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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Parisian Pair!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Parisian Pair!

Bradley Cooper and his rumored new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse take in some fresh air on a moonlit stroll on Monday (April 8) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor and his model gal pal were spotted eating dinner that same evening before making their way out and about.

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The next day, Suki wrapped her arms around Bradley while the two headed out on a motorcycle adventure together in the City of Light.

In case you missed it, check out this brand new poster from Bradley‘s upcoming film The Hangover III.

FYI: Bradley is wearing Red Wing Heritage 8114 Iron Rangers.

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  • funny witch

    i like them! this Suki looks like a sweet girl)

  • ann

    You know what makes their age difference even creepier? That she looks so much younger than she really is. I swear she could pass for a 13 year old in that helmet.

  • Hungover and over

    Wow, very nice beard! Don’t care much for his facial hair though.
    She looks like a child to me. Looking at her face, I would’ve guessed she’s 17/18. She’s older than that, I know, but not much older. Very pretty girl, I hope she doesn’t waste her youth on creepy old men. They’ll suck the youth outta ya.

  • Elodieee

    For the life of me… she looks so young she could easily pass as his daughter :-/

  • Roxie

    Thought he wasn’t into much younger girls? She looks like a baby next to him. Run little girl, he’ll suck the life out of you!

  • Dani

    @ann: Agree

  • Jime

    It bothers me when men go for models so much younger. It makes me feel like they’re going through a crisis of can’t handle women their age, but maybe is just jealousy lol

  • mh

    @ann: She does look like a teenager. Creepy.

  • Raina

    Disappointed. Another Hollywood douchebag. Says Jennifer is too young for him then dates a 20year old. Asking a famous guy to not act like a shallow pig is like asking thin ice not to crack.

  • http://esbelana jessi

    porfavor es como que estuviera cometiendo un crimen reconoscamos que tenemos envidia a mi me encantaria ser ella

  • Cee Cee

    Creepy old men?? He’s only 38 not 58! Calm your tits!

  • Suess

    OMG!So creepy!She looks like a child…I’m speechless…this is beyond expectations..What TH is Bradley doing??

  • #13

    He used to date women his own age or older. Midlife crisis or the effect of his great friend, Dicaprio? I agree that it’s not ( just ) the age difference. It’s the fact that she looks incredibly young and could pass as his daughter. JLaw is too young fir him to date but Suki isn’t? I doubt it’s anything serious but it sure looks creepy to see them together!

  • Lana

    She is a bit young but I wish people would stop mentioning the thing about JLaw being young enough to be his daughter. He probably just said that so people would get off his back about it.

  • ace11

    Should be dating Lawrence

  • mvargas

    Cute couple, she looks like Renee Z

  • #15

    @14: Yeah, probably that’s why he said it. But he said it after or just around the time he met this incredibly young girl. That comment backfired when he started dating Suki and whether you like it or not its a valid point. He could have just said that they were just friends with JLaw or something like that. I mean Suki is younger than Jennifer so if course people bring that up.

  • Klara

    Suki Waterhouse? Haha, what a hideous name.

  • AL

    I know this is just a snap shot of their time together, but he looks bored.

  • cmac

    She looks like she’s 12 years old.

  • Dani

    He’s usually so private when it comes to his personal life. It just amazes me that he is allowing himself to be seen with her so soon in their relationship.

  • NYC

    Father/ Daughter.
    He has issues.

  • ???

    I wonder when his good friend Leo will debut his???

  • TRR


    I’m wondering the same thing….

    Supposedly he and Zoe broke up because she was calling the paps. Yet he doesn’t mind being pap’ed with this girl?

  • cinderella

    Im starting to feel old amd Im 26

  • http://@CataliaStarDust Ein

    Interesting that he is showing himself often with this girl. I think it could be one of two: either he is dating her for real (which i don’t think it will last, at all..) and doesn’t give a damn what people think about it or this is another of those poor PR moves that his PR team is making. The thing is, people is basically hating him for it so…i guess his PR (if it’s indeed a PR move) is doing the “any publicity is good publicity” even if is a bad one.

  • kt1124


    Have the same doubt lol.He doesnt care about being photographed with Suki.What happened to him?

  • Wendy

    How do you know he doesn’t care about being photographed? He’s always been photographed with the women he’s with. It doesn’t mean he likes it.

  • oblivion

    What this man does is none of our businesses

  • Jade

    No one’s privacy should be violated, regardless if they are fameous or not

  • http://P wtf

    Is he still with her? I can’t believe it. That is so embarrassing. In fact he looks really embarrassed in the pictures. She looks like a child. Are all HW actors this creepy? How’s he gonna explain this on his next star turn on the HS show? And on all the other shows he’ll have to go on to promote Hangover III? What a total idiot! He’s definately lost a lot of goodwill because of this. It’s just plain creepy. I think the success of SLP has gone to his head and he thinks it’s ok to behave like a complete douche. Doesn’t he harp on about being friends with Robert De Niro? Well let’s hope Mr D slaps some sense into him when they meet up.

  • Red

    wonder if she calls him daddy.. or Professor Cooper.

  • http://P wtf

    @ Red

    Why do I think he would mind her calling him daddy? Ewww.


    note to middle aged men : please only date (adult) ladys in your own age range.
    otherwise you all just seem creepy.

  • blunt talker

    Hollywood has been youth oriented. The younger gal is probably not looking to settle down as would be most women his age. Mel Gibson had a very much younger woman after his marriage broke up. Michael Douglas is about 25 years older than Catherine and they are still together. Leo Dicaprio has always dated women who much younger than himself. Hollywood leading men who bring in big box office are going to stay on top of the game. This is Mr. Cooper’s private business. Most mothers would rather their daughter marry a rich 38 year old than a poor 38 year old. My point is Hollywood runs on and profits from the youth culture, Bradley is not ready for the old folks’ home or sitting in a rocking chair. He’s not doing anything different than most leading men have done and will continue to do. When he decides to take up with the old ladies in Hollywood, he can do this to.

  • siennagold

    She looks like a kid sister next to him.

  • Suess

    @Dani: I 100% agree with’s really weird that after only 1 month since he met her in London, he already want to show their relationship to the world..very very weird, especially because he’s a very private man…something doesn’t work here..

  • http://P Ewww

    @blunt talker

    So basically you’re saying most mothers would be happy for their daughters to marry creeps as long as he’s a rich creeps. Right. Your opinion – shallow and disgusting much?

  • Juicy Lucy

    Just because a 38 year old man can date a girl of 20 DOESN’T MEAN HE SHOULD. Face it, he has serious issues when it comes to women.

  • jett

    @Suess: Find it weird too. It is like suddenly he decided to trumpet his relationship to the world while he emphasized the importance of privicy previously

  • http://P Ewww

    I think he’s just completely lost the plot since the Oscar nomination. He thinks he can do anything he likes.

  • Dani

    @Wendy: I think he’s usually waited to be photographed with them, though. Was he always photographed with women after only a couple of months of dating?

  • Dani

    @Ewww: Well, he CAN do whatever he likes. LOL It’s just that this move doesn’t make him look all that great.

  • Dani

    I agree that Howard Stern will probably give him a hard time if he does that show in the near future. I hate to get off topic, but if Zoe(or her people) calling the paps to photograph her and Bradley was the reason for their breakup late last year, then what was the reason for their breakup early last year?

  • TRR


    She wanted more than casual sex.

  • Dani

    @TRR: How do you know?

  • TRR

    @Dani: An insider. Same person/source that said she was calling the paps. Also, it was in the tabloids that he didn’t want a relationship.

  • Dani

    I don’t know about the “insider”, but supermarket tabloids aren’t always right. I think it was the National Enquirer that said they were engaged or about to get engaged. There was also a quote in UsWeekly(don’t know how reliable they are either) from a “source” close to her that said something along the lines of she wasn’t bothered by the breakup(the first one) because the relationship wasn’t that serious anyway. And, if he didn’t want a relationship, why would he bother introducing her to his mom?

  • TRR


    The insider I’m referring to isn’t from the tabloids….
    The tabloids claim they broke up the first time because he did not want a relationship. The HW insider I’m talking about, confirmed that but gave much more details.

    He had said he introduces every woman to his mom. So I wouldn’t read too much into it when he does.

  • JK

    @TRR: based on his past records in dating, he definately has problem in this department. We may get to know the truth one day……..haha