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Ian Somerhalder: Happy May 1!

Ian Somerhalder: Happy May 1!

Ian Somerhalder heads out and about and hops into a limo on the gorgeous Spring day on Wednesday (May 1) in New York City.

“Happy May 1st world, time is flying-hope you’re having fun” the 34-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor tweeted earlier that day.

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“Wondering dark&quiet NY streets solo,reminiscing about times past,youth&pondering life.NYC does that-quite an existential moment for Ian…” Ian wrote in the early hours of the morning. “Good night beautiful world…” he added a bit later.

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  • jeanie

    surprise suprise, another hat to cover up that hairline/what’s left of it

  • Kyla

    Hottest man alive <3

  • Loiuy

    Nice guns! Ian Somerhalder is fine for sure. FĂșck yeah, I want to give him head.

  • isha

    Ian always used to wear hats..why should he stop wearing them..and if his older pictures are seen his hair was always like that ..and he’s always worn the hat&even if he does so what,..he has lots of things to worry about other than his well combed hair&clothes..he’s on the road coming from the airport not going to a movie premiere or not acting in a movie at the tie…and HE looks gorgeous with his hat..keep wearing the hat Ian!we’ll miss them if u don’t ,

  • Maria

    I aggree with you! He is perfect with or without the hats! He has a lot of stuff on his mind with ISF Ryot and the conventions, and he does his best at everything! The last thing he would care is the perfect hair or clothes!
    Keep the great work Ian!

  • amy

    Yeah I’d be saying “good night you beautiful world” too if I had his life. He should thank all the fans of TVD’s because he does have a GREAT LIFE now. TVD’s is a really good show and Ian is really good looking. But, sorry to say I seen the trailor for that movie he’s in. OMGGGGGG I didn’t realize how much his looks play for me liking him. Because the movie he’s in is so bad it’s funny in a pathetic way. I’ll watch him on the cw but that’s it dude. It was funny to read comments where people were calling him 007. People seriously?


    It’s so obvious he and Nina Dobrev have a deal with this website. Anytime they do anything, it gets posted on here. It makes no sense they’re posted so often given they’re middling actors on a mediocre CW show. Him and her have become such famewhores in recent years. It’s pathetic.

  • Maria

    we can’t judge something we haven’t seen the whole. Trailers are one thing movies are an other. And this one is an online film for something very close to his heart – energy and enviroment. I believe that a number of fans are used to watching him as Damon only and find hard to see him and apprieciate him as an other character. This and of course it’s the matter of everyones taste in a movie film etc. We can’t all like the same thing. I myself liked the trailer, the song, Ian, and the idea behind the film – other didn’t- so what?
    And i believe he does thank his fans otherwise he wouldn’t spend the summer at so many convention – these are for fans shake. He could do nothing or better yet he could take a vacation cause this year he has work very much with long hours of shooting + ISF + Ryot + many other projects for the enviroment.

  • yea

    colin egglesfield is christian gray

  • Ina

    What a gorgeous man!

  • Ina

    And he’s a great actor too! Beautiful AND talented/smart! :))

  • Sasha

    i wish him all the best with his new movie! he should rock the screen !!

  • mbl

    I like him very much as an actor, and I think he seems like a nice person.

  • amy

    @Maria: I didn’t mean it in a bad way. Ian is a hottie and I like that. But come on people don’t watch Ian to see him act. As for the online film I can’t imagine seriously watching it expecting great acting. It’s not a cut up to Ian because he started out as a model so he knows his acting ability is limited. He’s great on shows like TVD’s. Who knows maybe when VD is over he can be on the Originals.

  • Sasha

    Ian has few great art house movies with awards in the past, they are just not commercial they were shown only on film fests
    You are talking about TimeFramed BUT it isn’t a movie. It is entertaining charity short film with actors who are eco oriented and produced by Ian. Don’t expect something deep from the product which is made as promotion for eco projects and fun!

  • Maria

    I respect your opinion. There are people who watch him for his face, there are people who watch him for the way he embodies Damon, and there are people who watch and respect him for the his environmentel actions. Yes he did begin as a model and he continued as an actor as many others did.
    Personally i really like him as Damon, i liked him in Pulse, Marco Polo – and i maybe the only person who has not seen lost (too confusing for me). But the thing i like at him the most is that he gives his whole heart at his foundation. Sometimes i believe that he will take that road. Being an activist etc. From his interviews i can get that he is a really smart person and knows his anwers and facts. Anyway that is just my opinion.
    Sorry for any spelling mistakes, i from Greece so english is not my first language.
    Wish you all the best.

  • Elisa

    So much hate here ! You haters are pathetic !
    He’s a wonderful human being, he didn’t wait he was famous to help animals and the environment.

    He’s GORGEOUS, smart, kind and a really good actor.

  • Maria

    Amy you should see him in The sensation of sight. I loved him there.

  • amy

    @Sasha, I didn’t know it was for charity. That’s really nice of Ian. @Maria, your English is excellent. I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful to Ian because I really like him as Damon. I don’t know much about his foundation. He sounds like a GREAT guy who truly appreciates his life, fans and his work. I look forward to seeing him on TVD’s and I will look up about his foundation.

  • ash

    he’s fantastic. men who love animals and nature are the best.

  • Maria

    For some reason i can’t give a direct answer to your comment (really hate my computer sometimes). Look up for his foundation (right now he wants to build and animal sanctuary for abused animals as well as a place were children who are bullies will be given the right guidance to life) and also check RYOT. Its a site (he is co founder with Sophia Bush, Bryn Mooser) where you can take action for the news with sharing them or donate.
    He does a lot of charity work and gives most off his free time there. He is good looking and most people stay there, but if you listen to him he has a lot to say!
    Take care :) Wish you a happy month!

  • amy

    @Maria, Thanks so much. Cheers :)

  • lisi

    I thought he was beautiful when he was younger and on LOST.
    you guys only seem to know him from TVD so you have nothing to compare to. if u only see how he looked back then u would not think he looks good now.
    he’s not aging well at all.

  • lilu

    He’s aging just fine. He stopped being pretty boy and grew up into a dashing man! He has charm, good looks, amazing personality and most important brains! The man may be do not have the best career but at least he did some serious movies, live theatre, full screen movie with a leading role in it. He build his foundation out of nothing and made it wok less than in two years.
    Stop searching for a teen boy in him or fulfill your own wishes through his life.Stop bitching on him just because he is not cheesy teen or lovesick puppy as most of you want him to see in off screen fake Delena.
    He is grown up, ambitious, successful man, beautiful inside out and very talented. Let him be!

  • Emmy

    LOVE Ian, wonderful actor and wonderful human being. It takes more than a pretty face for me to find an actor interesting. I remember Ian from Lost, just started watching TVD… He’s so talented and gives so much of himself to everything he does. I’d love to see him get the Christian Grey role, but if not, there are other big things headed his way.

  • Elisa

    @Lisi : I’ve known him in Lost, and I think lot of us did.
    He’s aging SO well.

  • isha

    Even if “Time Framed” looks bad to some people,there will be a lot of people who will watch the movie,It is not the first time that Ian has acted in movies,there were lots of them..he was famous much before TVD,he had a different fan following for LOST tv series,they don’t follow TVD,it’s not like TVD fans are his only supporters..He was in several movies,nobody becomes a mega movie star over night,so many people struggle for years..Anyway point is that Ian is a great,talented guy..and good luck to him for everything!! I just cannot understand why people have the tendency to say negative things…about celebrities,everyone has feelings&are capable of being hurt&it’s damaging to anyone’s self esteem when hurtful,discouraging things are said,critics&gossip columns are already being written about them,but we as readers can refrain from saying discouraging things if we dislike a particular celebrity we do not have to vent out venom at them,simply don’t read about who you do not like..As for me,I love Ian&i’ read articles on him&if anyone writes things that would hurt him,I will comment&speak for him..

  • Isabella

    @isha: Great post, totally agree with you! Ian is so awesome and I have so much respect for him! And those of you who are bashing him…grow up, you are just jealous!

    He has been working out! Yum <3

  • Maria

    Hello Isha!! I aggree with you 100%! Ian is such a great person! He has a great funbase pro TVD and there is a great amount of people that respect him for his enviromental work!
    Personally as i said before i think Ian is such a talented and gifted person and i love watching him everywhere. His interviews are great, so smart and he is a person with such a vision!
    I really don’t know what with all this negativity sometimes..People are so easy to judge and write mean things…Why on earth when you don’t like a person for your own personal reasons you have to spread hate is beyond me… ”Do not judge lest you be judged”..Just ignore if you don’t like. As you said they are human beings too…
    Anyway as i told you again it’s really nice to see a person like you that has always a sweet thing to say!

  • kelisa

    I agree with the last tree comments. ian has so many different typs of fan and a few haters tere.
    I don’t understand some hater’s feeling but i’m sure having haters means that his popularity has grown bigger.
    i love ian and support him

  • guest

    I can tell you from meeting him already that he is one of the nicest guys ever! So sweet! And I can’t wait until he finally moves his behind back home to Louisiana and gets the sanctuary up and running so I can go volunteer. I’ve waited for someone to do something like he’s doing for a very long time! He’s awesome!

  • Renate

    Yeah Ian rocks :)