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Kim Kardashian: Baby Bump in Beverly Hills!

Kim Kardashian: Baby Bump in Beverly Hills!

Kim Kardashian shows off her growing baby bump in a blue pencil skirt while leaving her house for the day on Sunday morning (March 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old pregnant reality star had trouble sleeping the night before.

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“can’t sleep… Annoyed I fell asleep at 7pm,” she tweeted.

The day before, Kim was spotted heading to a nail salon for a manicure and then grabbing lunch with a gal pal.

10+ pics inside of Kim Kardashian leaving her home…

Just Jared on Facebook
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 01
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 02
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 03
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 04
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 05
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 06
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 07
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 08
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 09
kim kardashian baby bump in beverly hills 10

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  • Verity

    More and More she’s looking like Wendy Williams.

  • believe

    She has to learn how to dress her new figure. She is getting what she deserves here with the weight gain. She is so shallow. Everything is about her looks and she looks awful. But I wish her well and to have a safe and easy pregnancy.

  • Emma

    WTF? Can somebody tell her not to wear tight clothes around her belly while pregnant? gosh, hurts my eyes just by looking…

  • Billie

    It must be uncomfortable even for the baby.

  • Manny

    Wow I’m impressed that Sea World finally convinced Shamu to wear a pencil skirt…

  • uh

    can she stop calling the paparazzi? …b*itch does nothing

    and also, i feel sorry for those heals =/

  • Frannie

    Kim needs to learn to embrace her pregnancy instead of fighting it and forget what Kanye wants her to dress in, but to dress for her own comfort and that of the baby as well. Can you imagine how that little peanut in her belly feels all squished in by a pencil skirt and probably Spanx as well. Indulge the flowing type nude colored top worn within the past two weeks….it looked great on her. Even Kim’s face looked joyful instead of in pain. No man is worth it if he is going to dominate you so completely. Be careful, because that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


    SO HOT

  • Louise

    Disgusting! And shame on you, JJ, for continually publishing pictures and articles on a woman who is pregnant with one man’s child while still married to a different man. The morals in the USA are hitting the skids, and it is the Hollywood people who are leading the parade.

  • zoe

    She looks beautiful.

  • Good Lawd!!!

    Do she even look in the mirror before she leaves the house!?

    She has to be the worst dressed pregnant tabloid celebrity out there. With all her undeserved money you would think she would shop at places like Pea In The Pod or other designers. Instead she’s failing in trying to sexy up her pregnancy.

    Let it go Kim Katrashian, you’re pregnant it’s okay to wear the right size fitting clothes.

  • Pattycake

    One wonders how far she will be in the pregnancy before it occurs to her to stop trying to wear pencil skirts.

  • someone

    she wouldnt look so big if she wore regular maternity clothes, she just looks like a lard ass in the skin tight clothes

  • aranka paul

    I haven’t seen her photographed in profile much lately. The paps were probably told to take picks of her up front and not from the sides and the back. I would think that she feels very uncomfortable in clothes this tight, not to mention how horrible she looks. Can her sister Kortney tell her what to wear. She is listening to Kenye and he is bigger idiot than her.

  • Dawn


  • African Girl

    Oh God!!!!!
    Okay she’s got to be doing it on purpose or she has no mirrors at home AND all the people around her hate so much they aren’t truthful.

  • Nancy E. McVey

    what Elizabeth replied I’m surprised that a mother able to get paid $5420 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you read this site…

  • Rebecca

    I hate saying it but thats no pregency weight gain that just weight gain. You do not have to get that wide and big while pregnant.

  • j

    i just threw up in my mouth sick and disgusting tramp

  • LooseLipz

    I can hardly focus on her horrific Fashion when her face is so distorted from all the procedures she’s had. I’m fixated!!!

    Women, please take a good look at what happens when you mess too much with what you were born with.

    Now, as far as her pregnancy….Obviously it’s getting in the way of Kims ‘Product”, her body. All she thinks about and cares about is herself. The way she tweets and poses and flaunts, this baby is nothing but a burden to her and she is not maternal on any level.

  • Janie

    this is an insane look. what is she thinking? she should cut her hair, she has a gorgeous face, to much big everything everywhere. cut the hair and get a stylist to live her a lighter, playful look. this is just awful.

    she’s not one of the skinny stars who can wear skinny clothes, this is just humiliating and creepy.

  • Marie

    I seriously don’t understand why she is wearing the most unflattering clothes during her pregnancy. She looks horrible in the pencil skirts and her little sister’s too small shirts. Pencil skirts have never looked good for a pregnant women because they are not made for it. With all that money and she still cant find a normal stylists? Crazy

  • Shamrock

    Oh Kimmy!! Please for the comfort of you and the lil bambino/a wear cute and comfy clothing. This wardrobe looks WRONG on so many levels. She can look beautiful and radiant in a different style of fashion.

    Kanye should not have entitlement to her everyday wardrobe. Especially, while she is preggers.

    1) that is controlling

    2) he has no idea of what it feels like to carry a lil baby inside that tummy.

    Kim needs to get her new self in gear for the comfort of herself and that sweet precious bundle of joy~


  • Carole

    Pencil skirts hold up the baby pillow.

  • LaCroix

    She looks like she had some injections on her lips again.. her mouth looks weird. For her sake & that baby I hope she’s laying off the botox.

  • UK cool

    Another day another inappropriate outfit. She looks like a blow up doll in that get up. Keep doing your thing Kim. I haven’t laughed this much in years!

  • Smurf

    Omg @ her face.
    Talk about fillers! How irresponsible

  • Penny

    EW. She doesn’t look like herself anymore. The excessive plastic surgery plus the water gain is making her look like a fat plastic doll. Her boobs and her butt look like balloons that are about to explode. No baby bump in sight just hips that get wider by the minute.

  • Ginger

    So much lip injection that she has the frozen duck face now…

  • clay

    Kim is a gorgeous woman. That is why she gets so many comments on her articles. If she was ugly, no one would care.

  • Courtney

    those of you that think Kim is Gorgeous are obviously blind she looks like Elvira most of the time. this woman doesn’t deserve to have children she obviously cares only about herself and will only use that poor child for photo opportunities it will be a spoiled brat lite its mother

  • Fiona

    WTF is happening to her face?! It’s like it’s going through some weird transformation. She almost looks ape-like now. The entire face is just different. And yeah, she’s wide as hel* too.

  • sky

    WHORACULAR!!! poor the fetus…

  • justme

    There are no words anymore for how bad she dresses. Worst celeb pregnancy fashion EVER!!!!!

    And her face, wow, pregnancy or no, it likely too late to stop her morphing into Octomom. She looks like a blow-up doll. Destroyed her face.

  • MyLeNe – Montreal

    Seriously i can’t anymore … GO AWAYYYYYYYYYY selfish Narcissique woman …. =((((

  • Tracy

    Kim doesn’t realize how cute she would be if she wore pregnancy clothes that fit. Stop trying to wear normal clothes you are preggers…embrace it enjoy it you will look and feel better. Lately all the pictures seem to make you to appear very sad.

    Kim is carrying her baby in her hips normal clothes are making her look like she has just gained weight.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Does she look like a freak or is it my imagination?

  • Odessa

    Ugh, so tired of that face she makes. But at this point I doubt she can help it with all of the surgery and procedures she’s had done….

  • Jeannette

    She is getting what she deserves here with the weight gain. She is so shallow. Everything is about her looks and she looks awful. But I wish her well and to have a safe and easy pregnancy.