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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Sayers Club Night Out!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Sayers Club Night Out!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson shield their faces from view as they leave The Sayers Club after checking out the Prince concert on Thursday night (October 25) in Los Angeles.

The duo just returned back to L.A. after doing some promotional events for their upcoming flick The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2Kristen was in Tokyo, while Robert took on Sydney.

Since the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal, there have been rumors the two have gotten back together.

“There’s still healing to do and trust issues,” a source told People, “but Kristen will do whatever it takes.”

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  • Lauren

    Funny how they went to crazy levels to avoid being seen for so long and rare occasions, but it’s now a weekly, daily thing. Rob has sold his soul to Kristen and PR that she wants. He’s submissive and now guilty of doing exactly what he claimed he didn’t want, selling his relationship. He’s such a mess.

  • lara

    Nice to see them out n about :) .. and not giving a crap about what those nonsten fans think. people need to mind their own business about their relationship. if they want to date.. then let THEM. i dont understand why people are taking THEIR issues to heart. worry about yourselves.

  • Mic

    Rob looks like such a doormat. He looks like the biggest pu**y on the planet. Yeah Rob let K-Skank who snipped your balls in front of the whole world when she cheated on you with someones husband drh you all around town. You have no idea how bad it looks. You seem like a nice guy but seriously you look like a FOOL. Have some respect for yourself, have you no shame?

  • ellen

    they both need a good bath. they look so dirty.

  • June

    ohhh Rob…really?,…. what are you doing to yourself?? get away from her!

  • Nonbert

    When will Kristen get rid of this week male . LOL

  • Funny

    That is not even Kristen in the picture… she was sitting on the other side of him… lol. Hey Lauren… give it a rest… so not true. He is the last person in Hwood that would do the PR thing. Getting back with her is bad PR for him, so I don’t see that happening AT ALL.

  • wow

    Seriously PAttinson? WOW. Congratz! You can be her bitch for the rest of your life. How sad

  • robsten

    You nonsten fans need a life. Leave them alone

  • lana

    I lost the respect for Robert. He became a joke.

  • robsten

    @lana: Why the hell did he need your respect anway? he has nothing to prove to you or his fans. you really need to read the crap you say. u sound like the biggest fool. just like every other nonsten fan.

  • please

    I would hide my face too. This shizz is embarrassing. Summit is still not letting them use the VIP exits.

  • :)

    @ Lauren and you know that beacause…. ? you certainly know robert very well !?! haha
    it’s pathetic, leave him / them be.. they love each others, stop being jealous.. leave your life and let them leave theirs.. they are happy, is it that bad?

  • Yulia

    Come on ppl! U still didn’t get it! all this cheating thing all for their PR! we all never gonna know the truth. sp get over it,let them live their life

  • zurichgirl

    robert = doormat

  • ash

    @Lauren – you are delusional. These pictures are no different that then SEVERAL other times they were photographed just like this over the last four years. They’ve been spotted countless times before the “scandal” in the exact same situation. I almost thought Jared posted old photos, that’s how similar these. Also, they were “laying low” because people were all up in their sh-t right after it happened..and they both were laying low for the exact same amount of time.

    So, if there was any PR situation going down …Rob didn’t become apart of it two weeks ago. But, if you ain’t gettin’ the D …why does it matter who he gives the D to?

    I could care less whether they date or not, but you don’t know what goes on in their relationship. They could have both had their share of faults, she just got “caught”. Spare us all your idiocy.

  • katie

    Calm down girls. It’s just publicity stunt for the movie.

  • Jen

    Rob deserves better. I cant believe he is allowing himself to be treated this way

  • Lauren

    @Funny: No, he is willfully going out with his cheat with a married old geezer father of 2 girlfriend knowing Kristen wants these sightings and to erase what she did as much as possible because she messed up royally. That’s all she wants and he goes along being used. She is his heroine. And he will overdose. He’s now stuck with crazy shippers who like him as her accessory and have never respected him.

  • ash

    And F Y I @Lauren …Robert would never “sell” his relationship. I hope that wasn’t you trying to be a fan and “disappointed” in him. Rob is just fine. So, if you’re a fan of his … way to show some support.

  • Comprendez

    They both need a bath and a can or Raid. Not really a hater, but I just don’t see the appeal of either. She has the apeal and personality of a lemon and he is a wimp. Much ado about nothing really…lol.

  • Gracin

    So the nonsten’s are still crying pr?!!! Pathetic. Rob has stated many times a studio would never dictate his personal life. If they are pr, then they are doing it wrong. Summit would have had them together in Sydney and Tokyo promoting as a couple if it were pr. Breaking Dawn 2 will be box office gold Robsten or no Robsten. Rob and Kristen are together because they want to be. Get over it and deal with it.

  • laura

    @Lauren: you have serious issues. wow please re-read what you just wrote. you sound like an idiot.

  • Lauren

    @Lauren: heroin

  • Linda

    They went a little over dramatic with this pr stunt,don’t u think:)
    We get it, robsten is unbroken and so are the pr commitments

  • Gracin

    @Comprendez: And yet here you are, reading about them. They own you…

  • Lauren

    @ash: He’s a sell out and left with you nut jobs.

  • Gracin

    @June: Here’s what you are saying. Oh, Rob my dreams of being with you have been crushed, because you are with your beautiful, successful girlfriend, while I sit behind my computer 24/7 trashing her….

  • Lauren

    @Gracin: He’s beholden to Kristen who only cares for him for PR and therefore going along with her games makes him just as guilty. And they are playing games to try to help Kristen’s image, but she is what she is and their denial isn’t going to work!

  • Gracin

    @katie: Sorry nonsten. Rob and Kristen are the real deal. Sucks to be you.

  • Gracin

    @Comprendez: You need a brain and some class.

  • i

    Rob’s balls were cut off by Stew

  • Gracin

    @Lauren: The only people in denial is you haters. Rob did not do what you wanted him to so not only do you trash Kristen but Rob now as well.Can’t wait to see what excuse you have when BD2 is over and they are still together.

  • Jes

    They have to promote the movie, that’s it. I don’t believe this is a real love story.

  • Rupert

    Yes, Kristen does what ever it takes. lol

  • A

    Its funny how super private lovebirds chose to sit in the front passenger seats instead of the back ones which are occupied by Rob’s pals.Whats even more funny is last time Rob went to a private concert alone we didn’t get any pap pics and only 2 fan photos but this time it was like full on pap circus

  • Yoki

    Why is he still with her? If she cheats on him, she’ll cheat on anyone.

  • Elizabeth

    There were other celebrities there, hence, the paps and stalkers being there.

    And good for Rob and Kristen for living their lives and not giving a crap at the nonsense written by idiots!

  • JJ

    You know what everyone who is disliking the comments where people say Rob is stupid, you are wrong to dislike them. Rob is being used, and he will never be able to trust her again. Im sorry but its true. I went through a similar experience, almost to similar, and I never went back to my ex. Yea it hurts like crazy, but if you don’t move on, I guarantee they will do it again. My ex is living proof of that.

  • http://yahoo boo

    Rob is not a man , he is a vagina ,

  • Loyal j

    Proud of them to prove all their critics wrong. They are both working on their relationship and it’s nobody’s business. It’s against all odds ! Robert and Kristen is what real love is. Good wishes to both of them!

  • http://yahoo doormat

    Rob is a doormat

  • http://yahoo IT

    he has no balls , he deserves to be cheated on .

  • http://yahoo Joke

    Rob is a spineless weakling , biggest joke in hollywood .

  • http://yahoo Rob


  • Osk

    @lana: RobSten’s love rules! Feeling sorry for those who continue to trash them – why the negativity all the time? Guess you are unhappy with your lives that you just want to destroy this couple’s real love for each other?

  • Sally

    that must be embarrassing,she totally disrespected the agreement (being the belle-edward luv story coming life and all that weird teenage driven obsession that sells so well), while also embarrassing him and now the guy (is he?)) appears to be such a joke coz of it, but it’s hollywood, guess he’s going w it

  • belle

    don’t blame them for hiding their faces,it must be annoying be stalked everywhere you go.think the paparazzi are way too desperate to get a pic of the two of them

  • Reese

    I am glad they are back together, but the cheating scandal was made to be so big that I thought they would never get back together. Now, it just feels strange that people were thrashing her for cheating and now applauding that they are back together. People need to make up their minds.

  • A

    I am not a conspirancy theory expert.My theory is simple -Rob IS a wimp and that’s why he took this homewrecking cheater back.He is doing this to help his beloved skank’s image.Summit is helping them too because it helps their ticket sales.I am sure all the post scandal PDA pics were staged by R/K and Summit and I can’t wait till she cheats on him again,maybe then he will learn his lesson