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Hayden Christensen: Great Earth Bar Lunch

Hayden Christensen: Great Earth Bar Lunch

Hayden Christensen sports some scruff while heading to the Great Earth Bar for lunch on Friday afternoon (March 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 31-year-old actor is currently in production on a new thriller called The Diplomat.

The film follows junior diplomat Brent Forbes (Christensen), who is thrown into a violent conspiracy when his daughter witnesses the murder of the US Ambassador to Ireland and forces stop at nothing to make sure she never testifies.

The film will also star Connie Nielson, Joseph Fiennes, and Jim Broadbent.

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  • Kay

    This is Hayden? looks diferent to me!

  • grace

    Jared he’s not making that. He’s not even attach and that movie is not even in production. He doesnt have any movie. so not attractive

  • Kate

    That’s our gorgeous guy! He’s so sweet! He will be filming the DIplomat and The Outcasts with Nicolas Cage this year…can’t wait to see him on that big screen! We have a local fan club and when there is a film with Hayden Christensen in it we all go see him several nights in a row…can’t get enough of our favorite! Love you Hayden!!!

  • amy

    @ grace

    According to IMDB Hayden has Outcast in preproduction as well as the Diplomat and Battlecreek in production. He is listed as an actor in all 3 movies on IMDB. It looks like he cut his hair and is keeping the beard trimmed since Outcast filming was delayed until this August. I hope the film gets made. He looks great! Rachel is a lucky lady!

  • sloane

    It’s strange how he’s getting unattractive now. I think the years of smoking, drinking and having a pap calling girlfriend will further add to his frown lines – all were taking a toll.

  • trollhunter

    @sloane: You can tell all that from a long distance grainy photo shot with a footlong telephoto lense. LMAO

  • kaleigh

    Seeing him to do some acting job at this point is like seeing some African countries getting some bit of rain… and that’s definitely rare or more like much ado about nothing at all.

  • jess

    omg! what happened to him? he used to be so hot ..sad to see him look like this

  • lexy hates bilson

    He looks a bit like Rob Kardashian. Nice to see Mr. Bilson aka Mr. Josh Schwartz out and about!

  • Boni

    I love this guy… He looks a little different i think is the hair…He is still with Bilson?

  • yes

    Hayden and Rachel have been together almost 6 years now.

  • Boni

    Really? Ohh my goshhhh long time…

    But they are married, engaged…?

  • mery

    6 years???? Amazingggg and no married yet?

  • Marcia

    Beautiful mannnnnnnnnnn

  • Kenny

    The Diplomat??? The information is correct? And Outcast?

  • drika

    Diplomat??? noo, his new project is Outcast… For The diplomat, not even started filming or finished choosing the cast…Just Jared is actually inside the news .. Beauty! ¬¬’

  • drika

    In fact, this is why he is with this appearance. For Outcast.

  • Kenny

    Thanks Drika…I thought the same….Outcast is his new project

  • Penny

    Hayden? He looks different, but always prettyyyy

  • ryan89

    Yeah I´m not sure Boni, but I think they are engaged.

    Had a break in 2010, but still together

  • ryan89

    Yeah I´m not sure Boni, but I think they are engaged.

    Had a break in 2010, but still together

  • just me

    @ryan89: They are not engaged at all. Why mention her anyway? They broke up two times and he moved away and sold his house. No one know what going on with them. That was not a break she total broke up with him. And he visit there in la when he get ready to come back. She don’t want nobody to know he moved out of her house and sold his. Not together like a couple should be. Rachel don’t want nobody to know she still wants to hang with her ex boyfriend which she don’t mention him like she use to. He still go back and forth like he use too. Cause rachel still hayden to talk to her when he come there. Are have people mention her when he come there.She should have mention that its still not working. Why drag her alone when he come out without her. If a man don’t see me in a month in a half its suppose to be over. Rachel is crazy not to say anything when he take a break from her like that. And for you to say that they are together just because rachel won’t say nothing. The engagement story is false. Something rachel herself made up last year to keep this going. Cause nothing else is going on with her life. Hayden is not her partner and they don’t share nothing. But both are single people and not married. Don’t you think you should rest on this engagement thing and relationship? Its nothing and not going anywhere. Only to promote rachel when you all mention her. You don’t have to mention everytime he alone. He is still single and not looking for marriage. You all believe everything you read on the internet? Why not talk about his work and not rachel. His work is more important than mention a relationship. She got people thinking that he is his partner and he is not. Just because he is not working and don’t want people to think its a booty call. Giving her title that’s not worth giving. Other people that are A- listers deserve that title not her. Someone is always giving her some title. Like she some big thing and she is not. She can’t get a decent movie. He need to stop coming la when all he do is lunch and not working on a movie.He could have went to another place like new york maybe? Hope he get some work beside hang around la doing lunch. And rachel need to own up to things. And stop letting people to believe lies. He moved out her house and put house for sell whey visit there at all. He need to move on from there and rachel need to move on from him too. She can’t get nobody else to be with beside her ex. He haven’t worked in three years and still come to la to visit? And people still think that they are couple.6 years nearly not. Off and on visits yes.Movies have come and gone and he still not working on anything decent. You all trying to keep this relationship alive for rachel need to stop it.He need to stop coming to la doing nothing and she need to own up the fact its still not working and find someone else to be with.He only come there for appearance sake. He don’t owe Rachel nothing for visiting there. She can get out by herself like he does and go somewhere.He was alone and not with rachel ok. Treat it as such. He don’t need rachel to be mention when he be out alone.You suppose to have mention him not her here.

  • sarah

    can i please be rachel??

  • anna

    I love his hair…sexy

  • Meg

    I dont understand why people hate Rachel

    Maybe envyyyy

  • Meg

    Just me you have a problem

  • Robert


    Me too… She is a good girl

  • KC

    Hayden and Rachel started dating around April 2007, were engaged for a year and a half but Rachel broke their engagement in the summer of 2010 for a couple of months. They were back together by late October 2010 and have been together since then. She does not wear a ring, but they are probably engaged and are just keeping it quiet. That way they don’t have pressure about when they are going to get married like they did last time they were engaged. They live together in LA, but go back and forth to Canada together too. She sold her house for 2.2 million dollars, Hayden put his house up for sale right after she sold her’s last October and it is still on the market, they have been seen several times looking for a house together. You don’t sell your house and buy one with someone you don’t plan to settle down with.

    Hope the movie Outcast and the other two get made. That looks like Tove in one of the photos behind Hayden. Rachel has a couple of magazine covers/interviews for March or April on where she talks about Hayden as well as fashion, etc.

  • Robert

    @KC: thanks… You know why rachel broke the engagement?

  • Ryan89

    @just me: Im not agree… Are you telling that they have been 6 years together without love. I dont think so. There are pics naybe 3 weeks ago , they seems happy together, even rachel touches his button a little bit

    Both are rich, young and beautiful… both could be whoever they whised. So maybe they really love each other, dont you think?

    Its true, I dont know if they are engaged or no.. But what wrong with that? Maybe is a secret, maybe dont want, maybe maybe

    I think that this year rachel will be pregnant… So wait

  • matty

    Thanks JJ….I want more pics


  • Minie



  • Gman

    Hey, the little fughly troll (rachel) let him out of the house? Kewl! He’s got on sneakers, if I was him, I’d run back to Canada, now that he’s not shackled to the troll doll, and RUN FOREST RUN!

    And that troll aint come to canada in years lol.

  • Whatever

    @ Gman–Rachel has been to Canada more than you know.

  • Minie

    @Whatever: true

  • Gman

    that rachel has go ZERO talent, ZERO looks, ZERO personality, and zero height. The only reason she got anywhere is cuz she is a Hollywood self proclaimed ‘princess’, bum fughly one that it. Nepatism, roles should go to actresses with REAL talent, not that troll rachel.

  • Belinda

    love this guy… He looks a little different i think is the hair…He is still with Bilson?

  • OttawaGirl

    He’s cute, great he’s getting more movies, if Hollywood was smart they’d line him up for lots of roles since women just adore him. I agree with the people who don’t like Bilson, he can do a lot better. Get a Canadian girl Hayden! One who shares your views on farming :)