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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Central Park Stroll!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Central Park Stroll!

Taylor Swift goes on a romantic stroll with Harry Styles at Central Park on Sunday (December 2) in New York City.

The 22-year-old “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer was spotted checking out seals and was joined by Harry‘s stylist Lou Teasdale, her fiancĂ© Tom, and their baby girl Lux.

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The night before, Taylor wowed the crowd while performing at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles.

20+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles enjoying each other’s company in New York…

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taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 01
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 02
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 03
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 04
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 05
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 06
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 07
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 08
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 09
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 10
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 11
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 12
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 13
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 14
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 15
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 16
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 17
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 18
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 19
taylor swift harry styles central park stroll 20

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  • mama

    NOO harry don’t!
    She will use you and write songs about you and get money!
    Don’t fall for her!

  • Char


  • KissThis

    Why do we have to keep giving her attention? I don’t see her appeal at all. I mean listen to her and look at her… She’s nothing special.

  • Nicole

    Dang!!! That girl gets around.

  • gaga

    this bich is so fcuking creepy!!!

  • Babbom

    As always she looks more into it than he does. Poor girl can’t read body language at all.

  • DB

    Run far, and run fast, young man.

  • Kim

    And ANOTHER one bites the dust!

  • Kim

    Yeah because this doesn’t scream set up at all, right?

    Her PR team deserve an award, they really do!

  • lauren


  • rikki

    cute. i like both their outfits x

  • Hunter

    Why is this girl dating a dude that looks like he is 10 years old?

  • Sam

    They are both serial daters… Taylor more so

  • Carla

    I liked Them, but She cannot be alone for a while? Going from man to man.


    Breakup song in 3..2..1..

  • laly

    I give them 2 months…
    Both are creeppy.

  • James

    why can she go messing around with a different guy every month and no one calls her a skankie whoriee??

  • (^^)

    She’s a Wh@re like Reese Witherspoon and they are BFF’s!

  • JP

    She sings songs about having her heart broken by her exes and how immature they are, and yet she dates a well known player (not judging his lifestyle, but it’s true!) who’s younger than her. Big surprise there, probably just trying to get another 3 songs out of their relationship before they “break up.”

  • LOL

    because it reminds her of Connor

  • Lisa

    I have been wondering if Taylor’s PR team sets her up with dudes to get her more publicity. She just seems more and more fake lately.

  • tah

    The fangirls tears over this is delightful

  • Kim

    @James: Because she dresses like a grandma and acts like she’s 16 so of course people think “no this girl isn’t a you know what. She couldn’t be, just look at her.”

    To me, those are the one’s you’ve always got to look out for. I’ve been saying this about her for years now, she isn’t half as “sweet and innocent” as she wants people to believe.

  • Josie

    Kiss of death!

  • Hal

    @James: Because she still plays pretend-”America’s Sweetheart” and puts the blame on guys for relationships gone bad. So everyone thinks it’s the guys’ fault and she’s completely innocent, adorable, and relatable but everyone knows she’s really psychotic and clingy.

  • Josie


    This makes either boyfriend 11 – 12

  • morgan

    @Hunter: SHE LIKES EM YOUNG.

  • boobs

    People need to stop defending her actions and call her out like most people do to every other celeb who burnishes similar TSwift ways. Taylor SWIFT is either a “HO” or a “PIMP”.

  • Rae

    @Josie: I was thinking more like 19 or 20. This girl is a clinger. She can’t be without a man.

  • Tomo

    I’m pretty sure Harry gets the memo. He knows how she is, what she is, and he doesn’t look too into her when you get down to it. It’s a game, all for show and PR.

  • FAB

    I am so sick of this girl and I know I’m not the only one. She shouldn’t even be called a singer or a song-writer. She’s a fake auto-tuned cash cow. She doesn’t really write her own songs, she has professionals fix songs for her. I can’t believe people can be so easily fooled.

  • Run Harry Run

    Run, Harry, run before she rubs her pox infested clam all over your body.

  • Chuck

    Man this chick gets around! And teen girls look up to her? What a phony. Worse than Miley Cyrus in my opinion.

  • DB

    @James: Maybe she’s just an emotionally insecure woman who likes sex?

    Maybe she can’t separate emotional intimacy from physical intimacy? Or maybe in order to get emotionally close to someone, as she seems to crave so intensely, she knows that men will expect her to have sex with them in order for them to provide that for her?

    Just speculating.

    Whatever the case, she’s seemingly been with a lot of guys already, but I do think if a guy plays around that much, he doesn’t get as much flack for it.

    If she’s just young and wants to sow her wild oats, then I figure that’s fine, and it’s her business.

    But it’s the hella-strange breakup hate-songs she writes and the interviews she gives that make her look bad, I think. At least mostly.

  • Love The Shoes

    @mama: LOL!!!!!

  • Jen

    ok, this will sound so mean, and I’m usually not this mean, but Taylor has a creepy lookin face. Just being honest. Her eyes, chin, her mouth is like deformed. How does she get boyfriends?

  • Love The Shoes

    @Carla: Make that “boy to boy” and if she were a dude, we’d be calling her a chicken hawk.

  • lucy

    No one has confirmed they’re dating and their has been no photos of them kissing so people should just calm down. If they end up dating then too bad they are both adults and they no the consequences.

  • boo

    OMG! Can’t wait for the US Weekly “SO IN LOVE” issue. HAYLOR forever!

  • sookie

    HE IS GAY..

  • boo

    they are both creepy. Harry likes ‘em old, Taylor like ‘em barely legal. match made in heaven if you ask me. puke!!!

  • Sara

    I LOVE LOVE Taylor Swift !!!! She is gorgeous and talented girl and can do what she wants :) Go Taylor Go !!!!

  • sarah

    Im sorry but she’s constantly with a new guy all the time! And what do you think shes doing with these guys….. i hate how she plays the “innocent, sweet girl” act. I don’t know why but it drives me crazy seeing her with a new guy all the time and no one things shes a “hoochie” or a you know what, and what 22 year old has an interest in an 18 year old, thats just asking for trouble! no offence

  • Ana

    She doesn’t waste any time, does she? Why are the guys she chooses either too young for her or far too old? Maybe she should stop shopping around for famous guys and try standing on her own two feet for while.

  • sooo_fake

    @boo: @boo:

    People mag already have the BREAK-UP issue ready.

  • Kat

    They are so cute together. People who are calling her a whore are so stupid. The last guy she was with was Connor and that was after a 8 month break. So no she really doesn’t get around that much. All the guys that she has casually dated is within a 7 year period. She is only 22, she is too young to settle down with one guy and be in a serious relationship from 16 to now. Especially with her hectic career, its refreshing that she wants a real committed relationship anyways because it would be way easier for her to have many flings that she could care less about when its over. She is a romantic and always gives love a chance, and she isn’t the only one being dumped. She dumped Taylor Lautner, and John Mayer, and Connor Kennedy and after Jake dumped her and they rekindled she left him. So the media isn’t really portraying the truth. They’ve painted her to be the way shes portrayed. They can name all of the guys that shes hung out with or talked to but no one knows how serious any of them were or what really happened.

  • LooseLipz

    New flavor of the week…she’s becoming so predictable and annoying.

    On a separate note, I hate guys in skinny jeans..very unmanly.

  • Kat

    She was with Joe Jonas in 2008, Taylor Lautner in 2009, John Mayer in 2010, and Jake at the end of 2010 early 2011. And Connor at the end of 2011. That isn’t a bad track record when thats only been 5 years. And it wasn’t like most of those relationship was that serious. Joe broke up with her for Camilla. She broke up with Taylor Lautner, She left John Mayer because he was a jerk, ( In dear John she was singing about why she never called him back or pick up his calls), Jake broke up with her because of the public attention but they were off and on, and she wrote the song about Never getting back together with him, so technically she broke it off officially, why else would his friend come up to her and ask about the getting back together. She left Connor recently so when it comes down to the statistics she isn’t the sad girl who always gets dumped by every guy. I think she gets all of this attention because shes just more famous and interesting than the other girls out there. Miley was with Nick, than some producer son(naughty picture leaks), Justin Gaston, Liam Hemsworth and Joshua Bowman while she was on a break from Liam. No one says a thing about her and shes 2 to 3 years younger than Taylor. Taylor’s never insinuated anything about her personal life, other than she doesn’t talk about it publicly and only uses it as inspiration for her music. Which is what most artists do, except she gets slack from it. She writes ALL of her own songs, and I can’t even think of many other artists that can do that especially at her age. And the only thing people can be critical of is that she uses her personal life too much in her music. Taylor isn’t a fan of dressing slutty and carries herself like a lady, there is nothing shameful of that, nor does that make her a saint.

  • :)

    She’s probably pretending that’s their baby, and she’s trying to figure out if that’s what she wants. Then there’s gonna be a song about it

  • XXX

    This girl has openly admitted to stalking her ex boyfriends… if that isn’t creepy and desperate idk what is!