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Adam Levine Goes Nearly Naked for Fiancée Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine Goes Nearly Naked for Fiancée Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine shows off his nearly naked shirtless physique in a brand new picture posted to his fiancee Behati Prinsloo‘s Instagram account!

“70′s porn called. It wants it’s vibe back. Immediately.” the 24-year-old model captioned the picture.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

“The VMA’s seriously used to be so awesome.” Adam tweeted earlier in the week, announcing his distaste for the 2013 MTV VMAs, which aired over the weekend.

Also pictured inside: Matt Flynn, Mickey Madden, and James Valentine of Maroon 5 posing for a pic with a fan on Wednesday (August 28) in Birmingham, Mich. Adam can also be seen in the pics, rushing to his car.

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adam levine goes nearly naked for fiancee behati prinsloo 01
adam levine goes nearly naked for fiancee behati prinsloo 02
adam levine goes nearly naked for fiancee behati prinsloo 03
adam levine goes nearly naked for fiancee behati prinsloo 04
adam levine goes nearly naked for fiancee behati prinsloo 05
adam levine goes nearly naked for fiancee behati prinsloo 06
adam levine goes nearly naked for fiancee behati prinsloo 07

Photos: AKM-GSI, Instagram
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  • Sunny

    This pic is not news story worthy. Sorry but he doesn’t look good in this pic either.

    I like the pics of James, PJ, Matt and Mickey though. They look good and its nice to see them with fans.

  • Jenn

    And I don’t know any guy who would post up this kind of picture on someone else’s IG. And unless the guy in question is extremely well-hung, I wouldn’t advise posting this kind of picture. Sorry, but I had to go there. Bee releasing this picture is embarrassing for Adam.

  • Watchtower

    Typos. Typos everywhere.

  • Watchtower

    And they’re in a friggen public place. Tell me how that’s so scandalous.

  • susan

    Yep ~he totally looks better with clothes on.


    The only thing she has managed to do is make him look like a laughing stock, when he was trying to come out of that “semi naked Adam” image…LOL. I mean, i get that he is having fun, he looks like it, but this picture SHOULD NOT have been posted on a public networking site.

    Oh Adam…. Get out fast…

  • stupid Adam

    Hey Adam in need of attention??? You’re pathetic,.who knows what’s he’s carrying, and isn’t luggage. Disgusting, Grow up Levine

  • Jinx

    So much for being private now. I bet someone is itching to have a picture of her hand covering him taken and splashed across magazine covers – just like another naked pic of Adam. ;-)

  • paris

    I bet his 15 yr old girlfriend on crack took the picture, they’re dying for attention, he has a junkie body just like Bee yuk

  • Bees mermaid forever

    I heard from my mermaid friends he has anorexia nervosa just like Bee and the rest of us. If there on drugs isn’t a big deal, I heard Bee took the picture in the hotel and it was after they had s e x. Bee we wuv you, I love the suicidal pact you and Adam have is so cool. I love his new tattoo of your handwriting, OMG so cute. Please invite us to the wedding next month. Haters go and choke in your nasty food fat f u c k

  • sandra

    Now i know why i prefer Matt Flynn,not Adam.Adam is pathetic,and so is his irrelevant fake fiancee.He looks ugly in the photo,but Matt looks so hot for a 43 year old man.Adam is losing his looks fast,and still allows her to humiliate him in public with a tacky gay photo.I hope he knows where he’s getting into,Behati is a talentless media-wh*re that is using him for publicity and fame.I never hated Adam,but after he started to fake this engagement,i’m starting to hate him.

  • show off

    Like I said before he can’t function w/o Bee*+++ It’s like watching a slow boring movie of two teenagers getting high & trying to get attention somehow *—she’s playing her game very good, he can’t live w/o Bee & she can’t live w/o his lifestyle, it’s all part of her agenda,**- He’s now her third p u s s y cat & y’all dnt know how much he loves her big nasty feet & dusty kiwi —-++ he’s begging her to stay on tour, he’ll die w/o Bee & everybody knows that.&*-+ I feel sorry for Adam he’s her doormat & toilet paper “&*- y’all I’m telling ya hustle for a yr, play a good game,, “” if nothing work put his heart in a box like Bee( remember that twit from her) & some magic ada cadabra s *** that’s how y’all hustle like Bee & get a wimpy multimillionaire Know folks get over it he’s gone

  • Mireille

    Oh good grief, Adam, PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON. There’s nothing you have that needs to be showcased naked. Behati, girl, take a good look at what you’re marrying.

  • Jenn

    @Jinx: The only way the picture could be newsworthy if it was taken for another charity.

    Bee posted this to kiss the asses of Adam’s fans. She knows many of them are dumb enough to think she did this for them. Nope it’s all about her. I’m understand why he seems to avoid being photographed with her.

  • huhhhh

    lucky fan got to pose with mickey!!!!!

    bp knows what shes “marrying” ,adam is the one who needs to take a good look at what hes getting into

  • lol

    oh sh it, popcorn’s back.

  • lauren LA

    OMFG. Adam you look disgusting, we all know your gay, get out of the closet and embrace what you can’t change or just go away and overdose with your emaciated scarecrow, you guys aren’t newsworthy accept it, you insecure little bastard

  • show off

    If y’all take a look James, PJ, Mickey, Sam they’re acting like real men not like a grown toodler like Adam,–++ folks he got it bad his mental is deteriorating slowly, his crazy love For Bee is driving him nuts, **— his anxiety pills aren’t helping him, Yo Bee take control of your man , your ada cadabra magic is killing him haha poor Mr Letoilet

  • RickyHook

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $82h… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online. (Home more information)

  • Jinx

    @sandra: you’ve got talentless right – her GQ Mexico spread looked like the pages were torn out of a VS catalog. She has one look in everything- whether its underwear or not. I compared a couple of pics with those of Anne’s GQ and there truly is a big difference! Bee has no b00bs to show! Adam probably has bigger ones than her.

  • gia

    Hey Adam if ya wanna be overexposed like your lame album just date Miley Cirus, – you both need rehab n she’s young & stupid just your type. Your current girlfriend isn’t famous or nothing, her big head, flat like a potty shes just a junkie living out of you n you look like her toilet paper. Grow a pair bro take control of your messy life

  • Cari

    “Not newsworthy” yet the same old pathetic group of haters jump on the comment thread.

  • wtf

    What’s he trying to show off?? He’s not attractive, probably aaddicted like his stupid bulimic jaw gf: he looks like hes modeling or posing soo gay if you ask me, How can you allow your girlfriend to humiliate you like this? What’s next? Adam your the only artist embarrassing yourself just to be relevant, pathetic. Holy hell

  • lol

    ugh. he’s so gross. I kinda miss the old good days with Maroon 5. Now he’s just pathetic.

  • wtf

    @Bee’s mermaid forever. Adam has anorexia nervosa?? OMFG he looks unhealthy like Bee.–I’ll tell all my friends about this $hit. His drug abuse is killing him, can somebody smack his little head for me please such a loser

  • Karen

    Well he looks good to me! He and Behati are a cute couple and it looks like they have a lot of fun together. I wish them all the best.

  • Jenn

    @Cari: And yet you keep coming here to read these posts. Unless there is a gun pointed at your head, then you don’t have much of an excuse.

    This is a personal picture not one from a photoshoot. There is a difference. Adam wouldn’t be using Bee’s IG to release this kind of photo. She’s doing it to kiss fans’ ass and she’s making him look pathetic.

    I can only imagine what his mom would think.

  • Cari

    @Jenn: Don’t flatter yourself, honey. I don’t read posts written by you haters. They aren’t relevant. They’re just the same nonsense over and over again.

  • Cari

    @Karen: An actual normal person posting?!! God bless you.

  • seemingly small


    You sound like a fool, you know that right? Adam isn’t using Behati’s account. Behati is using her own account and posting a pic of her fiance. He doesn’t look at all pathetic. He looks like he’s fooling around and having fun. You’re the one who looks pathetic. You can’t imagine what his mom would think because his mom is a sweetheart and you’re a hater.

  • Seriously

    You guys take everything way too seriously. This dude can obviously not do anything right for you guys and I seriously hope none of you call yourself Adam/Maroon 5 fans because the things you come out with is nothing but pure sh!t talk involving anything he does. Hey @Jenn, stop talking about his mom like Adam is 14 years old. He’s a 34 year old man who can do what he wants without fearing if mommy approves or not and surprise! I’m willing to bet his mother sees no harm in her son having fun and being himself, so stop trying to be the Mommy Police. To everyone else- He’s enjoying life and having fun and if you all think that Adam is as pathetic, ugly, disgusting, sick, whatever other sh!t you want to spew, here’s a suggestion: stop flooding his posts with your hate- 1) get over it and 2) move on with your life. The only people that look pathetic here are the ones who continue to waste time posting about someone they don’t even care for

  • Naw

    The Haters always try to fill up the first page in the comment thread. They think regular people will read it and think twice or change their minds about Adam. But us regular people/fans know a haters gonna hate so we don’t put much relevance into what they post.

    I think his fiancee’s caption is funny. They seem like a good match. Good for Adam. Can’t wait for the Voice to start up again.

  • Just Sayin’

    It’s only one or two idiots with a dozen different usernames anyway. When one username goes away, they all go away. Just sayin’….

  • che

    He’s obviously having fun! and her comment makes it all the better. You go Adam Be yourself!

  • Sweet Melissa

    Aw I love Adam! He never takes himself too seriously. I don’t know much about his lovely girlfriend but she seems to have the same sense of humor as him. Cute couple.

  • Watchtower

    I’m pretty sick of these children. There are people being bombed in other countries right now, so I’m going to go turn on the news and watch real world issues instead of watching a grown ass man play the fool.

  • sandra

    @Naw: No,it’s not funny,it’s ridiculous.Your “adorable” Adam is not a good role model.He admitted he has a huge ego and that he was promiscuous(still is).They are not a good match,and i doubt he likes her,he always looks embarassed when he’s seen with her.This photo only humiliates him in public,,makes him look stupid,but people like you still think it’s okay.Behati is hurting what’s left of his reputation.She’s desperate for attention and publicity,without him(and his publicity),she would be unemployed and in her country right now.She has no talent or beauty to keep her in the U.S,only Adam and this fake engagement.

  • 2 weeks

    @Watchtower: As I said earlier, one this is either a very old pic that Behati thinks she “has to post” bc her fans are wondering why there are no pda’s and she feels she has to prove herself…or two, he could have gone swimming, hence the public place they are in looks like rt outside of a hotel pool room…or 3, he is making fun of Miley Cyrus.

  • wtf

    @Sandra your so right she’s damaging whats left of his reputation, but he allows that like a p u$$y ** shame on you Adam

  • idiots

    Ridiculous!! What’s the point of this ? Nobody cares if him or his stupid gf die tomorrow hes boring, hopefully drugs will keep him away, xfactor not the voice nobody wants to see Levine or hear his girly voice

  • ryan

    Who the hell is this dude? I won’t let my daughters watch The Voice ever again, he’s a joke. This “man” is the mentor and coach for young girls on The Voice his embarrassing/ pornographic behavior make you think that he’s probably hitting on young girls while coaching. What kind of example for teens? He’s creepy for a 34 yr old dating another young model that is promoting anorexia/ bulimia. America hates you Mr.Levine I hope NBC let you go

  • Lauren

    Looks like they are having lots of good times on tour. They are a perfect match and they are both amazing looking. Loved Behati’s Stephanel shoot. Gorgeous.

  • 2 weeks

    @Lauren: She is a walking skeleton in that video. It’s awful.

  • KSB

    ROTFLMFAO!!!! This picture cracks me up. Adam looks so stupid

  • show off

    Y’all Adam would hurt himself w/o Bee, –they’re together on tour having fun–** he’s always begging her to stay by his side so he can function properly ++yep folks he’s her doormat and Bee is all smiles

  • @Watchtower

    Oh yeah, sure you will. You’ll be back hating on the next Adam Levine thread. No wait, you’ll be back on the next page of this thread.

  • @sandra

    No you’re wrong. It’s funny at least to those of us with a sense of humor and no stick up our @ss. You’re obviously seething with jealousy. Adam loves Behati very much. That’s why he proposed. She’s not hurting his reputation at all. She’s a top model who doesn’t need Adam for publicity or money. You’re delusional.

  • Keep it Real

    So now I know where the rumor mill begins. It’s on this site. You guys have lost touch with reality. While I don’t think this is particularly “newsworthy,” every major entertainment outlet has already picked it up. People like, and are interested in Adam.

    You talk about drugs and eating disorders. Well, I don’t know, but when you read what “real people” witness and tweet about, you hear about a pretty healthy lifestyle. Working out, yoga, golf, eating healthy. Various organic brands supply their wares to this band and the entourage. I’m not saying they don’t party. But nothing about Maroon5 says “heroin chic” to me. Please…

    I have no insider knowledge of VS decision making, but I know that Bee is featured in all of their marketing right now. She’s on their web home page, front and back covers of the latest lingerie catalogue and all over the front windows of their stores. She’s not the only face in the store, but she’s featured most prominently. Doesn’t seem like someone with one foot out the door. I don’t like her, and I don’t make my decisions to purchase based on which boney-ass model is in the window, but I see the wisdom in VS capitalizing on current events. I do know that individual stores don’t have anything to do with theses decisions. It’s a big corporation, folks. They analyze results and make decisions based on the bottom line.

    What I see around me never seems to match up with what you guys discuss here anymore. Just because you come up with a dozen screen names and say the same thing over and over, doesn’t make it true. Why do you manufacture such cr ap?

  • @ryan

    Oh and a “father” who writes hateful messages on a gossip board ISN”T a joke? What kind of example are you? America doesn’t hate Adam Levine. America hates deadbeat fathers like you.

  • Seriously

    @Keep it Real: Thank you for this refreshing comment amongst all the crappy “facts” around here. I completely agree with everything you said, nice logic!