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Chris Pine: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Special Presentation!

Chris Pine: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Special Presentation!

Chris Pine flashes a smile as he attends a special footage presentation of his new film Star Trek Into Darkness held at the 109 Cinemas Kiba on Tuesday (December 4) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 31-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Benedict Cumberbatch and director of the highly-anticipated sequel, J.J. Abrams.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Pine

In case you missed it, check out Benedict on the first official teaser poster for the film hitting theaters on May 17, 2013 – we can’t wait to see it!

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Credit: Jun Sato; Photos: WireImage
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  • Birdie

    Benedict looks so freaking hot!

  • Laura

    I can’t believe I used to think Chris Pine was so hot.

  • Just me

    can not wait !

  • KAY blood

    Excited about the movie. Chris & the cast are awesome!

  • http://Joe Joe

    Chris Pine and those blue eyes… oof. I can’t wait for Star Trek, the first was awesome.

  • http://Joe Joe

    LOL. I literally took part of “Just Me’s” comment and “Kay blood’s” comments to form my comment – unintentionally. I am, clearly, not a special snow flake.

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Can’t wait for Star Trek Into Darkness… and Trek guys were awesome in Tokyo!!!

  • Casey

    Wow Benedict is just jetting about no end recently. filming in uk, thendifferent filming in us then back to uk then off to japan.. . jetlag must be catching up with him!
    And hes so attractive but could Jared have posted pictures where he’s actually looking at the camera?

  • James, K

    The online trailer for STID comes out on the 6th…two days away!!!

  • James, K

    Just found out that Chris Doohan, the son of James Doohan has a part in this movie again. Hope they gave him lines this time.

  • Terrible Twos

    Benedict is attractive? OK, everyone has a different opinion. Love his acting but Chris is the hottie here IMO.
    Good thing he’s not pictured with that girl from the airport. She looked like a total beyootch.

  • guto

    Chris Pine looks gorgeous.

  • Eli

    OMG Why does Chris Pine brush his hair forward like that?? Is he going bald? eeeeeee! his forehead is going to look even more massive! Not fair , the young William Shatner was soooo cute!

  • Danny

    Benedict Cumberbatch and JJ Abrams look so elegant. Chris Pine looks like a farmer!

  • Star Trek R.I.P

    When exactly did Star Trek become an “explosive action thriller”?

  • Diliana von Bork

    Benedict is very attractive and he looks elegant because he IS elegant.
    I agree with you, Danny… Pine looks like a farmer.

  • Vincent the vivacious vampire

    Did the wives, girlfriends, whatever of Benedict Cumberbatch, J J Abrams, Bryan Burke go to Tokyo too? or was it just Chris Pine’s “girlfriend”? LOL

  • haywire

    @Vincent the vivacious vampire: no, just Pine’s clingy horse-faced gf.

  • Vincent the vivacious vampire

    Right! so duck lips got her moment of fame?? haha

  • Jan

    Payment for bearding! got to keep that image straight, straight, straight!

  • Eli

    Apparently Chris Pine was freaking out on the set of “Jack Ryan” because his hair was falling out….what a gurl!! Is that the reason for the weird hair? lol

  • curious cat

    There seems to be much love for Benedict Cumberbatch all over the net. No one is interested in Chris Pine. Some really dislike him. It’s a real shame, he could have been so much better if he just remained like he was in 2009. Is that why they put Cumberbatch on the poster of STID?

  • @curious_cat

    yes, the reason he was kept off the poster because he just didn’t remain like how he was in 2009. The film studios obviously know that appealing to the lowest common denominator, like yourself, is the way to go ;)

  • @Keachick

    Wow! smart, smart studio people!! Don’t you think? Finally got here to defend Pine’s virtue and hairline? LOL

  • @curious_cat

    poor Keachick must be so annoyed to see people taking her name in vain :-))

  • @Keachick

    I’ll bet! ROTFLMAO

  • @curious_cat

    bet what?

  • @Keachick

    anything you want hon….

  • @curious_cat

    ok, world peace ;)

  • @Keachick

    You got it sweetie…..with a rose too!

  • @curious_cat

    no – just world peace, please ;)

  • @Keachick

    What? you don’t want the rose?!!
    Ok world peace it is……

  • @curious_cat

    Hooray – mucho gracias :-))

  • @Keachick

    Oh thank you Keachick

  • haywire

    what is goin on here…i think the reason they put benedict on poster is because he is more intriguing and fascinating than the others. and pine is losing his appeal. dont know if its the annoying clingy gf or his receding hairline, or how he says one thing, does another, but whatever it is, he’s just not that appealing anymore..cept to the diehard fans.

  • confusedReader


    You are right haywire. he is losing that special light, that twinkle.
    It’s the gf. When you are with the wrong person for the wrong reason it drains you of your soul. It is not his physical looks he is losing, It’s his internal looks and or outlook on life. He is not his own man anymore.

    When you see a good looking man become diminished it is because he has no one to nurture him. Likewise when you see a man shining it’s usually because there is strong woman behind him. It could be his mother, an aunt, a sister, selfless gf and or a wife.

    CP’s sister nurtured him a great deal early in his career. He talked about her taking care of him when he had a fever on the set of “Just My Luck.” He talked about her being there for him during his auditions. He had a loving selfless woman in his corner. A lot of what we liked about him we owe to her.

    I’m sorry about rambling but I have to say this. What we see now is some form of vampirism; psychological and economic and it is painful to watch but is it VERY REAL.

    They have heartbreak aspects in their combined astrological chart. By themselves they are quite fortunate people. But together they bring one another heartache especially since they have no soul mate linkages to balance the situation. Even she looks haggard since she has been with him. There is no true love there. The have a few sexual clashes but if the sex was that great wouldn’t he be all over her instead of stand-offish like he is ashamed to be seen with her?

    Chemistry between people is real. We live in a world bombarded by cosmic energies and forces 24/7. What you were born with has to make chemical sense with the people you are with. If not, you suffer collisions of the heart, mind and soul with nothing to buttress you through storms. I have experienced heartbreak aspects when there were soul mate linkages and it is still terrible even when two people love each other. The heartbreak isn’t alway romantic, sometimes it is a lost job, a ruined career, a scandal, a death in the family… a whole slew of things.

    I remember reading about how Andre Agassi had heartbreak aspects with Brooke Shields. The minute he married her he suffered crippling defeat after defeat on the tennis circuit. Then someone on her tv show committed suicide. The moment they divorced he won a victory again.

    I firmly believe that the moment CP is through with DP he will bounce back. No more movie bombs, no more sad puppy looks or uncomfortable “I don’t want to be here” pics etc. I just hope it happens
    before its too late. We might be able to help if we boycott their relationship and only comment on stories about him and him alone until he finds a nurturing woman. Otherwise we are aiding and
    abetting whatever pimps and evil forces are trying to run him into the ground.

    Thanks for listening. Glad I’m not alone in this concern. Hope hope the fake gf doesn’t make the new ST movie bomb.
    Down with fakery! We want REAL LOVE! We love you Chris and that’s for real!

  • = is =

    “until he finds a nurturing woman.”
    Or a nurturing man. yes? :)

  • Gold digger

    We might be able to help if we boycott their relationship and only comment on stories about him and him alone

    Agree with what you say the guy has changed much. I really dislike him as he’s now – a total faker. But I also think we should let CP and his PR know that we don’t buy their BS. I think the more you speak out the better. I also find it interesting to read the different angles that are presented for any given situation – it’s amazing what you sometimes completely miss and others see…..

  • confusedReader

    @Gold digger:
    “But I also think we should let CP and his PR know that we don’t buy their BS. I think the more you speak out the better. ”
    That’s a good idea too.
    Perhaps the next time they (PR) post another one of these fake “personal relationship” threads we should have a common statement that everyone posts instead of their normal commentary. Then the comment thread will be one long stream of (pick one or make one up)…
    “I have nothing to say.”
    “Down with fake relationships we want REAL LOVE!”
    “I don’t date in captivity.”
    “PR stunts are not sexy.”

    I think we need to realise that these stories are not for our benefit. Not for fans. I think its for their movie investors saying “see…invest in this fake relationship.” They are not talking to us.

    There is such a real thing as a power couple relationship. People who are good for one another personally and professionally. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are a good example of a real business and pleasure relationship. Carole Lombard and Clark Gamble, Ozzy & Harriet, Brangelina, etc. Why can’t CP find someone who fits both needs? Why does he sell himself short for a few million when the POWER of LOVE is the real money maker? He ends up looking miserable in the process and it does nothing for his fan base.

    For some reason publicists today decide to create fake relationships using people who are not compatible with each other. Perhaps it is symptomatic of a dying industry where the magic just isn’t there anymore. I remember reading about a pop star (I forget her name) who said that actors and athletes always approach her about doing a PR relationship, just to keep people talking about them. She always turns them down because she said she wants real love.

    We need to turn them down too. Since they perpetuate this fakery to get us to talk about them then let’s not give them what they want. Talk about CP when he was happy with someone else. Or better still talk about real couples. Let’s start by listing hot people who are really in love.