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Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial 2013: 'We Are Young' (Video)

Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial 2013: 'We Are Young' (Video)

A bunch of elderly folks get into a bit of rowdy business in this funny new Taco Bell commercial that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 3).

The clip is set to a Spanish version of the hit fun. song “We Are Young” and features a character named Bernie Goldblatt and his old school amigos from The Glencobrooke Retirement Home “Live Mas” when they sneak out for a wild night they’ll never forget.

After going skinny-dipping and getting into a bunch of shenanigans, the group head to Taco Bell for a late night snack. Yum!

Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial 2013: ‘We Are Young’ (Video)
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  • mary

    cute, funny commercial, but I did not know what they were advertising!!

  • swaggerswagger1019

    1:02 minutes of fabulous.

  • MW

    This commercial is complete plagiarism of Lady Danville’s “Better Side” music video. Google it!

  • 55vineyard

    Didn’t watch, but would love to see them develop a carnitas taco maybe with an optional side of guacamole and some pico de gallo instead of the taco sauce they have now.

    Better yet, I would love to see them provide tacos al pastor but doubt that will ever happen as it takes specialized equipment.

  • Brenda

    @MW: Totally different video from the one you mention, not to mention far, far better. Better Side is just another generic old-folks-become-young-hipsters video, with a boring soundtrack.

  • Cliff

    This commercial depicts, in part, an elderly woman and young man sneaking out of a public bathroom stall after having had sex. What does this say about the people who own Taco Bell? What does this say about their attitude towards elderly people and, more specifically, elderly Jewish people. It is pathetic and sick. If you found this video funny, look at it again. If you still find it funny, look in the mirror.

  • Ism

    Cliff sees isms every where he looks; ageism, antisemtism, and maybe even racism. What does this say about him? When he looks in the mirror he sees a big vagina looking back.

  • Comprar maquillaje

    Great spot!!! i love their dance!!!

  • renada deshada obe

    your post says you don’t get laid, ever


  • dee kay

    We live in America, I thought the language was ENGLISH.. I saw the commercail and thought we had the wrong channel.
    We need to RIGHT this WRONG and BOYCOTT taco bell…

  • Cal W.

    Yeah – America! The most diverse, beautiful land of many different ethnicities, religions, and the freedom of speech – in any language!

  • Carol

    Disrespectful of senior citizens. Surely they could have done better.

  • Zapato


    Sorry MW, good music…good band…but that concept was done in the movie “cocoon”

    Also i think people have a hard time understanding plagarism, especially in this age. Artists spin off eachother and eachothers inspirations and ideas…it is mostly literary works that are subject to plagarism laws…conceptual works are much harder to distinguish as plagarism…and it is possible to have the same ideas and expressions as someone else…the nature of Art is erotic and inspiration is..”in the ether” as they say. If you can stand back from your defence of an artist you admire and look at the qualities and fun they had with the spin…wherever it came from…you might see the futility and uselessness of Plagarism laws. Speaking from an artists standpoint: How much is truly original today when everybody is influencing everybody else to a degree?…Our Judicial system is a little messed up in areas (especially patent laws) to put it mildly. It really comes down to the heart and meaning over literalism in any expression. If you don’t faux-politicize it like other people on this page. (especially people like cliff who apparently don’t get laid…or don’t think elderly people should:)


  • http://SyncingFeeling Arcendus

    Honestly, the fact that the song was in Spanish REALLY killed the feel of this ad. Sure, Taco Bell presumably has some connection with Mexican food (however Americanized and false), but the truth is that song loses all appeal when it’s in Spanish. This isn’t again the language, it just doesn’t have the flow and rhythm of the original. Not to mention, it’s one of those despicable “funny for the sake of humor” ads that does nothing to make anyone crave Taco Bell. Certainly one of the most hyped and most disappointing ads of the Super Bowl this year.

  • Zapato



  • Marie

    Awesome ad. Old people having a wild night. Viva Mas!

  • DeeDee

    Lighten up people!!!!! Just because we get old doesn’t mean that we can’t go out and have fun. And who’s right is it to dictate what kind of fun is acceptable for seniors. That type of spur of the moment fun is what keeps us young!!!!!

  • Ed

    Time to boycott Taco Bell, this is America, Weather written or not English is the language, so stop forcing Spanish on Americans, Learn the language or get out.