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Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?

Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split?

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have reportedly gone their separate ways, Us Weekly reports.

“They quietly parted ways a while ago,” a source told the mag of the 22-year-old country singer and 18-year-old high school student’s relationship. “It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They’re fine.”

The two were first spotted together this past July holding hands at his family’s compound in Massachusetts.

They were last seen together in late August, leaving a private residence together.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy reportedly broke up?

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  • Kim


    First of all thank you for not going all off on me or anyone else like a lot of fans do. You’re right, I don’t hate her but I’m not a fan either. My problem is NOT with the fact that she isn’t in a long term relationship. I’m sorry if I offended you or you thought that. What I simply meant was she is a grown adult, you would think by now she’d be able to and would be mature enough to be in a long term relationship. You have to be mature to be in that kinda relationship and I don’t at all believe Taylor is mature enough. THAT is what I mean. When it comes to love/relationships she seems VERY immature and almost like she thinks her relationship/love life is a fairy tale when she first meets these guys then soon realizes there’s guys are just normal guys and aren’t prince charming. I get the feeling she has unrealistic expectations for these guys and they don’t live up to everything she wants therefore it ends and she acts heartbroken and writes a song about them. With the exception of John Mayer I don’t believe these guys are as “bad” as she likes to make them out to be. She’s given these guys a bad rap and most of them have all gone onto dating other girls for a long time.

    Also, there are many other young people in Hollywood that are exactly like her and are able to balance work/touring/and a relationship. As much as I HATE to use them as an example even Justin/Selena have been able to do it and both of them are younger then her. If she is never going to be able to balance work/personal stuff she’s either never going to have a lasting relationship/marriage or if she does she’ll have to stop working. I also think someone needs to tell her to cool it off with falling for these guys so fast. By now you’d think she’d realize this might be the reason all these guys are scared off and none of the relationships last for her. Even if she is an adult now, her parents really should give her some advice on how to make a relationship work and how to make a relationship LAST.

    So yeah, THAT is what I was trying to get across, not that she had to be committed to someone and should put her career on the back burner, not at all what I mean, sorry you took it that way.

  • Kim

    @cordelia: I’d also like to add that serial dating any attractive, single guy under the age of 40 in Hollywood and then writing rude songs about them because they didn’t fall madly in love with you after like 2 months of dating isn’t attractive or something for little girls to look up to. Taylor gives off the impression she thinks she’s perfect and NEVER does ANYTHING wrong in these relationships she’s had. No, its always the guy who has done something wrong all while she’s little miss perfect who got her heart broken. Sorry but I don’t believe that is the type of person parents should have their young girls looking up to.

  • Prim

    @rachel: She does not! Leave her alone. She can write about whatever inspires her. In this case, it’s love. Would you rather Taylor write about drugs, sex and what have you? If she wants to write about love, then let her!

  • chelsea

    @biker mike: her entire album is about him (the good songs)

  • chelsea

    @Jade: pedophile?? he’s 18 and she’s 22! That’s only 4 years and he’s perfectly legal.

  • KassyClem

    She’s got “karma” with men, and I suspect she’s just too immature to know what it’s like to cultivate a long term relationship. I’m worried about all the millions she recently spent impulsively buying a house next door to him. Well, I’m sure her favorite realtor will find a buyer soon enough

    Keep on trucking, Tay Tay, and some day you’ll grow out of this thing you’ve got going with music and men!


  • blue

    @Robsten_Fan: she’s too old for him. And she’s too young to be a Kennedy.

  • cordelia


    Kim, no need to apologize. I wasn’t offended, just frustrated, although for opposite reasons. You have a right to your opinion, and should always state it whenever you want. But I’m still perplexed by the hate. I’m a fan, but I’m not pretending she’s perfect or innocent. I don’t understand why people think her fans are being duped that she’s a goody goody. I couldn’t care less about her dating life, I just wanna hear her songs, yet people who aren’t fans of her keep analyzing her love life like crazy? It’s bizarre. It actually ruins it for me. I just wanna listen to the songs, but everybody keeps trying to figure out who it’s about, so you end up wondering too. Except for Mayer and Jonas, I’m not sure how she’s giving anybody a bad rap. Every song of hers can be about anyone, and she’s not saying who each song is about. It’s everybody else speculating it’s this guy or that.

    One of the big reasons her songs are good is because of her ability to capture an emotion. She exaggerates stuff for dramatic effect. People are reading too much into it, taking things literally, then complaining about it. She’ll sing about being heartbroken, was she really? Probably not, she just did it for a better dramatic effect. So you think her expectations were probably too high, that’s why she was so disappointed. No, she just dramatized it on purpose for effect.

    As for expecting her to be in a long-term relationship, she doesn’t seem interested in one. Everyone’s different, you can’t look at other girls like Selena or whoever and say they’re exactly like her. Their priorities, goals and relationship standards will differ, depending on the person. And I wanna point out that some people always need to be in a relationship b/c they’re afraid to be alone, can’t handle it. And some people stay with someone because they’re comfortable in the relationship and are afraid of the unknown. Everyone has issues and some can be easier to hide, but people like to unnecessarily zero in on this girl’s.

  • Dave Franco

    Jared, state your facts… you were wrong about Franco/Bensen. You are really grating my nerves.

  • market
  • cordelia


    I doubt little girls are analyzing Taylor Swift deeply, they just like her songs because they’re catchy. My niece was singing a Pussycat Dolls song before and I was shocked, but she had no idea what she was singing about. And little girls like Taylor’s image because it’s pretty, girly, and fairytale-y. I’d rather they see that image than Rihanna crotch dancing all over the place. Not all of her songs are I hate you songs though. Only like 20% per album, I would say. She’s disappointed by love a lot on her songs, but I’d say that’s pretty d*** realistic. Life’s not a fairytale, 50% of marriages end in divorce.

  • observer

    she is still too young and famous to be steady so relationship goes and comes.. so let her enjoy the journey to discover true love eventually :)

  • moontec

    @Anabelle: @Anabelle:

  • m

    when is her bullsh<t image going to be blown?
    I predict her next "boyfriend/inspiration for a nauseated album" will be that tool bag patrick schwarzenegger

  • lis

    @chelsea: but it’s still perfectly creepy. Is he still in high school?

  • KissThis

    I’m sorry, but I just have to laugh everytime someone dumps her. What is wrong with her that she can’t keep a stable healthy relationship? It makes you wonder if maybe she’s not really that nice or maybe she’s super annoying. Funniest part is, she looks extremely stupid because within 3 weeks of knowing this kid, she bought a house next to his!! If that doesn’t scream that something is off about this girl I don’t know what does!

  • Juicy Lucy

    Yep, Ol Swifty needed one more song to complete her new album.

  • gwin

    Much ado about nothing. I know plenty of young girls who date plenty. By now every boy/man who dates her know that they will have a song written about them…they aren’t worried…why you should be? Just a sweet girl who puts into words what millions of other girls experience, nothing wrong with her…

  • Adeline

    It’s not a surprise to hear this. Look forward to her next album!

  • Sally

    song,song,song – chanted the crowd,oh well, whatever^)

  • Tasha Cohen

    Taylor should date Ashton Kutcher. Mila is too old for him. Sweet Taylor would be perfect.

  • susan

    @cordelia: I will have to disagree. You said she doesn’t seem interested in a long-term relationship, sorry but in my world if you introduce the guy to your parents, meet his family, flew to his city just to spend the weekend with him, buy a house near his and these kind of things you seem VERY interested in a long-term relationship to me. Clearly it’s not just a fling. Her quote: “You have to make it work by prioritizing it, and by falling in love really fast, without thinking too hard.”
    I don’t want to be mean, but she has to scare them in some way or do something wrong, because I doubt that amount of failed relationships was always the guys’ fault.
    And she’s famous, people will comment about her personal life, especially if she changes boyfriend every six months.

  • Macy

    sick and tired of her

  • ariel

    no way, no way.
    Taylor is very beautiful talented kind girl!

  • anne

    I know plenty of decent people who only have short-term relationships for various reasons. And most of the people I know who are in long-term relationships are miserable. I know someone who recently married but was crying and wishing for someone else. A lot of the marriages I personally know aren’t good, hence the divorce rate. Love is complicated, don’t act like you guys got it all figured out, like your love lives are perfect. If it was that easy, the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high.

  • Tiffany

    She’s 22, that’s why her relationships don’t last long. She’s still young. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • lol

    lol :D

  • ozzie

    She is running out of closeted young hollywood to date.

  • lol

    there were 3-4 songs conor in Red.

  • sotiredofthis

    Ozzie, you think all her relationships end because the guy must be gay? No…. She just creeps these guys out with her clingy behavior.

  • Kim

    @cordelia: People talk about her love life because that is the ONLY thing her songs are about. There really is no way around it. If she sang about something else instead of the dozen guys she dated and “fell in love with” fans/non fans would have something else to talk about.

  • notamilafanbutloveashton

    @Jade: Dont be absurd. It would not rate a mention if situation reversed. He is 18 .

  • Maria

    I think she keeps dating just to get material for her songs!

  • sophia


    Gawd, I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous complaint. 90% of the songs I hear are about love. What do you want, songs like Gangnam Style? She does have songs about other things….”Mean”- about bullies, “Best Day”- to show appreciation for her mom, etc. Can we just agree that she rubs you and others the wrong way? If her songs were sung and delivered by Pink, would you have a problem with it? It doesn’t matter what anyone says, Taylor just annoys you. Just accept that and move on. Why obsess over someone you don’t even like?

  • notamilafanbutloveashton

    @Tasha Cohen: I love this idea. Taylor is sweet and pretty and young. Just what Ashton needs. Mila is nearly 30 and getting jowls..

  • Rouge

    I really don’t get why she still has that “good girl” image, she can’t hold a relationship for more than 4 months and she changes boyfriend like almost every season, also i think ti’s low the fact that she over-uses every relation break-up as a joke for a song, and ends up being #1. Where’s the COUNTRY girl that once had meaningful songs?

  • Chelsea

    Bah. You guys aren’t paying any attention are you? They broke up because of a distance issue and that there were no bad feelings at all. It happens. Quit insulting her-especially when you don’t even know her or have all the information. Breaking up doesn’t necessarily mean it ends badly.

  • Sincerely concerned

    At 22, she is just living and enjoying life. Knew it was just a fling. I admire her keen eye for the simple life….