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Kristen Stewart: 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Sequel Set for 2015!

Kristen Stewart: 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Sequel Set for 2015!

Kristen Stewart will be officially returning to the big screen to reprise her role as the fairest one of all in the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman!

Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson confirmed the news during the studio’s presentation at CinemaCon on Tuesday (April 16).

Kristen previously confirmed her involvement with the film while the original film’s director Rupert Sanders will not be returning after the behind the scenes drama with his leading lady went public last year.

No word yet on which other cast members are returning.

ARE YOU EXCITED for the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman?

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  • Lea

    TRAMPIRE ant the huntsman

  • Jane

    Why not changing the “leading lady” instead of the director. She’s not the greatest actress anyway…

  • LaCroix

    There isn’t any story left for Snow White. Horrible acting & over acting in this film by everyone. Bad idea. I won’t watch this crap.

  • R

    2015??!! you mean NEVER! hahahahah

  • lola-c

    It’s not fair that one loses their job and not the other. And let’s be honest, the only good thing about that movie was the visuals that came from the director.

  • katia

    a sequel? really? why…..? this movie was terrible!

  • TRUE

    LOL it’ll be an epic fail! hahahaha :D this producer is so dumb! lol :)

  • K

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yesiam

    This is going to be a disaster, but the studio only cares about $.

  • Rupert Sanders

    the movie sucked besides Thor

  • Lauren

    This is Kristen Stewart’s acting career. To think people were outraged at talk that she would be the one replaced. Turns out she made her lover the bad guy. Now she moves on o the next!

  • Simon

    Overrated and poorly written movie. I wouldn’t mind a sequel, and I wouldn’t even mind Kristen Stewart coming back, but only if they got better writers.

  • Ehh…


    That’s what I thought they would end up doing. Sadly, she’s still consider popular amongst the Twihards.

  • yesiam

    I know business is business, but I don’t know why Kristen would even consider coming back to the franchise that’s attached to whatever happened back in July because it is going to re-hatch everything whether she wants it or not. Why put yourself in that position? I don’t think it’s worth it. I honestly think she should move on to other projects and let this one rest.

  • LOL

    A late April’s Fool Joke….Uhm without Charlize Theron this movie will be utter rubbish and by 2015 who will even care!

  • funny witch

    They better make sure that next director is female… O_o

  • Alvi

    the reason snow white and huntsmen did great in the box office because of Kristen Stewart. Kristen is a great actress why will they’re replacing her when people adore her, look up to her because she the first women in Hollywood who admit she made a mistake who else have done that no one. she real person and I love snow white and cant wait for it. if you don’t like her don’t watch and stopping commenting .remember if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything,

  • the past is the past

    @yesiam: if people are still going on about what happend last summer by 2015, i’d be worried about those people e.g. you don’t hear people still going on about about how claire danes destroyed a relationship or how britney spears broke up a family when she started dating Kevin Federline.

    you can’t change the past, you can only learn from it.

  • Olivia

    Yay, happy! Go Kristen. Screw the begrudgers who live to spew crap on comment sections. It’s the same few people posting over and over again. They keep making her relevant by talking about her SO much! Also, if people think Kristen is SO bad, why did they even see SWATH? And don’t say because of Charlize, she is no box office queen so not accepting that people go to watch her movies all of the time.

  • Vera

    I love the people inferring that any male director will fall for Kristen. Such a compliment. She is a beautiful girl :)

  • Tina

    WOOOOHOOO! Amazing how the snivelling twats are SO consumed with Kristen and anything to do with her life.

    It KILLS them that Kristen isn’t ‘ruined’ which is what they insisted last July. Karma is a bitch :D

  • luna

    @Olivia: i love kristen but to be honest charlize was the queen of acting on SWATH but sure bc of kristen this movie been hit on box office but im glad she is coming back, im sure without her the movie will be real flop bc she has many fans from twilight so its nice and its smart from the new director

  • Rachel

    Shipping Snow and the huntsman!!!

  • LOL

    @Vera: you mean she is sl!t and easy girl sleeping around with very director what a compliment HAHAHA

  • shelia

    wtf? How old are these Kstew stans here? Twelve? I watched Swath because of Chris H. He was huge factor with Charlize. Stop being so delusional.

  • Rose

    If I were the other actors I would plead with my agents to get me out of it. That would be an uncomfortable situation. It’s like “Hey guys, I fooled around with our old boss, but it’s all good now…” This has hot mess written all over it.

  • DMac

    I don’t think she is that bad of an actress, however, in this movie she was a major miscast. Her accent was awful and she didn’t bring anything to her character to make her standout. She just okay in this role and Snow White needs to stand out.

  • Jo


    what? her accent was perfect.

  • Mel


    He wasn’t their ‘boss’ obviously or he would be back. They were on their private time when that happened and the work was done, out there and very successful. If they weren’t famous there would have been zero fuss over it. The other actors clearly don’t care about the personal drama seeing as they signed up for it when neither had to as they have other projects on the go. The reason there is a sequel is because it was very successful, and Kristen was a big part of it, any way you tie it up.

    Relax kiddies, nobody says you have to see it. It’s happening, whether you like it or not :)

  • TinyPixie

    It will be a guaranteed flop since the first one was so universally disliked and only did modest business. And a big flop attached to her name (instead of minor indie flops) will be worse for Stewart’s career than any cheating scandal. Hollywood is about money after all.

  • faithful

    When did JJ become the we hate Kristen site. You people are poor, ugly losers. Kristen is a beautiful, rich winner with pretty nice boyfriend. Get a life losers.

  • Cece

    She made a mistake, owned up to it as well. I’m sure every poster here has made a mistake and wouldn’t want it to be held over their heads.

  • sweety

    She is a bad actor! I don’t care abou Rob Patt… she IS BAD AND LAME!!!

  • aquarius64

    @yesiam: I know. It’s like going back to the scene of the crime. Dollar bet the director’s wife for this film is going to watch her like a hawk.

  • L

    LMAO the jokes write themselves. HOMEWRECKER FO’ LIFE

  • Dirty Dwarf

    Meth White and the 7 lesbians! Can’t wait for this sequel!

  • dani


    What do you mean the first one did only modest business? It did over $400 million dollars world wide in ticket sales and close to $30k in the US alone for DVD sales. It cost (depending on which chart you read) between $100-170 million to make. Hardly a modest return, hardly a failure.

  • jen

    You know, if you don’t like a certain actor/actress then don’t go watch their movie or even read about them. Why spread negativity and say such vile words about someone you don’t know. She’s not the greatest actress in twilight yes, SWATh was decent but I’ve also seen her in her earlier work like Safety of Objects, Panic ROom and Speak and she was pretty good in those films, It could be the material or maybe she was just more motivated but point is she can act and still has the potential to improve. And with all the haters or those who claim they are not haters but are so negative you also have the potential to improve your character by trying to be kinder towards people. I don’t like Tom Cruise or Jennifer Aniston so I just don’t look them up or read anything about them and not watch their movies that’s it. I don’t go to their threads and bash them. People, there are too many hate out in the world it starts with words that can end up in actions look at what’s happening around.. Boston, North Korea etc…

  • tammy

    Kstew is a shameless cheater and a pathetic actress.

  • Tracy

    @shelia: Totally agree. Kristen was terrible including her other movies. Her accent in this movie was the worst. Why in the heck are they bringing her back? I won’t be watching it that is for sure it was a terrible movie.

    Nice job reminding everyone of the cheating scandal last July, people we never forget and this is going to bring it up all over again.

  • Tracy

    @faithful: Not the hate site for Kristen…we just to think flowers grow out of her ass like the rest of you guys. We call it like we see it, she is a terrible actress that is all.

  • katie

    i’m surprised this sequel got a green light. almost everyone i knew who watched it said the first movie was disappointing. who the hell would put money into this project?

  • Mmmm…

    The only reason SWATH became a hit was because of Chris Hemsworth & Charlize Theron.

    Kristen Stewart was just average in her role, she just can’t seem to be versatile with her acting range, just the same style over & over again.

    The film will have to have other strong actors to carry the film otherwise with just Kristen & lesser known actors it will flop.

    I really hope Chris Hemsworth returns as he was the best part of the movie.

  • http://yahoo boycott

    Down with Cheaters ! Boycott SWATH 2 !
    Kristen Stewart is no Snow White she is an Adultress

  • http://NoTwitterAccount Juliette

    I am overjoyed for all the Kristen Stewart Fanbase and myself, just a pity so many people are still stuck in 2012, it must be so difficult for them, this young Lady has a CULT FOLLOWING and we are here to stray, not matter what other people say, LOVE TO KRISTEN STEWART AND ROBERT PATTINSON

  • lenajes

    He loved the first swath1 and I know now that I can look forward to swath2. It is super, super, super. We’ll see Kristen in the sequel. I’m happy. Honestly, if the second just about ChrisH., that I did not go see it.

  • gary

    We love Kristen, I love the message continues snow white. Kristen is the queen, wow, not just in a fairy tale!

  • mmm

    Offensive comments for Kristen says a lot about the people who wrote it.
    Kristen Stewart is a unique person in contemporary Hollywood.
    If it hurts so much, why go to the article, why comment? You have so much too envy of her, that evil in you dangerous.!
    We love you Kristen, we are looking forward very much to your new movies and congratulations.

  • guest4114

    oh dear….

  • Marsha

    Soooo happy about this!!! Well, I will be when I hear that Chris will be coming back as well. Also SO GLAD the dirt bag Rupert will NOT be coming back. I just don’t understand how some of you are still harder on Kristen. did she F’up? yes.. was it as bad as what he did? NO!!! A. He was MARRIED B. He has CHILDREN C. He is old enough to know better!!! WAY to old to be pulling crap like that!