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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Footage First Look!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Footage First Look!

Check out this first look at footage of Brad Pitt in his highly anticipated film World War Z!

The flick, which will hit theaters on June 21, 2013, is about a U.N. employee racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

The full first look at World War Z will air on Entertainment Tonight this Thursday (November 8). We can’t wait to see more!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the first footage of Brad Pitt’s World War Z?

Brad Pitt – “World War Z” First Footage
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  • sososososo

    with almost 300 million budget the CGI looks terrible. does the world really need another zombie flick? let the thumbing down begin!!!

  • ellarea

    he talks like he does in those perfume commercials. one tone/ one expression actor. it will flop!!!! just you see

  • sarah

    is he really not getting better projects than some zombie movie? leave this to some young/ d list actors. it looks like war of the worlds with tom cruise.

  • awwww

    It looks amazing. can’t wait to see the full trailer.

  • lurker

    losers are always in line waiting for a new thread,dshanging names and looking like fools,looks great thanks jared

  • Monkey Boy


  • lurker

    I mean changing names,this looks epic

  • Cassi

    Intense, scary and epic. Love it.

  • deililA

    Coming this summer: “Grandpa Pitt fights some terrible looking zombies”

  • wow

    Those are damn fast zombies. Looks great.

  • NWO Mind Control

    Zombie is a code term that is being used by ouy military for roaming, homeless, hungry groups of desperate refugees after a future catastrophe. They are entering the word and meaning of zombie into your conscious mind, readying you..Zombie was formerly a word left in the realm of 50′s sci-fi movies and voodoo.

  • Eva

    I am scared of zombies, but will watch this movie for Brad.

  • zombie/wooden actor


  • Phool

    Love it … go Brad cannot waite to see it

  • plez

    It looks fun and intense. Will make a great summer movie.

  • Phool

    Thanks Jared for being able to post new news on the same day ….good for you jared keep it up

  • tamsin

    Zombies should never be fast. Pothead should’ve tried a deglammed look but of course he loves his hair too much.

  • Lia

    Lol, the haters always in line to be the first ones to post. No life heh?

    Anyway the film looks great, it’s gonna be the best summer flick, i’m sure! Go Brad!

  • Pest Control

    I was recently at Brad’s house spraying for bugs and I noticed Brad drawing flies so I got talking to him and asked him over a bottle of wine if he’d be intested in designing a new fly traps. He and his lice jumped at the offer

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Not a zombie fan but will see this because da man. Haters will hate anything he does. Just ignore the fools.

  • GIS


  • bermy girl

    Mmmmm – Brad looks hot!

  • Deledda

    Brad looks great in it. The trailer looks awesome.

  • hmmm

    Brad makes a lot of guy movies lately, please make some movies for girls/women like romantic love story.

  • AMY

    In Brad I trust!

  • Linden

    Looks pretty good. I miss Mireille Enos fron The Killing, she was so awesome as Detective Linden (and Holder too, miss him too).

  • wow

    I am so jealous of the actress who plays Brad’s wife in wwz, she gets a kiss from Brad. lucky lady.

  • karl

    love zombie movies, not a fan of zombies that move like they were a zunami wave… terrible…

  • tweet

    Lawrence Grant ‏@LawrenceChalky

    I saw Brad Pitt and Angelina in the launderette down my road.

  • Just Sayin

    WWZ is gonna be epic.

  • tish

    Can’t wait to see this. This is the film Brad said he enjoyed making and thinks it will be one his kids will like.

    I don’t know if he meant later when they get older or now.

    Brad is such a doll..just love him.

  • tish


    Thank you for relaying the message to Senior. I am so glad she is okay.

    Take care dear lady.

  • Catherine

    My 10 year old and 6-year-old love zombies. I have told them about wwz, they can’t wait to see it.

  • aimee

    Looks awesome! Brad said his older boys will like it.

  • tamsin

    What a disappointment. I honestly wanted to like the film because I like the zombie genre, but this thing about a reanimated corpse moving at mach speed is just god-awful. Making zombies run and creating human walls is simply stupid. I suspect fans of the book and zombie movies in general will be disappointed as well.

    This seems to be just another star vehicle for Pitty to take up every inch of the screen making his signature faces and looking purdy. By the way, Will Smith already did this movie called “I am Legend” and the creatures moved fast because they were not living dead.

  • tish

    And last..

    Hi to All the JP Fans,

    Wishing you All a good day. Today is an exciting day for the USA Peeps with it being their election day. Good Luck one and All on your voting.

    Hope all of our Eastenders are starting to see some light .
    Thoughts and prayers to All who were not so fortunate .
    God that has to be devastating..! Hoping with the help they are getting that everyone had a nice warm bed to sleep in last night
    and today leads to a better tomorrow.

    Take care Everyone , now off to see more pics of Brad and cast .
    I think this movie is going to be great.

  • oh boy

    WWZ is one of the most anticipated movies of 2013. I am excited.

  • Everybody Luvs Brad & Angie

    Writer Jaye
    The continuing story of A Troll’s Life
    Late into the night, the troll stared bleary eyed into the hypnotic light of the computer screen. She was tired, but she dared not sleep. For in sleep there was no safe harbor, no respite from the churning, nausea inducing fear of failure. Even as she longed for the peace of slumber she knew without fail, that upon waking she would regret every missed opportunity to spill forth the vitriol that had won her respect among all those who are called trolls.
    She must stay awake, maintain her station as she walked in her absolute truth. It was more than ego that drove her, more than hate, it was the almighty need to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be validated by whatever means. Every hour spent abed was an hour that she could not impose her will upon what has become her surrogate family. Giggling at that thought, she thought perhaps they were more like unlikely friends. There was no doubting that she was a favorite among them.
    True, they were not the sort of people that she would care to dine with or tell even one of her many secrets to, but they had their place in catering to her needs. They were people who occupied most of her thoughts, the ones with whom she spent most of her time, they were her connection to the cyber world that she inhabited gladly. Laughingly, she thought of them as friends with benefits.
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  • someone

    looks very interesting, will go see it….i love zombie movies

  • Passing Through

    Gee, I’m kinda proud of Jared/Chris. This news is less than 24 hours old. As Phil on Duck Dynasty says, “I’m happy, happy, happy!”

  • anustin

    awww…looking handsome!poppa

  • Everybody Luvs Brad & Angie



    I am not really into Zombie movies at least i don’t think but wouldn’t miss it with Brad being in it.
    I guess if you are taking your kids at the ages they are Brad must of meant his kids would love it as in* now.
    I bet your kids will love it too.
    Enjoy and if you see it before i do let me or us know what you and your kids thought of it.
    Have fun!

  • carry :D

    He looks rugly but i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it. More pls it is fantastic and new :D

  • Passing Through

    # 347 Phool @ 11/06/2012 at 12:05 pm
    LOL. So the UK tabs said Squigs hired a new stylist for Ticky, huh? That’s really weird because she’s still wearing the same ho gear her previous stylists chose. Too funny. Ticky didn’t change stylists. I rag on that chick like it’s my full-time job…but, I’m about to pay her a compliment so grab a nearby waste basket – she’s loyal to her hens…as long as they don’t cross her. She’s had the same 2 stylists since 2004 or so. Hair Boy’s done her hair since the mid ’90s. She’s got a makeup chick she uses on all her movies (you could train a monkey to do it, but whatever…). She’s got the same 2 personal chefs she’s used since Brad dumped her. She still hires her longtime hens like Najimy and Hahn whenever she can. She’s had the same acting coach (sad, I know) since the mid’90s. She’d still be using Yoga chick except she claimed that she hasn’t seen her in 2 years because Yoga chick is so darned busy because her business blew up after they did that yoga video together a few years ago where Ticky blubbered on about how crying through her poses had helped her heal after her divorce. Ticky’s still got the same agent, same manager since 2005, same Pokies supplier, she just told Peeps she’s been using Aveeno moisturizer and Neutragena soap for over 10 years, she at the same freaking salad for lunch for 10 years straight, etc. That hoHo likes change about like I like eggs. And I LOATHE eggs. Fvckers are good for baking and that’s about it. Kinda like Ticky’s half-baked…but…I digress…I paid Ticky a compliment and agreed with The Urinator that she’s stuck in the past and is loyal to her minions as long as they’re of use to her. Never let it be said that I’m not fair. BBBBBWWWWWHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • carry :D

    Haters to the left. Jared do you tell this people when you gonna set up a thread? I mean what are the odds are they always they won’t miss to be first with this kind of threads?hmmmm

  • Rose

    @tish: Hi Tish, thanks for all your good wishes. First I would like to say I voted this morning. I’ve never seen this many people at my voting station, and I have been voting for a long time. It was mad crazy out there today. We voted in a big school gym and I’m not joking, if there were not a thousand people inside, and a line waiting from the door right back to the street of people waiting to get inside.

    Also, on the other side of the street there was a long line of cars waiting for gas, more than a mile long. There are also a police car at every gas
    station in my county and I believe all of Suffolk county.

    @Phool, we did hear from Jaye, she is fine, I believe very busy with work.

    Someone mentioned Brad said his older brother will like WWZ. Brad does not have an older brother. I believed he said his older boys will like WWZ.

    I’m looking forward to going to see WWZ although I’m not a scary movie fan, but I will support Brad and Angie.

    Ps, I forget to mentioned I was on line for over 2 hours to cast my vote earlier today. Lots of people but all was orderly, no problem.

  • tish

    @Passing Through


    Maybe Jared heard the blast you gave him yesterday for being late so moved his butt today just for you:)

    J/k I know what you is nice for a change to get something of Brad or Angies on time : That pisssed me off too that we got a pic of Ticky coming out of the hairdressers in real time and Brads modern art pics had been out on other sites long before that.

    I mean really why is it a big deal for any celeb especially Dlisters to be shown with their hair done and a fresh botox and makeup job. We know damnn well she wouldn’t be in front of a camera on less she had just seen her hairdresser. Remember that stoopid elephant hood jacket she wore to cross the street b/c she thought she didn’t look poifect.

    Anyway yeah i guess better to shut up and enjoy the fact we are seeing Brads movie pics on time instead of a week later.

    Altho i think you should always give Jared a piece of your mind .

    Looks like it worked.:)

  • carry

    One more thing I hope the tabloids wirters not gonna have poor MireilleE running of with him or some shitt and that they both and all the cast can promote the movie in peace. and be done with it in peace. Just like other stars and their costars are allowed to do. Poor Brad andAngie are not allowed to have that with their costars almost all the time.
    That said I am looking forward the whole trailer thing thursday. It looks scarry all those comming like that

  • fyi

    World War Z official website.

  • http://com Susan

    @Phool: I’m doing OK, will try to get gas tomorrow, off from work due to the lack of electricity.
    Voted early, all we can do now is hope for the best.