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Tom Cruise & Andrea Riseborough: New 'Oblivion' Trailer!

Tom Cruise & Andrea Riseborough: New 'Oblivion' Trailer!

Tom Cruise goes shirtless in the new trailer for his highly anticipated new film Oblivion!

The 50-year-old actor plays a veteran soldier to a distant planet, where he has to destroy the remains of an alien race. The arrival of an unexpected traveler causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission, and himself.

Oblivion, which also stars Andrea Riseborough, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Melissa Leo, will be hitting theaters everywhere on April 19.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new trailer for Tom Cruise’s Oblivion?

“Oblivion” – Trailer
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  • Mari

    This guy really is only able to do ONE type of movie. This is basically the same c.r.a.p. that he has been shooting for the last two decades *snore*.

  • 444

    @Mari: Your a bitch

  • rp3

    TC is a legend

  • Nikki

    he looks good

  • werewolves

    hes makes more money in a day than we do in ten lifetimes

  • Jack

    Tom Cruise is way more believeable in an action film than Brad Pitt, whos a ***** that never does his own stunts because hes afraid he’ll break his nails!

  • Jack

    @Mari: MI4 got rave reviews cunt!

  • chachita

    Love it!, Love him, everything about him!


    Can’t wait to watch this film!

  • awwwww

    I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Lucian

    I am looking forward to seeing the film.

  • Calvin Candie

    I find myself loving every movie he makes. Maybe that is what being a good actor is all about. You forget the person behind the actor and enjoy the movies he plays.

  • noplace

    He is sooooooooooooo hot!

  • erw

    Thanks jared. tom is looking great

  • Tina

    You can’t touch this level of H O T T N E S S

  • Carmen

    Toms swagger, swoon. The man is just too hot.

  • Legend Killer

    Oblivion is going to be a huge hit, i perdict 450-600 mil worldwide

  • Legend Killer

    He got no awards love for his performance in ROA

  • Legend Killer

    Del toro stills want Cruise for at the mountains of madness, hopefully thats his next project.

  • Mighty Max

    Cruise has never sold out and done a commerical, unlike clooney and pitt. Yet he still gets less respect.

  • life saver 45

    Tom is an actor, and I enjoy his acting, I try to keep my personal beliefs (politics and religion) to myself and respect those whose views differ.

  • Mighty Max

    Brad Pitts doing a car commerical what a loser!!!!!!!!!!

  • fast eddie

    vincent the kid

  • Legend Killer

    Reachers already out grossed Moneyball worldwide and only has a 10 mil bigger budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mary mastrantino

    WWZ looks like crap nothing like the book, this looks awesome

  • Luna

    The crazy midget AGAIN…

  • ruth

    this looks awesome

  • B.

    @Mari: Because he’s good at it. Angelina Jolie only does on type of movie too, and she’s damn good at it, just like him.

  • KEM


    The trailer has the TRON visuals (art & cinematography) with Looper and Matrix themes thrown in.

    Def seeing this in IMAX.

  • ness

    the older he gets the more good looking he is, and plus he is an great actor there is no doubt about that.

  • Nicole Kidman

    Tom Cruise does his own stunts. However, in his private life acts as a boy, hides behind his mother and sisters as a cat insecure. Brad, acts like a man. kkkkk.

  • cari

    Yikes. He is the same character with the same expressions in each movie. One trick pony. And the Scientoloweirdo is looking a lot haggard in this one. awwww…midlife crisis much? And to all the TommyGirl lovers…creep out your rabbit holes and explore some real actors and acting. This guy has been a joke since Risky Business. I don’t know if the young ‘uns realize that. His A+ list status is a myth enjoyed by those unaware.

  • reiders

    how is Alist been a myth ?????????? a joke..!!! your a fool…he has been at the top of his game for the past 30 years all the that time he has been A list how actors can say that FOOL..14 OF HIS FILMS HAVE made over 100 mil. is that what you call a myth!!!!! great myth

  • Sincerely concerned

    Mission I. Iii – he is all bugged eye, Jack Reacher – bugged eyed. Previews of Oblivion – bugged eyed. wTF. He would do himself a big favor if he went away for awhile, grew up and re-invented himself.

  • Daretobehonest

    @B.: Meryl Streep gets awards because she has the maturity to dig in and explore out. All this other Tom, Brad, Angilina, Nicole Kidman – No depth to their character. They become stale. U probably could do a version of step ford wives where ( the more recent one with Bette Midler) when they all come home from their “job sites”, they are nothing but a shell of a person, until u find they have subconsciously transformed themselves into mind numb robots. Call the movie Tinsel Town. Now the orchestrator of this is of course making oodles of moulaugh from this diabolical venture. And from his control station he has access via code names and micro chips shot into their bodies. Tom’s code name is “Smokin Joe”. I know nutty, but seriously, these people… Not a life I would want to aspire to.

  • home31

    Love Tom Cruise, this movie looks epic, with a great story, driven by the character’s and the world they live in! The visiuals look out standing, this is going to be a blockbuster and Morgan Freeman is always fantastic too!

  • home31

    Love Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, looking forward to this epic, blockbuster movie! Everything looks fantastic and character driven! Can’t wait!

  • Daretobehonest

    @rp3: I could SO see him in a remake of Bowfinger where he plays the Eddie Murphy role!!! He would nail it. Hopefully it would help him to have some kind of an epiphany

  • Big Fan

    Is this movie based on any of Scientology writer L Ron Hubbard’s writings? It looks like it could be as big as Battlefield Earth. I must have seen that movie 20 times when it came out. I can’t wait for this one, it will be very theta.

  • Daretobehonest

    @Big Fan: That just topped it! Nut job.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Big Fan: the sick thing is they believe it to be true..

  • Carmen

    maverick 1

  • Carmen

    ron kovic

  • Carmen

    top gun 2

  • Carmen


  • Carmen


  • Carmen


  • Carmen


  • Carmen


  • Carmen