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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton Split?

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Erin Heatherton have called it quits, according to Us Weekly.

The 37-year-old Great Gatsby actor and the 23-year-old model are going their separate ways after about 10 months of dating.

“They split a few weeks ago,” a source close to the couple told the mag. “There’s no bad blood -— they still care about each other a lot.”

Leo and Erin first stepped out together in December and were last spotted together on a trip to the beach in Malibu in August.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton split?

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  • C/G is CanadaGirl

    My following comments were all one post, but I was moderated out. Sorry for the message spam:
    @Tiggy: Not really ironic that they were seen together and then the split comes. It happened to X too. The difference with Blake was that she got the jump on him and she has good PR. He didn’t like that. Egg on the face doesn’t look good.

  • C/G is CanadaGirl

    @THE ENFORCER: In the realm that Tinkerbell is talking about, women in the 30s are obsolete. Hate saying it, but it’s true. In an ‘media’ field, women start drying up in their 30s. Not every career is that of Helen Mirren, Gisele, etc.

  • C/G is CanadaGirl

    @GossipGal: Thanks for posting.

  • C/G is CanadaGirl

    Listen, if there is a nice spin on this it’s because it has been ‘approved’. When Blake ran for the hills and started her own PR campaign before him that was jarring. He was left scrambling. Leo DiCaprio the world’s most eligible bachelor ditched by a TV actress – not a great headline. Enter Erin. He’s studded up again, hits the headlines – Blake couldn’t have meant that much if she was replaced so quickly, blah, blah – and he continues on. It’s apparent that this break up will be controlled and managed. They’ve learned their lesson. Stick with what’s manageable, what works.
    I would LOVE it if Erin rebelled and gave the good gossip though. Do it Erin. You know you want to. ;)
    If Leo was looking for a little boost in exposure, he got it. As always, his break ups make headlines. J. Edgar did not do as well as expected… curious if that makes him nervous? questions his appeal? I wonder if there’s a ‘more’ real relationship between his dating and his work besides the need to appear dateable and settled – will investors get skittish if Leo is out banging randoms? Having a model girlfriend is about as close as the guy will get to appeasing the min-van majority, which his Titanic fan base is moving into, and backers who want a stable, PR reliable investment.
    I truly do hope that Gatsby is a hit because it would open up a whole new fan base in the same age group as the Titanic era and that will help propel his popularity forward. I still think he should do MACBETH. There hasn’t been a good one done since Polanski in ’71. Leo was smart doing Titanic, but just as smart doing Romeo and Juliet and Gilbert Grape. Any literature tie-in can only help an actor’s career. It wouldn’t be a ‘major’ blockbuster, but Macbeth would have longevity just like Romeo and Juliet. Depending on the release date, there’s the potential to make some good bank in another Shakespeare.

  • xXx

    @C/G is CanadaGirl: about his career : I’m not sure Gatsby will be a hit, and I think some others actors like Fassbender would be choose insted of Dicaprio

  • C / G

    Wings: “Has anyone ever considered that it could be Erin who decided to put an end to their on-and-off relationship?
    I know the Leo fans want to believe he is the king and he is the one who gets rid of his girlfriends, but it’s not necessarily the case.”
    You’re right, We don’t know. She could have gotten sick of the bullsh*t and said enough. I have the odd feeling that Leo gets dumped a lot more than people may realize. Sure he pulls them in, but he can’t hold them, and that says a lot.
    Blake was an attempt at a real relationship, IMO. It didn’t work out. The fact that she’s loved up and married now is evidence enough that Leo couldn’t perform in the serious relationship forum. Can’t have the cake and Blake (or any other woman) at the same time. Well… unless you’re willing to be a floor mat like some ladies *cough*

  • C / G

    Again… sorry for the spam. JJ is ridiculous with moderation. What’s the point of having @reply of you can’t multi-@reply…???
    I’m off. @Tinkerbell: I’m off to your glorious country today for a bit of cross border shopping.

  • Philly

    @C/G is CanadaGirl:
    Hi C/G, Good Points
    But I actually DON’T want him to do Macbeth as yet. He really needs to splice it up with something light/funny rather than continously playing the tormented soul with a dead wife.
    Looking forward to Django Unchained, maybe it’ll be an epiphany for Leo a success that will steer his course elsewhere in both his professional and personal life because right now in BOTH these aspects he’s a cliche.
    Hope all you New Yorkers are getting back on your feet!


    She dumped him because he has BO and can’t get it up. When I was 23, a guy like that would have lasted less than 3 weeks.
    Leo needs to stick with foreign born women. An American girl ain’t gonna put up with his shenanigans.

  • Cloocloo

    Good for Leo. Objects must be used and discarded for newer models.

  • person

    blake lively was just using leonardo dicaprio. good riddance.

  • Odd

    No one knows what went down,we can only speculate…..and make jokes!

  • person

    @C/G is CanadaGirl: Leo does not date girls for his career. in case you didn’t notice he is one of the best actors ever, period. those girls do nothing for him career-wise. as for him doing Macbeth if you just LISTEN to Leo HIMSELF he chooses movies based on the script. if its not a good script he’s not going to do it, and definitely not because its good for his career. he’s LEONARDO DICAPRIO he wouldn’t need to do a movie for his career anyway

  • person

    um no she was actually using him. it is well known within a certain group of people

  • @person

    We have a troll “insider” with the facts on Leo’s life and his girlfriends. What took you so long? The ‘Leo is gay gay’ brigaide have already beaten you to the punch with ‘inside info’ and-cough- facts.

  • person

    I didn’t say Leo knew

  • http://joyezz lol

    Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need your advise on his career,smart a$$!

  • Spin

    that’s impossible, Leo is a great guy

  • HW


    The Post says he called it off, but you have a point. They don’t usually consider that the girl left him because they never would. But if she does leave him, it’s because she was a “user”.

  • Huh?

    Leo should call Kendall Schuler or Alyce Crawford. They were happy to be two of the many models banging him during Gatsby, they are of appropriate age, and he could add their ages up to make one girlfriend and silence the age cynics, am sure he could fly them over.

  • Huh?

    Yep they stick around to be emotionally abused and cheated on they are gold diggers, fame seekers.
    They leave before enduring excess emotional abuse and become cheated on by King Schlong and they are users.
    Leo on the other hand is flaw free and blameless.

  • person

    and I don’t know anything about Leo’s personal life either, I’m not a’insider’ and I don’t know dicaprio but we all know Blake only dated Leo to make someone jealous and she’s still doing it with Reynolds, she’s just using marriage as the ultimate signifier of unity but if the guy she really liked reciprocated the feelings she’d be out of that marriage in a second. and anyone who knows what I’m talking about is just laughing. stick with Reynolds Blake, he’s never going to love you

  • person

    ^^**stick with Ryan Blake cause the guy you really want to be with is never going to love you

  • Huh?

    We all know that do we? Alright then. Don’t see how a new Blake/Leo/Ryan conspiracy found its way into this thread but it beats the “Leo is banging the Kevin C” trolls, I guess

  • @person

    It actually makes more sense for you to dish out this, repetitive ‘info’ and ‘insider advice’ in a Blake/Ryan thread. No?

  • sha

    You don’t know any of these people. You only know what you read and you only read and believe what you want to.

  • Model Fan

    I can’t believe Leo’s people would let that article out in the Post. Her team totally wrote it, since when is she one of the most beautiful women in the world? His friends don’t respond when she tweets them, and his Mom always looked miserable around her. They need to let it go that it’s not happening, move on Bleetherton!

  • sha


    ‘The guy she really wants’ should read ‘the guy I really want’. You’re projecting yourself onto these people you will never know and who will never want you.

  • @sha

    Don’t encourage or feed them!

  • @sha

    @sha it must suck being a nobody

  • —-

    you won’t believe it, but some BZ fantasizers are assuming the split might not be definitive. Hilarious, isn’t it. Eventhough GossipCop received a confirmation by Leo’s rep mentioning it’s over, these girls are still living in a fantasy world.

  • ….just sayin’

    prolly didn’t hurt it was leonardo dicaprio either..

  • Daisha!

    We love youUu Leo! ! :n come to BĹ«dapest!! !!!!!!!!!!

  • Piper


    could it be that Leo is mentally and socially stunted and therefore can only handle certain type of girls??? he’s almost 40 and the only girls he can be attracted to are 20 year olds that should say a lot about his brain development. he is not Jack Dawson and he is not “romantic man”. he’s just another dumb guy in Hollywood who gets the hottest ass because he can.

  • scallywag

    Broke things off? Hmm is that a code word for Leo had a look at his stop watch and realized that Erin’s time was way up and it was now time to move on to the next eye candy piece?

    Please be courteous and send your application form here ladies. Top models need only apply…

  • @huh?

    @Huh?: he n@Huh?: Leo doesn’t emotionally abuse his girlfriends, any girl in the world is lucky to go out with him and yeah when you are as prominent as Leo is you get gold diggers and fame seekers come at you by the dozen. poor guy even dated them. lets hope the next one is genuine or at least equally successful

  • Fan

    @scallywag – this is absolutely hilarious but so true. i bet he already has his eyes on a new one (or two).
    @—- – the BZ bloggers have a point because Leo’s pattern with relationships is always the same. He dates for a period of two years, then breakups for a six to twelve month, then goes back to the girl. He’s done that with Kristen, Gisele and Bar. The difference with Blake and Erin is that these two were rather flings than real relationships.

  • Huh?

    Leo’s relentless cheating/carousing is well documented, you may not consider that emotional abuse but he clearly does not respect his significant other to do this continously. I personally think his girlfriends are just as venal as he is to tolerate shabby treatment just because Leo makes them famous. A few of his girlfriends have been much younger, some did not even have English as a first language so I doubt he was with them for their stimulating minds and conversation, they are there because daily use of prostitutes is too expensive.. You get what you give, he goes for looks/superficiality first and the women want the association.

  • Recall

    @scallywag you say top models need only apply but you either choose to ignore or seem to forget these models only shot to fame when they started dating Leo

  • @237

    Maybe they were flings because the women wanted it that way? Blake and Erin are Americans and don’t need green cards so maybe don’t need to take Leo’s crap as much as the others did? Blake had options and left for greener pastures so did not stick around to endure an actual loving relationship’, Gisele eventually found a husband in a serious relationship too. Only a deluded person can describe some of Leo’s past escapades in the boyfriend sector as a ‘real relationship’.

  • @huh

    so because English isn’t their first language they aren’t capable of stimulating minds or conversation. apparently English is your first language and look at the substance of your mind. your well documented cheating is just made up rumors. the only thing Leo is guilty
    of is wanting to spend time with his friends and some girls are too insecure for that or they get as much fame out of him as they wanted already

  • -

    I don’t see what the big deal is he’s only dated about five women. it’s not like they are all ex-wives or something. everyone on here apparently has not dated more than five or six people

  • Reader

    @huh? get over it. Leo can get the pussy and you can’t.

  • @241

    No mention of the 10+ age differences I see.That’s right all he is guilty of is wanting to spend time with ‘friends’. LMAO. Anyone who can’t hang with the posse should exit stage left.
    New recruit Jonah Hill did the right thing by recently breaking up with his girlfriend too. I guess she’s just not understanding enough though.

  • jd

    I feel like Leo’s just not one to settle down, or maybe he just hasn’t found the one. I don’t know why anyone really cares, let him be. Also what’s with all the comments about people like Blake, who he dated for about two months. I feel like that should just be wiped away because it was hardly a relationship, as most of the women he’s been with have been. The longest relationships he’s had were with Gisele and Bar which both ended awhile ago. considering that, he and Erin lasted much longer than I thought they would.

  • @huh?

    @241 Jonah hill didn’t start hanging out with Leo until after they broke up with his gf

  • sarah

    @jd – I wonder how much of a relationship it was, though. We know the fling he had with Blake lasted the whole summer and there were many different sightings: Europe, NY, LA, Carmel, Sydney, in restaurants, stores… But with Erin, most of the time, they were seen with a group of Leo’s friends and there were periods where we didn’t have any sightings nor pictures. So the “10 month” relationship did not last the whole time, I’m afraid.

  • jane

    @sarah all those sightings make it seem like that relationship was complete PR imo

  • gigi

    I have to say something is not right with him and George Clooney. George sticks to the early 30′s d-list/waitress girls. I believe their expiration date is no longer than 3 years. At least GC say’s he’s doesnt want marriage or kids. So why doesn’t he just hook-up with an attractive, smarttwoman in her 40′s/50′s not interested in those things as well. Every woman he’s been with eventually makes the mistake by mentioning they want marriage/children.
    Then you have Leo, who’s now approaching 40 years old and still going for the tall/blonde models under 25 years old.
    Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex said that men go for younger women because they are afraid of their own mortality. I believe it’s true… but the same holds true to some women in HW.. look at Madonna, Demi, JLo, Sharon Stone. They are trying to hold to their youth.
    That’s why I admire Helen Mirren/Taylor Hackford so much.. A successful director who married an older actress.

  • @231

    What did you expect? You’re talking about girls who would do anything for the privilege of being his girlfriend. He could wipe his feet on them ten ways to Sunday and the would be begging for more. They truly love and understand him.