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Kim Kardashian: No Morning Sickness Yet!

Kim Kardashian: No Morning Sickness Yet!

Kim Kardashian takes her tiny baby bump to the gym early Wednesday morning (January 2) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old reality television star recently rung in the new year with beau Kanye West in Las Vegas.

“I’ve felt good. I haven’t had any morning sickness, but it isn’t the easiest,” Kim told Access Hollywood at the party. “People always say [pregnancy] is easy and fun – it’s definitely an adjustment… it’s learning about your body.”

“I’ve been feeling really good,” Kim added.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian heading to the gym…

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kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 01
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 02
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 03
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 04
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 05
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 06
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 07
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 08
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 09
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 10
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 11
kim kardashian no morning sickness yet 12

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  • chelle

    Seriously!!! I have a hard enough time blocking out this human urinal now she’s knocked up?? Pass the freshly sharpened no. 2 pencils please so I can gouge out my eyeballs!!!

  • http://jj someone

    she is not showing at all yet

  • ece

    & no baby bump

  • blip

    I hope she & her idiot BF die in a plane crash.
    Just f**king go away already.

  • blip

    I hope she & her idiot BF die in a plane crash.
    Just get the hell outta my face.

  • ………

    ************Boycott this garbage disposal by not commenting on their posts. Its the only way to stop Jared from posting her pics**********

  • Lala

    She can still have a misscarage, not that i wish for anyone, celebrity or not. She knows the paparazzi are crazy and can cause stress and even death. Damn you Kim for not taking slow and learn one or two things. Why do you always have to seek attention.

  • Anya

    She has so weird misshapen body :S

  • 123

    But we do have morning sickness. That have to put up with this

  • Jane

    Good Lord, she just announce she’s expecting. We’ll be hearing new reports every single day for the remainder of her pregnancy! -_-

  • Tim

    Are you serious?! Her body is perfect. The world would be a better place if all women had such a gorgeous body.

  • sarah

    Geez, she has so much filler in her face it literally looks like it’s going to explode. Better watch when she’s eating with forks….one slip and ca bang……face explodes…..filler everywhere.

  • stupid

    i really thought she was ebautiful, own unique beauty, armanian princess like. then she got her nose done, then botox, then this and that, and etc., and now she looks like jlo! not that jlo looks bad, shes beautiful too, but kim had herown face, and jlo did too, now they share the same face! common, if everyone all looked the same, wed be bored! stop with the cosmetic surgeries! everyoes face is beautiful in its own way….goodness. be happy with what youre born with.,r:1,s:0,i:93

    she was so beautiful!!

  • oops

    die in a plane crash? that’s a horrible wish upon anyone. Especially when more than Kim K and Kanye would die considering neither knows how to fly a plane.

  • laura

    She looks so much better without makeup, fake lashes and w*orish lipstick, when is she gonna understand?
    By the way, I hope we won’t see her every day for the next 6-7 months!!!!

  • Gosh

    Please chick, stay home for a moment and enjoy your pregnancy there. I’m sure you have a gym in your mansion.

  • stupid


    i agree. shes pregnant, does that mean the death wish is for the unborn child as well? people are sick. its one thing to comment without harm, but wishing harm is never okay. i feel sorry for the person that thinks like this, because youre clearly someones son/daughter, friend, coworker, neighbor, etc., i’d very much hate to be associated with someone like you. scarey.

  • Jack

    She doesn’t have her own private home gym? oh yeah she loves attention…

  • leh

    i feel sorry for her, she will be more fat than she already is….

  • Kelly

    If she does not have morning sickness, what the heck is she complaining about?? It’s not the easiest?? Her body has not even started to change yet. At most, she’s slightly bloated at this point. If she thinks “it’s not the easiest” now, she’s going to be a mess at 8 months.

  • sharemelove

    She Looks hot ! she’s gonna be a hot mommy !

  • mariaNY

    I can almost bet money this girl is lying ..soon she will said they lost the baby …all publicity stunt

  • Troll

    Its funny how she got pregnant the same time Kate Middleton is pregnant. Copy cat and fame whore. Feel sorry for her baby.

  • canada

    who in the world told her pregnancy is easy and fun? she’s talking to some weird people

  • Casey

    a friend had HG, she lost 20 lb in 4 months, and her mother thought she was dying! she literally couldnt stand without vomiting for the first six months of her pregnancy, ahd to go on sabbatical and couldnt be left alone because she could barely look afteer herself. Kim is what?13ish weeks or so. so she has no morning sickness, no bump, and shes complaining? what is her body adjusting to. at this point its the sixze of a clementine…
    shut up you pointless little woman. there are woman who suffer like hell for children and shes complaining because,…..oh wait, theres nothing wrong with her. what a piece of useless trash

  • Prince Muffin Man

    @Lala: Anyone can have a miscarriage but it is not as common after you hit the 12 week mark like she already has, And to the person saying theres no bump, well there usually isnt when you are only 3 months pregnant in another month we will be seeing the bump growing.

  • Mary

    On other sites she says it is not really easy to be pregnant, and she hasn’t even morning sickness.
    I hope this endless selfish person realises she may not drink alcohol, and that a baby is not only a growing bump but a responsability for more than the next 2 decades.
    By the way… I do not believe she is pregnant.

  • Chuck

    A 5’2″ tall troll with a giant ass is still a troll. You must think strippers like you when they are giving you lap dances.
    Ever wonder why there are NEVER any pictures showing her from the rear? Cause then people would realize she’s just like the really pretty girl sitting in a bar who looks great until she stand up and you realize her butt is MUCH wider than her shoulders.

  • Yawn

    If she is pregnant she should be asshamed of herdelf. She is not even divorced and she is proud of the fact. What a piece of trash.

  • @

    @stupid: you are even more stupid for feeling the need to defend her..

  • @

    @stupid: you are even more stupid for feeling the need to defend her..

  • janie

    “the pain, you know, pain and adjustment..” but no morning sickness??

    She got constipated for the first time in her life and had to go to the doctor, that’s what happened I bet!

  • LooseLipz

    I think what the doctor saw in the ultrasound was a big giant butt implant, not a somehow moved into her stomach.

    And why is she flaunting herself all over the gym? With her money she could have a trainer come to her house to walk her through some specific pregnancy exercises to make sure she’s not harming the baby. What a freaking attention whore.

  • Eminemster

    I highly doubt she’s “pregnant”. Maybe they concocted this story to explain away her weight gain. I’m suspecting they’ll say she has a “miscarriage” in a few weeks (I feel terrible saying this if she is indeed pregnant.) But if she is in fact with child (TMZ was estimating she’s about 3 months) But I’d estimate she’s about 8-10 at most. Either way, I wish them both the best!

  • Muffet

    Who cares about this hippo bimbo airhead? Why is she news???

  • susan

    I hope she loaded up on injectables and botox before she had invitro and became preggers or else her face will melt and she will look horrible at 9 months pregnant.

  • http://Charter rdh

    Dear Jared,
    Please DO NOT subject us to this never-ending bombardment of “updates”. They should be ashamed that they were unable to wait until Kim was at least free of her previous husband. I certainly have no wish to see the innocent child harmed, but this was very poorly timed.

  • sri


  • WTF

    Someone predicted this shit on Kim JJ thread because it’s actually happening DM have confirmed there baby is going to feature in a reality tv WTF

    A star in the making: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new baby set to appear in reality show

    Clara @ 12/31/2012 at 4:49 pm
    Lord have mercy this pregnancy is going to be televised poor child
    I can just imagin their new HIT reality tv show
    All new and exclusive
    West & kardashian ! pregnant , glitz and glamour
    Take a sneak peak into the celebrity life of hot Hollywood couple kanye
    west and Kim kardashian as they waite the arrival of there first child watch the glitz , glamour, drama and pregnancy unfold .
    Coming soon in 2013 lol lol

  • Ryan Curran