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Katie Holmes: 'Fitness' Mag's Best Revenge Body of 2012

Katie Holmes: 'Fitness' Mag's Best Revenge Body of 2012

Katie Holmes flashes a smile while leaving the Jeffrey store on Thursday (December 13) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress, currently starring on the Great White Way in Dead Accounts, was given the title of Best Revenge Body of 2012 by Fitness Magazine.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

“This Broadway star and overall badass mama keeps her shape in check with frequent Soul Cycle classes,” the mag wrote.

The night before, Katie looked lovely while attending the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden.

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Credit: Sharpshooter Images; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jennifer

    So she’s a divorced woman who takes care of herself. Why does it have to be a “revenge body” …. Can’t a woman do something nice for herself without people linking it to the men in her life? I do. I work out 5 times a week. I’m not divorced or coming out of a breakup & I don’t give a rat’s a** what men think of me. Have they considered that maybe Katie is keeping herself in shape because her looks are important to her acting career?

  • Asha

    How is it a revenge body if her weight and appearance is the same as before she was divorced? It is not like Tom is too bad himself, he looks great for being 50.

  • vool

    Could one look any sadder?!!?!

  • annie

    She does look the same, it’s not like she shouted to world this is the new me, but as a long time fan she needs to get back the weight she was at the Batman Begins premiere, her weight was perfect, and her face was more rounded.
    She seems to stress about things, and rushes around a lot, doing things, or so it looks.

  • BoPeep

    She look so insecure.

    Lots of frizzy grey hairs. A real brat will do that to u.

  • thighmegatampon

    If anything, she looks more gaunt post-divorce.

  • Anne

    “Best Revenge Body” is a silly title. For some people, myself included, working out and eating healthy food is just a normal and essential routine.
    I don’t usually like her outfits, but I love this sweater. It’s lovely.

  • KH™

    Looks more sad than satisfaction – maybe revenge isn’t the best medicine (if your gonna look like this)

    Yeah, everyone has their off days, but Katie’s seems more off than on considering it’s been such a short time since announcing (to the media) her independence (divorce) and new projects (NYFW debut, face of BB cosmetic line, and DA play).

    I mean what fashion designer, cosmetic line model, or serious actress is NOT going to take care of her money maker (physical appearance/image) by going out with a slightly unkempt twisted bun that has noticeable strands of grey and what appears to be (possibly not) smeared eye makeup?

    Then top that off with a half-hearted smile that looks like she is more closer to tears than confident, in charge “mastermind” of her “independent” future.

    Not seeing the person that her PR and the media (in general) are trying to present.

  • serena

    She looks the same. And she doesn’t look good.

  • KissThis

    She does not have the best body. She’s average.

  • laura

    I agree with everyone before, I’ll just add that if they really wanted to find a “Best Revenge Body” (which is a silly thing itself), they should have chosen Jenny Garth’s. Hers was a real post divorce transformation..


    “No pass for you, Miss Holmes. You’ve cashed in your pity chips with months of lazy student knits and slouchy boots.

    Katie’s set the tone with her fright-fest. Bohomoth’s currently working on getting hold of the profit and loss sheets for her clothing line, Holmes & Yang and we’re hearing that ‘Dead Accounts’ might be a spookily accurate projection for 2012/13′s sales figures.”

  • annie

    There have been pics of her all week and last, all over the place, and no white strands of hair , they don’t come up over night, I think it’s just the lighting, or the pics have been touched up to look like that.
    Also about the pity card comment………….she hasn’t said anything about her private life, about her husband, hasn’t whined or threw little comments about anything ,and I think that most will agree, although maybe not here, that she seems to mind her own business , and gets on with it, living her life. doubt that she will ever throw a sicastic remark on some talk show, or mag article, because she’s not like that.
    Of course could give you some examples of others who have played the pity card for years on end, if you would like.
    That outfit is so cute, by the way.

  • lr

    Her legs are still thick…the worst in the business…and she’s always hunched over when she walks as if she’s trying to hide. Her face is pretty, but that’s all she has going for her IMO.

  • Kizbit

    Umm, have they seen Jennie Garth? I’d say she looks amazing, post divorce from Peter Facinelli!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @KH™: That is a look of “you are getting on my last nerve”. Re: the Paps who yell things out to get a rxn. Those are the ONLY jeans that flatter her. Unfortunately, the new style is cropped pants. Even the makeup from the night before looks good. And hair is fine.. I would really like to know if she has access to a acting coach for broadway. Any professional starting a new job who lacks certain skills either goes to seminars etc. or is taught by a seasoned employer. Why should this be any different???

  • Sincerely concerned

    Did anyone even think that playing a dowdy character on stage every day is partly why she dresses down so much. Talk about a Debbie Downer… Me, personally, think she should take on a more flattering character next time like Nicole Kidmen did with Moulan Rouge. I guess I understand it helps her with the depression and all. The best revenge would have been her playing in the Dark Man Rises instead of Anne Hatheway. But looking forward, one can only hope that her PR guy is thinking that way.

  • @annie

    Yeah, yeah, yeah….we get that you don’t like NK. You bash her every chance you get. Yet you criticize anyone daring to point out Ms. Perfect’s faults. NK at least in interviews sounds like she has a brain unlike your vapid awesome idol Katie who sounds as tho she was lobotomized. Furthermore, NK does not hand interviewers a list of questions and topics that they can’t ask about or discuss. KH does. Big difference there.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: That was almost 10 yrs. ago. Obviously u don’t understand collagen tissue and the aging process!!!

  • Suri the meal ticket

    I wonder how much Suri’s child support is shifted to pay for this feature.

  • Just a Fan

    I am a fan of Katie but I can see her numbers (posts) are dropping and will continue to do so. There is definitely a pre Cruise, during Cruise, and post Cruise phase of Katie’s life. The time she spent with him changed her life so much that I doubt anyone will ever have that much of an affect on her. Whether it was good or bad the reality is being with Tom Cruise took her on a journey on so many levels (hope she kept a journal), of religion, faith, culture, fame (opened doors to her like the role in Broadway’s All My Sons, the producer credit on The Romantics, movie roles Who’s Afraid of the Dark, Mad Money, The Extra Man, Son of No One, etc.) the girl kept busy all this time, and of course her fashion line Holmes and Yang. And so it can be said she was given the opportunity to try so many things but the outcome was not a big success. Bet even her gig as the face of Bobbie Brown was probably given to her hoping she would come off to become a bigger name post Cruise but it does not look that way. Time will tell. Good luck to her and Suri.

  • Just a Fan

    I really do believe there was a marriage contract between Cruise and Katie. They both wanted something from this marriage and there were milestones to reach every year. Bet Hollywood insiders knew about this and played along. The entertainment industry is all about image and Cruise was in desperate shape to perpetuate that of a loving husband, father, and Scientologist. Making sure that everything he did that was success meant a plug for Scientology, a ploy that backfired. The jumping on Orprah’s couch, the Matt lauer interview, Brooke Shields, the marriage to Katie, and probably investing in all her career opportunities, etc were NOT the best time in his life or career. I’m not blaming Katie for this but that charade of their marriage and the timing in Cruise’s life and career were not the best time for either one but particularly Tom Cruise because he has a career that spans 25 years and has achieved great wealth because of it, and Katie’s claim to fame is Dawson’s Creek. If you look at Cruise’s career it began to nose dive in 2005 and continued until Dec 2011 when Mission Impossible IV – Ghost Protocol was released. And the movie after that was Rock of Ages did not do as well as expected. His other movies like Knight and Day (did so so business), the previous ones were NOT his most successful movies (Vaykarlie was one he had so much expectations for and it bombed, Lions for Lambs, Mission Impossible III, Rock of Ages), etc. I think the jury is still out on Tom Cruise the box office king, an actor who can guarantee big box office openings. The upcoming Jack Reacher and Oblivion, and All you need is Kill will be an important time for Tom Cruise’s career. I sincerely doubt Katie Holmes will ever achieve an A list career. Katie was given a lot of opportunities while married to Tom Cruise, that anyone with real talent would have bursted through

  • annie

    @just a fan
    I’m glad her posts are falling here, they were very negative anyway, as a matter of fact, from day one of being with Tom all she got was negative, from that moment on, nothing she did was right, or made right decisions, starting from turning down Batman, to not doing any promo for Thank You For Smoking, even tho she was pregnant, that didn’t stop her from going with Tom anywhere for Toms things.
    I’m not going to go on, too much, but I don’t believe for her it was a contract. I don’t know about him, although considering the Vanity Fair article, and how TC didn’t deny it, and I’m sure there’s a lot more that is still waiting to be told, anything is possible. And the way Paul Haggis came out to support the story.
    But even tho he is not my favourite person, I think he has had a brilliant career, and I believe he still has a way to go before it starts winding down.
    As for Katie, there are heaps of actresses like her .
    She has H Stern jewellery, Bobbi Brown, why does there has to some agenda going on, with whatever she does, for you people,
    Why not go with the flow, and see how it turns out.
    She’s very secretive, you don’t know anything really what goes on privately, how Holmes/ Yang is really performing or anything.

  • annie

    regardless what you think, NK is for me a brilliant actress, her movies are great, it’s her hypocricy I can’t stand, and the fact about her kids , regardless what Scie did to them, but only because of her money and celebrity, she could have done better.
    Since when does a loving mother pass her kids over for 3 months on 3 months off arangement to go and make movies.
    There pics of her all over the internet jumping for joy, when she got her divorce papers, went around giving little jabbing remarks about wearing high heels…..yet has been milking it for 10yrs, about how depressed , and the rest and the rest that’s been going on forever.
    That is what bugs me about NK.
    And no , she always comes across as a needy woman….and what’s more say who you really are, it doesn’t matter, I appreciate honest commenting. Your opinions are just as valid as mine, the difference is , I try to be honest , and give 2 sides, the truth is the truth about things, you will always stick up for NK, because you think she’s been done wrong, by TC, which she was, but when you hear somebody say , you didn’t come to see me on set
    you didn’t bring me any flowers
    you didn’t do this , you didn’t do that, whinge, whine, but I bought you beatiful I ndian jewellery, says Tom, 2 drama queens together.
    You stick up for no matter what …I stick up for Katie, but not for no matter what.

  • Steve Zander

    I wonder what impact all this attention to Katie’s body is having to her daughter Suri. Can’t be healthy.


    Oh come on! Katie has tree trunk legs, the worst style and I am so sick of that stupid lop sided smirk on her face! She used TC and now we are suppose to feel sorry for her? No way! Go Away!