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Brad Pitt & Pax: South Korea Arriving Father-Son Duo!

Brad Pitt & Pax: South Korea Arriving Father-Son Duo!

Brad Pitt waves to the cameras while landing on a flight at Gimpo Airport on Tuesday (June 11) in Seoul, South Korea.

The 49-year-old actor was accompanied by his son Pax, 9, who hid behind his adorable purple stuffed bear.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The day before, Brad and Pax spent some time together while arriving at the Sydney Harbour Pier.

Brad is currently in Asia to promote his latest flick World War Z, which hits theaters on the continent on Thursday, June 20!

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  • !!!

    aaaah, that’s what the purple bear is for. very clever pax !

  • bizzy bee

    iirc, Brad mentioned in an interview how much stuff he had and that he wanted to downsize. He’s already been there, down that, and worn everything in between.

    He can rock a pair of baggy sweats without a care in the world, and leave the NONSTOP primping to Clooney, Gerard Butler and that lot.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if those pants become a new Hollywood trend – Brad is a trendsetter after all.

    With that said, the pants are hilarious lol.

  • bizzy bee

    Hot, sexy man! Such a hard worker with six adorable mouths to feed.

  • bizzy bee

    Hardest working man in Hollywood. Eagerly anticipating WWZ Brad, love you!

  • Jolie-Pitt in love

    Brad looks good, in great shape. Pax don´t like paps, it´s evident. Pax rules.

  • sandy

    pax loves his purple bear from Legoland

  • mimi

    Pax is so smart, yes, pax that just brilliant idea. a walking big purple teddy bear, behind your mega-famous star daddy. LOL

    keep hoping that we did not see you, okay ? LOL

  • Tina

    Can the man get any hotter? I mean, this is getting ridiculous..

  • Dakota

    Looking good Brad!

  • LoriLori

    Love ya Brad, don’t like zombie movies but I will see WWZ
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • oceanblue

    Have you noticed that when ticky’s commercial comes on that her face is blurry to not show her nose and the definition of her face. By doing that she looks better then how she looks for real. I fall out laughing every time I see it.

  • LoriLori

    Really like Brads look the long hair, casual style, just a Gorgeous Man

  • cee

    I am not a zombie fan but I will support Brad and see WWZ. I am not sure if I can convince my hubby. It might cost me a romantic dinner which is not so bad. Love the JP’s.

  • yib

    Looking good and youth brad yummy
    lol pax cute he is a character one his bear as shelled oncr again.
    Alright tomrro

  • bizzy bee

    Looking at pics from all the premieres, I see a lot of young girls. An idiot troll claimed all Brad’s fans are “old ladies” (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but it’s obvious from the pics that Brad attracts fans of every age, from everywhere on the planet. The man is Timeless, and so is my love for him.

  • Frenchy

    Wonderful. Pax likes the travel but hates the paps!

  • Com’on


    Let’s not stink up this thread with the ex talk. She is so irrelevant to Brad, Angelina and their family.

  • Dc

    What a gorgeous man he is! He gets better and better. I just love how he looks, I just love him, always did and always will. I love Pax and daddy spending this time together. He such a great dad.

    My hubby got me into zombies, so on June 21st, he, the kids and I will be going to see WWZ. We are all excited and can’t wait to see. One more week to go.

  • Giant Crotch Pants

    with a thweet little bow…prethious

  • Passing Through

    LOL at Pax hiding from the paps again. He’s over it again.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    That’s so cute. Pax and Z really don’t like the papz.

  • yib

    Before that I remember something like non useful info I saved from earily times like I think 2007 when brad win the book right for wwz angie went get pax and that people cover with madd nd zee I think it was in similar time it happen if I recalled right. Now pax is going with brad for the movie release and big bro has a noncredited role like cameo in it. Nice isnt it.How time fly though…

  • Passing Through

    I didn’t realize there was a new thread, so I’m going to have to move my comments over from the last thread…
    # 179 Patricia-friends call me Trish @ 06/10/2013 at 4:35 pm
    Well, I hope your conscience is all bright and shiny after coming clean, but here’s the thing – this is the internet and to quote House, “EVERYBODY LIES.” Anyone who’s not posting under their real name is lying. It comes with the territory. As Fox Mulder said, “Trust no one.” And, while I’m quoting TV curmudgeons, Ralph Cramden never really sent Alice to the moon, but he kept threatening her with it. Empty threats, fake names and you can’t trust anybody. Welcome to the internet.
    # 193 anustin @ 06/10/2013 at 6:07 pm
    LOL, my bad, Anustin. How silly of me to not see the silver lining of the baggy pants cloud…
    # 198 busted @ 06/10/2013 at 7:04 pm
    Busted -
    I saw a video of Brad walking down the peer and the pants aren’t as bad as they looked in the still photos. I’m still not a fan of the drawstring, but Anustin has assured me that it has it’s uses so I’ll take her word for it. For that reason alone I would suggest Brad go back to zippers and buttons as quickly as possible…

  • Joe

    Thank you, Jesus!!!! The man finally put a little color on… But sadly, his son is still wearing black.

  • Patricia

    @Passing Through: As Lylian suggested was to start posting under “Patricia” which is me, my real name, since day #1, which I plan to do because I do like me, in spite of my faults and temporary blindness. But allow me to say this, not once did I ever sing the praises of JA. I was never a JA fan. I did and still do find her to be one of the most shallow, vacuous, empty-headed peduncle in the biz.

  • Sylvia

    Brad in S. Korea!! *___*
    I love Brad and Angie, they are awesome people… Can’t wait for them to come to my country too!

  • bizzy bee

    It’d be nice if the entire family could meet up in Brazil for a few summer days. Pretty sure the kids are missing their daddy and brother. Pax sure is growing.

  • Jen’s New Look


  • were the morons

    DAWWWW, Pax is so adorable with that purple teddy bear. He seems to have found a technique to shield the pap cameras!
    Oh snap, Brad, the pants along with the short look 10x better today. Brad looks like he is comfortable, which is the most important. I’m also liking the way Brad has his ponytail- slicked back and shining. Brad and Pax lol very content and happy to be spending time together.
    Hopefully the whole gang will be together again soon- I miss those pics.

  • were the morons

    DAWWWW, Pax is so adorable with that purple teddy bear. He seems to have found a technique to shield the pap cameras!
    Oh snap, Brad, the pants along with the shirt look 10x better today. Brad looks like he is comfortable, which is the most important. I’m also liking the way Brad has his ponytail- slicked back and shining. Brad and Pax are very content and happy to be spending time together.
    Hopefully the whole gang will be together again soon- I miss those pics.

  • first and last post

    welcome as a new fan. There have been a few who have taken the time to learn and revaluate their opinions on the JP’s and hence the reason why JP fans post articles, photos and other opinions by reliable sources about the credibility and heart of both AJ and BP. Trolls and haters are true haters because they refuse to be believe these reliable sources and individuals who have spoken so highly of these two.

  • Passing Through

    # 25 Patricia @ 06/10/2013 at 10:51 pm
    I’m just saying – everyone who’s ever been on the internet has lied to a degree. I have a Facebook account that’s not in my real name. Why? Cuz I don’t what them tracking my movements and using that info to sell to advertisers who target me for their products. I also use a pre-paid credit card registered under a fake name for the very same reason. Am I lying about who I am? No, not really…but I’m not telling the truth either and anyone who’s doing either of those two things under their reao name is just begging to be harrassed in the future. Which brings us full circle…
    To be perfectly honest – I don’t care whether you were a Ticky fan or not. In my mind anyone who trolls and posts BS about Angie is a hen. Also, I really wish you hadn’t ever said you used to hate Angie. Reformed hens make me suspect them even more than the trolls. You do realize, don’t you, that you now have a few thousand J-P fans ready to throw you in the pig sty slop trough the second you say anything even marginally negative, right? Good luck with that…

  • first and last post

    sorry, did you know that twitchy fingers accidentally clicking “send” will post before one is really finished LOL.
    Anyway Patricia, my point was do not take to heart the apprehension of JP fans…being bombarded with bullies and jerks will do that to you. However the secret is with lylian and PT, please post under the same name because changing names and accusations of changing names are rampant on these threads and frankly I always read new posters posts with trepidation and never read posters who use headings like you described…nothing against you but just against posters who are not familiar whether sincere JP fans or “haters/trolls” because it is not human nature to inherently trust “inconsistency” …you are always unfamiliar…a stranger… and thereby not trustworthy until proven so if you get my drift and by using a familiar name consistently trust will come if it is deserved. I am sure if you are sincere, it will show soon enough but keep posting under “Patricia” and again, welcome to Jared’s JP community again.

    re: Joe, how presumptuous to critically and negatively assume Brad’s at fault and imply his preference is for Pax. Maddox may not want to come and undertake the grueling travel and lifestyle. Maddox has shown to be very shy, Pax is the more outgoing one.
    You have just demonstrated you are no different in your professed critical thinking than how you judge and criticize the generic JP fan. Pity…you had potential to stand out among other “haters”…now you have become the generic “hater” who makes an absolute conclusion without logic and substantial evidence. I’m disappointed in a potentially worthy “hater.”

  • Joe

    @Patricia: @Patricia: #25

    You will have to excuse Passing Through. Ignore the sanctimonious attitude… She/He feels as if they OWN this site, and can say and do whatever blows their skirt/pants leg up. Some of us refer to her as the “GRAND Poo Pah”.

  • Joe

    @first and last post:
    “Pax is the outgoing one”… Seriously? I guess that is why he has a huge teddy bear in front of his face. Such the extrovert!!!

  • sunny

    to Superman fan
    Embargo is finished
    so far Metacritic gave
    Man of Steel = 60 (with 9 critics)
    Variety =40
    Hollywood reporter = 70

  • Eight Years Ago Today

    Eight years ago today, MAMS was released!!
    Patricia- I’m glad that Angie’s generosity in sharing her story has helped you.  Angie has been a big inspiration to many people all over the world for many years.  At such a young age, she has accomplished so much. She is a talented artist and has won many awards for her great work.  She also was the first actress to lead an action franchise and is one of the very few women who get backend on her films, just like the big name men do.  She has been working with refugees for over a decade and has been to dozens of camps during that time. Since you are “re-discovering” Angie, you might like to read her book, Notes From My Travels (you can find it on Amazon), the book she wrote in the early years of her humanitarian work.  It’s very good.
    .On the other thread you asked other posters to recall that she “changed” and was married to BBT.  Yes, she was married briefly to both JLM &  BBT (Oscar winner and pretty talented in his own right), but, as a long time fan, I would tell you that I have a different a opinion on her being someone who “changed”.  Angie has always been a kind, giving person who never hurt anyone but herself*and that was when she was very young & confused.  Regardless, she was always professional on set, even when she was young. We now know that she had also been dealing with many deaths from cancer in her family from a very young age, so it isn’t so weird that she wanted to find a way to make funerals better for people. Unlike so many Hollywood types, she NEVER went to jail, had a dui, went to rehab, trashed a hotel room, ran anybody over and fled the scene, killed anybody, crashed cars, ranted and raved at her work colleagues, treated crew or sales people badly or even went out clubbing.  She never stole husbands or boyfriends either (tab lies). So, yes, Angie grew up (being a mom will do that to you!), but she didn’t “change” from being that sweet kind person that she always has been.  -*cutting & drug dabbling (not so shocking for a child of divorce with the constant specter cancer in her family), which she told the world herself.  Her sharing & honesty have given many people hope.  Jealous folk try to use this honesty against her, though.

  • Wonderbust

    the troll will then say that the RT score is high even though it claimed that it prefers Metacritic

  • Wonderbust

    I think WWZ will have great legs because of the strong word of mouth
    RyMac ‏@rymac10s 2m
    Screened World War Z. WOW. If you like edge of seat epic suspenseful movie you will love this! Great entertainment, Pitt delivers! #WWZ

  • Wonderbust

    looks like the 49ers went to see the film
    michael thomas ‏@mt3much4em 1h
    Just saw the movie #WorldWarZ with the team. Y’all should go see it!

  • Wonderbust

    love Drew:

    Drew Brees ‏@drewbrees 8 Jun
    Just saw #WorldWarZ …Intense! Great movie. No zombie costumes tonight. Figured we’d freak people out at Cinepolis!

  • noplace

    bizzy bee @ 06/10/2013 at 10:55 pm #27
    UNFORTUNATELY it is beginning of winter there. It is going to be fun anyway.

  • reeven

    Oh, he can do and wear whatever he want, he is gorgeous!

  • who

    Here he is, the sexiest man alive Brad and his adorable son Pax. Globetrotting daddy-son duo.

    Can’t wait for WWZ.

  • Ⱦamsin


    Aw come on Joe, by now it’s become clear that the drug addict only makes wardrobe changes when he manages to get away from Heroina’s clutches. Pothead has no mind to pick a wardrobe unless someone else does it for him, hence this hospital scrub and wrinkled clothes. Since he doesn’t really have a permanent place of residence, it’s easier for him to travel light.

    And did you see that poor kid. Of all of them, why did he pick out the one that hates these tours the most? It’s so obvious he despises the attention-starved stunts of his parents!

  • wwz

    BostonLily ‏@BostonLily45 11h
    World War Z B-Roll #2 (2013) – Brad Pitt Movie HD: via @youtube

  • ooh aah

    A high-energy man!

  • Jen The HAG

    ahh Brad you’ll always look HOT and the TRONISTON will always complained whatever you do and it kind of made them mad that even they post all the negative stuff and hateful things about you and Angelina Jolie .. YOU’RE BOTH still at the top of your game and still love WORLDWIDE … suck to be A LAME HAG LOSERS .. bwahahhahah

  • tweety

    Energizer bunny Brad. He just keeps going and going…
    Love to see Pax traveling and spending time with his dad.

  • Ⱦamsin


    BWAHAHAHA … Grand POO PAH! Thanks! XD

    And don’t waste time talking to Pattycakes. That’s just an alias for another resident JP troll that is probably a paid shill. She claimed to dislike the Brand, but she suddenly turned her life around thanks to St. Angie’s “heroic” decision. Great timing to put up this kind of act. Just check out her previous posts and you’ll figure it out. ;)

    You know, Jesus died for everyone sins and according to loons, St. Angie got her breasts cut off for all women, so that they would have a chance to get examined. Blessed be the Hor of Babyloon! :)