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Gerard Butler: Norway Arrival with Madalina Ghenea!

Gerard Butler: Norway Arrival with Madalina Ghenea!

Gerard Butler and his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea arrive at the airport on Sunday (December 9) in Oslo, Norway.

The 43-year-old actor is in town to host the Nobel Peace Prize Concert tomorrow night with Sarah Jessica Parker. The show will feature performances by Jennifer Hudson, Seal, and more!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Gerard recently confirmed his relationship with Madalina during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“It’s been seven months now…it’s not a record,” Gerard joked on the show.

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  • Madalina Ghenea Is For Rent

    Good comments from taken other places. Seems Madalina is easy to get. Just takes first-class all-expenses paid travel to nice places, presents, and a little career advancement.
    Is it coincidence that Gerard Butler’s current girlfriend Madalina Ghenea was also doing Leo DiCaprio a year ago? She’s a favorite among the rich and standardless.
    Using the term “model” to describe her is a bit of a stretch. I guess technically she models, but most of her photos have only been see on her Facebook page. She’s not on the runways at any fashion week. She’s not appeared in any U.S. fashion magazine. She’s not really known outside of Italy and Romania (her home country) except for the fact that she’s dated both Leo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler in the same twelve month period. She doesn’t do fashion modeling. She models underwear and a lot of the photos are so tawdry that they’ve been featured on porn sites.
    Sleeping her way to the top seems to be working for her though. She says that she wants to be an actress. She’s been in a couple of movies where she’s been a model or a stripper (she’s a method actress LOL) but she just shot some part in a movie with Jude Law.
    Relatively obscure model gets part in movie with Jude Law over other actresses that have been paying their dues and after sleeping with Leo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler? Gee, wonder how she got the part.
    It doesn’t surprise me when these guys go for super young hot girls but there are a lot of super young hot girls out there with some class. I think it says a lot about a man when he goes for the girls who are easy to get.
    MG is a case-in-point. Gerard Butler said he started dating Madalina Ghenea when he invited her to Iceland with him right after meeting her and she said yes. Madalina Ghenea’s relationship with Leo DiCaprio came out when he asked her to go to Australia with him right after they met at Cannes 2011 and she said yes.
    Classy, huh.
    By contrast – Daniel Craig’s love is the gorgeous and formidable Rachel Weisz. A man attracted to a woman like that is a MAN.

  • whatshedonenow

    @Another Opinion

    He’s too up himself to feel overwhelmed. He probably thinks he fits in perfectly there. Bloody helll, her fake lips are enormous. I think she had them reinjected.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Alina: If you are invited to a Nobel Prize gala, at least you should dress the part! Why is she always looking so scruffy?

  • Oh yeah

    Looks like a piece of raw beef hanging on her lower lip. Yikes

  • P

    The decision to position soccer-themed romcom “Playing for Keeps” as a holiday movie could mean a red card for FilmDistrict, as its target audience of femmes over-25 are likely too busy prepping for Christmas this weekend to visit plexes.

    As one distrib exec said, “It’s like launching an action movie over Super Bowl weekend and hoping guys don’t watch the game.”

  • Gerard Butler is a Misogynist

    Good comments taken from other places. Seems that an easy girl like Madalina Ghenea who’s been around the Hollywood block a few times in her quest for fame is Gerry Butler’s speed. He doesn’t respect women enough to be more demanding.

    It’s really very sad. Henry Cavil, Alexander Skarsgard, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling — all unmarried, famous, gorgeous male actors who are YOUNGER than Gerry Butler and are more admired because they don’t behave like ridiculous frat boys when it comes to women. They don’t do the young hot model thing. I have no doubt that they have their fun, but they’re also smarter than Gerry Butler in that they keep it QUIET, which also makes them more respectable than him. And they’re ALL more successful than he is at this point. Even Henry Cavill has been more successful with The Tudors and will break wide open when Man of Steel comes out. Alexander Skarsgard has lapped Gerard Butler with True Blood. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling have far more successful film careers. And you don’t see any of them falling out of clubs and cruising young models.

    Comment from elsewhere:
    You mean people didn’t want to pay to watch Gerard Butler’s ode to misogyny that parallels his own life, Playing for Keeps? How could that be?
    I mean why wouldn’t women, 50% of the population, want to pay to see a movie where two gorgeous women in their 40s (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman) are depicted as being desperate and sex-starved, pursuing a 40-something man (Gerard Butler) who rejects them while he pursues his barely 30 year old ex-wife (Jessica Biel)?
    Particularly when Gerard Butler does the exact same thing in his own life, rebuffing women who are anywhere close to his age and continually dating young models in their early 20s, including his current girlfriend Madalina Ghenea, who he started sleeping with when she was just 23?
    In real life, after walking this planet for more than 4 decades, and supposedly having all sorts of different experiences and learning all sorts of different things, Gerard Butler believes that his mental and emotional match is a 23 year old girl who most people have seen with her clothes off than clothes on, and is best known for shagging her way into her SAG card. Is it any wonder that he didn’t realize how insulting Playing for Keeps is to women and would tank?

  • overexposure

    Oh wow, the latest “article/pictorial” from Oslo posted on WO is simply embarrassing. -really shaking head- What are they thinking? Seriously. What a shame! Honestly.

  • Alina

    @Kali Orexi: In my opinion MG look vulgar! Ugh!

  • Romanian Perez

    @Alina: She looks like she is on Valium or something.

  • Another Opinion

    @whatshedonenow: You’re right; he is probably thinking that he is making his mark on the world just like the other people at the ceremony and that he is entitled to be there. :D

  • POO!r..

    So cool to show off your gf when she looks like a mask. (Irony)

  • whatshedonenow

    Has she had her eyes done too? Blimey, words fail me. You know what, I think he will marry this one, because she just so stunningly stupid and ridiculous. And Butler is renowned for doing stunningly stupid and ridiculous things. Once again, wow. Just wow.

  • Dinner in Oslo
  • homely

    Whats up to him? Arent there any decent women who want to have a relationship with him? Seriously, are women that dumb?

  • Beverly

    @Gerard Butler is a Misogynist:
    Every review that I’ve read about Playing for Keeps has called the film misogynistic. I remember someone on JJ called that a long time ago when all of the stuff with Madalina Ghenea came out, about how bad it would look for him to take such a young girl out on the red carpet for a movie in which he rejects the advances of women his age to chase a younger woman. The fact that so many objective reviewers have echoed that comment should give Gerry pause.
    I doubt that it will though. It doesn’t really surprise me that he didn’t realize how misogynistic PFK is given his personal conduct as you describe it or the comment you’ve posted describes it. I’m sure that if he ever speaks about Madalina Ghenea in an interview, Gerry will talk about all of the things in his heart and mind that he’s attracted to, but his Hall of Shame includes so many young girls, including Martina Rajic who was something like 22 and goes farther than MG by posing in nothing at all (much less underwear like MG), that no one will believe it. Maybe if Gerry had been dating women near his age and not picking up models at parties all this time, and MG stood in some sort of contrast to his past women, people might think there’s something special about her. But things being what they are, Madalina Ghenea is “just another one of Gerry’s young girls.”
    It REALLY surprises me that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman agreed to do this movie. It makes me think that they believed they were signing up for something else. Maybe they signed up before Jessica Biel was cast and didn’t know the ex-wife part would be so young? Maybe the storyline was edited after they signed up?
    It’s obvious that neither one of them is particularly psyched about the film. Neither did much to promote it. In the one interview with Uma that’s gone around, she said something pretty damning in light of the misogyny brand that the film has been given, and Catherine couldn’t say more about the film than “it was fun.” Both said they enjoyed working with other actors in the film, but Gerry wasn’t one of them.
    If Gerry did something to insult CZJ and Uma, either while shooting or as a producer on the film, then he’s got problems, especially if he pissed off CZJ. She, and more importantly Michael Douglas (who is and has always been a more powerful producer than an actor), are not people you want to tick off in Hollywood.

  • food 4 thought

    @P: Well there is a guy’s attitude for you. All the little housewives are too busy making Christmas to see this movie?? GAAAHHHH How about women are too smart and have enough self-esteem not to support a movie about h0rny soccer moms throwing themselves at an arrogant tool?

  • excuseme

    There’s always a woman to blame for his bad-behaviour and choices with women.

  • bodysnatcher

    Sorry if this has already been posted,89682/

    Audiences unsure whether they can ever truly love Gerard Butler

    Suggesting America has finally ended the love affair with Gerard Butler that it was ostensibly having, Butler’s Playing For Keeps—one of the only new releases in a week in which a Gerard Butler movie called Playing For Keeps qualifies as a new release worth discussing—bombed miserably in its debut weekend, landing at sixth place with a mere $6 million. It seems audiences simply couldn’t learn to love the extended romance-as-soccer-or-something metaphor, despite Butler repeatedly taking his shirt off and also seeming to not hate children.

    And while single ladies of varied yet very similar socioeconomic backgrounds in the movies will tell you that those qualities are automatically relationship material, it doesn’t always translate to the real world: Playing For Keeps is now solidly in the middle of the worst Gerard Butler openings of all time—slightly better than this summer’s Chasing Mavericks, but slightly worse than Dracula 2000. Undeterred, some producer who still believes in him continues to develop Butler’s next film, Rumpled Oaf Who’s Also Got A Good Heart, Really.

  • missjude

    @Autumn: Im sure if she does meet Salmon Rushdie she will have a pen and note pad on hand. and ofcourse, we will then see some very insightful posts on her fb…

  • big apple

    this line from a review was priceless

    “Loose ends dangle, flapping in the wind and worst of all the female characters are treated as lingerie wearing narrative devices and little else. ” Gerry would say well what is the problem with that, that is what women are in my life?

  • dargabriel

    He looks gray in color, his other half of the heart is empty,he just looks gray, she is dark, not very healthy for butlers spiritual side, I call butler a devil, not a fool, a fool is a good one and m woman is a black widow, butler for your own light, you better get away from her, before its too late, the black hole awaits you if you make the wrong move, gray turns to black in a flash, mother nature takes a firm hand and shakes you up, don’t be ignorant, you’re being closely watched by thy spiritual father. Oh butler if you read, do you really want to mess with Gabriel, your spiritual path? Bumpy flights, weather wrath, complications with gf, twilight zone stuff coming your way, sickness, I call it how I see it, far from Utopia for butler, forgive me, but what comes around goes around. I foresee this karma in career, he will not be an Alister with mg, no way, only with his true heart, but I feel its to late, butler hasn’t shown any change in his ways, so he will not be truly in love, lust doesn’t get you far in life, especially for a fallen angel. Chakras are turning gray, not pretty butler. Your gf was just sick, hummm, already answering, much more than you’re hearing about posters. And let’s not forget the herpes you have, should make for an interesting pregnancy, maybe or maybe not. If butler surrenders to his rightful duties as a employee to God, then karma will slowly turn more light than dark. This butler thinks he gets away with misusing powers and not have to answer, guess again, remember the waves. Dargabriel

  • ..
  • big apple

    interesting JJ won’t let me post a Norwegian article with photos of the happy couple at the ceremony and all about her – at least they did use any photos of her in her lingerie. This is clearly her coming out party.

  • big apple

    @..: That picture is from the article I speak of.

  • big apple

    I meant at least they did not use photos of her in her lingerie. Though I am sure the quantum physics guys wouldn’t have minded.

  • P

    @food 4 thought: The film is approximately 3/4ths washed up soccer pro trying to bond with estranged wife and kid, 1/4 horny soccer moms.

  • P

    @bodysnatcher@bodysnatcher: Apparently avclub (along with at least one other so-called reviewer didn’t bother to see the film they “reviewed.” Exactly ONE shirtless scene in the whole film.

  • missjude

    @whatshedonenow: mg used to be obsessed with Angelina Jolie. she has posted pics of Angelina on her fb in the past. she has based her look on her. so it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t slant her eyes in the process to achieve this look.

    I think her obsession with Angelina has a lot to do with mg’s awful attempts at being a sexy rebel. she’s tried to copy AJ to a tee with the fake stories about her being expelled from school to the charitable saint; pictures of her in Haiti with children. if you look at her fb album “from heaven to hell” you can see she has a photographer with her in a hospital taking pics of her with sick children. she is of course dressed completely inappropriately, strappy black dress and the whole thing is poised and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.its obviously another photo opportunity for her, it seems staged. it’s not convincing. she didn’t post ANY info about the HAITI charity (or any charity info) she allegedly went to Haiti with, no info at all! not even the name or donation information so her thousands of fans could donate JUST pictures of herself there posing in scantily clad clothes with poor and sick kids! not the behaviour of someone who cares about the plight of haitians or what she witnessed just someone that wanted pictures of herself seeming charitable and saintly so she could post them on facebook. incredibly vile and self-seeking. everytime she got a little media attention last year from dating Leo she immediately changed her cover photo from a bra and knicker shot to a pic of her with the haiti children its disgusting how insidious she is. she is disgusting, she is a vile woman. nothing about her is real or beautiful it’s terribly staged and people are catching on with the more exposure she gets. thank god.

  • yawn

    i’m sure the nobel peace prize pics will be all over fb. shame its her wealthy, older boyfriend got her there…as always!

  • @..

    @..: madalina is looking TIRED. those bags under her eyes are awful I noticed those in the awful piano “playing” video. she’s looking her real age now.

  • Trying to figure it out

    She looks like a young schoolgirl with her hair done in a braid. Is he yawning because he is bored of her or the ceremony, or is he doing the “This is Sparta” yell?

  • Gotta say

    What will you all do when they marry and have a family? How many will have to eat their words?

  • twitter

    RT @WildWildWonga: If Kola Boof leaked a se/xtape, it would probably been shown on Animal Planet. <<Djimon Hounsou & Gerard Butler in it 2!

  • Expiration date

    @missjude: If any of this about the charity-as-photo-op is true, Butler and MG are perfectly matched. She gets raked over the coals here but, really, Butler is no catch. Take away his looks & money and how many would still be discussing his “beautiful soul”? This is all very entertaining.

  • papermoon

    I wonder if and when Cannes rolls around again will MG be trolling for a new sugar daddy. Or will she decide that what she caught will be good enough. By the way this board has gotten a bit dark. Could just be the way I see things. Any ways happy day all:)

  • eeewwww

    He looks old.

  • Rosa

    @@..: @Gotta say: I’d bet she’s with child. It would explain a lot about this relationship. Just my opinion of course.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @bodysnatcher: Lol!Rumpled Oaf!Best snark of the thread!

  • Rosa
  • God Bless yoou all!

    “But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15

  • noone

    Does he date anyone close to his age?

  • twitter

    Gerard Butler brought more suitcases to Norway than Sarah Jessica Parker.. I mean.. More Than Sarah Jessica Parker(!) #nobelpeaceprice

  • GGG

    @Gotta say:

    I know what I would do:
    I would die laughing aaaand I would feel deeply sorry for their poor children, who have a prostitute as a mother and a misogynistic father. What a great combination as role models for children. HAHA

  • Villa Villekulla

    My previous post is awaiting moderation, so I will try again …
    I just wanted to say that that the Nobel Prize laureates are NOT in Oslo but in Stockholm. The Nobel Prize Award ceremony always takes place in Stockholm (the home town of Alfred Nobel), and only the Peace Nobel prize is celebrated in Oslo.
    This means that the smart guys are actually very very far away from MG, GB and the other celebrities.
    Right now, the Nobel Price laureates are enjoying a spectacular banquet in Stockholm City Hall (with the Royal family and 1300 guests), whereas the celebrities are enjoying just a regular concert very far away from them (actually in a different country).

  • vocab lesson

    How is this movie misogynist based? Why is Gerry a misogynist? You all are so full of it. A group of middle school girls hanging out in the bathroom at school. That’s how I see you. You actually are a disgrace to women because you fit the stereotype of gossiping biotches. We hate that. We really do. Grow up. Isn’t that what you’re always telling Gerard Butler? Such hypocrites!!

  • Lola

    Some kind of men tend to choose a woman inferior to oneself. “Some men choose a simpler, dumber girl so that he feels like the clever one who is always in control of everything.” My deepest suspicions confirmed. What the hell is he thinking? GB can’t handle smart, powerful women…..

  • whatshedonenow


    She’s just a stupid, vain, selfish woman, who gets  to exacerbate those appalling traits by rich, smug, middle aged men like Butler, who is an embarrassing excuse for a man.  It really is like watching a soap opera, which is so bad it’s good. It would be absolutely hilarious if Butler did an interview with someone who absolutely rip him apart about PFK,  his acting, film choices and shallow attitude towards women. Now that  I would pay to see. And he does look really old a jowly in those pictures.

  • Scary

    @..: That is one sinister-looking chick, especially in that last pic, imo. And he looks like he could be her father. What a tool.

  • Ken

    Gerard Butler brought more suitcases to Norway than Sarah Jessica Parker
    Soooooooooooo desperate! Butler looks like a clown.

  • Nobody’s eating anything

    @Gotta say: You don’t get it. Nobody’s opinion of her will change whether they marry or not. Or whether she moves on to another actor or not. Go read the Leo threads. This is nothing new. I find her unlikeable for many reasons, and always will. It has nothing to do with him, or him and her.