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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: Divorce Officially Settled

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: Divorce Officially Settled

Kim Kardashian leaves her home en route for the courthouse on Friday (April 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

A judge announced this morning that the 32-year-old pregnant reality star and her ex Kris Humphries had settled their divorce case, TMZ reports.

Kris reportedly did not want to miss any Brooklyn Nets practices or games, so he was not present at court.

The judge has revealed that the case is officially settled, but no details will be disclosed. Apparently, Kris will get no money from Kim, his wish to have the marriage annulled was denied, and they will each pay their own attorney fees.

The judge also said to Kim afterwards, “Congratulations on your dissolution.”

“Couldn’t be happier!” Kris tweeted late last night after the papers were reportedly signed.

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  • Steph

    Wtf happened to her mouth

  • lina

    He should drag out the divorce so the bitch could feel ashamed.

  • M

    I hope that means he got the annulment he wanted and deserved!

  • wow

    what happened to her face..and further more where’s the baby daddy?
    no where to be seen lately?

  • NYC

    here comes the monkey

  • what a sham!

    He should have been granted an annulment! Kartrashan dragged it out and everyone know it was a sham and Kartrashan money attention grab! He should get half of what they earned as a engaged & married couple at that time. I hope he appeals or don’t sign the decree.

  • Meela

    OMG her face looks dreadful! I guess money can’t buy brains, self-esteem or a good plastic surgeon.

  • mrst

    Congrats, Kim!!! God bless Kimye!!!

  • Klara

    She totally f ked up her face with surgery. She looked fine before!

  • Ann

    Good. Even his lawyer thought he didn’t have a case. Kris proved himself to be a MAJOR douchebag on the show and I’m glad he gets shit out of it. He’s the one that proposed, not Kim. He did it willingly. And he dragged this out way too long. Bye bye Hum-dumb!

  • Dee

    I love how she thinks she looks so fashionable. Instead she looks like a washed up whale.


    @lina: LOL i am so happy kris did not let kim get out of this marriage so fast lmfao i mean he stuck it out a year and a half,and i love it! GOOD FOR YOU KRIS. we knew at a trial KIM K would have not admit to being involve with a FRAUD.
    like this farce of 1 month marriage or 2 and a 1/2 month.shame on her.
    it show why she is not respected,not talent,just rich money $ but without a TRUE LOVE from a GREAT GUY your doom kim. and now we know that KANYE,WHO GOT KIM KNOCKED UP,PREGO WHILE SHE still married we know HE HAS NOT BEEN AROUND KIM IN PHOTOGRAPHS,or around her period! for only just EIGHTEEN DAYS!

    kim will NEVER in her 30s way older,so we will all see how it go.
    I doubt kanye will marry kim k,and or if so?will end in a year or less.
    Kanye has NOT deny reportedly with a chick back and forth i forget her name that went public,just WEEK AGO and KIM K is “Sad”to hear it
    she say IF true,
    but yet what are you doing?Getting prego with KANYE few months
    AFTER your dumping kris,etc. and just nasty and i am glad KRIS H
    did NOT! GIVE IN,nor take her kash when offer to him,WAY TO GO KRIS YOU SHOWING HER YOUR NOT ABLE TO TREAT”A GREAT”guy
    like CRAP,and think your getting off easy.good thing…Tired of the K family..No talent all money from $ reality tv,no talent,and NEVER hear about her donating to a charity for a great cause regularly.sad how they are. i am sick of them,and can’t wait till we hear no more of any
    of the Kardashian clan. The TALLER ONE KHLOE seem the most real
    and down to earth,so may god bless her.only khloe.



  • Anna


    LOL…i would tell you but Jared would have my post under moderation ;)

  • Marie

    Remember Kim, what goes around comes around.

  • kylie

    She looks horrible. What is up with her face? It looks like she went overboard with the fillers….or is it because of pregnancy hormones? Hard to believe that someone would intentionally do that to their face.

  • SunnyAutumn

    SKANK H*E.

  • Susan

    What is up with Kims face? Pregnancy just hasn’t been kind to her.

  • Cece

    Glad he’s done with her. Does anyone else think that a side deal was made?

    I think this family is one of the worst things to happen to the U.S. – I truly hope that the rest of the world does not think that they represent a single thing about the U.S.

  • Steph

    @Anna: ahahah true

  • Erin

    @Klara: she’s PREGNANT! her face is swollen but she still looks pretty.

  • harlow

    Finally Kim can begin the new chapter of her life peacefully!

  • Meg

    @M: He didn’t.

  • Meg

    I’m not surprised that the starstruck judge let the short, fat, midget s l v t have her way; perhaps he was paid off.

  • SunnyAutumn

    She looks old. Judging from her mom’s wrinkly, loose neck, Kim is not going to age well, either.

  • Justme

    Her face is just awful!!! She looks like a ventroloquist’s dummy, it looks unreal This is honestly the worse she has ever looked in the face, horrible. And she did this to herself, she WANTED this?!!

    I smell a payola…maybe Kris is on hush-orders to not say anyting but he could have made the K-empire crash and they knew it, something tells me he caved.

  • kylie

    The Kardashians are worth a lot of money..they most likely cut Kris Humphries a check to settle this and go away.

  • miapocca

    This woman is stupid and arrogant, the only one person foolish enough to marry her and overlook her shit..she trreated like the crap

    right now she is human sperm trash can and might as well remiain an aimless talentless single mother

    who wants to live with 4ft high and 6ft wide drum, with a plastic face at age 32…

    Wishing Kris all the best and hopefully this was a lesson on how to weed the hos from the real women

  • Shazzer

    What? No ice cream in her fat paw? Look at other pregnant celebs, this chick is just FAT. Gross. It’s gross. I looked up old photos of her and in 2006 she was proportional and beautiful. She looks like a camel/horse now. So sad.

  • Shazzer

    @kylie: she looks nothing like other pregnant stars. She’s disgusting. She puts it out there, too, so she needs to quit whining when we pick on her. Imagine being her? Renowned for being a slut? Sad.

  • Courtney

    the tabloids are saying she’s gained nearly 100lbs at 6 months pregnant which puts both her and baby at risk for complications and possible death while she claims to have gained about 30lbs which would bring her to 149 if she was her normal 119 when she became pregnant last fall but she seems to be closer to 170 and she seems like the type that would be prone to small babies as in below 6lb at birth unlike Eva Marie Saint whos children weighed 8lbs 12oz and 9lbs 10oz at birth and that was in the mid-late 1950′s when the average birth weight for a full-term baby was 5lbs 8oz

  • DailyNightly

    I’m beginning to wonder if this whole divorce drama was as staged as the marriage. I think if Kris was really intent on making her ‘fess up on the fakery, he would have shown up. They probably did cut him a check a long time ago to make sure he played along.

  • Mamie

    If you actually watched the show, you’d know what a self centered obnoxious jerk Kris is. He put Kim through all of this just to be spiteful. In the end, he didn’t even show up for the trial. Kim made a mistake marrying him and she left him and his ego couldn’t take it. Other marriages have been shorter than theirs and ended without this nonsense of a trial.

  • miapocca


    boy its easy to pick out a narcissist based on this thread…

  • SAM

    So happy for Kim. He could not show his face in court twice, what a loser. Nice you realized that 1) You Pre-nup is just as valid as your NBA contract 2) at one point you were in litigation three of the women you dated. What a darling- a darling a**.

  • SAM


    You and I are the only ones who get it. He could not show his face because he had no shot at all. He is a two faced jerk who said one thing and then objected to his wife not acting like a groupie- following him around like a bi##h

  • Ashlee

    disgusting! she looks like sht she was ugly before but even more now, ugly fat cow

  • Tracy

    @Ann: I have to say I totally agree with you. I was at first on Kris’ side until he showed his true colors by dragging this divorce out. It was clearly for money and fame and nothing else. His old gf even said she could not believe he was dating Kim ,after he use to talk trash about her and her entire family. She even said he use to make fun at her for watching the showw and talked about Kim in particular. So if it was fraud he was the one doing the fraud, and he got just what he deserved NOTHING!

  • Tracy

    You guys are so crazy and mean. Kim is pregnant there is nothing wrong with her face. Kim must be having a girl because a girl takes your beauty even though Kim is still very pretty, her face just looks swollen from her pregnancy. Let’s see what you guys look like when you are expecting.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks something wonky is happening with her face. As for the dress, it’s a pretty one and probably the most modest thing she has EVER worn. But seriously, who wears a cocktail dress to court. OY!

  • Louise

    Kris Humphries was deserving of a very large financial settlement for the embarrassment of the marriage sham. Shame on Kim! It will be interesting to see where the Kanye relationship goes.

  • Cindy

    Omg she looks awful. She is trying to make up for looking like a whale by doing stuff to her face, fillers, botox, injections etc. She is a joke.

  • nes

    Why get married in the first place, if you do not love the other person.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Big fat super-ugly toad. She is not a glowing beautiful pregnant woman – she is fugly!

  • Laura

    Holy Sh•t the return of free willy!! I new that she was ugly but this well she looks beyond words and pregnancy is not being nice to her either. Karma is a bitch.