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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Sex Scene was Terrifying!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Sex Scene was Terrifying!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler grab a bite to eat at Sugarfish on Tuesday (March 19) in Studio City, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 24-year-old actress and her BFF Ashley Tisdale were spotted heading to the gym together in Hollywood.

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Vanessa recently chatted with Entertainment Tonight about her sex scene with James Franco and Ashley Benson in their upcoming film Spring Breakers.

“It was our first sex scene, which was terrifying,” Vanessa shared.

Vanessa Hudgens – ‘Entertainment Tonight’

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler having sushi together…

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vanessa hudgens spring breakers sex scene was terrifying 01
vanessa hudgens spring breakers sex scene was terrifying 02
vanessa hudgens spring breakers sex scene was terrifying 03
vanessa hudgens spring breakers sex scene was terrifying 04
vanessa hudgens spring breakers sex scene was terrifying 05
vanessa hudgens spring breakers sex scene was terrifying 06
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vanessa hudgens spring breakers sex scene was terrifying 18
vanessa hudgens spring breakers sex scene was terrifying 19

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  • lauren

    i saw a leaked version of it on youtube, i think it was in french idk, but it was more of ashley and vanessa getting it on while james sorta took part in it.
    idk it was just weird.

  • GTFO

    I love how Vanessa always tries to act all innocent and oh my gosh it was terrifying when she is actually getting it in like there’s no tomorrow…

  • reverse cowgirl

    haa….bs…she’s a pro

  • tina

    @lauren: So basically you spoiled it for yourself and felted it was you duty to come here to spoil it for others. Good to see the two of them out and about.

  • JCF

    finally <3 VAUSTIN!

  • JCF

    it was so much better than some other scenes from some other movie we all know… dont you think lauren?

  • JCF

    BTW, it isnt amazing how someone can promote a movie without talking ALL THE TIME about having a se*x scene with an older man / woman?. KUDOS TO VANESSA, ASHLEY AND SELENA!

  • hannah

    they look amazing! i love them.

  • lauren

    i cant tell if your being sarcastic or not,

  • Pattycake

    awwww, Vaustin. ♥

  • lizzzie

    She has a great body. AUSTIN LOOKS HOT

  • uh

    Such a cute couple… They look adorable together.

  • JCF

    are you being sarcastic?

  • Malu

    vaustin looks adorable!! such a humble girl and they are cute. happy with springbreakers success

  • kami

    vanessa is in great shape. i like what she’s wearing.

  • http://deleted/ fern

    he has an amazing relationaship with Vanessa´s family, i bet Vanessa is really enjoying this relationship, probably the first time she has a good boyfriend, her family loves him and his family LOVES HER.

  • yely

    they are in love! i’m so happy for her, he is a great guy.

  • emma

    loving the outfit babyV. This couple is looking amazing and they look very cute together

  • SelenitaQueen

    BOOOOOBS! she looks amazing, Austin is a lucky guy

  • SelenitaQueen

    Vanessa is a classy lady.

  • VEE

    FINALLY NEW VAUSTIN PICTURES!!!! they look amazing. It looks like Austin has finally got a haircut! hahaha he looks so much better. So V was sick and Austin took care of her and the she got him sick! hahaha cantheyjustgetmarried

  • danielle

    she looks really pretty! love the hair like this.. long suits her better

  • freya


    True she had no qualms on posing nude during her teens but having a pseudo sex scene is a problem. What a hypocrite.

  • belle

    cute couple, i’m a sucker for couples with an adorable height difference. i mean, that way, she can wear heels and still have a cute height difference kdfgkdfjhkCUTElkjdfgkjsd lol

  • Zdae

    nessa looks sleazy
    her girlfriend austin looks very pretty though

  • dolle

    there a point or something on going over and over again on the scandal… She has already said she was stupid and she shouldnt have trusted some people, she isn’t exactly ashamed, because it was her private life, but “it sucked”. Why do you still bring that subject when she OBVIOUSLY is talking about her job? i dont get it…

  • Unknown

    Some of you are so stupid. She’s obviously talking that she was uncomfortable because she had to pretend to have sex with 2 people whom she didn’t really know before filming in front of not only the director but in front of some crew members as well. You try doing that & let me know if you felt comfortable. Those pics weren’t meant for the whole world to see hense the reason she got the FBI involved. It happened like 5 years ago. She’s obviously over it. Why can’t you be? I actually find it interesting how people can’t say why they hate her without mentioning her scandal or Austin. That proves that she’s not a hateable person & you’re just looking for a way to hate her. How mature.

  • penelope

    It wasn’t private. She slipped it to an actor who she wasn’t dating. TO get his attention. Then did it again n again to other actors. Several times. She didn’t learn until they were leaked. I’m sure she would still be passing nude photos. It made her known. Now she has the best of both worlds. She can have sex and get paid for it. Well done. High paid prostitute.

  • emma

    @penelope: oh Shut up!

  • VEE

    i bet your are a zanessa fan! hahaha poor thing

  • sandy

    Not a fan of hers in any way. I came on here to see Selena. Grow up. people have opinions. I think it’s sad Selena had to work with such a morally shallow person. She is dopey in a bad way out in public. I can’t wait till they show how sloppy doped up she is when she’s out. Again, Not a fan never have been never will be. She needs therapy. It’s sad the industry favors girls who sleep around and give naked pics of themselves. N get doped up with boys. Pathetic. That’s all young girls have to do to be an actress. No Julliard just tramp urself around.

  • Xo

    Man, there are some idiots in here. Filming a threesome in a pool with a guy and a girl in front of an entire crew is not in any way comparable to her doing something PRIVATE for someone she was dating and having it exploited by some nasty creep.
    Anywhoo, glad to see Austin is looking better. Hope they’re both getting over their sickness.

  • IMO

    Looking good. I liked the interview but as E always does ,the interviwer was trying insinuate that they were exploited without watching the film.. The girls held their own , very professional.

  • V

    Finally Vaustin pics.


    @ sandy, it just goes to show how narrow-minded and shallow you are as a person with your comments. Give you 5 yrs down the road and we’ll see if your opinions differ.
    Some of you posters, your comments are borne from ignorance and self- righteousness. I take it you are teenagers or tweenies the least,

    Love Austin’s new look. He looks a little thinner, his cheeks are more defined, must’ve been the flu. Vanessa looking her gorgeous sexy self.

  • Known

    75% of Hudgens fame consists of her scandal. Then her not so private private life, then her unbearable fashion sense. and last comes the bit of career she has left. If what she’s most famous for wont get mentioned, next to her name, people wont notice her. So mentioning the scandal is unintentional.

  • Xo

    @lauren: Wow, thanks for spoiling that for everyone that actually cares about seeing this movie. That’s very rude.

  • maria

    @sandy: You are pathetic. How does she “sleep around”? Do you even know what that means, little girl? It means having multiple s*x partners and no commitments. She’s had back-to-back long term relationships. That is NOT sleeping around. She did NOT give this pic out to others, and does NOT get doped up. You better watch yourself, spreading lies and making yourself look stupid. FYI, your Selena considers her one of her two most trusted and best friends. I’d say she knows how to judge a good person.

    And Vanessa is looking quite fabulous today. Always love simple clothes that show her figure.

  • BO

    she’s so copying Zac .she says almost exactly the same things in interviews .can’t she come up with her own ?

  • Jasmin

    @lauren@BO: Why do his fans come to the posts of Vanessa?
    You should go to the posts of Zac who is your idol.

  • Jasmin

    @VEE: No She’s a fan of Selena

  • …………………………

    @VEE: youre insane. they’ve only been together for a year. and they don’t even look happy together half of the time. its really just show for the papz. she was with zac for about 5 years, why would she want to get married to this loser after 1?

  • Biebs

    are you saying Selena needs therapy because she is single and sleeping around and sloppy doped up she is when she’s out?
    because V is in a 2 years relationship with her boyfriend, and is usually only spotted going to the gym or the church.
    Also, Vanessa was in one REALLY PUBLIC relationship a couple of years ago, and she is such a classy young lady, really respectful and considered towards her ex (just like him towards her) too bad Sel is really… what did Justin said.. yeah THIRSTY. Even Demi Lovato is dissing her out…

  • lizzzie

    wait… Did she say she really “enjoy having sex in a movie set, and the experience was sublime”? Did she said she LOVES older women or men?

  • Nightwish

    Yely aka pattycake aka malu LOL Anything to spam page one and make it look like pudgie is so followed

  • Xo

    @BO: I didn’t see her unhooking any bras though…

  • lizzzie

    What happened between Selena and Justin?

  • Haters Suck!

    And u care why?

  • Biebs

    Selena was being her usual childish self and Justin called her thirsty

  • BO

    aww , losers trying to find a way around what i said .mmm…did i say pudgie copied ”everything” Zac said in interviews ? nope .then why this blabberings .he he ”she didn’t unhook bras” , so you expect hudgie to be forwarded with a bra unhooking contest just like Zac , who’s a guy ? mmm…accepting hudge’s lesb.ian status by her own fan on her own thread .how many sets of hudge’s l.esbian kissing candids hit the net exactly ? 2 right ? one with a blonde and the other with alexa or some underage brunette .