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Katie Holmes: The Broadway Community Is So Supportive!

Katie Holmes: The Broadway Community Is So Supportive!

Katie Holmes grins as she heads inside the Music Box Theater for a performance of Dead Accounts on Wednesday (November 28) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress recently gave an interview to Playbill about the Broadway community.

“What I was shocked by, just because I didn’t know about it when I did All My Sons here, was how warm the Broadway community is,” Katie said. “Everyone is so supportive on Broadway – we send notes to shows on their opening nights, that sort of thing. I think it’s really fun to be here.”

Be sure to catch Katie in Dead Accounts, currently playing on the Great White Way.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes heading inside her Broadway theater…

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  • missy

    An ‘actress’, I mean – this?!?! This Z-lister??! Oh, PLEASE!

  • NYT

    ‘Dead Accounts’ (in previews; opens on Thursday) This new comedy from Theresa Rebeck tests the strength of family ties when a man returns to his small-town home with a suspicious amount of cash and few answers to the questions raised. The play’s deluxe team includes two Tony magnets in the director Jack O’Brien and his leading man, Norbert Leo Butz, with a tasty supporting cast of Judy Greer, Josh Hamilton and Jayne Houdyshell. ***But the big news here is Katie Holmes: she returns to Broadway in her first starring role there, not to mention her first significant professional adventure since the tabloid storm of her divorce from Tom Cruise. Music Box Theater, 239 West 45th Street, (212) 239-6200, (David Rooney)***
    ***Come see the ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise***

  • Ticket Sales

    Broadway Gross Ticket Sales
    Week Ending November 25, 2012
    Production: Dead Accounts
    (Theatre): (Music Box)
    Weekly Gross: $402,460
    Total Atten.: 4,965
    Prev.: 8
    Perf. : 0
    Total Capacity Avg. : 1,009
    Ticket Price: $81.06
    Atten. %: 61.5%

  • NYT (translation)

    The play’s deluxe team includes two Tony magnets in the director Jack O’Brien and his leading man, Norbert Leo Butz, with a tasty supporting cast of Judy Greer, Josh Hamilton and Jayne Houdyshell. [Blah, Blah, Blah, snoring, bore] *****But the big news here is Katie Holmes: she returns to Broadway in her first starring role there, not to mention her first significant professional adventure since her divorce from TOM CRUISE [Show me the MONEY -- Buy your tickets now ---We have the ex-MRS. TOM CRUISE - well one of them]

  • What was that Katie?

    “What I was shocked by, just because I didn’t know about it when I did All My Sons here, was how warm the Broadway community is,” Katie said. “Everyone is so supportive on Broadway — we send notes to shows on their opening nights, that sort of thing. I think it’s really fun to be here.”

    REALLY… Hmmmmm…flashback (All My Sons interview)

    “I love doing Broadway,” she says, “It’s so much fun and I loved the cast and the community was so welcoming and wonderful.

  • Kylie

    Anyone who has seen her “act” knows that she was not cast for her talent. It’s shameful considering how many talented stage actresses are out there. But I guess she needed a little hobby and her ex-husband’s name bought that for her.

    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  • NYT=NYT (translation)

    The 2nd post is a clarification of the first just incase no one saw the glaring disparity on how the ex- Mrs Cruise is being billed for the show vs the rest of the cast.
    Katie is the money draw and everyone else has the acting/stage performance chops, except for Judy Greer, who is making her debut, but will still probably receive better reviews.

  • toria

    @NYT (translation):

    When you think about it, this was a very smart move to do Broadway on her part. Since her marriage to Tom she has had a string of movie bombs, her magazine covers haven’t sold any better than with a nobody on the cover–ditto for her endorsements. She got scathing reviews for her role as a judge on the dance show, she has shown she can’t really sing or dance. Her one success in the years married to Tom was All My Sons while her reviews were lukewarm, her presence sold the theater out.. Going back to Broadway with Dead Accounts I bet her management team hopes to emulate the success of AMS so she doesn’t appear to be such a total failure. There is absolutely no way she would have gotten the part if she wasn’t the ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise. I’ve seen well over 200 Broadway productions and she was one of the most awful performances I’ve seen and that included the horrible performance by Amanda Peet in Barefoot in the Park (great rest of the cast like AMS tho). She got this part for one reason and one reason only: Mrs. ex-Tom Cruise. I think people are getting sick of her like they are Tommy girl. It will be interesting to see if they flock to get a glimpse of her now. If she does pull it off–she won’t come off as such a loser to the honchos that cast other Broadway productions and movies. And she might, just might, get another movie part that she doesn’t have to buy.

  • JLR

    give her a shot people!…. who knows how she will do. It takes a great amount of courage to do broadway especially when you are coming from screen. From what i hear it’s hard to be accepted w/ the community. I think she could use her name to do some films and that would be easy and more $. I think she likes a challenge and wants to learn. She clearly learning a lot about life lately (as we all do) cut her some slack, seriously. I respect her so much for leaving Tom. It must have been really difficult as well.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @JLR: Do you mean a free ride??

  • Sincerely concerned

    @JLR: Reviews are tomorrow…

  • DB

    She has such a frumpy “soft dough” face.

    What is up with that?

  • Thornton

    Oh dear, DB is back again to tell us about his obsession with Katie Holmes. It is especially funny that you are so obsessed with her face. How many times can you repeat your insanity about her “soft dough” face, whatever you think that even means. She has the face she was born with and it looks very good. I’m sorry if you would prefer she have a thousand plastic surgeries like your hero Tom Cruise. I can imagine him in a few years unable, to form expressions at all on his face. It seems you need to worry less about Katie’s face and more about your ” soft dough” brain. Your life would then be considerably more rewarding.

  • She Brings Great Snacks

    [Judy Greer, Dead Accounts Vanity Fair interview at Huffington Post]

    So how has it been working with Katie Holmes and the rest of the cast and crew?

    I wouldn’t say anything bad anyway, but I’m not lying when I say it’s been one of the — I also don’t want to say anything hyperbolic because I want you to believe me — it’s been so special. Everyone always says, “Oh, she’s great, it’s great, the project’s great.” But it really is. It’s been terrific. I mean, Jack O’Brien, I wish I could just record every word that comes out of his mouth because I’m learning more from him and this process than I feel like I’ve learned from any other director I’ve ever worked with. And I think Norbert Leo Butz is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with a lot. And Katie is one of the hardest-working actresses I’ve ever worked with. She cares so much. She works so hard. She’s early to rehearsal and the last person to leave. She brings really awesome snacks, by the way.

    She brings really awesome snacks? Good to know. o_O

    ***And Katie and I will go in our dressing room and gossip about whatever for a few minutes.***

    Yeah, “about whatever” is code for “the ex-Mrs. Cruise drama filled life”

    The reviews should confirm all of the above, great cast, except for the dull (but hard working, cares so much) Katie Holmes, who brings really awesome snacks.

    Is it from using a bottle? Starchy carbs? Poor care?

  • truth

    Tom cruise gave her a career….. katie saw money she saw a movement in her life and career meeting tom the day tom started talking about his sci fi life he had major negative reviews he’s been in that sci fi sh** for years people loved him when Tom jump up and for this B**** the world couldn’t belive it talking about his sci fi life it ruined him such a private man lost it for a second for this. I don’t dislike katie but Tom is not an attention whore like katie. And If tom wants plastic surgery why not he’s a money maker his face is money and yes Katie has a dough face not ugly but time is telling us she too needs a fix
    also for leaving tom she milked what she could she was not happy and moved on tom’s not stupid he had a tight prenup. but he’s not tight tom gave her a lot did he give YOU ANYTHING what do you mean your happy she left him mind your own your a fool. Katie is in it to win it she was in that sci fi sh*** for a while dont think she did not know what she was doing. my guess KH probably wanted more kids since Tom & Katie had different views on raising Suri Tom probably new not to have any more with Katie

  • Katie as Lorna in Dead Account

    Katie being Katie as Lorna in Dead Accounts –>> video link


    So, its Katie being Joey (Dawson’s Creek) being Lorna (Dead Accounts), or at least that is what I saw.

    Her voice is so, what’s the word?

  • chip

    @Katie as Lorna in Dead Account:

    annoying and borrrrinnnnnng

  • That’s It!

    Grating, Annoying, Irritating…. GET’S ON YOUR LAST GOOD NERVE VOICE!

    Thanks Chip!

  • DB

    @Thornton: I wasn’t aware that Tom Cruise – or anybody else for that matter – was responsible for the amount of elasticity in her skin and the expressions she chooses to make with it.

    I wonder how I could have possibly missed that connection?

  • Thornton

    Oh DB, do you have trouble understanding what people write? I never said Tom Cruise was responsible for her facial expression or the elasticity in her skin. I only said there is nothing wrong with her face, in fact many people find her very attractive. But, even if her skin wasn’t the best, how shallow and nasty are you to constantly go on about it. I only brought your hero Tom Cruise into it to point out your hypocrisy in going on about Katie’s skin when vain Tom continues to have all these plastic surgeries. I’ve never understood people who are so filled with hatred for people they don’t even know that they constantly attack them. And in your case in such a shallow way it makes you seem ridiculous. I think Tom is crazy and his cult extremely dangerous, but I have mostly just tried to ignore him until lately. But seeing his crazy, nasty fan base and scientoligist cult members attack people Tom doesn’t like has changed my mind. He needs to be exposed for what he really is if that’s the kind of effect he has on people like yourself. Thank you for letting me and others see we need to expose Tom Cruise and his cult.

  • Hamlet

    Where do you get off that she has to buy parts, #8? She’s in demand enough and is more popular and talented than you claim.

  • DB

    @Thornton: I don’t understand the hate. I have done you no wrong, have I? I just have an opinion that might differ from yours. Can we not simply disagree and ignore each other? No need to fill this site with personal attacks. It’s not about us really, it’s about the people in the stories, after all. I would ask you to consider that please. I would prefer to bury the hatchet, as it were.

    Thank you

  • Melanie

    DB, Thornton’s aim is to expose the shallowness of your comments. They’re always superficial and degrading. If you despise Holmes ignore any posts about her. It comes across manic and disturbing.

  • toria


    Dear Hamlet:

    Go to IMbD or Box Office Mojo and look at the revenue her films have brought in. Any other actor or actress would not be offered anymore parts. At $27.5 her average is one of the lowest for a working actress. Her best selling film is Batman Begins and she got savaged in that by critics and audiences alike as she did for second best selling film–Jack and Jill. But of course Hammie, you never do any research or think for yourself. You just spout from the script the Cult has given you.

    Katie is a small screen actress. That is where she shines. She doesn’t have the talent or acting chops to transform into a powerhouse for stage or big screen. But ya gotta give this no-talent woman credit–she keeps on ticking like the energizer bunny.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Kylie: Just me being me, Wouldn’t it be smart to get a little training; u know like an acting coach to prepare her??

  • Sincerely concerned

    @DB: I noticed the color too.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Thornton: No. Dum****. Just a healthy diet!!!

  • Thornton

    Very good post Melanie, exactly right. Has Katie Holmes done you wrong so that you feel the need to keep up these ugly personal attacks on her. Bullies always act like this, shallow and stupid attacks on people, and then cry when someone calls them on their behavior. A good example of this is Tom Cruise on Brook Shields. I have an opinion about Katie Holmes, about Tom Cruise, and about about what kind of person you are. And my opinion of you is based on the best possible evidence, your own words. IF you think you have the right to make shallow nasty comments based on some pictures of someone you don’t know, surely I have the right to express my opinion as well, which is based on something much more substantive, your own words.

  • A slim sitcom

    Dead Accounts review by Linda Winer @

    “On the plus side, audiences coming to see a miscast Holmes will be introduced to Norbert Leo Butz. ”

    “Holmes, who made a respectable, if unspectacular, Broadway debut four years ago in “All My Sons,” fades into the kitchen wallpaper during light comedy. But when her character toughens up in the more dramatic second act, so does she.”

    BOTTOM LINE Miscast Holmes, sitcom play–

  • Sincerely concerned

    I really have to side with DB… I have never read any of her comments of Katie’s that aren’t fixable, I.e., constructive criticism. If she actually read them, she’d flourish: 1. Fix the teeth, 2. Skin issue is definitely diet. 3. Clothes – so easy to google how to dress for body type (I’ve learned tons just from reading HERE…) 4. Hair – she could learn a little from A Seyfried who said she completely trusts her hair ‘stylist’. 5. Talent – don’t tell me there aren’t classes, coaches etc. that she couldn’t be tapping into. She is only 30. The potential!!!

  • Silvana

    @Thornton: I’m with Thorton, and yes, DB is a real problem, like an icon of beauty and perfection. KH least someone has won, and is known worldwide for his work, for their beauty (because we say it like it is, the girl is cute enough to buy all the queens of plastic surgery, and her husband – of Hollywwod) and not walking drunk, drugged or his infidelities … DB, some questions for you … and who you beat you?, why you excel you in life?, are you really an icon of perfection and beauty? … I do not think so

  • agree

    i was wondering how to phrase that….it’s so true, she is so mushy looking…i was thinking maybe she was starting to drink too much?

  • ani

    #9 “I think she likes a challenge and wants to learn.” Why we have to pay as an audience for her to learn. I want to have pleasure when I attebd abd pay for a show with my money and my time. Would you be willing to pay my tuition fee?

  • LA Times Theatre Critic

    By Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times Theater Critic
    November 29, 2012, 5:00 p.m. -,0,1376784.story

    Let’s just say she looks fabulous in that just-bumming-around-but-still-gorgeous way that helps TMZ make its payroll. This isn’t to suggest that Holmes’ acting is only skin- deep. She’s charming, natural and, yes, about as fresh-faced as a moisturizer model.

    (but to be fair he ends with) “Too bad they aren’t more complexly drawn. Rebeck doesn’t give Houdyshell much more to work with than Barbara’s Catholic piety and middle-class respectability. Holmes isn’t able to give dimension to Lorna,…”

  • Backstage Broadway Review

    Theresa Rebeck’s New Comedy ‘Dead Accounts’ Is DOA on Broadway
    By Erik Haagensen –

    “…there’s “Dead Accounts,” the lazy and predictable comedy at the Music Box Theatre that wouldn’t even pass muster as a Lifetime movie. Indeed, its presence on the Great White Way would be inexplicable without film star Katie Holmes in the cast, in an undemanding role that any number of actors could have played.”

    “ Holmes can’t give the passive, colorless Lorna distinction and contributes a whininess that’s at odds with the character’s essentially sympathetic nature.”

  • Dead Accounts 1.5 stars

    Theater Review: ‘Dead Accounts’ — 1.5 stars, by By MATT WINDMAN –

    “Rebeck offers just a tiny sliver of a plot, undeveloped characters and a few themes that are superficially explored.

    But let’s not lie to ourselves. The real attraction of “Dead Accounts” is seeing Katie Holmes in her first professional gig after deserting Tom Cruise. Oddly enough, she only has a supporting, rather uninteresting role as Butz’s homely-looking, stressed-out sister.

    Perhaps Holmes was looking for an non-challenging assignment. If you recall, she did not fare too well in a more dramatic role in Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” back in 2008.

    There is one show-stopping moment, when Holmes grabs a box of wine from the refrigerator. Although the stars did not receive entrance applause, the wine sure did.”

  • Chicago Tribune Review

    ‘Dead Accounts’ on Broadway: Reality’s in short supply in this mystery – Chris Jones, Theatre Critic –,0,5477528.column

    ” Holmes was struggling vocally Wednesday night and generally lacks sufficiently expansive definition, but, in the few moments of actual revelation, she finds some poignancy in her relationship with her character.”

    but adds, “None of these actors, though, can help the lack of credibility of some of the play’s central devices.”

  • rubyz

    LA times theatre critic: “Holmes isn’t able to give dimension to Lorna, the all-grown-up pretty girl still smitten after all these disappointing years with Phil, her high school love interest …” LOL. Of course, Holmes isn’t able to give dimension to anything. She CAN’T ACT!!

    Can’t wait to see more reviews.

  • The Associate Press

    Review: Rebeck’s ‘Dead Accounts’ lacks sharpness
    - By MARK KENNEDY, AP Drama Writer –

    “It’s a brave move for the 33-year-old, who deserves credit for trying hard. But she mostly tries hard to keep up with stage veterans Norbert Leo Butz and Jayne Houdyshell in Rebeck’s oddly thin new play,…”

    “Holmes relies too much on a whiny teenage angst and a guilelessness that worked on TV but lacks nuance onstage. That said, she does generate two of the biggest cheers in the play — one for pulling out a cheap box of wine from the fridge and the other for an anti-bankers rant that sounds like it could come from an Occupy Wall Street protester.”

    “The heavy lifting is done by Butz,…..”

    “Butz at first seems to be overcompensating for the smallness of Holmes, but the anguish and heart of his character are revealed beautifully.”

  • Krix

    Many of us called it.. no surprises…..NEXT

  • Huffington Post Review

    Review: Rebeck’s ‘Dead Accounts’ lacks sharpness – by Mark Kennedy –

    repost of AP review

  • Washington Post Review
  • Entertainment Weekly Review

    Reviewed by Thom Geier –

    “With the exception of Jack, though, the characters are as thin as old dish towels. Holmes, effortlessly sympathetic in an underwritten role as a dithering thirtysomething, tears into a populist rant against banks (”They’ve been behaving very badly and they act like it doesn’t matter”) and flirts playfully with Jack’s still-in-Ohio high school pal Phil (Josh Hamilton). Though the willowy Holmes may not be plausible as a diet-conscious regular gal, that may change by the end of the show’s limited run, given all the chili dogs and ice cream she consumes on stage.”

  • Krix

    It’s going to be a long 16 weeks… Lets see what we have so far…

    NYFW Presentation – ***crickets***
    Dead Accounts – lukewarm to negative reviews

    Albeit, the writing more than Katie’s acting gets the shredding, BUT even with the bad script Butz was able to still receive praise and recognition of his established talents by all the reviews.

    Whereas Katie continues her “All My Sons” earnest and charming (basically not a fail – mediocre) streak.

    I guess there’s still the possibility of a Dawson’s Creek reunion.

    (Katie as Dorothy) – There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

    Returning to the Buckeye State for the Win!

  • New York Post Review


    The Tony-winning star of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” and “Catch Me If You Can” should be declared a Broadway Treasure: Holmes may be the name luring ticket buyers, but it’s Butz who makes sure they get their money’s worth.
    Holmes, on the other hand, doesn’t have similar stage chops to fall back on. She’s got one note — shrill, impatient — and yells it at top volume, making a vein bulge on her slender neck. (A recurring joke about Lorna going on a diet falls flat.)
    You wish director Jack O’Brien had told his star to tone it down a notch, but he seems to have just leaned back and prayed for the best.
    Comic timing usually isn’t an issue for the excellent Judy Greer (“Arrested Development”), who plays Jack’s ice-queen wife, Jenny. But she has little to work with, other than a tirade in which Jenny mocks Barbara’s house with clichés: “There are little ceramic plates on the walls with pictures painted on them; I’m not making this up.”


  • Krix

    Definite miscast

    They should have switched Katie and Judy’s roles, maybe then reviews would have been better for both actresses.

    Butz will be working his butt off (pun intended) for the next 12-16 weeks

  • Krix

    So even New York Times won’t give legit e reviews???

    Let me assure you that Ms. Holmes, who was a tad unsteady in her Broadway debut four years ago in Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons,” appears much more at ease playing a worn-down country mouse to the hyped-up city mouse of Mr. Butz. Gamely unkempt and lumpen, Ms. Holmes suggests what might have happened to Joey Potter, the ultimate girl-next-door she once portrayed on TV in “Dawson’s Creek,” had she never found true love or left town.
    NYT Review by By BEN BRANTLEY –


  • NY DAILY NEWS Review

    “Holmes, 33, a film and TV starlet notorious for being one-half of the now-defunct supercouple TomKat, plies her lopsided grin, furrows her brow, cranks her voice level to loud and lets down her long brown hair in a flirty move that the boys of “Dawson’s Creek” would appreciate.”

    Read more: