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Kevin Zegers: Let's Not Act Shocked by Amanda Bynes

Kevin Zegers: Let's Not Act Shocked by Amanda Bynes

Kevin Zegers took to Twitter on Sunday (June 2) to address his feelings about Amanda Bynes.

“Food for thought,” the 28-year-old actor tweeted with the post.

Amanda Bynes. Everyone is talking about Amanda Bynes,” Kevin wrote. “Debating whether she’s a drug addict, crazy or both. I’ve found myself strangely uncomfortable as people snipe around me. Maybe it’s pity, understanding, discomfort. Not Sure. But it has brought to light something of which I am aware. It’s a razor thin line between the top and the bottom.”

He added, “I don’t think anyone cares about the wattage of Bynes star. Or Lohan. Or Spears. What really interests people is the collapse. The free fall from adored to scorned. From beloved, to bat shit crazy. From dimpled starry eyed kid, to shaven headed rambling maniac. And people love it. They eat it up.”

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“I don’t claim to have suffered from nearly the amount of childhood success as Bynes. Nor the amount of attention. But I do find myself watching the person implode with a certain amount of familiarity. My head cocks as I see it all happening.

This is not a diatribe about child actors. I can’t be bothered to wait and winge about how hard it is to be famous as a child. About the trials of never being ‘normal’ or having the define yourself later in life because your identity was never defined as a child.

What I will say is that the rock weighs heavy in my hand as I debate casting a stone. Having trundled into some fairly dark and rancid places myself, the only benefit being no one tuned in for my demise. But it did happen, as it does with most of ‘us.’ Cute little funny kids who once spurned cheek pinched and coos, are now staggering dope friends wandering Buffalo. This is the rule, not the exception. Only a few of us emerge from the other side in tact.

Perhaps that’s what this stupid post is all about. Lets not all act shocked, or bewildered at what is happening to Amanda Bynes. Or pretend we haven’t seen this unfold before. Lets take ownership of our piece of the story. The wide eyed observer. Secretly hoping for carnage. Praying for it in fact. The part of us that slows down at car wrecks to perhaps see some blood. Titillated and detached. It’s time we accept that just like all dogs go to heaven, this stuff happens to people like Amanda Bynes. It’s not our fault, but maybe it’s not entirely hers either.


WHAT DO YOU THINK about Kevin’s post?

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  • believe

    What an amazing, empathetic young man. Bravo! So true. So sadly true.

  • Um

    Why do celebrities repeat the same tired **** all the time and act like they’re saying profound, new, philosophical things? Every single time a starlet breaks down, we have celebrities compulsively tweeting about how our generation “loves to see stars fall”. Yes we get it. It has been said a million ****ing times. The world likes to watch stars rise and fall and bah blah blah. This is nothing new. This is not some new profound discovery you’r spewing. In fact if I have to hear another celebrity tweet crap like this I might end up like Amanda Bynes.

  • real

    Save the damn speech. NOBODY cares about Amanda.

  • Xbabysx

    he is telling the truth. he started in Disney as a kid and look at him now? very underrated with no scandal and not being thirsty for attention.

  • Verity

    Sad downward spiral for all the world to see.

  • A

    She is an MK Ultra victim! When will people wake up!?
    Notice the pattern?? It’s time we have a serious talk about it because it’s not just celebrity kids it happens too. And it’s not just Disney although they use Mickey Mouse in the process.

  • Maddy

    He has good points but it’s honestly not that deep. People love seeing train wrecks. We all have issues and if even for a second you find yourself doing better than someone else; you take the oppurtunity and you judge. No one cares about how Amanda Bynes is doing. You see a story, ponder about it for a few minutes but we all have our own lives and things going on. In the media it’s always on to the next one, what happened yesterday is already old news.

  • MrsDD

    As much as I want to be sceptic about this guy, and think he’s just taking this opportunity to put his name out there, he’s the most coherent and reasonably sounding person on the subject of Bynes. EVER. Kudos to him.

  • Millie

    who is this guy? honestly I have no idea who he is

  • Mick

    Famous or not many fall victim to dark times its just with fame comes the money and way too much free time on ones hands and for those that have fallen its often based on the people that surround them from family and friends. You’ll notice those with strong family ties and strong friendships that keep you grounded tend to have less problems or a easier time sailing through said problems

  • natalie


    there you go!

    (he was in transamerica, the jane austin book club and not to be forgotten: he played damien dalgaard on gossip girl!)

  • Millie

    @natalie: thanks for the info. Ok now regarding his statement, seriously, it’s time to stop blaming others for our decisions and life choices. All adults and generally people with lots of possibilities.

  • @A

    how and when would “they” have isolated her to make her a mk ultra avatar?
    also who is “they”?
    just curious

  • Friend

    STOP comparing Amanda to all these drugged spoilt actors….seriously, she HAS a serious mental illness !!! it’s not about attention, drugs or anything….she is literally mentally ill !!!!

  • K

    Gee he’s deep. ‘trundled into some dark and rancid places’ himself. WOW!

  • Mkhay

    wait for it… Amanda is at the moment tweeting how Kevin is ugly and a nobody.

  • Ray ray

    @real: you care enough to comment

  • Josephine

    “Only a few of us emerge from the other side in tact.” The facts contradict this statement – if you compare the list of chld actors who went crazy, sarted doing drugs and destroyed their lives to those who are ok now, thankfully the crazy ones are the exception. There is a very long list of actors who are ok now and were already working as children and he list of crazy ones is much, much shorter.

  • Domino

    No idea who this guy is but he sounds like an idiot while pretending to be deep and smart. Trying to get some spotlight while you can by hanging onto that famew*ore’s issues? Pathetic, dude.

  • JHON


  • Anna

    Well i gotta agree with the fact that people who live for gossips and celebrities have unresolved issues themselves…

    But other than that, why is everybody picking on Amanda? what has she done that’s so awful? I mean, other than allegedly smoking pot (OMG! pot! lock her in jail throw away the key!) bashing people on twitter (like many other people do every single day) and looking odd, why is everybody trying to make her a case study? I say: leave her alone…


    @Domino: Agree,
    He sounds like a perfect loser. Bet this nobody has something coming out and want the attention.
    And who is this Loser again???


    @Mkhay: That what he wants, that Amanda responds to him and see for the first time his name on TMZ and Perez,. Bet the guy can’t wait for her response just to do a Google of himself LOL..

  • A

    @@A: Amanda started when she was a kid, which is usually when it starts because children’s brains are more receptive to trauma based mind control.
    “They” are her handlers. “They” can be anyone from her own parents, to manager, agents, or on set teachers to “therapists”. They go by the name “handler” and are trained in trauma based mind control. Often they themselves have been mind controlled at some point in their lives.

  • who

    I remember him as the dimpled kid on the x files.

  • Zaza

    Amanda bynes is not crazy. She is a strong person. Maybe her environment is a little sick. #semiquote Dave Chappelle

  • Camille Rowhein


    The only thing about this though that is wrong, is after the mortal instruments come out this year, Kevin IS HIGHLY likely to blow up with some much deserved appreciation and success.

  • SunnyAutumn

    you group of critical people are the world’s problem….and you have more skeletons in your closet than most people….that’s why this country is screwed up….you want people to be perfect; yet you’re not.

  • Christine

    Bynes, Lohan and Spears are fortunately alive. We lost so many child actors in that razor thin line between the top and the bottom. Why any parent pushes their child into Hollywood is beyond me.

  • Anna

    Unlike Lohan and Spears, Bynes has a mental illness. She isn’t doing drugs, besides pot, and having crazy outburst. I feel bad for her because people are trashing her when she really doesn’t deserve it. Big difference between childhood celebs who do stupid things and screw themselves and those who are mentally ill.

  • fid

    Why don’t people see a lot of child actors for what they are? A tool for many parents to get rich quick. I don’t know Amanda Bynes’ story, or what her family life is like and whether her parents care or not. It’s obvious she is having some sort of mental breakdown and hopefully she gets some help.

    The life of a child star is probably not all that great. You don’t get socialized with kids your age, you learn from a tutor, you’re around adults who are all probably doing drugs. Perhaps your parents are like the Lohan’s and they see you as a cash cow so they don’t guide you properly during this time where you’re a star. From what I’ve heard from others who work in the industry the casting couch doesn’t just pertain to adults.

    Anyways, yes these stars are now adults and are making their own choices. But perhaps they are also stunted, never fully developed kids who were given coke when they were 14. I don’t know what their lives are like but when the party starts when you’re a tween and abruptly ends when you’re in your 20′s, I’m sure the reality is hard to bare.

    There are successful childhood actors such as Emma Watson or Dakota Fanning. Most likely because their parents didn’t push them into the industry, they taught them things, kept them grounded, didn’t try to spend their money. Emma’s parents made her take business classes so she could prepare for her future. Both actresses seem to think education is important. I believe Dakota went to a normal high school. It’s important to have that balance.

    I try not to judge people too harshly, because well, under the bright light of scrutinty, we all probably wouldn’t hold up too well.

  • Firefly


    Anyone could have come forward to relieve the attention Amanda Bynes is getting, or puting on herself. They didn’t have to be an entertainer or famous. He most likely has either worked with her or knows her and wanted to write this post. Leave the guy alone. He did nothing wrong, that wasn’t easy what he wrote especially since he is known and if you are not familar with him then that is your own lose. I personally think he is a great not used enough actor

  • A.M.

    so like… he just kinda… drunkenly wobbled into bad situations? Trundled is a very evocative word I have to admit…

    But seriously- I took this as his personal statement. He responded to this particular situation, and to some extent the general idea of how people seem to react to the fall of a celebrity.
    He did name a few of our favourite pigeon-holed starlets.

    Admittedly, this is not a deep, culturally or psychiatric-ally relevant essay. I don’t think it was meant to be. It’s a guy’s opinion and his point of view. At least he seems coherent and grammatically correct.

  • Athena

    @Anna: what is her mental illness? This is sad news. I like what Kevin wrote…and if one person such as he share some light on the effects of being in the industry, he would surely know. He’s been among A-list actors and in the Hollywood circuit for many years.