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Kate Winslet Marries Ned Rock'nRoll!

Kate Winslet Marries Ned Rock'nRoll!

Kate Winslet has married her beau Ned Rock’nRoll, her rep confirms to!

The 37-year-old Titanic actress and the 34-year-old businessman tied the knot “in NY earlier this month in a private ceremony attended by her two children and a very few friends and family. The couple had been engaged since the summer,” her rep said in a statement.

According to some reports, Leonardo DiCaprio was on hand to give the bride away!

Kate and Ned, the nephew of Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, have been linked since Fall 2011. This is the third marriage for Kate, who previously wed directors Sam Mendes and Jim Threapleton, and the second marriage for Ned.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • Loo

    Leo gave her away.

  • Tick

    What a stupid name that man has.. Obviously not his birth name. It’s a shame that only a handful of people still listen to “rock”

  • LooseLipz

    This will last 2 years max.

  • Reba

    Woah, that was fast. I really hope she thought this one through because it’s her third marriage and she’s still only in her thirties!

  • Odd

    I KNEW it was going to happen. 10 bucks says she’s pregnant

  • Sonia

    aw, I hope this time she is lucky and stays happy forever.
    After all its their happiness that counts. What’s in a name?
    I found it just adorable Leo gave her away <3

  • ?

    His real name is reportedly Abel Smith, just confirming for anyone wondering, I always wondered myself

  • TF

    I have canned food in my cabinet that will last longer than this marriage. Bet on it.

  • notyourfriend


  • Dahlia

    When I read that Leo gave her away my first reaction was that he shouldn’t be giving her away; he should be receiving her LOL.
    When are these two gonna realize they love each other???
    Leo dates models in denial and Kate marries guys left and right-
    I wanna give them an intervention like now. Just admit it to yourselves!

  • Lulu

    Ugh ……..

  • lold

    She’ll be a triple-divorcee by the age 40.

  • sven

    Women are cheating all over the place, nowadays! (Leann Rimes, Coco/IceT, Kristen Stewart, Suzy Favor Hamilton the Olympian & Vegas call girl, Rita Ora/Kardashian, Petraeus women).

    My latest book, “I Steal Wives: A serial adulterer reveals the REAL reasons more and more ‘happily married’ women are cheating” is a powerful look at this EXPLOSIVE topic of female infidelity. And the REAL reasons aren’t the typical blather you hear on talk-TV or read in the SECOND-HAND information of some psychologist’s self-help book. It’s now trending in the top 1% of books selling on Amazon!

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    It’s the relationship version of “How to Secure Your House, as told by a professional burglar!” This is no joke, though it’s written in guy language and guy stories, the raw truths of “I Steal Wives” will forever change how you do relationships and understand women, especially if you are one!

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  • willanka

    Well, congratulations, I guess. But I have to say, my first thought was “when will they divorce?”.

  • z

    Congratulations Kate. Leo gave her away, adorable!

  • crazyride

    why do people keep getting married anyway? specially in hollywood…

  • creed

    The best part of the wedding was that Leo gave her away.

  • Heather

    Midlife crisis. I can’t believe she married this loser.

  • Ceara

    Well this marriage is going to last. Not

  • Elizabeth

    Wow, Kate is catching up to J. Lo. Two years max for this marriage.

  • CanadaGirl
    Holy smokes. that one threw me for a loop.
    Congrats, Kate and Ned.
    (Oddly, a couple friends and I are watching “The Holiday” right now.)

  • toni

    Kate and Leo need to stop the shenanigans and realize they are meant for each other LOL.
    My first thought when I found out Leo gave her away was that he should’ve been the one waiting for her at the alter instead.

    I hope the best and that this might be the one because this is her third marriage before turning 40.

  • Teri

    lol,I thought the same but they knw each other for years now, if they wanted to be together they would have by now, they’re not 5
    I don’t see this lasting but I hope I’m wrong, good luck Kate
    I wish they would have waited and thought this through, even if shes pregnant its no reason to marry ASAP

  • LiamFan

    Whatever. Find happiness were/when you can get it. Doubt it’ll last, but stranger things have happened.

  • Trisha

    Leo and Kate need to wake up and realize how much they love each other. I’m not saying this because, oh, he’s Jack and she’s Rose blah blah blah (I’m not even a big fan of Titanic) but I’m saying this because every single interview I watch with them, it is incredibly blatant how much they love each other. It is especially obvious with Kate – if you watch the most recent Oprah interview where Leo speaks with them through Skype and publicly congratulates Kate on her two Golden Globes you’ll see what I mean. Also we must not forget Kate’s acceptance speech for the Golden Globe for Best Actress for Revolutionary Road. She professed her undying love for Leo and barely said thanks to her husband – and director of the movie – at the time, Sam Mendes. Leo is more subtle, mostly because he is more private about his feelings and relationships, but if you watch Leo’s Oprah interview on YouTube with the orange backdrop (I wish I could remember the year…I want to say 2004 but that’s probably wrong) when Oprah shows a clip of Kate speaking about working with Leo on Titanic, the love in his eyes and when he says “That’s my girl” (with tears in his eyes I swear) is very clear. And, in that same interview, he said his favorite on screen kiss was Kate Winslet. Also, let’s not forget the fact that Leo gave Kate a ring with something engraved on it which Kate will not disclose to the public. There are a plethora of quotes, pictures, and videos displaying their love for each other that you can all look up. Alls I’m trying to get at here is that it is quite obvious they belong together and should stop dating and marrying the wrong people.
    If you have a few minutes to spare, scroll through this blog and try to convince yourself that they aren’t in love (you won’t be able to do it). http://f** (don’t use the astrics when visiting the website, it’s just the plain f-word but because of the profanity filter I couldn’t actually type it out).

  • LiamFan

    Kate and Leo are never going to be. Let it go now. Unless, Kate can turn back time 15yrs, grow about 5 inches, worship the ground he walks on and become a size 0 w/ big breast; Leo isn’t going to bite. Leo is a pig. I’m sure she’s aware that he’s more friendship material than anything else.

  • Oh no

    Poor Kate. A third marriage at 37? I’m sure she’ll have a child with this guy. So she’ll have three kids with three different dads.
    I prefer Leo’s consistent way of life.

  • sarah

    @25 Trisha
    You have to be kidding. Leo and Kate are close friends, just like a brother and sister.
    we can now realize that the more stable one between the two is definitely Leo. he might be single and qualified as a modelizer at 38, but at least he hasn’t gone through two divorces and gotten married for a third time.

  • Andamentothat

    Leo and Kate are soul mates. Why is Leo giving her away? That must have been hard for both.

  • Alex


    I know. Everyone wants to listen to bubblegum pop and poser “rock” like Maroon 5, fun. and Nickelcrap. Today’s youth has no Beatles, Stones et al for their time. They’re stuck with Bieber and One Direction.

  • KAY blood

    Hope they are happy for as long as they can be happy! Going through life without love is a lonely and depressing state of being.

  • fayth

    I looked through your nice website–well done. I need to ask, “why can’t two people just love each other? Why do these two intelligent, beautiful, and talented people NEED to get married or have a sexual relationship?” We don’t expect brothers and sisters to marry–this is what this is like. Quit speculating!

  • eva

    @Trisha: agree with you and dahlia and toni and who else teri

  • http://Elliesmiles96 elinor

    Happy for her but I’m sorry but his last name no disrespect hope she keeps hers.

  • BO

    kat and leo never dated ,rite?i never heard so.that’s odd being the lead coupl of 1 bilion grosing romance film.i’m rooting their love is deep.there must be smthing holding them back

  • http://deleted BO

    that may be why neither have been able to have a proper relationship so far.i’m sure they’v slept 2gthr

  • lol

    Ned Rocknroll?!? Have fun getting divorce #3, Kate!

  • KateTheGreat!!

    Congrats to the happy couple!! I hope their marriage lasts a long time. It surely was news to me, I thought she’d never marry again. I just wanna know, “Who is Ned RocknRoll anyway?”

  • anna

    how would any of you know if kate and leo are meant for each other? people in hollywood can be genuine friends and nothing more. you can’t say they are soul mates, you don’t know them. so they have done amazing love story movies together, they are also amazing actors. they for sure love each other, but how would any of you know they have romantic feelings for each other. they could, but it isn’t really up for anyone to say in a factual manor. this is just like sandra bullock and ryan renolds or joseph gordon levitt and zooey deschanel. just because people see actors that are great friends they automatically have to put them together when in reality they have 0 clue what they are feeling pr what really goes on with them. stop buying into cliches.

  • Meela

    I would think that she’d maybe wait a few years or not get married again after her first 2 failed marriages, especially since she’s still relatively young and has 2 children to think about. I really don’t understand such people. Why can’t they just stay single for a while and focus on themselves and their kids?

  • LooseLipz


    Exactly! Leo strictly dates young blond models.

  • Trisha

    @fayth: Not my website, I don’t want to take credit for someone else’s work! And you’re right, I tend to speculate a lot and Leo and Kate can just be great friends. But ah, I don’t know, the romantic in me wants them to be more, and that blog (which again isn’t mine) is qute convincing haha. But deep down I know they’ll always just be good friends, which is perfectly fine.

  • Holly

    ….and her good judgement continues to shine!
    Why must some women have to be with a man. It’s a sign of weakness to not be able to be alone. 3 marriages at 37 *sad*

  • http://yahoo.comcom Paige

    I didn’ t know this was her third marriage.I do realize leo and her are just best friends and have been for a very long time.I always thought they would make a cute couple.Kate Winslet needs to take a break and learn how to be alone.Several women in hollywood are like this j.lo,kate hudson,halle berry, kim kardashian, madonna, and jennifer aniston to name a few.Dear Women, you can live without having a man in your lives.They make women look bad.

  • annoying

    It’s getting really stupid all this publicity Kate and Leo make about themselves.

  • Ruth

    It’s strange that she didn’t wait a little longer before committing yet again but I hope that this time it will bring her happiness and a long relationship.

    The new husband is a member of the Branson family and was married until very recently to a very beautiful and extremely wealthy young heiress. Kate may have wanted to make sure that he went through with the divorce from her (not a nice thing to say but perhaps there is still some truth to my remark).

    I feel sorry for her kids because it must be quite a stressful thing to see one’s mother married for the third time within just a few years.

  • Ali


    I thought you were joking last night, then I found out it was true, lol.

  • Psychic2

    I will just repeat some of my fellow psychics who have occationally been to this site commenting: Leo has a soulmate, and it is NONE of his onscreen ladies! Or…models. I see her , too. She is bright, she is..natural, she is in her early thirties and she is european. Like Kate, she has some of her aspects in Libra and a warm spirit, but she is not Kate and very different from her, too. Kate and Leo are, like some people say here..more like brother and sister, like an encouraging friendship that reminds me of his and Cameron Diaz; Where the WOMEN here – are his guiding spirits. Both Kate and Cameron and alike, are women that Leo somewhat feels dependent on, but would never settle with. Or fall in love with like you will see with his true twin soulmate. You might also say soulmate in a way here with Kate, but no romance. She is “motherly” to him, and him to her. Cameron is a “big sista.” They are good to him and help his thoughts away from the models. The models and alike are past lovers from previous lives. But his TRUE soul mate, guys.. just wait for it. I feel she has already introduced her true OPEN heart to him this year and that is why he is keeping things secret at the moment… He will stay single for awhile now. He knows her. Now. The true one, she is not a model and not an actress. But she knows entertainment. And she kinda fears the industry, mostly because she is so natural. But she is perfect.. because she is so aware of things. She is very creative, too. She has something very special that very few women has.. and that attracts him. She is almost too nice at times, I feel. But, in the end her kindness will reward her and he purely loves it. She is kind of a mystery, even for a guy like him. She is like his mother; very spiritual ! Would not surprise me if she plays an instrument or something like that. She sure makes him feel challenged, which is something he loves , but she is challenging not in a negative way, she has people that are limiting her amazing potentials unlike Leo who has had tonns of good people to support him through his career. But his aura tells me he also feels he wants to protect her and be by her side through her struggles and pain. He truly loves his soulmate so deeply, that it takes a while before the audience even notice that Leo has this kind of deepness. But he has. It is there. Happy New Years and thanks for listening.

  • Frozoid

    @Trisha: Leo likes skinny, skinny models. Winslet is not one of them.

  • Oh dear

    Well hopefully he becomes Mr. Winslet because no sane woman would take the name Rock’nRoll.