZZZ as the B-/C-lister, I am guessing Winona Ryder for the previous A-lister. the ‘smirk on the b-lister’s face’ does it for me, that is so Kate!

    No wonder Kate is so skinny, she always looks terrible when her relationships are getting rocky.

    *flies away again*

  • Whycantipost

    To clarify: Kate works with Winona on the crackjunkie skinny hookah movie, maybe that’s how Polish and Winona met. And since everyone who works with Kate hates her, I could sooooooooooooo see this happening.

  • What?

    Winona and Michael Polish? I don’t think so.

  • Karma

    Michael and Winona worked together before. This could very well be in the range of possibility. Though how he was able to remove the clinger for 15 seconds to do the deed is beyond me.

  • What?

    Is this a credible blind item?

  • Whycantipost


    Guy does reveals twice a year and some stuff is pretty juicy and fits into celeb’s timelines. Not sure if it’s 100% credible of course, I can’t read minds, and thankfully I wasn’t there when they did the deed haha (if they did, as this blind suggested).

  • sure

    haha it is indeed Karma. I love it that’s why she is looking so thin. Trouble in her made up paradise. Plus I am sure it is them the way she is over showing this mance is obvious there is smoke or cheating and please someone so thin can’t stay awake all day low energy (hungry) makes lots of sleepy time.

  • Whycantipost

    LOLLLL that article suggests Polish is a clinger too. Ohhh I love this s,hit! xD

  • smiles

    no wonder he is smiling he actually had good s*x. She’s just still pretending nothing new for her. But he finally scored with Winona. Ryderrrrrr indeed.

  • ladybug

    @Karma: That article’s just odd.

    Though I have quite a few doubts about this, for many reasons, including the fact you mentioned-how did he find time away from her?

    @What?, I don’t believe believe most of the blinds, oh a part might be true, but for the most part, there’s a lot of embellishment. Though occasionally they’re correct, it’s best to take with an Atlantic Ocean-sized grain of salt.

  • aussiefan

    @Whycantipost: I would so love this to be true …Haha , early Christmas present lmfao

    Love to know why I got thumbs down for sayin..I don’t pray – I am not a hypocrite : just an Atheist .

    Yeah, get the whole weight thing but still who really cares ?