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Jessica Chastain: Box Office Queen!

Jessica Chastain: Box Office Queen!

Jessica Chastain is a box office queen!!! Her two films, Mama and Zero Dark Thirty, came in first and second place at this weekend’s box office, according to THR.

Scary movie Mama brought in $28.1 million for the three day opening weekend, with a projected $33.2 million after Martin Luther King day tomorrow.

Coming in at number two was Zero Dark Thirty, which brought in $17.6 million for the weekend.

Third place went to Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper‘s Silver Linings Playbook with $11.3 million earned this weekend.

Rounding out the top five were Gangster Squad and Broken City, with $9.1 and $9 million brought in, respectively.

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s The Last Stand opened at number 10 with $6.3 million earned.

Also pictured inside: Jessica arriving to perform in The Heiress on Saturday (January 19) in New York City.

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Credit: Universal Studios; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Fitz

    I kinda like Chastain but please, enough with her!
    Too many Chastain kills the Chastain!

  • Chezza

    Oscar queen next month!

  • Mama

    Saw it last night and it was a let down. I should not have expected much from a pg 13 movie. Ending was like a fairy tale.

  • http://veryverysexyandhandsome sharyllee

    dumb of chastain!!

  • Courtney

    Ms. “I would never date am actor” is dating an actor. Sorry but this chick is insufferable. She talks like she’s the only actress who takes her “craft” seriously. Sorry but it’s annoying. You’re an actor, you’re not saving lives.

  • Courtney

    Posting FAIL! Meant **an actor ^^^

  • wtf

    and your just as insufferable, whats your job darling? are YOU saving lives? LOL. There are actors who are humanitarians and are saving lives..are you?

  • Josephine


    What actor? Clarke or maybe Hiddleston, because she’s linked to both of them at the same time. These are only tabloid rumours and she said in the same interview that you quoted, that her boyfriend is a non-famous guy from the fashion industry.

  • ha ha

    She doesn’t have an attitude or a chip on her shoulder like the average celeb, I gotta give her that. She is everywhere cause HW loves her enthusiasm becasue she doesnt dis her costars, directors, the industry, etc. She loves being a movie star and is not ashamed to show it. She will prob get the Oscar because HW wants her to. She is at the stage now she can f//art in a movie and sell it. Doesnt mean she has a long shelf life, not many celebs today do. That is all…..

  • Courtney

    I do not save lives.. Nor do I act like I do.

    I find it funny that people defend actors to random people on the Internet. I’m commenting about a public figure yet you personally attack me… people are weird

  • carrie

    the worst is that MAMA is not good and Jessica is a miscat (she’s not credible as rock musician)

  • wtf

    Im ‘attacking’ you now LOL Im giving my opinion on you just the way you gave YOUR opinion on Jess. Whats the matter, cant handle it? Judging by your logic because this lady takes her work seriously she somehow is insufferable because she isn’t ‘saving lives’? Nice logic. I find it funny people like you love to bash actors and people on the internet but when people call you out on your BS you get all defensive, its ‘attacking’

    How moronic.

  • hannah

    I think that she come across as immensely likeable. I always admire actresses such as Chastain, Amy Adams or Naomi Watts that didn’t achieve fame or success straight away but had to struggle and toil anonymously for years. I think it shows a strength of character & a dedication to her craft.

    I will admit that she is everywhere at the moment but that is no fault of her own – film studios alway like to capitalise on an actress’ popularity & that is clearly the case here with “Mama”.

  • sheryll

    She came out of nowhere the last couple of years, so I don’t think they will give her the Oscar. However, she did try and convince her voting peers at the Globes she has been working for years. Someone like Naomi Watts deserves to win it. Chastain is just all over the place right now people will get sick of her fast.

  • Liz

    @sheryll: Chastain and Lawrence are overhyped. Naomi will get the Oscar. GG are not accurate all the time.

  • Meni

    @liz agreed. though I prefer jessica over jennifer anytime, jessica actually had to struggle through hollywood.

  • Guy

    I just got back from seeing Mama,my hat movie scared the s— out of me but I try to avoid scary movies as much as I can cause either I can’t sleep cause I am scared or I am just disturbed and lay in bed all night wondering how someone comes up with those things. Anyway, it was pretty good, would not see it again but for a one time deal ot was good.

  • uh

    the celebrity a*ss kissing going on here is vomit-inducing.

    Z.D.T was one big mess – it was just so stupid that i laughed the whole time.

  • Dave

    I can’t get enough of that red hair.

  • Sarah

    @sheryll: Naomi Watts gave one of her weakest performances in The Impossible, I doubt she will win for that, but since the Academy’s crazy members snubbed Marion Cotillard who gave the best performance of the year and nominated the weakest and overrated performances (Jessica, Jennifer and Naomi included), I don’t know what will happen.
    I agree with you, people are tired of seeing Jessica everywhere since 2011, imagine this same BS every year again?
    I wonder how much time her “pose for paparazzi routine” will last after the Oscars…

  • quiet

    Jessica clearly has talent as an actress and i liked her as a brunette. She’s also very beautiful especially close-up!!

  • quiet

    @quiet: Saw Mama over the weekend and this was a very good movie choice. I think i will be seeing more horror movies at the theaters in the future.
    Also, Jessica, after seeing THIS movie, has become one of my favorite actresses. I also liked her small part in the Help

  • quiet

    @Guy: Artistically good, Not all that scary….a plus