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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano: New Couple at Critics' Choice Awards 2013?

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano: New Couple at Critics' Choice Awards 2013?

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano walk the red carpet together at the 2013 Critics’ Choice Awards held at Barker Hangar on Thursday (January 10) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 29-year-old actor and the 30-year-old actress, who was nominated for Best Actress in an Action Movie for Haywire, are rumored to be dating after being spotted together multiple times over the last few months.

It has also been reported that Gina may be making a surprise appearance as Wonder Woman in Henry‘s new film Man of Steel. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

FYI: Henry is wearing Tom Ford. Gina is wearing a Roland Mouret dress.

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Christopher Polk; Jeff Kravitz; Photos: Getty; Wire Image
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  • lauren

    Is she pregnant or did she borrow that dress. It does not fit her at all and it looks so cheap. She looks way better then this look she has on now.

    Have to say the this awards season is so boring.

  • Julia

    handsome man -> ugly girlfriends.
    You can do it better Henry, I trust you!! :)

  • jealous

    i know i know jealousy is bad – but ugghh it hurts. oh well, hope henry is happy and i guess gina is a step up from that ellen chick.

  • jhie

    she looks so mature & matronly… and she’ll be wonderr woman?! possibly looking more like the ‘mother’ of wonder woman!

  • Jeannie

    That is one lucky woman. I love him in a tux.

  • lough

    This… reminds me of Hugh Jackman and his fatty-older wifey as well.

  • Jaime

    He looks totally gay in that pic.

  • OMG!
  • XxXxX

    UGH I don’t know if it’s because I’m jealous of her but I want to say that they don’t go well together!

  • Paul

    That pic is way distant of Gina. Where are the larger pics so you can really see her, Jared? The other one is a tragic miscast of Superman for the history books.

  • S

    I didn’t know they were together. Never heard of her, but the fit of her dress was not a good choice…pretty colour, though!

  • Danielle

    Pretty girl, but what a terrible, ill-fitting dress.

  • Diedre

    I have to chuckle at the mean comments about this young woman and also Hugh Jackman’s wife. Like those making the comments are super models.

  • Zee

    He is devine and they looks sweet together. The ugly comments speak more about your insecurity than of their looks.

  • Ale

    Henry looks yummy as always!! She’s horribly masculine and that dress is awful, really why can’t Henry find a beautiful girlfriend??? Even the previous one was ugly as hell. There’re a lot of beautiful women out there…. I think he can do better than that for sure, a girl with more femininity and class, his photos with Nina Dobrev and Amy Adams from the event were lovely. I don’t see them last, maybe until the release of Man of Steel.

  • Anne

    Eh….she’s an attractive woman but that dress is doing her no favors. It makes her look lumpy and heavy. She really needs a stylist. He looks ok but for such a handsome man he should have been styled better too.

    Not sure why you are reporting that she’s appearing as Wonder Woman though I’m pretty sure that was a rumor started by a rumor site that was then debunked. The fact that it’s being repeated kind of makes me question if it’s coming from someone within Gina’s camp trying to get her attention which seems weird and desperate. There is no WW in the new Superman movie and if she appears in the JL movie I highly doubt she’ll be played by Carano as Carano is over 30 and a bad actress.

    They both seem kind of desperate for attention and it’s awkward and weird.

  • Andrea

    I’m not a fan of Gina Carano but I don’t know that it’s quite fair to call her masculine as there is nothing wrong with being a bigger woman. The dress doesn’t fit her but that’s a poor style choice and it’s not her fault nor a problem that she’s a heavier woman.

    I’m more insulted that she was nominated for an award for her “acting” as anyone who saw Haywire knows that she didn’t “act’ in it and was notoriously horrible in it. She’s great at doing stunts but acting? Not so much. Let’s hope any rumor about her playing WW stays to just a rumor. She’s very wooden and stiff on screen. It’s embarassing for the other actresses there to put her in the same category as them. She sticks out like a sore thumb. if I were Jennifer Lawrence or Anne Hathaway and saw her in a category with me I would have been insulted.

  • Dani

    What an awful red carpet appearance. Gina cannot carry a dress as tight fitting like that ever again..until she loses some weight. If she’s pregnant, something else perhaps that is less constricting and more feminine flowy. Henry looks stiff and too serious. And damn, they both look older than 30, even with all the make-up on. Do they drink heavy or smoke because that will do it for you.

  • Andrea

    @Dani, Cavill looks stiff as hell. Maybe he’s just nervous. There was a picture of him next to Amy Adams and she looked like the pretty movie star she is and he looked like a piece of cardboard.

    I don’t think Gina needs to lose weight. I just think she needs to dress in something that fits her. That dress didn’t fit her.

    Henry has smoked for years. I’ve always thought he looked older than 30. Carano drinks and parties and always has.

    In the pic of the two of them next to Amy Adams, she looks younger than both of them even though she’s a few years older than them both. Lifestyle and genes, I suppose.

  • http://fb connie

    When I see him I see 50 Shades of Gray but what is up with her. She is a mess and not a hot one!!!

  • jennifer
  • Andrea

    Guys, Gina Carano is not “rumored” to be appearing as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel. That was a “rumor” that she started and now you are reporting it. That’s a false rumor.

  • Give me a break

    New couple my azz. This is just more bearding nonsense.

  • Jersey

    This Hot Italian babe is a martial artist so I wouldn’t mess with her. Her dad was a famous football player Glenn Carano.

  • Adriana

    I’m going to cry LOL. He doesnt have the best taste in women, does he?

  • lilian

    “…his photos with Nina Dobrev and Amy Adams from the event were lovely…” I thought the same! LOL don’t like them as a couple. Don’t match :-/


  • Adriana

    My last comment sounded a bit meaner then I meant. I’m sure she’s a nice person.
    @Ale do you have a link of those pictures?

  • Wallender

    So he is gay then. Sorry but this “woman” looks like a man, how stocky and masculine she is! he is defo gay if he is effing this! And wonder woman?? what a coincidence-not, she had better not be!

  • palentine

    His ex Ellen was at least feminine looking and looked like a woman and a soft curvy shape, this woman looks like a she-hulk, does he need his eyes testing? No wonder people say he is homosexual! He looks caked in make up! Is he the woman? What a weird coupling.

  • expert

    OK, let me weigh in here. People, shut up saying she is a fit fighter BS, look at the woman, she is flabby and large, she gave all that fit sport up years ago and has gone to pot. She looks like a man both facially and bodily, she looks older than what she is also. She also usually dates douchebags.. they look really stiff on the red carpet and awkward, not fluid like a real couple would be, I sense this is another PR relationship because of the way this has gone, added to which she is down to play wonder woman in the JUSTICE LEAGUE- she is the favorite of warner bros to play wonder woman, I think this is a way of getting her liked through cavill, joint publicity for the superman/justice league-trust! Cavill could be gay after all if theya re real.. YIKES!

  • Lulu

    Where are the pictures JJ ?

  • lilian

    Gina’s fans (as loyal they should be) say that she’s shy but I was watching pics of her and… well, she is not shy and not classy. I’m sure she has tons of qualities and she’s professional but Henry and her don’t match as a couple, it’s easy to see it.
    God bless them both, but don’t match. The same was with Ellen Whitaker, and well… we know they end their engagement.

    BTW she’s not fat, that’s her type of body (it’s beautiful, too. She’s heavy but don’t call her fat) (some examples:


  • Lulu
  • Wow.

    ….wow I can’t believe the hating going on here.

    A. Gina Carano is an accomplished MMA fighter who was undefeated until she lost a fight to a steroid user named Cyborg
    B. Gina can probably out run, out lift, and out perform any of you. She has always been a bigger girl but she is healthy.

    Women especially should be happy that Harry is dating a REAL woman with CURVES instead of your average lifeless stick figure Hollywood woman. I admire Gina Carano because this girl kicks @$$, literally. She used to be the #1 pound for pound female MMA fighter.

    Besides, the dress isn’t really flattering but I do like the color on her.

  • Andrea

    @Wow, knock it off with that “real woman” crap. That’s a form of misogyny. All women are “real” women no matter their size. It’s fine to celebrate different body types but you aren’t doing anyone favors with that comment.

    I think Gina is fine. Just think she’s a horrible actress and will be really letdown if she plays WW. Find someone who can act please.

  • Dani


    Blow it out of your hole on that ‘Real women’ crap. I hope you’re not a male saying this or a heavy woman repeating this mantra. Real women are beautiful no matter WHAT size they are- short, tall, skinny, etc. Gina’s not fighting anymore, and out of shape, so admit this. She’s not MMA and is in Hollywood. She partied too hard when young and its caught up. Same with Henry. These two are not role models. Jillian Michaels is the role model for women.

  • colleen

    she makes him look less hot. she has big fake tits, botox face and injections in her fake lips. HOW does that make her a real woman??? watch interviews with her. she sounds like a neanderthal when she talks.

  • @wow

    Quit the body shaming. A scale number or measurement doesn’t make you anymore or less a woman.

    I’m sure she has a nice personality; I just find it a weird couple. Henry is so classy and she’s a little bit tacky and cliche at times. But if he’s happy then none of that matters.

    And she’s not about to play wonder woman, that was a silly rumor so I don’t think its a PR relationship. They spent New Years together apparently

  • Jeanine

    He’s so cute but another set up romance. Poor Henry, one day he’ll come clean after superman flops. We’ll still love you!

  • lw

    I like Gina and I like Henry. However, they are the oddest pairing since Ben Affleck and JLo. Also, her hair, dress, and makeup make her look like his mother. Surely he could have pulled some strings and gotten her a better dress – he is Superman after all.

  • Me

    I saw an interview vid with Gina on YouTube and I have to say she’s kinda mannish. Not very feminine.

  • Jeez..

    WTF are you people talking about? Her hair looks great. Very classic and beautiful color.

  • lilian

    “…fake tits, botox face and injections in her fake lips…” I didn’t pay attention but you’re right. (although I’m not sure about botox lol)

    btw Should I be big to be real woman? ¿? I’m slim and I’m VERY real and not superficial, that’s a silly argument! They just don’t match, that’s all.

  • chockie

    @S: I love the colour too- the tight to tight dress is sparking rumours of her being pregnant.

  • chockie

    @Diedre: Amen.. think greeneyed monster is out in full swing. lol At any rate we should judge by personality and she has smiling eyes so she cant be that evil.. as for Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lea Furness- that’s a low blow. They are wonderful together. and are an inspiration to all.

  • Druzy

    So funny,the negative comments on here. He’s beautiful,…not gay. She could do a little better in choosing dresses,in my opinion…but she is not fat,or ugly,or matronly,also in my opinion..of course.(she may just need a stylist) I’m impressed that she was nominated for an award for her first time out as an actress!..sounds promising. I think Henry likes her,no matter what she is wearing…he probably likes her best when she is wearing nothing at all…that should make all those who are jealous crazy! LOL All the best to them,I’m super happy for both of them.

  • jj

    Wow. Seriously, people are so harsh and stupid. Stop bringing others down you stupid bullies. You people are a bunch of dicks. Gina Carano is a seriously gorgeous woman and she would make an amazing Wonder Woman. This is coming from a huge Wonder Woman fan. Gina Carano and Henry Cavill make a truly gorgeous couple. She’s known for being a strong, beautiful and shy woman. Even if Henry Cavill or any actor decided to date someone who wan’t very physically attractive what do you people care? Seriously stop with the jealousy, it’s childish and extremely annoying. Spouting these hurtful comments does you no good. Bunch of losers.

  • jj

    Oh and Gina Carano didn’t start the Wonder Woman rumour, get your facts straight. Another thing, how come you people never make comments on girls dating much less attractive guys? Happens more often than not. Example: robert pattinson and kristen stewart. He isn’t physically attractive. I don’t like kristen stewart but it’s obvious she’s physically attractive.

  • Truth be Told


    Henry has makeup on because he was one of the 1st presenters. All the presenters were applied with makeup. How dare you slander someone. Karma will follow you.

  • Truth be Told


    You are an insecure bully.