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Sharon Osbourne Slams Lady Gaga in Open Letter

Sharon Osbourne Slams Lady Gaga in Open Letter

Sharon Osbourne has responded to the open letter Lady Gaga wrote about her daughter Kelly Osbourne and she is not happy!

The 60-year-old talk show host posted the letter on her Facebook account and condemns Gaga for being cruel to animals by wearing a meat dress and fur jackets.

“When I see you wearing fur, and using it as a fashion statement, the fact that defenseless animals have been killed so you can get your picture in the press is abhorrent to me. Shouldn’t you be teaching your “little monster” fans to respect animals and life?” Sharon wrote.

In case you missed it, read the full open letter from Gaga to Kelly.

Click inside to read Sharon Osbourne‘s complete letter to Lady Gaga

Sharon Osbourne’s Open Letter to Lady Gaga

Ms. Gaga,

I am responding to your open letter to my daughter Kelly, and I am perplexed as to why you would go public with an open letter. Regarding this current situation; Kelly didn’t contact you, I was the one that contacted your manager today and the email is attached below for your reference. I reached out to him as Kelly’s manager and mother to ask him if you could address your “little monster” fans and stop them from writing libelous, slanderous and vile comments about my family, including death threats to Kelly. Your open letter is hypocritical and full of contradictions. And as your mother Cynthia supports you, I support my daughter Kelly. I must say your opinions on what is politically correct and acceptable totally differ from mine, but that is what makes the world so interesting…we are all different. How sweet that you have empathy for my daughter, as you feel that she has taken a less passionate path in life. You say her work on E! with the Fashion Police is “rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people’s beauty against one another.” Welcome to the real world. Example, when I saw you wear a dress made out of raw meat, I was sickened. When I see you wearing fur, and using it as a fashion statement, the fact that defenseless animals have been killed so you can get your picture in the press is abhorrent to me. Shouldn’t you be teaching your “little monster” fans to respect animals and life? I don’t feel I have to justify Kelly’s choices in life to you. By your actions to Kelly right now, you have shown me that you are nothing more than a publicly seeking hypocrite and an attention seeker. You know it would have been much more dignified of you to do this privately. I am calling you a bully because you have 32 million followers hanging on your every word and you are criticizing Kelly in your open letter. Are you so desperate that you needed to make this public?

You state “Everyday, through my music and public voice I choose to be positive and work towards a kinder and braver world with our community of followers.” Well this obviously is not translating well to your fans, as a large portion of them have not only been vile to Kelly, but also other celebrities such as Madonna, Adele and Rihanna. “You say a kinder, braver world” I don’t know what world you live in, but supporting disgraceful fan comments doesn’t fall under the words “kinder and braver.” It comes under the heading of bullshit.

In closing, stop wearing fur, stop looking for publicity, and stop using your fans to belittle not just Kelly but an endless stream of celebrities. A word from you would stop all the hideous, negative and vile threats from your “little monsters.” Let me know if you want to continue this debate. I’m an open playing field for you my darling.

Sharon Osbourne
3:39 pm

Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 1:09 PM
To: SharonCc:
Subject: Re: Kelly Osbourne

I’m on it Sent from my iPhone

On Jan 10, 2013, at 3:03 PM, Sharon < wrote:
Dear Vince,

You might recall that I wrote to you last year about Gaga's fans bullying Kelly which you never really responded to. Well, it's continuing again. I want you to read the blog below from a Lady Gaga fan.

Little Monster David @LilMonsterMaren
@MissKellyO LITTLE MONSTER ARTPOP : Kelly Osbourne needs to kill herself …

I thought that Gaga was a main campaigner against bullying.

Vince, I’m leaving it in your hands to do the right thing here. One tweet from Gaga can change this whole situation. I’m not asking her to deal with this directly but she if she could tweet something to her fans about being more respectful that may end this. I’m sure she doesn’t condone her fans saying such hideously offensive things.

Wishing you and your family the best in 2013.

All the best,


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  • B

    Sharon, I’m so thankful you written exactly what I think about this girl!
    Thank you and Kelly!

  • XxXxX

    Oh b!tch please, shut up! Just because she’s an Osbourne doesn’t mean Kelly has the right to be a meanie.. I’m with Gaga on this one. It’s astounding how a former fattie can laugh at other women who struggle with their weight. And besides, Kelly is still not pretty even thinner. And I won’t even call that skinny, she’s still a bit big. Stupid celeb kid

  • Lona

    Great respond. That’s what silly Gaga deserves.

  • TC

    What comes around goes around Gaga. If you’re going to stand in judgement of someone else, then be prepared to be judged yourself.

  • Jaime

    Very well said Sharon!

  • http://justjared POLO

    Hats off to you, Sharon. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Love u Sharon for saying what other people were thinking but didn’t have the courage to say it.

  • Andrea
  • Tembo

    Have to side with Gaga on this one…

  • Harry

    I think Lady Gaga was surprisingly right in everything she said.

  • GAGAFan1

    it just doesn’t make sense. i am a total gaga fan all the way but she cannot decide what other people put onto the web…? she doesn’t decide what her fans say. kelly started this and was the one looking for publicity. fashion is art and people can wear what they want. fur? so what. get fake fur. meat dress? yeah do you know the meaning behind it? it’s showing that there is more to people then the meat on their bones. gaga did the right thing by the letter. it comes down to this. gaga can not tell people what to say, but she does a damn good job at showing people acceptance is growing.

  • Dom

    And this has to do anything with Sharon because? The one who’s husband bites animal’s heads off as a spectacle to get “fans” to come to their show? The ones who bullied their next door neighbors on their show because they were exercising their freedom of expression by throwing huge chunks of ham at them? Don’t be a hypocrite Mrs. Osbourne. Only reason you are even a somebody is by munching off your husband’s legacy. Go have a seat somewhere, retire and stay out of this. I am sure you responded as a way to get back to relevancy since, let’s not forget, you have lost your “lime-light”; IE: Getting denied entrance to a night club because i am sure no one recognized you. Don’t do this for ratings. Go away please. Your shit-show was cancelled for a reason; NO ONE CARES about you OR your family. Gaga Please don’t even bother answering to this massive thunder cunt who now plays an advocate for animals and pop starts like Madonna after she’s made it clear she does not like her. Please learn your own life Mrs. Osbourne before opening your mouth to speak.

  • BGO

    Sharon hit the nail on the head about Gaga’s fans. A lot of them are vile disgusting human beings

  • zey

    have to side with Gaga as well..

  • http://!!! SAM

    FAT Kelly O needs to learn respect. She is the vile, disgusting bully. She deserves the hate.

  • Creed

    Sharon Osbourne is Right!! Gaga sucks and her fans are trash.

  • Haha

    Sharon is right, I love Lady gaga, but her diehard fans are vile and nasty. Just look at the comments of her Little Monsters.

  • lanas-world

    bravo sharon. bravo.

  • Jojo

    gaga is right, sharon just made a fool of herself

  • Jojo

    I’m not even a gaga fan, but guys, stop saying ALL her fanbase is nasty, that is just RIDICULOUS. this is about a girl who is bitchy in a bad tv show, and then comes whining how people are mean to her. She can’t play that card.

  • Am I the only one around here who sides with neither?

  • Ivy Greene

    Wonderful letter, hope it ends the nastiness.
    Kelly is smart, funny and does wonderful commentary on the fashion world. She has a good eye for what works and doesn’t work and is articulate. I’ve watched every episode of Fashion Police, I think she is kinder than she has to be. I’m mystified that anyone would find fault with her and attack her in such a mean way for doing her job.

  • Clementine

    Christina got to be lol at all the drama…Kelly calls Christina Fat and ugly a lot on Fashion Police..and said its because Christina called her Fat for years..but I can’t find one video of Christina talking about Kelly’s weight…Lady Gaga let Perez Bully and Destroy Xtina career and never once stood up for her for the copycat Crap…As for Kelly. Gaga right, if you have a show where you can dish it out you need to learn to take it.

  • BooBoo

    You got to read Gaga’s original open letter.

    Gaga said so many rightful things because Kelly, on her Fashion Police Show, sits her ass judging and making fun of celebrities including Gaga for the way they dress or look on the red carpet or other public events.

    Kelly is part of a show that mostly rips celebrities off for the “poor” choice in fashion, hair, make up. When she and the show decided to slam Gaga, well Gaga’s fan began slamming her online. Now Kelly and her mother are playing victims when this was all started by Kelly!

    As Gaga stated in the open letter, she can not control what her fans say or do, but she has made it clear and most of her fans know that she does not condone bullying or the negative reaction that some of the fans have shown. Yet, Sharon must have missed that on Gaga’s open letter as Sharon’s open letter is still blaming Gaga for some of her fans reaction and negative comments toward Kelly.

    Read both Open Letters (Gaga sent hers first, then Sharon) you will see exactly that Gaga didn’t start all this drama, kelly did!

  • Rihanna

    Lady gaga is such a fake b****

  • Sammy

    God the Obsourne’s are so annoying…

  • Vic

    I’m with Sharon. Lady Gaga is a hypocrite and mean… Get over it, Gaga! You are not even close to be a bright-artist! Don’t get me start it with the fact that you’re not really original, I’m sorry but it’s the true.
    I’m not sure how much she’s gonna last: Her concerts keep selling less and less tickets. Here, in Argentina was half empty. In Perú… Well, that was kind of pathetic.

  • AGrey50

    I’m w/ Gaga on this one (and yes I have read both letters). Your daughter is a big girl Sharon, so I would love to hear HER take on this and HER letter of response as to this. Not you, rushing to her aid and fighting her battles for her every single time. I’m sure this is will all go away in a few days though and not before too long, someone else will start picking a feud w/ Gaga again. I love you Gaga, you got this :) <3

  • Adam

    Sharon an IDIOT!!Anyone can say there a Little Monster.But Kelly needs to get Thicker Skin or find a new Job.

  • Rachel

    im confused- do you people watch the same fashion police as me? kelly is usually nice and starts off with “shes beautiful but………”


  • Madder

    Finally someone with brain!!!! lady gaga u r a FUNKING BITCH!

  • http://Comcast Bridget

    I think Kelly can fight her own battles. why doesn’t Sharon mind her own business. She quit some show that no one watched anyway, because someone picked on her baby Jack. If you cannot take the heat get out of show business. The only one that has or had talent is your husband.

  • essie

    this whole argument is so stupid.. i thought they were friends? they’re probably in on it together to get publicity

  • Mal

    Gaga easily could have just told her fans to take the higher road and stop the hateful tweets to Kelly. That would have ended it.

  • http://Comcast Bridget

    Gaga wrote the first letter to Kelly, Sharon should mind her own business. You are sooo right Gaga Sharon and Kelly are always putting someone down, they have no talent.

  • lol


    And ozzy bie off a rats head….mkay

  • ugh

    gaga is fake as sh(t and of course sharon is going to defend her daughter.
    gaga doesn’t care about the show, she cares about herself. its just like punk’d (the old one) where celebrities were pissed off because it let people see what real ass(holes they were. stop kissing celebrity as(s. lady gaga is no ones savior and needs to step down.

  • NYC

    Not sure why this is all going on.
    Stay in the now.

  • Nicki

    Lol she says gaga shouldn’t have done this publicly and is only doing it for attention and stuff well Sharon…wtf did you just do?? This had NOTHING to do with Sharon. ..But yet she can’t let her grown ass daughter who does EVERYTHING Sharon blamed gaga for. Like seriously? Go back to “The Talk” honey and take all the things you ladies talk about out of proportion! And honestly look at yourself and see what you do on that show!

  • shakevan

    While I don’t necessarily agree with Kelly Osbourne, I do side with Sharon on calling Gaga out for her hypocricy. I mean Gaga herself pretty much called Adele fat. When people were pointing out her weight gain she threw Adele under the bus. And as far as Fashion Police goes…I don’t condone anyone judging somebodys body but fashion is art. And art is open for constructive criticism whether it be perceived as positive or negative. So Gaga should not have such a big hissy fit just because someone expresses their opinion about how someone is dressed. She should know it comes with the territory. Sharon, not Kelly, has Gaga beat on this one. Way to go Sharon!

  • porquenon

    No wonder Alexander McQueen hanged himself – Fashion is dead. Exhibit a: Stephanie G; Exhibit b: Fashion Police.

  • ChristieK

    This is ridiculous, the fashion police is just a fun show surely not to be taken sooo seriously. It is a discussion about celebrity fashions. No one truly gets hurt, it should all be taken with a grain of salt.. Lady Gaga should know there are bigger things in life to be concerned about then what Kelly has to say. I think this letter was uncalled for and basically pinning one person (Kelly) as a target to blame for bullying. So great job Gaga! Now you just got ALL of your fans to hate Kelly and send her hate mail, now look who’s the one who is breeding negativity. Of all people Lady Gaga should know this is how bullying and hate get started, by a famous person pointing there finger at someone because like she said “all the young people assume your actions are acceptable: well if she does it, why can’t I?

  • MarinaDel

    Don’t be silly. Her reason for wearing a meat dress was like her third reason. Even when she said that reason, Ellen in her interview just stared at her quizically. Gaga just wanted to wear it. Most fans on PopJustice on Gaga’s threads even acknowledged it. Wearing raw meat on your body is disgusting and wasteful.

    Second of all, many Little Monsters are mean and bullies. I belong to a Gaga fansite since I love her music and the snide attacks they take on other stars who are bigger than Gaga never lets up.: She isn’t ignorant about their behavior, but she doesn’t seem to have a problem with them, her own fans, that aren’t learning from her little platitudes in concert. Maybe the letter should be to them, not some cable tv show presenter.

  • Harry

    I am a loyal little monster, but shamefully I have to admit that most Gaga fans are batshit crazy. :(

  • MarinaDel

    @Mal: Right on, instead of a smug open letter to embarrass Kelly and brag about herself.



  • Dani

    If LG felt the need to defend herself I don’t see what’s wrong with that. There’s two sides to everything not just one so if Kelly was asking for it with inappropriate comments, well hence LG’s letter.

  • Lady FraudGa

    Read this and you will see what an enormous hypocrite Gaga is.

  • Ginger

    Really Sharon, animal cruelty??? First of all didn’t your husband bite off a bat’s head on stage? HYPOCRITE

  • Diedre

    Why is a 28 year old woman’s mother going after somebody? Why does Momma have to fight Kelly’s battles for her?
    I’m not 100% sure of all the circumstances, but Lady Gaga is right. Kelly Osbourne is a mean spirited little b i t c h. She just said it in a much more restrained and respectful way than I would have.
    I cannot stand that show she’s on and I find it very ironic that she would take part in something so snarky when she seems so easily b u t t hurt over any criticism of herself.
    Reading Sharon’s letter gives me a much clearer understanding of why Kelly is the way she is. They can dish it out but they can’t take it and God forbid anybody find fault with them. It’s no wonder Kelly is an entitled little whiner.

    Human and animal rights are both very important. However, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. If I were Sharon Osbourne and I had spent years enabling a drug addled Ozzie, which her children were witness to and at least one of them went down the same path to addiction, I wouldn’t be so quick to behave in such a high and mighty manner.
    This family needs to sit down and STFU for a little bit.

  • elle

    I have to go with Lady Gaga on this one. I read both letters and icompletely agree with everything gaga says. Sharon is just trying to pick random crap out of the air to try and start drama. Gaga was nothing but sincere in her letter