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Chris Brown: Car Accident from Paparazzi Pursuit

Chris Brown: Car Accident from Paparazzi Pursuit

Chris Brown makes a religious fashion statement while filling up his gas tank on Friday (February 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The day after, the 23-year-old entertainer was involved in a car accident, his reps confirm exclusively to!

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Chris Brown was in a car accident this afternoon after being ruthlessly pursued by paparazzi. He was in his vehicle by himself headed to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy for a Symphonic Love Foundation event when two vehicles cut him off,” his rep shared.

Chris‘ rep added, “The occupants jumped out, with cameras, and aggressively approached his vehicle. In an effort to remove himself from the situation, he began to back down an alley at which point his was cut off by two additional vehicles. Chris‘ vehicle was totaled due to this agressive pursuit by the paparazzi. He is okay.”

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown filling up his gas in Beverly Hills…

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  • red

    smh can papz chill for like two seconds, they’re gonna get one of themselves killed again like it happened with the bieber car incident, and nobody feels bad for them

  • Jessi

    Oh yeah, poor little Chris Brown, he’s always the victim. Puhleeze! If he’s willing to pull all the crap that he does, she should know that the paparazzi are going to follow him.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Hoping that Chris-icky-douchy-bag-brown had some sense knocked into his extremely ugly head in the accident. He is gross looking, he really is. YUCK. Concerning the accident, the paps have to stop doing this ridiculous chasing down of celebs.

  • sam

    @red: a man lost his life, don’t be so glib.

    And he was not in a car when he was killed, he died crossing the road back to his car. And no one feels bad for the person who died? you think his family feels differently to fangirls??

    I have no sympathy for chris brown – abusers don’t deserve it. (and OF COURSE he was going to a charity event. ha! bullsh*t)

  • Jane

    Wow at some of these disgusting comments on here. I do not care what that young man has done in his past, he DOES NOT DESERVE TO DIE just because some idiots want pictures of him. Some people really need to chill out with their aggressive hatred over people you’ve never even met. It’s absurd. Especially considering what happened with Princess Diana, as well as the young man who lost his life in pursuit of Justin Bieber just weeks ago. THESE ARE PEOPLE, FIRST AND FOREMOST.

  • Me Damnit!!

    @Kay Blood: How old are you like 12?! Grow the hell up!

  • Kelly

    They need to leave that man alone. I don’t even care for him personally… but damn, enough is a enough!

  • OMG!

    @Jane: how about you not use this site as your personal tumblr… no one said he deserves to die. jesus you’re stupid!

    and yes everyone, who cares that he’s an abuser let’s allllll forgive him (rollllllllllls eyes)

  • No name

    This hasn’t even been up for a full hour and already people are bashing him? That’s sad you took time out of your day just to look down in somebody else;somebody you don’t even know. Quite sad

  • wow

    the papz have grammies fever. he should not try to run away from them. just let it happen. it’s his own fault he over reacted and ran into this. why’s he not chillin or thinking a lil. no pity for him.

  • ben

    @wow: what are you talking about??? the papz have no right to trap him or anybody else. are you crazy??? papz also should get some limits. celebrities should not get trapped from strange men with cams, just because they are papz. whats wrong with you?

  • melmel

    JJ, I really enjoy coming to your site because you never write mean or unnecessarily nasty things about celebs. But on the other hand, it really REALLY grosses me out that you treat abusive scum like Chris Brown as a saint.

  • Seth

    What?These paps are dumb.One already died after chasing Bieber,now more paps caused an accident,they could have killed Chris Brown.I know the street is public,but they can’t chase celebrities and cause accidents.I’m not talking only about CB,i’m talking about the children of celebrities too.Imagine if the paps chase a car with children inside,cut off and it suffers an accident…these paps are reckless,irresponsible and should stop stalking people and their kids.
    For the people dissing CB again,what he did in the past is past now.I never judged him,because what happened was between him and Rihanna only.They know what happened there,not us.I’m not even CB and Rihanna’a fan and don’t even listen to their songs,but they’re adults now,so people should stop judging him.If Rihanna is supporting him now,that’s her choice,she knows him better than us.Their fight happened years ago and both already moved on with their lives,and you should leave them alone and move on with your lives too.

  • wow

    @ben: pff. i don’t know what happened there. just 2 people with camera’s approaching a lil fast. he knows what comes with fame. typical hollywood sh*t. doesn’t read like he got trapped. cause he got away. just too heavy running instead of thinking about his surroundings and get outta there in a civil manner. he’s to blame. say what you want.

  • Kita

    Some of these comments are crazy. While I understand that the paps are doing their job. Blocking people in and causing accidents just to get a pictures can be dangerous for all people involved. I wouldn’t want to see a celebrity or a photographer hurt. People should value all life. It doesn’t matter whether you like the person or not, Someone loves them and would be terribly upset if something happened to them.

  • snikop

    @wow: pathetic idiot

  • smh

    smh, i’m glad to know that he’s ok. these paps don’t cae about these celebs but only trying to get a story. ain’t no telling what their real intentions were; probably was trying to cause problems with Chris. if one of them would have gotten hit or something, them or their families would be trying to press chargers or sue when it would’ve been they’re fault but they would see it as chris’s fault. for all the people who only came on here to post negativity, ya’ll need help psychological help). i mean ya’ll act like he did something to you; GET OVER IT

  • Ya

    What does his sweater represent???

  • snikop

    @Kita: finally someone with a brain! I totally agree. All of these hypocrites on her acting like they themselves or their friends or family members never been involved in domestic violence, because chris is the only boy (he was 19) or man that has ever done this right? People need to put this kind of energy into their family n friends relationships instead of strangers that don’t giv a f**k what they think!

  • snikop

    @Ya: A SWEATER!

  • snikop

    @smh: PREACH! All these dumb ass’ s wishing hate on someone that don’t even know they exist!

  • snikop

    @Seth: AMEN!

  • wow

    @snikop: lol. don’t make that up so big. it’s just a phreakin’ lil car accident he caused by himself. the car didn’t even look heavily damaged. he probably crashed with some 20-25 mph. it’s a lil headnod. real sh*t.

  • snikop

    @KOOOOOOOPPPLLLAAAAAAAAA: I’d rather be associated with chris brown than a racist piece of lowlife trash like you anyday!

  • Ange

    wow how stupid are they risking there lives for some pictures is ridiculous… they they at least get a picture of the crash?


    @snikop: @snikop: Well that escalated quickly

  • ya

    Really Jared? You want to be known as the person who defends Chris Brown? Maybe you should go read the report on what he did to Rhianna to refresh your memory.

  • Toni

    Its madness…

    Hope Chris is OK.

  • J

    What movie is this from? Horse sh*t!!!!

  • art question

    Thank God no one got hurt. The papps need to stop being so overeager.
    on to the sweatshirt: I have never seen that picture before that is on his shirt. Who is it by and is it supposed to be Jesus being laid on the slab to get washed before his burial?
    or is it someone else?

  • Mix-Girl

    @red: you are pathetic God help you !

  • Mix-Girl


  • Herry69

    this id-iot is just a piece of t-rd with legs !

  • E.L.Woody

    @Jane: Princess Diana was killed by her drunk driver. Stop falsely blaming the paparazzi and start blaming the person or persons responsible, the driver of the car. Lindsay Lohan blamed the paparazzi for 3 wrecks, before the cops discovered her lies, the same can be said of Rhianna beater, Chris Brown. Get your facts straight.


    So I guess he just HIT the wall;D

    I think it happened here: