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Gerard Butler & Bradley Cooper: Wimbledon Watchers!

Gerard Butler & Bradley Cooper: Wimbledon Watchers!

Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper look dapper as they sit next to each other at the Wimbledon Men’s Tennis Final at Wimbledon Tennis Club on Sunday morning (July 7) in London, England.

The actors were among a star-studded audience, including 39-year-old fashion designer Victoria Beckham!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

In case you missed it, check out Victoria on the cover of Vogue China‘s August 2013 issue!

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, and Victoria Beckham watching the Wimbledon match…

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gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 01
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 02
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 03
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 04
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 05
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 06
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 07
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 08
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 09
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 10
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 11
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 12
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 13
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 14
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 15
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 16
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 17
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 18
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 19
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 20
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 21
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 22
gerard butler bradley cooper victoria beckham wimbledon watchers 23

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures, Clive Brunskill; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Getty
Posted to: Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, Victoria Beckham

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  • WTF!!!! Use Some Common Sense

    Well hell wont miss the opp first!!!

  • Heeland Coo!

    Bout time they put up a new thread! Gerry looks ready to play Croquette!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen GB in white. He looks good.

  • Verity

    Why does everyone get dressed up to watch some tennis?
    No Suki today Bradley? You are sitting next to your paparazzi and closet equivalent, Gerard Butler.
    The woman bending over in picture No. 2 needs some serious toning. Just saying.

  • Heeland Coo!

    Wonder where David is?

  • John Kerry

    @Breaking News!: I his post was so brilliant I reposted from the other thread! Haha! Since I haven’t worked much since my swearing-in, I’m boating again all weekend

    For the record, I’m not a Republican. That would be too much work and I’d have to get a job and be respectable. I’m a lazy liberal like most of those in the Democrat party. I love tax hikes, high unemployment, our foreign policy in a shambles worldwide, no hope of jobs, and the latest number which make me so happy is:

    “Only 47% of American adults have a job”.

    Wowzie. It doesn’t get any more hopey changey than that! Wonder what the other 53% are doing? I guess they’re envying my Scaramouche, my megarich corporate ties and my filthy rich lifestyle. Bon voyage, darling!

    Yawn Kerry
    Secretary of State (sorta when I’m there but not sure yet)

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @TracyRisby: Think @GerardButler enjoyed the Andy Murray win!

  • anon

    Everyone looks freaking amazing at Wimbledon Final. They are all dressed to the nines. Classy..

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Heeland Coo!

    @Verity: Suki is right next to Bradley. You can’t see her in these pics. They are dressed up because it’s the Royal box. Otherwise, you can wear whatever. There’s a photo up the top of JJ with Bradley and his GF dressed casual at the match.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Marry her Gerry

    Madalina Diana Butler. Sounds perfect. Make her happy, Gerry and do the deed.

  • Emma

    All spectators, and fans outside watching were dressed nice. I think because it’s the UK, it’s tennis and a Royal event are the reasons everyone looked good.

    Congrats to Andy Murray.

  • @4
  • Breaking News!

    @John Kerry: That’s because there are more people who’s hours have been cut back to part time so their employers don’t have to pay full time benefits or health insurance. That is the full time ratio and if you figure in the baby boomer retiring or working part time and the number of only one working parent in a household, this makes sense and really is not too bad.

  • Old Dirty Bastards

    Here Jared, I fixed your headling for you —
    Suki Waterhouse who’s with Bradley Cooper is 20?
    Madalina Ghenea was 23 when 43-year-old Gerard Butler got into her pants? And Gerard Butler said on Chelsea Lately that he was checking out the thigh of an 18 year old who he thought was sexy, and the Top Model contestant Christina Chalk said Gerard Butler asked for her phone number when she was only 16!
    Guess Wimbledon has turned into a convention for cheesy geezers to put their midlife crisis cliche on display. I’m gonna take a while guess that these blokes also have convertible sports cars. lmao.

  • Breaking News!

    @Marry her Gerry: He’s never gonna marry anyone. You need a new hobby!

  • Can’tGetEnough OHF in list of 15 best box office performances of 2013

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • WTF!!!! Use Some Common Sense

    @Can’tGetEnough: Cool!! Go Gerry!!!

  • John Kerry

    @Breaking News!: Of course it’s not too bad.

    The working taxpayers like you will just have to pay even more! Who cares if you’re barely scraping by or if you and your kids have to work four jobs to put them through a cheap state university. So what? As long as the rest of America can live off the fat of the land I say BRAVO and WELL DONE. We’re the fattest and unhealthiest on earth but who cares?

    In fact, Obamacare is so full of bugs and is a trainwreck extraordinaire but why worry? We’ve now pushed it back a few years so we can fool people into voting for our party again in 2014. What they don’t see won’t hurt them until AFTER we win the elections.

    Excuse me, my masseur is here and Tayrayza and I must partake of our siesta. Pass me the gin-soaked raisins darling and let’s do lunch sometime okay?

    Yawn Kerry (Secretary of State, sorta)
    Somewhere over the Massachusetts Bay

  • cupcake

    Loved Gerry’s reaction when Andy Murray won the match.

  • Ray

    JJ is about to EXPLODE.

    Might I say bc look great and gerald look like gerald. They should double date but madalina would put the kid to shame because she is gorg.

    Lol I say the instagram photo of bc and the kid walking to wimbledon the caption just mentioned bc and bc was more interested talking to the guy then the kid and i doubt they went to a rolling stone concert together. Do the kid even know who the stones are? Maybe He was giving his daughter a music history lesson.

  • Breaking News!

    I think Cooper is way worse than Butler with regards to his dating patterns. He stood right there at the Oscars when asked if he a thing for Jennifer Lawrence, his costar in Silver Linings Playbook, and said she was too young for him! What a liar! Suki is younger than Jennifer! He went way down in my book and really, he was barely in it to start with. Never saw what the big deal was.

  • cupcake

    Loved Gerrys reaction when Andy Murray won the match.

  • today

    GB…chic, classic, cool in these pics!

  • Good Post

    Can’t take credit but bears repeating.
    > I wonder if The Butler goes for girls that age because he likes the physical look and feel of youth or if it’s because the father-daughter age difference gives him the upperhand in the relationship. Even the more age-appropriate women he’s been with haven’t been great prizes in the education, intelligence and dignity departments. I bet The Butler is scared of mature and intelligent women because he knows they wouldn’t put up with his sh~t. They wouldn’t look up to him and be in awe of him. To keep such a woman interested in him, The Butler would actually have to put effort into the relationship in ways other than dropping thousands on expensive vacations in Thailand and Necker Island and the like. I don’t think The Butler could do it. Given his huge world of experiences, there’s no way that The Butler hasn’t met a beautiful, fascinating and formidable woman in her 30s. I think he doesn’t go for it because he knows that he either can’t handle a woman like that or just isn’t capable of what a woman like that wants in a relationship. Or maybe he has tried and has gotten shot down. I can’t imagine many women like that who don’t care about his fame and money are rushing to join his Hall of Shame. Madalina, Laurie, Brandi, Martina aren’t exactly a class of women one wants to be counted among.
    > I really think it is the control thing. Take this Scotland trip. If that was Madalina, that’s three trips to Scotland that she’s made. Has he gone to Romania once???? What woman with any sense of dignity would tolerate that? Especially since he was in Prague. Romania is closer to the Czech Republic than Scotland.
    > Or since Madalina is the one who is working right now and Butler is not, why didn’t he stay in Prague a few additional days to make things easier for her? Why did he only go to Prague for a day or two and then leave so that if she wanted to see him, she had to go to Scotland? It is not like he had to go to Scotland. He’s not working. He could have accommodated her schedule and stayed with her in Prague, but he didn’t. He made her go to where he wanted to be if she wanted to see him.
    > No confident and intelligent woman who felt like she was Butler’s equal would put up with that. The only type of woman who would is someone who doesn’t feel like she’s his equal. Youth would give Butler that advantage. So does having fame and money that a young model may be seeking. But a mature woman who is her own person, educated, has a sense of dignity and expects to be treated with respect ………….. no way.

  • Heeland Coo!

    @John Kerry: This is a gossip site for celebs attending the tennis match. Take your political propaganda elsewhere! No one here is interested in your lunacy.

  • Dan

    Verity requirements of VIP box dress code

  • Ivana

    Victoria Beckham recently said that she doesn’t know who is Novak Djokovic. Yeah, she came because she likes tennis, right? -.-

  • Heeland Coo!

    @Ray: It’s “Gerard” not Gerald. Moron.

  • C0rnflower

    Never heard of them (had to google) but they need some serious sartorial advice re the drug dealer suits

  • Heeland Coo!

    @Good Post: Oh stop already! No one cares. Can’t believe anybody would copy and paste posts from other threads to keep the sht stirred! Go away and find something useful to do, like playing in the middle of the freeway. You’re a waste of life!

  • Heeland Coo!

    @Ivana: They all went there, honey, because they were invited and it was free and they could be seen. Butler especially so he could make his GF jealous she wasn’t there. He’s trying to get rid of her! A good boyfriend would have said, “Honey, I won’t go to no stinking tennis match unless you’re there with me.” It was today and I doubt she’s working on Sunday. It’s a hop, skip and jump from Prague. Just sayin’.

  • Nims

    @Good Post:

    Thats nothing new been happening for thousand of years, it takes a real man to handle a woman all these rich famous men with no class always go for these types as me thinks personally a decent classy woman wont go near them they have better opportunties

  • Ray

    @Heeland Coo! Easy mate typos happen. I’ll just refer to him as GB.

    @4 the DM was bc/sw biggest supporter and the last two days they can’t even make them seem like a happy couple. The shade thrown on today article was priceless. The “three is a crowd” caption was brilliant. @A Few Thoughts said bc would be distancing himself from sw I guess make her look like a complete fool in public is his way. I don’t care to much for the girl but that’s a jerk move.

  • John Kerry

    @Heeland Coo!: No problem, it’s not like I have anything else to do and no worrying about Eygpt either. Ever since Obama installed that corrupt piece of trash Morsi, a radical muslim who hates Christians and Jews and basically killed the Egyptian economy, we’ve all been hoping no one would notice.

    So sad that the people had an uprising and forced Morsi out. We’re hoping it doesn’t happen here in USA because well, Americans have revolted before, haven’t they? I hope I can skate on my bad rug, my bad Botox and facelift and the fact that I’m a liberal because the media will cover for me until Barack’s finished.

    We can’t help it that we love radicals in the middle east. It’s the way we Democrats roll! Tata for now, I’m nearing the happy ending of my massage darlings. Georges is fantastic as always!

    Yawn Kerry (Secretary of State, sorta)
    (still on massage table you fools)


    @Heeland Coo!: BLACK.

  • Heeland Coo!

    @POT CALLING KETTLE: Is that all ye got? How pathetic and how racist!

  • Dorothy

    Suki is there right beside him. You need to look at other photos. Go to the Russian site There are more broad angle pictures. Why try to start a lie?

  • Heeland Coo!

    Beckham looks like she forgot to put on her dress and walked out of the house in her slip! I think kind of inappropriate attire, imo. But hey, she’s a rich and famous celeb. She can do what she wants too, right?

  • Heeland Coo!

    @John Kerry: Hey, thanks and keep up the great work, John, and go Clinton in 2016!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    Victoria Beckham Is Hot & SEXY

  • Tennis anyone?

    Why is Bradley and Gerard dressed alike? Two peas in a pod!

  • Victoria

    @Good Post: When it comes to women, there are men who want partners and there are men who want servants.
    Men who want partners tend to look for women around their age with whom they have things in common and who have a strength, intelligence and independence earned from their own experiences so that both people can contribute to the relationship, give and take, compromise in favor of whichever needs it at a given time, no dominant figure in the relationship, mutuality.
    Men who want servants tend to look for younger women who lack the experience and resources of a more mature and accomplished person and who can be easily dominated. They want a girl who will follow, provide the comfort they’re looking for when they want it, go away when they want to do something else, basically be what the man wants her to be when he wants her to be it without making any demands of her own that would require the man to put himself out.
    Gerard Butler wants a servant, not a partner, because he could be in a partnership with someone. It has to all be about him. The one woman who was more mature and ran her own business, next to but out of the spotlight, Jeannia, broke up with him because she said that Gerard made her crazy. Gerard said that himself.
    Bradley Cooper may be the same way tho less so since he dated Renee Z. for so long, and she clearly was the more accomplished and mature person in that relationship.
    Gerard Butler has never had a relationship or dalliance with a woman that didn’t make him look like a misogynist superficial douchbag who sees women as objects for his use and pleasure. A smart woman with any sense of pride would never demean herself by being anything more than his friend or business associate. He might be a good friend or business associate (tho given that 4 out of his last 5 films bombed, that’s super iffy too.) Anything romantic or sexual, have some respect for yourself and tell him to ring up one of the girls who doesn’t care if he remembers her name after he shags her at a party or talks about her tatas on the radio.

  • Bubba

    Sometimes gays like to dress alike. I wonder where he’s parking Freddy my man. I miss Freddy. I wish Gerry would give him up and let me have at him.

  • Bubba

    @Victoria: His male lovers are closer in age to him so he’s ok if they dominate him at times.

    Don’t forget he’s had five films bomb. CM, PFK, Coriolanus, MGP, and Movie 43. I follow Gertard because I want his man Freddy, who is seen with Gerry a lot.

  • four

    wonder where that fame wh0re Pippa was – maybe here lazy no good sister is about to pop out the second coming

  • http://P Yuck

    They both look smug creepy rich guys.

  • Can’tGetEnough