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Jake Gyllenhaal & Girlfriend Alyssa Miller Stroll the Soho Streets

Jake Gyllenhaal & Girlfriend Alyssa Miller Stroll the Soho Streets

Jake Gyllenhaal and his girlfriend Alyssa Miller step out together for an afternoon stroll through the Soho neighborhood on Sunday (August 25) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actor is back in the Big Apple after spending some time out on the west coast over the last couple weeks sans his gal pal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake‘s latest film Prisoners has been generating a ton of buzz now that its marketing campaign is in full swing. Make sure to check it out when it hits theaters on September 20!

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  • ace11

    This looks like a couple in love??

    HA HA HA

  • DiatribesAndOvations

    It’s been far too long since we last saw him onscreen.

  • Apple

    Jake is second best,she tried Leo and it didn’t work

  • ugh

    gay and his beard

  • Jo

    She’s not very attractive for a model.

  • Rico

    They just look bothered by the paps, and they are right

  • gay is ok


  • amanda

    man, he is really loving the frat tuck with his shirts. It seems like every time he’s spotted he’s rocking the frat tuck

  • geez

    @ace11: What are you accusing them of? Are you mad because they are not putting on a show for the paps?

  • European

    @Rico: Right?! He is a celebrity, a hollywood actor. If he does not like people or the paps. take pics of him so go and change his profession. He must just get used, People like him that is too sensitive is absolute irritating.

  • David

    @amanda: @gay is ok:Nah the guy is not gay, the brokeback effect ended long time ago,by now we know he likes not too bright young pussy, he is just like us! lolz

  • Rico

    @European: You’re right, but I think Gyllenaal do not like that kind of attention, he seems a very private person

  • amanda

    @David…I didn’t say anything about him being gay…a frat tuck is when you tuck the front of your shirt into your pants, but not the rest of it….he’s been photographed like that a lot lately…that style went out after college

  • Jasy

    Alyssa cut her hair :( She is soooooo pretty in person. She and her (much cuter than Jake) ex boyfriend used to live on my street, E 8th St. They had a super adorable little terrier.

  • David

    @amanda:Amanda I’m sorry, I don’t know how your name has popped up in my commen !

  • atta girl

    @Jasy: She moved in with Jake now?

  • Jasy

    She and Bjorn moved out together when the building went up for sale, March I think.

  • Diane

    @gay is ok:
    Man you’re really DESPERATE to get your point across. In EVERY post about Jake you scream the same thing over and over and over and over. Are you mentally unstable? Projecting your fantasies on someone you don’t know? Chill man, Gyllenhaal is unattainable for any of us, women and men. Stop obsessing.

  • joyce

    she looks bored and he looks.. well.. like always..blaah.

  • george

    Her ex was much more her style, a photographer and in her circle of friends. They had been together for over 2 years.

  • moe

    Jakeys gff really looks soo MACHO, so SHE-MAN lol

  • jilli

    @Rico: guess you’ve forgot about him and reese. geez they were papped all the time and he didn’t seem to mind then.

  • Jennifer

    Typical VS model. What do these 2 have in common besides the obvious?

  • Hal

    Wow she has really BIG hands!

  • Bonnie

    She has the same look on her face that Taylor had right before he dumped her. Jake has a problem keeping girlfriends in his life for some reason.

  • sam


    so you’re what Alysa’s stalker? sure seem to know too many details for a simple “neighbour”
    you’re either a liar, either a stalker, either way you’re creepy like many weirdos here

  • jealousy is not cool

    @moe: she looks beautiful and healthy to me, stop being so mean

  • Mike

    He’s with her for her mind right? lol

  • Anne

    Hey Jared:
    Jake will have 2 movie premieres at TIFF, not one: „Prisoners” and „Enemy”, both by the same director.
    A little research wouldn’t hurt if you wanna pretend to keep us updated on Jake Gyllenhaal. Or are you posting pics just to get hits for your blog?

  • Brittany

    Why did she cut her long beautiful hair??

  • Rico

    @jilli: I bet was Reese Drunkespoon’s fault , she is all fake smiles, paps, photo op, publicity and sh*t like that. He looks like a private dude as when he dated kirsten Dunst

  • mark my words

    in 15 years he will be dating matilda ledger

  • b.s.

    @Rico: well dude didn’t have to stay in that for 2 1/2 years. nobody was holding a gun to his head and by all accounts she called off the relationship, not him.

  • LMAO

    He’s private? There were pics of him and Kirsten making out all over the net when they were dating. She was quoted as saying that he always wanted to have sex in public places. Yeah, that’s real private.

  • uncle vania

    @mark my words: how fuc*ed up are you?
    Brokeback Mountain was characters
    you have a mental condition buddy
    seek medical help ASAP

  • mark my words

    Ummm… no reference to the movie friend. Matilda is Ledger’s daughter and the way Jake is going he will be dating 21 or 22 year olds in 15 years. Get a sense of humor for your birthday.@uncle vania:

  • b.s.#2

    @b.s.: How can you say no to “you do not know who I am Bitchyspoon”?
    She definitely have threatened him with her chin, “smile at the paps Jake!”

  • braking Amish

    @LMAO: I bet shy innocent Kirsten Drunks was devastated by this ongoing exhibitions of their sex life!

  • margo

    wonder if she will be going to Toronto with him?

  • 2funny

    all you peeps are going to be making similar comments about this chick in the near future. they are get rid of jakey sooner or later.

  • 2funny

    lol “all”
    Alyssa will join the others in the ex jakey comments on here.

  • mona

    I would think at his age he would go for someone on the more intellectual level. Looks of course are nice, but he strikes me as one who also needs to be mentally stimulated as well. Not sure if a 24 yo VS model fills that requirement.

  • hehe!

    @2funny: Yeah we know jakey is waiting for you cuz you’re the one

  • fugley guy

    she’s way too hot for this bugeyed duckface dude. if he wasn’t an actor she wouldn’t cross the street to spit on his shoes.

  • !!!

    @LMAO:I think Taylor Swift stated he’s obsessed with privacy, and that he would prefer to dig a tunnel underground rather than be seen in public, or something like that

  • hahaha

    @!!!: if that’s true, he sure picked the wrong profession. why didn’t he become a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher or something. it was his choice so he has to deal with it. poor baby! I sure feel sorry for him and all his millions. not

  • !!!

    @hahaha:Sorry but being an actor does not mean your life is no longer yours and that everyone should know about your business

  • hahaha

    @!!!: oh really, since when?? being famous always draws a crowd so they have to deal with it or get out of the biz plain and simple. I have no sympathy for these cry baby actors who expect all the perks but don’t want all the attention it draws. that’s all, I’m outta here.

  • Chill out

    @hahaha: since everyone is entitled to their privacy

  • fbomb

    Then don’t walk around like her and flaunt her booty and show nude pics of herself on Twitter. She’s thriving on all the non privacy even if he “isn’t” Don’t date a hoe VS model Jake. Do you ever see these celebs dating just plain old working people. NO and there’s a reason for it. They all THRIVE on the media attention even if they claim they don’t. Move to Montana or Iowa or some remote place if you don’t want your pictures taken every week. They have the money to fly where ever they would have to go anyway. They don’t have to live in California or New York. There’s lots of other places that are nice in the US and other countries they could live.