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Daniel Craig & Cate Blanchett Join George Clooney WWII Film

Daniel Craig & Cate Blanchett Join George Clooney WWII Film

Daniel Craig and Cate Blanchett are set to star alongside George Clooney in the upcoming World War II drama The Monuments Men!

George wrote the film and is set to direct it as well. The Artist‘s Jean Dujardin and John Goodman, Bill Murray, and Downton Abbey‘s Hugh Bonneville will also star in the film, according to Deadline.

The flick is about a crew of art historians and museum curators who are in a race against time to recover renown works of art stolen by Nazis before Hitler destroys it.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the cast of George Clooney’s The Monuments Men?

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  • Becca

    What a cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Daniel & Cate… Thanks God, my dream has come true!

  • OMG

    Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME!!!!!!!! xygedksudifbro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wow.. that’s Entertainment! Quite all STAR cast!

  • Kat

    Whoa, whoa.. sounds pretty interesting! Daniel, Cate, and Jean Dujardin?
    I’m dying!

  • Sofia

    I’m very very happy. I’d really love to see those talented actors with Jean Dujardin again.

  • Maria

    Soooooooooooo excited to hear it! That sounds promising. Love Cate Blanchett and hottie Daniel.

  • Tom

    Holy ****!!
    I have always wanted to see Daniel Craig co-star with Cate Blanchett! Thank you, Clooney! You are God! LOL

  • Cris

    Oh yeah! Good call. They all are outstanding talents and actually gorgeous.

  • Launa

    Wonder left him speechless…. Well, to my surprise and delight, everything will be as right as possible.

  • FJPérez



    Oh how sweet!!!! Publicity team is out on all fronts. Still does not take away from the parasitic pariah in terms of his choice of “girlfriends”. Make up your minds guys, he is not classy and debonair, when he is trolling with trailer trash. You are making him look like a joke. Argo made money because Ben pushed it way more than Clooney. You idiots have caused massive damage, and he is too dim to get it obviously. Hollywood needs to get with the times. Paid trailer trash h*o*e*bags dressed in Armani, and painted up to look classy for their A-list client does not cut it anymore. This is the track you should have kept George on. Stupid! Alley rats have better business sense than most if not all publicity teams in Hollywood. Good riddance!

  • Elle

    Sounds great! But Daniel has to start Bond 24 next year..right?

  • Helen

    I love Cate! I always adore her :D

  • S


  • to Elle

    filming Bond 24 will not start before November 2013, so plenty of time to do The Momentums Men in between.

  • coco

    Hmm..seriously, I hope the movie will be as wonderful as the cast.

  • Alex

    The news struck me dumb for a while coz my most favorite British actors are Craig and Blanchett for a long time. Still can’t believe it :’-)

  • Luke

    It sounds extremely interesting….I want to hear the good news of the sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo though….. Geez.

  • Anne

    I think the casting is amazing, but I can’t stand Clooney.

  • Anne

    @Alex: Blanchett is my favorite actress for a long time too… but she is Australian :).

  • Sarah

    Good god, hopefully Daniel and Cate have really good chemistry.

  • Alex

    @Anne: Aww, I’m so embarrassed. I wish I could sink into the floor!!

  • Mike

    I’ve always wanted to see Daniel Craig co-star with Marion Cotillard or Monica Bellucci! PERFECTION.

  • Keri

    I approve. Let’s hope it will be something special!!!!

  • Red

    OMG, what a killer cast! Want to know more! Make me curious — The flick is about a crew of art historians and museum curators who are in a race against time to recover renown works of art stolen by Nazis before Hitler destroys it.

  • Caitlyn

    Yes!!! the FLAWLESS GORGEOUS AMAZING cast for me!


    Lol! Now you idiots are going over into overkill here. Are your jobs on the line? Like I said before- CLASS NOT TRASH is the how you idiots should have conducted this man’s career. He needs to fire ALL OF YOU!!! Mark me with negative marks now dweebs…. Lol!

  • LOLA

    Academy Award smells good, very good

  • Elle

    @to Elle.
    Yeah, I know. The schedule is tight anyway, I mean, Daniel always starts training about six months before for his *buff* *buff* Bond body. lol

  • Chante
  • Chante

    Filming is set to begin on March 1 in Europe.

  • Mary

    For those of you who are interested; the full title of the book is “The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History”. And it’s an amazing book. you can’t do any better than having Daniel Craig, Cate Blanchette, and George Clooney in the same film. Now what was that someone posted about Daniel being type casted as James Bond?

  • Nora

    Oh hell yeah!! Great cast.. Deffo worth a watch!

  • Mary

    To Timekeeper

    Is there something wrong with you? The Monuments Men has the potential to be a great film. First of all, it has a great cast; Cate Blanchette, Daniel Craig, and of course George. Second, it is based on a true story. What does George Clooney’s choice of women have to do with this film? For that matter, do you realize that what you posted makes no sense at all.


    @Mary: You d*a*m*n* well what I mean. Up to this point, it has been about ding dongs he is “dating”. Now you idiots are changing tactics, but it took you long enough. Nobody is stupid here. All I am saying, it is about time. You forget people have been watching you dips for a very long time, and know the formula. All I am saying, is stick to this one. Of course, I am asking far too much. You idiots are not done with dipso calypso yet are you? George’s choice of women ALWAYS overshadow his films because he allows it. One of the main reasons his box office is not where it should be. Ben took the publicity train, and Argo faired much better. End of story.

  • Mary

    To Timekeeper

    Are you jealous of George’s girlfriends?

  • Trin

    I love Cate Blanchett. She is my favorite actress. Amazing on the stage and movies. With Clonney and Craig, I think is like a dream team.


    @Mary: Oh please! Nothing to be jealous about. Trailer trash, small IQ’s, no talent, shows their a*s*s* so the whole world can see, and have no ambition to do something worthwhile in the world besides famew*h*o*r*ing? Yeah, there is a whole line of intelligent, strong, and very capable women such as myself who just writhing with jealousy—NOT!!!! Word has it, it is the other way around. That is why the stupid dip dyed her hair, and changing her persona. She still will never be half the class, of George’s dead Grandma. That’s a fact! Brad Pitt got the better deal. Lol! The only thing the stupid h*o*e*bag is not doing is stalking. I am sure that will come next.


    Oh dear, chill out. You seem to be jealous of her! Be honest with yourself.

  • teddy

    I love Daniel Graig & Rachel Weisz – really nice looking, genuine couple. How odd is it going to look like when Clooney drags his trailer trash again to the red carpet with them on monuments men?


    @to TIMEKEEPER: Good try. You know that is not true.No woman of worth, like myself would be jealous of a paid bed warmer/h*o*o*k*e*r* like Clooney selects. I am honest with myself. That is what you cannot stand. If I wasn’t, I would be quiet. I see that Clooney kept his face out of the fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy last night. Smartest thing he has done for a long time. I do believe it is the other way around. Word has it she tried to shimmy up to Jolie, and Jolie was not having it. In fact, Jolie thinks she is a real class A dip, and word has it while Brad and George are friends, it was better idea not to put George that much into Brad and Angies wedding due to his riff raff tastes, and Angie not being fond of it. Cannot say I blame them one bit. It is Brad and Angie’s day, and why should they have this piece of trash to stink it up? Some of us think it is sad that she is trying to act like she has real talent. You do not see Viola Davis or Angelina Jolie acting like this. Oh! That is right! They have real talent, and actual been nominated for Oscars. Unlike this trailer trash. Once Clooney cashes her check we all know she will be a has been. Which by the way, when you think about it must be fast approaching, and that is why the mad dash. On second thought, this is good comedy. So Clooney/Kiebler goon team who is writing this s*h*i*t* bugger off! We do not have to drink this poison, nor pay money for movie tickets to contribute to this point. So be honest with yourselves. Adhering your lips to someone’s a*s*s* for a paycheck, and dogging them behind their back. Pot kettle black!


    @to TIMEKEEPER: Another thing, I do believe she called Octavia Spencer her “bestie”. Yeah right, Octavia steers clear of this train wreck so she is playing up to Jenna Dewan whose husband is rocking Hollywood. So I do believe someone is not being “honest’ with themselves now are they? Lol! Lol! Lol! Lol! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!


    Now Ada is awesome in my book! Suffered a tragic loss when her husband passed away unexpectedly, but plows on. She rocks in my book! Also you would never see a woman of her caliber wh*or*ing herself out either! Now is the following a smack in mouth for someone or what?

  • Maxmax

    Great cast I love Daniel Graig. Stacy Keibler´s name is not there. she is actress and Clooney directs. maybe they saved the best for last, new announcement coming soon!!!!

  • Al’s Marmot

    @TIMEKEEPER: I’m sure Ada knows about the fake girlfriend publicity contracts. And I’m not at all convinced that she actually gave an interview to In Touch about George. That reads more like another desperate attempt by Keibler’s publicity hos to get her name in print. In fact, if they are so desperate that they are releasing fake interviews with George’s family members to tabloids, the end of Keibler’s fake girlfriend contract must be VERY near.

  • Al’s Marmot

    I also have to concur that p.r. trolls hit this thread very hard. The first comments are hilariously transparent in their agenda. Even if the cast were as incredible as the p.r. trolls are posting, that doesn’t necessarily mean the movie will be good. Ah, well, another anti-Nazi movie in Jew-run Hollywood will at least get some nominations if not awards.

  • Maxmax

    @Al´s Marmot do you think the contract ends before she gets part in mm? she has lost weight and looks like a holocaust victim, could be preparing for the part IMHO.

  • Maxmax

    @Al´s Marmot have you ever visited his fan pages???? That´s where the pr trolls are posting 24/7 and they are obsessed & crazy about keibler!!!

  • Lou

    To Al’s Marmot

    did you really think that this film is going to be pro-Nazi?