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Vanessa Hudgens: Hiking with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hiking with Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens enjoys a sunny afternoon hike on Monday (October 29) at Wilacre Park in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was joined by her sister Stella, and the pair hit the gym together after their hike.

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The day before, Vanessa and Stella were spotted hitting the gym together for a Sunday work out.

The sisters enjoyed a spooky weekend by spending some quality time with their pal Ashley Tisdale at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens hiking with Stella

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vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 01
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 02
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 03
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 04
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 05
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 06
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 07
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 08
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 09
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 10
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 11
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 12
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 13
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 14
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 15
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 16
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 17
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 18
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 19
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 20
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 21
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 22
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 23
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 24
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 25
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 26
vanessa hudgens hiking with stella 27

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476 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Hiking with Stella!”

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  1. 151
    A Says:

    @haters suck! You were on the last Ashley thread I was on. Yesterday. But go ahead, I’ll have fun frustrating you on Ashley’s posts too. :)

  2. 152
    kate Says:

    @A 1)maybe the way i said it made it look like it is a positive thing ok…. 2)i said she appears to be too good…. but from my experience people who write on social network sites all kinds of “sweet” things and are all like “i love that guy” or “miss u too baby ” ,u know these kind of things, are always those who are the “bad” ones…of course i don’t know Tisdale to know for sure what kind of person she is but personally i feel like something is off about her….

  3. 153
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Wasn’t that a Vanessa thread too and wasn’t the only reason it was considered a Ashley thread is because Ashley just had to post that stupid picture. Don’t worry on the Ashley post in not gonna be as nice as I’ve been before. You think this is me being an a$$hole, trust me you’re gonna think the way I’m acting now is gentlemanly compared to what I’m going to do.

  4. 154
    jj Says:

    @kate aww sure she went thrue a very hard time while she took these photos and sent it to some guy. wonder if someone forced her to get naked take them and sent them. some of her fans gush over how religious and grounded she was raised. where the hell did that go when she took them. funny.

  5. 155
    A Says:

    @tina I’ve heard plenty of people call her sweet. Zac said she was an “angel.” And why do you feel the need to make sh!t up? Ashley does NOT address anybody who says bad things about her on twitter. She’s too classy. Even with that sh!t Trace Cyrus she had enough self control not to pay him attention and never answered his tweets. Thankfully Perez stepped in because someone needed to. But Ashley never said anything about Aly or implied that Aly was saying mean things about her. And I know because believe me when I say I have read ALL of her tweets dating back to then. I check her twitter daily.

    @kate something’s “off” about her because she occasionally congratulates people via twitter. Okay. Whatever you say. I think she’s a very relatable and accessible person and she’s adorable.

  6. 156
    tina Says:

    Sorry I see no upside to adding counts to Ashley’s posts. A doesn’t even go there herself and she’s an ardent fan.

  7. 157
    A Says:

    @haters suck! feel free. Might as well let ALL of your true colors shine through. Get nastier. You’ll be representing Hudgens fans well.

  8. 158
    BO Says:

    Oh ! you ridiculous just shut the f*ck up Silly Aly ! I’m writing these for my own pleasure of Pissing the Pudgens’ Puss.y Puckering Police off .I don’t really care if anyone here cares about me or not .If I cared about what you think of me , I’ wouldn’t be here now after three months .LOLOLOL And in case you missed it , you all care about me , even you . ’cause none of you can refrain from replying me .some of you Ludgens Luggagers have directly stated that they won’t react to me and right after saying so they’ve started respondidn to me . The best example is BOJI aka miss -I-come-in-Blue-Print-for-everyone-to-see-yet-I-am-no-attention-seeker . that in fact shows clearly that i am not being ignored here at all which in turn suggests i am being cared

  9. 159
    A Says:

    @tina I go there, but I just don’t feel the need to leave comments when it’s something like a picture of her getting coffee because what is there to say?

  10. 160
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Oh well but I understand. But it’s sure as hell gonna be fun, for me anyway :o). Even if A does show up I may just take aim right at tisdale and ignore A and just tell all the other tisdale fans it’s all her fault it’s happening.

  11. 161
    kate Says:

    @jj nobody said that someone forced her but stop bullying a person you don’t know… you don’t know if she went through a hard time when these pics were posted on the internet…you don’t also know how she was raised because no one knows what goes on behind closed doors for every family….and if you think that she’s a wh*re in her sexual relationships in my country we say that it is worse being a wh*re in heart than being a wh*re in bed…

  12. 162
    BO Says:

    Oh! Karma , my silly baby , don’t you see ,there’s a great difference between wishing a person dead and my comment . This I’m telling to you too Suck Something .I am not bothered that a hurricane is coming SLL’s way .Why should I ? Who is he to me ?There are thousands of natural disasters happening all over the world .We can’t bother about all of them . But you see I do not wish him dead or injured or anything .And at the moment I do think that Pudgens cares about a hurricane in SLL’s way .It was only moments ago I figured that Stella is dating SLL .Pudgens must be really worried about SLL , if something happens to him Sella will be widowed .

  13. 163
    A Says:

    @haters suck! you’re disturbed. But if you think I’m biting my nails over your laughable threat you’re wrong.

  14. 164
    jj Says:

    @kate do not turn around my words woman. i never said she’s a wh.ore in bed. (which ofcause i do not know nor will i ever want to know cause i would never ever do her) i said she’s a wh.ore for fame as in famewh.ore. understand

  15. 165
    kate Says:

    @A I didn’t like Tisdale from the first time….it’s not about twitter and these stuff… it’s like when u see a person and instantly u don’t like him/her…of course it’s my opinion…u don’t have to agree….i’m just stating it….

  16. 166
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I never make threats I make promises. A threat is something u might or might not do. A promise is something I’ll defenitley do. You’re the one that caused this, it’s on you. Disturbed? No. Just retailitory. Karma is a fickle b!tch and it’s coming for you.

  17. 167
    tina Says:

    Sorry I had it backwards sweet innocent Ashley called Aly a b itch.. ..Aly and AJ just made fun of her for posting pictures. I forgot Trace called her a b itch. I can’t think of one person besides the HSM cast who worked with her who is still her friend.

  18. 168
    A Says:

    @haters suck! I’m shaking. Someone hold me.

  19. 169
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Not really yourself you got to worry about but the rest of
    The people who post on tisdale. All 2 of them

  20. 170
    kate Says:

    @jj 1)i don’t like the way you “talk” to me…u can have some manners…2)you sure implied that she is a *****….sorry maybe the expression “***** in bed” is wrong i was just trying to explain what we say here…3)if you think she is a famewh*re u sure help her become more famous by commenting on her posts…4)calling someone names makes you worse that the person you’re criticizing…understand???

  21. 171
    MO Says:

    @tina knows everything that goes on twitter. she says shes a nurse. where does she get the time to petrol this site whole day like this and search everything on twitter when she’s a nurse. obviously all these pudgens fans are lieing about their identity.

  22. 172
    A Says:

    @tina no she didn’t. Yeah, Trace Cyrus called her a b!tch. Trace Cyrus is known to be a disgusting person for one. And he had split from Brenda Song who is a person Ashley worked with she was still friends with. Of course she was talking about him with her, don’t you talk about all of your friends’ exes? Ashley’s still friends with Heather and Robbie from Hellcats. Austin Butler. Zac Efron. Oh and your precious Vanessa! What does that say about her character if she’s still friends with Ashley who you think is so terrible??

  23. 173
    Haters Suck! Says:

    But Ashley loves disgusting people like oh I don’t know Perez Hilton. Now that speaks highly of Ashley’s character.

  24. 174
    jj Says:

    @kate my dear having lot of comments on a stupid site does not make her famous in anyway. thats why i say you guys are delusional. just look at the comments few of us have been arguing since the start of thd thread. yes sure it makes her famous in this site and jared wants money and he gets paid by pudgens team. but clearly she don’t have enough fans who would atleast support her to get some real recognition like vote her for the awards. or is it that even her fans think she isn’t worth it. but my guess is she doesn’t have enough fans.

  25. 175
    A Says:

    @Haters suck! Perez Hilton is close friends with and supports Ashley Tisdale, my idol. He’s also close friends with and supports Lady Gaga, who is another of my favorite celebs, among other famous people I like. I think he’s made a legit turn around, and I trust his judgment because he’s met all these people and seems to support the celebs I’ve always thought seemed the most down to earth and sweet. He’s said himself he criticizes the celebs who do misbehave but he also shines light on those who are getting it right. And Ashley’s getting it right.

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