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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Erin Heatherton have called it quits, according to Us Weekly.

The 37-year-old Great Gatsby actor and the 23-year-old model are going their separate ways after about 10 months of dating.

“They split a few weeks ago,” a source close to the couple told the mag. “There’s no bad blood -– they still care about each other a lot.”

Leo and Erin first stepped out together in December and were last spotted together on a trip to the beach in Malibu in August.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton split?

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1,289 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?”

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  1. 101
    shutthefckupTinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell: Everbody CALLED it, you’re not special, you were the one that was saying that he was going to keep her till the awards you don’t know shh..t!!You called it after everyone called it! Credit minus…

  2. 102
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Geez: No, the boiler plate gossip is that it is LUKAS HAAS who is his secret lover. That has been around a while. And I dont believe it for one. Pretty aggressive and relentless hetero I think….

    Also, if it is on Gossip Cop that means its his rep. There is no” friend close to him”. They waited until after the hurricane cleared up so he didnt look like an a hole for leaving her by herself during the hurricane. Timing is everything….they were probably going to wait until after WOWS so to not jinx the film…but after the hurricane you kind of have to explain why they werent together in the city and he would look like an a-hole for ignoring her if they were still together….

    Kenny Sunshine is based in NY. He knows what the deal-io.

    Anyway, she’ll be happily married in like a year and pregnant in a year and a half.

  3. 103
    ^^^^ Says:

    @tinkerbell#97 -
    and your unhealthy obsession with Bar is not sad and desperate? Before telling others what to do and how to behave, look at yourself.

  4. 104
    Leo.... Says:

    I hope he’ll find someone that really love him

  5. 105
    tinkerbell Says:

    @shutthefckupTinkerbell: Nah, shut the eff up, I’ve been saying it for weeks and didnt say anything about awards show…just be glad to hear the news and don’t hate a-hole.

    I am very special, my instincts are usually right. And no i am not going to argue myself blue in the face over it I am usually right around here, sorry you are not. Sorry your girl got dissed. But it is a good thing for her…its like the curse of the Bambino…once you break up with Leo you get married or meet your totally great new husband within a year, or less.

    Unless you are Bar Refaeli and are a mean, vindictive, dysfunctional immature wanna be golddigging *****, in which case you will be by your lonesome for quite a while. Not forever because she will meet her rich jewish dentist someday when she has been taken down a couple of pegs.

  6. 106
    maybe... Says:

    jonah hill will be the next?

  7. 107
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @tinkerbell: Not that she doesn’t appear to be a nice person, but it looked more like convenience (and saving face) not love. They both seemed up for that though, so I don’t think it’s a loss for either of them.
    Of course they’ll both move on. I hope that Erin finds a really fantastic guy. The nicer of his girlfriends make out pretty well – I want to know what he thinks of ‘that’.
    Ate too much at dinner. Feel ick. It was snowing here today. *sigh* So it begins.
    How’s the flooding, power, etc., Tink?

  8. 108
    tinkerbell Says:

    @^^^^: Hi bar/adi/whomever ! couldn’t resist coming here could ya ! You know how to rise to the bait don’t you.

    I am not obsessed with bar, that would mean she is important, she is just a hag and I like kicking her in her big can once in a while. It is deserved after all the ish on the website and all the things she’s done….she deserves it, believe me.

    Anyways, since we are all laying bets or asking who’s next for leo, how about who is next for Erin? I can’t see her with another big name but maybe a baller….or probably just some quietly super rich guy to look after her…like Uma and Arpad Busan or Cindy and Rande Gerber, or stephanie seymour and peter brandt. she will make a nice boring trophy stepford wife for someone soon.

  9. 109
    Fan of real models Says:

    It was just a question of days before we learned about this very expected news.
    Thanks jj for bringing it here. I knew it was coming. I could have predicted it the weekend Erin flew to Vegas while Leo remained in NY partying with buddies and the week after, he was the one who went to Vegas for 2 days while she was giving an important speech that meant a lot to her.
    Good thing she has her VS model friends with her.

  10. 110
    M. Says:

    Bar is still messing with Shaun White. He’ss been to Israel back and forth to visit her while waiting for the dust to settle on that Nashville Hotel brawl/arrest thing… They were also at the some fundraiser recently.
    Let the girl be.

  11. 111
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl:She’ll be hitched in a year to someone sort of nice and rich, and boring. Don’t cry for her, she’ll be fine.

    I think he probably got gobsmacked by both Gisele and Blake pulled it o in less than a year–she was MARRIED in less than a year from breaking up with him. But he doesn’t really care.

    She was fill in the blanks. sorry, but its true.

    HELL WEEK is officially over. I almost smacked this old lady behind me while I was waiting for the shuttle from Midtown…there is still no electricity so there is no power for the third rail…she kept complaining and blabbing on her phone about how long the line was (around the block twice, but moving fast) and I HATE loud random boring cell phone conversations. I was like look *****, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge both ways one day, some poor girl fainted on me on the cross town bus so I gave her my seat, there was nearly a black/chinese fistfight on the bus, I lost hours/$$ because of the storm but got brownie points for making it in, and had to walk through lower manhattan in the creepy dark for like 2 hours to get to the bridge because the buses stopped running…stop complaining, you are making it worse.

    And some girl was SINGING in line in front of me. I nearly killed her. But the week is over. They had the cops out in force to keep the shuttle bus people from rioting…it was bad.

    But it is mostly over, and I didnt have to go down the back stairs of NYU hospital hand ventiilating a premature infant…hospital evacuations are nightmares.

    In any case we are all over it and probably fairly back to normal Monday. If Coned does not put the power back on I am going to 14th street substation that they are trying to fix and start a riot of my own.

  12. 112
    shutthefckupTinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell: no you shut the fck up,go find your own sh..t postings, you said till awards season and you were acting all pompous like you really knew sh..t. Yes you are “special” Everybody was saying they were done when they were no sightings, like DUH! , wow you’re such a genius!! Credit minus But you didnt know for sure cause you’re got a little iffy with the Lavo sighting Credit minus Everyone called it..

  13. 113
    @tinkerbell Says:

    You were right. They’re heeerrreeee!

  14. 114
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Well…. will he sniff around this gal a bit more?
    the VS show is soon, so who knows. She’s taken though? Maybe? Sam Bradford. Rams QB. Probably wouldn’t deter him from trying.

  15. 115
    tinkerbell Says:

    @M.: Please, she is not dating carrot top. Messing with his mind maybe but she doesnt take him seriously. That’s just filler too. I’ll let her be if she promises to never salt Just Jared with her bs one more time…no “Israeli perfection,” no “I think Leo and Bar are going to get married even though he is now on his ninth other girlfriend” no “most beautiful girl on earth” under her own picture.How’s that???

    And yeah if she lied about Leo all the time, she’ll lie about Shaun White standing on her head.Just go away bar or shut up —you dont know how to represent yourself, that has been the problem since the beginning, you and your whole crew dont know how to .that little thing at the Angel Ball and CDAN where you got called a racist….AGAIN last week. Here’s the thing…in public be gracious, you dont have to sleep with someone just have a drink, like someone said. Or you’ll get gossiped about.

  16. 116
    ozzie Says:

    all this banter is pointless … leo needs to come out of his hollywood closet after this many years.

  17. 117
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: Karlie, right? She’s a Germanic buttaface so she fits the bill, but I dont think stealing her is is his thing. If she was free, perhaps.

    You know what, I’m burnt, and I dont even want to guess. I think he’ll ho like the abominal snowman for a while, but I dont even want to know with who or care. Sometimes I wish he’d just go back to the posse days and go wild…its more sincere for him, trying to play Jack Dawson in real life doesnt work for him. Or finally buckle down and date someone with an IQ bigger than her bar size…because he can’t really relate to the dumb ones though he tries.

    I dont think Kate Upton is taken…but she might be considered “fat” right? Scar Jo might not be far off…but for short term. She’s free after all.

    Actually, I’d predict a run in with ScarJo for the hell of it. Sooner or later they’ll cross paths.

  18. 118
    @tinkerbell Says:

    They’ve crossed paths several times before.
    And I think Leo’s pal Kevin C used to lust after Scar Jo big time. It’ll be too awkward and unlikely IMO. But great for gossip

  19. 119
    tinkerbell Says:

    @ozzie: He’s not in the “gay” closet but I think he is trying too hard to look A. Normal and B. desirable…he must be desirable himself right if society’s designated “hottest” women will go out with him, right?

  20. 120
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: no sh*t. hey, this is their crowning moment? It’s obvious right, me with my “bar obsession.” That is what they always say. Hey, I dont like her, I have a memory of more than 3 weeks. But I dont go after her clients or her career or anything, she messes that up herself. I just post on a website.ONE website.

    3….2….1 here come the bar reunion rumors. I see that in my crystal ball, do you…. here are some angles…

    1. He broke up with Erin to get back with Bar
    2. He is secretly engaged to Bar….the whole thing with Erin was a publicity stunt (they’ve honestly floated that one before)
    3. During the hurricane he was actually holed up with Bar, and Elvis, and Tupac and Biggie Smalls.
    4. No, he was in ISRAEL with Bar arranging their wedding.
    5. No, that ISNT TRUE, but he secretly “misses” her and the reunion is coming soon.

  21. 121
    tinkerbell Says:

    and !

    6. He’s secretly pregnant with Bar’s child and..

    7. Actually WAS Bar in another life!

  22. 122
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: Oh heavens to betsy, I could totally see a hit and run like her thing with Sean Penn. Seriously, they would both like that….hot gossip for her, he seen as the guy who can get anybody….they would both dig it and have a good laugh. Crawley (Kevin) just likes bootie, he doesnt care whose.

    I mean lets face it, LEO HAS FINALLY F*CKED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE !!! It took almost 20 years but finally he has achieved what he set out to do !

  23. 123
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @tinkerbell: I dunno… I think that he DOES care. I see a guy falling back into the same scene because that’s all there is. I’m not saying that it doesn’t hold some appeal on a superficial level, but it’s not satisfying, and you can see it on his face. It shows.
    I really don’t think he knows how to be happy.
    Some people work – hard. They get what they want then become bored and dissatisfied with what they’ve accomplished. I think this devil-may-care schtick is all a façade.
    Glad to hear that you weren’t flooded out. No power would definitely suck. We’ve had every type of weather this week. Warm weather and sun (before the storm of course), rain, and snow. You’d think that this was Calgary, but without the chinooks.

  24. 124
    see Says:

    the big holidays are coming
    always makes dicaprio squirm
    any hint from a gf to spend the holidays together or visiting family makes him drop them
    he will spend his holidays on some hot resort looking for a new girlfriend
    hanging out with his large group of pals
    he is such a creep
    dont know why any women get together with him or clooney to be their always temporary girlfriends
    so abusive and immature

  25. 125
    CanadaGirl Says:

    He hasn’t f*cked the entire universe, and there are ‘always’ the up and comers to contend with.
    You KNOW that the reunion rumors will be starting again. *yawn* Ain’t gonna happen, gals. It took a couple years to detach and he said adios. I think he’s a nostalgic guy, but doesn’t move backwards. Forwards and down (in age) for LD.X is aged-out.

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