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Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' To Premiere at Sundance!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' To Premiere at Sundance!

Alexander Skarsgard takes a phone call as he runs some errands on Thursday (December 6) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor stopped at a gas station and shopped for a decorative large basket before heading on his way.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alex‘s flick The East is set to premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival!

The Zal Batmanglij directed film also stars Brit Marling, Ellen Page, and Shiloh Fernandez, and is expected to be released in theaters sometime next year.

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  • hannah


  • ef

    SO freakin hott!The man of my dreams!

  • paris

    hey Alexander please stop wearing underwear and pull a Jon Hamm for us;)

  • lifeIsBeautiful

    he always looks so good!!!

  • glee

    Wow, he looks good … the long legs, the tan, the white shirt … wow !!!

  • Strange

    Gorgeous !!

  • Fack

    Delicious! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Whycantipost



    Gotta say it; DAT ASssssss xD

  • Slinky the Cat

    Whoa. Sailing across the Atlantic does a body good. Dayum, ASkars! Those legs….

    The East is getting good buzz along with Disconnect, WMK and Hidden. Can’t wait to see these! Looks like 2013 will be a good year for Alex.

  • Disney Villainess

    Dat small but sculpted ass, dose big hands, dem tight azz pants, dat crisp white shirt, dat tan azz skin, dose elvan ears, dat profile shot, dose long tone azz legs, dat gottdamn scruff………he’s just all dat and then some, werk it honey! LOL

  • Slinky the Cat

    *high fives @Disney Villainess on the way out the door* Preach!

  • Is the GF not w/him

    So wheres the gfriend then is she with him? or on the phone talking 2 her

  • Strange

    Looks like in the last picture he may have had a accident or something. Look at the back of the car where he is walking while talking on the phone. Slight damaged not to bad .

  • Strange

    Sun glare maybe in last picture . Zoom in the last picture it is really hard to tell exactly still . Beautiful car so i hope not .

  • AbFab

    Looks pretty great with that tan. A little on the lean side, so I guess he’ll have to hit the gym soon for TB.

  • Maude

    Shopped for a decorative basket ?

  • paris

    @Is the GF not w/him: he could do a lot worse than CT. She’s a working girl and has a lot of personality… every thing is better than KB, no I lie Minka Kelly is worst

  • Macy

    He looks good, and it seems like he’s put on a bit of weight. I don’t think the car is damaged, that’s sun glare.

  • danielik

    I´m so impatient see his new movies, love this man!

  • Ohh La La

    woahhh! he’s 36?! i thought he was younger! pshhh he’s still so hot! i love how tall he is! :)

  • Charlene

    @paris: I don’t know that CT is his girlfriend; so far all we have heard is rumors. Plus he is 36 and I think CT is a little older than that. Normally AS goes for much younger women, mid to late 20′s.

  • so?

    From where such detailed information about the age of his girlfriends? I must to listen all details :)
    I read about several of his girlfriends in Sweden when he was younger and KB and they have always been just a few years younger or the same age as him …

  • ladybug

    @Charlene: No evidence at all that CT is his gf.
    As for the age of his girlfriends, the most recent one, KB, is only 6 1/2 years younger, not that much younger. It’s not like he’s dating 22 year olds.

    @Disney Villainess: you kill me! :)

  • He likes em young

    That chick from cm video early this yr the one that took out the trash from the car (lovedthat bit oif the vid)that Alex was banging her that night she looked really young like model like really thin, smoker 20 or 21
    Alex does go for them really young
    Alex won’t go for chicks or be seen with a 30 something he finds chicks that age past there sell by date , used and washed up he is an Adam Levine , dicaprio , butler type. 20-23 max model

  • Anna

    think he will ever in next five years officially come out admitting him w Keith are together but have arrangement? it will bite him in the butt the longer he keeps up the act to leave it true? he will look a liar to the dumbo fans who dont want believe it so that no good to his HW career

  • Leanne

    Hes no way full gay when he is dating a GIRL British model early 20s on/off and everyone knows he is into her with going on trips to see her then going off pining when she booked a job and didnt want to hang in London or Sweden with him. Dont blame her not being as into him when he looks old and linked to everyone. Whatever.

  • so?

    @He likes em young:
    It’s all rumors and suppositions, no evidence, even this video from CM was blurry and in the car with him and the girl were many people :) Mentioned by you gentlemen is a different league … but I know that you also know it …

  • ladybug

    I see our relationship has decided to spend its Friday evening in its mom’s basement, sniffing glue and eating Chee-tos.

  • So many

    So many rumors this one guy has. He is with CT, Lucy etc etc. He and Keith are steady lovers and now he dating a british model. Okay, anyone esle, anymore rumors. Forget black book someone find this guy’s hard drive so much juicy lies, so much good gossip.

  • so?

    What’s the name of this model? because I have not heard yet about her …

  • ladybug

    @So many: Rihanna, Anne V, Alicia V, Elizabeth Olsen, the Italian skydiver, etc. No wonder he had to take three months off, he’s exhausted from all the rumored dating he’s supposedly doing!

  • Marcia

    @Leanne: @Leanne:

    Sorry I am confused? With your post

    What British model is Alex dating? Name please? On and off what trips have they been on together and everyone knows he is dating her because there has been no such info and gossip rags don’t know
    And they would make a mint out of this new women in Alexander life if it was true

  • ladybug

    @Marcia: The odds are rather strong that this British model exists only in the troll’s head.

  • so?

    Probably because he is often in London (his family and friends reside often there and he always needs to change a plane to Stockholm) he must surely dating a British model … now I understand this logic ;)

  • ladybug

    @so?: No, no, he’s in London because he’s dating Lucy G, who’s British. But, he’s also simultaneously dating Alicia V -remember the summer rumors that they’d been dating for 6 months-which also overlapped the time he was supposedly dating Anne V. And Charlize. And plus his ‘relationship’ with Keith (an earlier troll-or perhaps even the same one-claimed that he and Keith had been a couple for 15 years).
    And the last two weeks in the Caribbean, they were all there with him!

  • Lily cole

    I think this is who she is talking about they were spotted back in february.So maybe they have been on and off.
    Faran Krentcil @FaranKrentcil Close
    Alexander Skaarsgaard and Lily Cole at the dinner table next to me. Omg it’s my ultimate fan fiction come to life.

  • ladybug

    @Lily cole: “So maybe they have been on and off.”

    With no sightings whatsoever since then? Probably never even on.

    @danielik: Possibly four movies in 2013, it could be a very good year indeed!

  • chelle

    @ladybug: Wow!!!All that dating mess has made me dizzy… LOL!

  • ladybug

    @chelle: It’s sort of amusing to me tonight, though also boring, because it’s the same crap posted under different names. Yes, this is a gossip site, but some of this stuff is just a little lacking in any basis in fact at all. Though at least with CT he was in fact spotted in public with, even though it was apparently in groups and over 6 months ago.

    Hubby home?

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: You forgot to add Ellen Page in the dating mix. ;)

  • so?

    @Lily cole:
    … in February? when he was with Fares Fares and some friends for all the parties in New York? when he was there to ringing at NASDAQ Bell?
    As for Lily Cole and her busy deadlines booked a job, it’s probably at least a year I have not seen pictures of her participation in any professional fashion magazine and she didn’t play in any new movie in 2012.

  • Mix-Girl

    this dude is soooooooo not handsome omg you all need glasses ! he tall from the spindle legs

  • ladybug

    @Lilla: I realized that after I’d shut down the computer: “How could I have forgotten Ellen!”

    Watermarked pic from last night:

  • chelle

    @ladybug: Yes thank goodness… I’m tying him down this time. Its been great having him back… missed him bunches not to mentioned worrying like crazy. On topic I wish the rumor / dating trolls would give it a rest… Skars will find the right one eventually but for now he’s single and having fun…. let him be!

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Good that he’s back.

    I think with the trolls it’s a combination of someone who just likes to troll for the sake of trolling, but I swear there’s also ‘he’s out having a good time and it’s not with me so I must bash him for that’ trolls. But it’s repetitive and boring.

  • Picking them up

    So which skinny thick model or actress if its been reported by gossip?..did he pick up there then to his posh mansion
    to shag and dump like a peace of trash the following
    day ….

  • Macy

    Right on cue…..boring!

  • @trolls

    Yawn , tired, bored

  • Canuck

    Every time I see him with his phone “disappeared” while he’s talking on it, it makes me laugh.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: He’s does look like he’s literally talking to the hand, doesn’t he? And that’s not a small phone.