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Lea Michele: 'Glee' Season 5 Premiere Trailer - Watch Now!

Lea Michele: 'Glee' Season 5 Premiere Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out Lea Michele in this newly released trailer of the premiere episode for the upcoming fifth season of Glee!

The 26-year-old actress is joined in the trailer by co-stars Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, and Kevin McHale.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lea Michele

The premiere episode will revolve around the music of classic English boy band The Beatles.

In case you forgot, the third episode of the upcoming season will be a tribute to Lea‘s boyfriend Cory Monteith, who unexpectedly passed away in July.

Mark your calendars, Glee is set to return on Thursday, September 26 on Fox!

Lea Michele – ‘Glee’ Premiere Trailer

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  • dddff

    Darren Criss and Jane Lynch are the worst part of the show. Darren is a talentless hack and Jane is over the top an annoying.

  • J

    Really? Darren is talentless? You might not like him or even his character, but he isn’t talentless.

  • Andy

    You cant even see her in that trailer!! Just like for a second. Way to use her to get hits.Disgusting.

  • Chris

    All these fangilrs of finchel and monchele are bitter because their favorite couple is kaput. gone, dead., and instead Klaine is the real endgame couple of Glee, HA HA. Sorry kids but all your hate is delicious.
    After the tribute episode Finn is history.

  • Ferfd

    Ahh poor kids hating on Darren. Sorry about your lose of your favorite on drugs, but is not the fault of Darren and Chris that finchel is dead.

  • Cindy

    yup, the whole fandom is bitter because the only couple that is and will be endgame is KLAINE! Klaine is love.klaine is on! keep moaning because your couple never was, was and wont be, was and could be. But klaine klaine klaine! After all this time this is out season and we deserve everything that we will get. SUCK IT. DARRES IS THE BEST.

  • Cindy

    FINCHEK FANS ARE SO BITTER. Stay away from drugs my friends. Meanwhile KLAINE KISSES. Cant wait for my baby solos.

  • Monica

    Ryan Murphy, Lea Michelle and FOX are milking the death of Cory as there are not tomorrow.

  • Chris

    @Cindy: HA HA, is so funny seeing them so bitter. Finchel who? they are even tweeting to Ryan Murphy about how sad and angry they are. Poor cry baby finchel fans. They have nothing. Klaine is and will be the IT COUPLE of Glee…

  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie

    did he just call the Beatles a boy band? … sorry … they were an actual band that played actual guitars, bass, drums, and didn’t lip sync.

  • an

    Wow the comments sections are filled with 5-year-old fangilr of the so-called-klaine. So insensitive and heartless comments I see, you don’t have to be finchel fans to see that

  • Shawna

    You guys do realize that an ACTUAL person died right? This isn’t about some stupid tv couple competition – an actual human being has died and left being people mourning him. Please take a few second to grow the hell up!

  • what is wrong with everyone

    i never comment on here but i feel i have to.

    making comments about someone’s death being a great thing so a fictional couple isn’t “endgame” disgusting. it’s truly disgusting. there are REAL feelings to take into account and the fact that people seem to not have any sympathy is awful. just imagine if it had been your loved one who’d passed away. he died of a drug addiction which he constantly tried to fight and was on the road to recovery, him dying of that is NOT something that should be seen as his choice because it wasn’t. addiction is a real disease.

    i’m not a fan of glee nor do i know too much about cory, but from everything i’ve seen not ONE person who worked with him, met him or such had a bad word to say about him and thats rare in this business. i’m disgusted by the comments that have been put here, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    saying that a grieving girlfriend and family is “milking” the death of their loved one is a terrible thing to say and the fact you guys have no thought that maybe they’re just distraught makes me wonder whats wrong with people.

  • me

    reading comprehension.We are just saying that finchel fans keeps bitching about us being excited for the new season, being excited for our couple, being excited for the songs. I liked Cory but you have no idea the amount of hate I got from finchel shippers on tumblr. They called me heartless, c**nt and many other things.

  • Zaina

    You are all idiots Finchel still exsists no matter what. Do you really think klaine is better than Finchel. I’m pretty sure FINCHEL started the show. I’m pretty sure Finn never got over Rachel even though she was with Brody. That and he told her they were endgame. Your precious blaine cheated on Kurt when they were apart in season 3-4. You are all immature. Cory and Lea made glee. Klaine wouldn’t even be a thought if finchel didn’t happen. So before you start criticizing someone who actually made the show a success. Think about who made the show what it is. For the imbicile who said that Finn/Cory would be forgotten I pity your jealousy a loy. If anything Blaine would be forgotten way before Beautiful Cory MIchael Allan Montieth <3

  • wow

    “The premiere episode will revolve around the music of classic English boy band The Beatles.”

    WTF? Was this written by a 12 yr old?

  • original

    crazy shippers going crazy on internet,how original.
    im curious to watch the new season.
    i respect the way lea michele dealt with all of this, major respect for lea and the cast

  • Aaron

    Rachel cheated on Finn js… Finn drop her to go on a date with Brittana. Jesse St. James will forever be better than Finn. So you cant throw the Blaine cheated on Kurt when Rachel Berry did the same. ugh Finchel fans were so used to get everything on silver plate.

  • you

    I don’t really hate Darren Criss, I actually think he is very musically talented. But he is probably one of the most overrated characters on glee its pretty annoying. Like i said i think he sings really good, but he cant really act its hard to see him on TV at least for me. Finchel and Klaine are both very different couples, but you gotta admit: FINCHEL= Glee!!!
    Team Finchel

  • Kent

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  • Mary

    @Aaron: Blaine screwed another guy while still in a relationship. How great could this couple be?

    Any way you slice it, the problem isn’t that Darren is talentless, it’s that he’s a mediocre actor with very limited range. Also, he seems pretty douche-y.

  • Sam

    LOL and still FINCHEL fans you have nothing. Finn was one of the worst character on tv history, and I’m glad he is gone.
    Finchel fans are the most vindictive and hateful fans are ever see, always sending hate messages to anyone who dared to be in the middle of their precious couple, even to actors like Dean. Guess what? I don’t feel sorry for any of these crybabies.
    And this have nothing to do with Cory , who I’m and always will be sad for his dead. Cory was real , but Finn? is fiction, so don’t pretend just because people are glad Finn is gone is the same sentiment for Cory.

  • Mary

    The photo of Rachel was posted way before the filming even began for the Cory/ Finn tribute episode. I’m thinking she doesn’t get the part of Fanny Brice, which sucks if that’s true. She is so perfect for the part.

  • Mary

    @Sam: Can you repeat that? With grammar and English to make it understandable to everyone on planet Earth? Thanks.@Aaron: I’m sorry? Jesse St James? The guy that put breakfast on her head? As opposed to Finn who always stood up for her and defended her? Get a life.

  • Mary

    BTW – What’s with all the hate between the Finchel and Klaine shippers? Each relationship has their faults. Blaine cheated on Kurt because he was lonely and felt like he was being left behind. When Finn ‘dropped’ Rachel to date Brittana, he wasn’t in a relationship with Rachel – she decided they were. He dumped her at the train station to send her on her way to New York and then waltzed back into her life, expecting her to be single when he had told her to move on… None of the relationships are perfect because that’s not real life! Nevertheless, stop the hate against each other. Who cares which relationship makes the show how great it is? The fact is it’s a great show and we are united in our love for it. Take a massive chill pill all.

  • Aaron

    LOL @Mary sweetie pie do you remember how during season 1 Finn hinted to Rachel that he had throw her eggs once. At least Jesse apologise to her. Finn never did. Finn only cared about him while Jesse helped her get into NYADA. As for klaine yeah Blaine made one single mistake, he suffered enough already. And excuse me while I laugh at how untalented Darren is.He is not only an amazing singer, but a great dancer and actor not to mention how sexy and adorable he is. Hate all you want we all know that Darren is the best male on glee.

  • TR

    Wow. That’s just cruel. It’s fine to dislike Finchel and like Klaine, but I don’t know if you can call yourself a Glee fan and make fun of Cory’s death. All I can say is I’m sorry your life is filled with such pain that you feel a need to abuse others online, but you should be ashamed of yourself right now. I hope you get the help you need to become a better person.

  • Lish

    How cute is he? Gosh!

  • Sam

    @Mary: LOL let me repeat you, Finchel is gone and Finn is dead . Now go back to tumblr and cry with the others fangirls.

  • Ted C

    How pathetic hating Klaine and Darren just because their couple is dead. But you know I understand why Finn and finchel stans are crazy, their favorite will die a loser, and Klaine will be forever the main couple of Glee, the endgame.

  • Ted C

    @Aaron: don’t kill @Mary fantasy of hero Finn.

  • Anna

    You called The Beatles a BOY BAND??

  • MJ

    you should all read your comments and recognize how stupid you guys are. i’m not a Glee Fan, i think this show is crap BUT hating on two couples which one of them is endgame while a REAL PERSON died is the most stupid thing on earth. you make yourself a joke. lol those so called Glee Fans ruin their show by their hate-comments and the rest of the world laughs at them. LOL.
    and now get yourself a life and stop hating. enjoy your damn show and don’t annoy us with your ship war. this is ridiculous.

  • Caroline

    what an appalling comment and grossly incorrect.

  • em

    I hate both Finchel and Klaine. I want to see more Rachel and Kurt scenes in NY and less scenes with Blaine. I like Darren but they give him way too many songs and way too much screentime.

  • fursure

    The Beatles will still sound fresh and new when all of these talentless Glee whores are pooping in their Depends at the old folks home

  • MJ


    i bet you are one of those little teenage girls in the middle of the ship wars lol

  • Chelsea B

    I love this show, it is so amazing. She met her Boyfriend and got Married through MarriageDateDotOrg

  • Katya

    Some of the comments here are disgusting. I get that the Klaine fans hate the mean comments about Darren Criss but leave the Finchel fans alone. A man DIED you asswipes. This isn’t fictional. This is real life. Get some grace and class. You repulse me.

  • N

    Some of the comments on here r stupid and disgusting. Fighting over which couple is better and being happy over the death of an actual HUMAN BEING. Seriously you all need to take a good look at yourselves and grow up!!!

  • Rob

    @Katya: leave the Finchel fans alone? they started all this with their bitter and hate messages to Klaine fans. Now they can’t read nothing against Finn? What at bunch of losers.

  • Zaina

    So you add fuel to the fire? Smart move. All i’m saying is before there was klaine there was finchel. They would have been endgame way before klaine. If the couple had to have finn leave as a more secure way to be endgame. Are they really endgame? Or are they just whatever the writers write them as? If they were really more than dating they would not have to have any sort of competition with Finn and Rachel. Oh and Finchel was from the get go where as Klaine took like few episodes to even begin to be romantic.

  • Mel

    You guys do realize, that this is a TV show, and Klaine, and Finchel and whatever other cute names you give couples are characters, written by writers, and portrayed by actors? This is not real life. Cheer for your favorites, but don’t bash fans of other couples. Comment boards are truly the cesspool of the internet, where all the mouth breathers fight their silly battles over who is the superior scripted couple. Wow.

  • Amy

    @Sam: wow! the dude died. How could be so cruel.

  • Iman

    I don’t get why people on these comments are being so disgusting how could you say something like this. its mean its childish and shows your not REALLY a Gleek. You are just sickening. Someone actually died and people looked up to him and are devastated. Honestly I don’t know why im here but your comments make me sick…

  • http://N/A Carol


    Thank you! Shauna

  • http://@christinenoel70 Christine


    Wow you are really rude & I am embarrassed when I see a Klainer that acts like you just did. I happen to be both a Klaine fan AND Finchel/Monchele fan – and I am devastated not because Finn is going to die but because CORY a real live person DIED you immature ass. He was Lea’s forever, the man she hoped to spend the rest of her life with & you can be so crass as to act like oh ha ha now Klaine is the only end game. GROW THE F**K up!

  • http://@christinenoel70 Christine

    Um yeah she did cheat on Finn when she kissed puck to get back at him for not telling her he’d slept with Santana the year before when they we not a couple. So like it or not everyone on this show has cheated in some way or another.

  • http://@christinenoel70 Christine

    @Cindy: Another Klainer that makes me embarrassed to call myself one. Guess what if Darren or Chris saw the way you were treating Finchel fans because there ship is over (and I am a Finchel/Monchele fan too) they would be EMBARRASSED as hell you’re all acting like childish brats over the death of one of their FRIENDS and the love of Lea’s life! Grow up I swear to God this fandom sometimes makes me sick. I will always ship Klaine but I will also forever have love for Finchel & Monchele

  • http://@christinenoel70 Christine

    @Cindy: Cindy you are a f**king little bitch & I’ll be you any money you’re not even out of your teens. It’s Klainers like you (and a few other on here) that give our fandom a bad name (even Chris isn’t all that fond of the shit he sees going on & I sure as HELL don’t blame him) Hopefully someday you will grow up and realize what a snotty brat you were to fans morning the DEATH of a REAL MAN not just because their ‘ship’ ended. A person DIED someone who did nothing but do his best to make other peoples lives better and sadly his demons still got to him. You really truly make me sick!