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Alexander Skarsgard: I'm Single Right Now!

Alexander Skarsgard: I'm Single Right Now!

Alexander Skarsgard heads back to his car after shopping at the Moderica Furniture store on Thursday afternoon (August 29) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old True Blood actor was recently interviewed by Metro and revealed to the British newspaper that he is currently single with a simple “yes” to the question.

“If you have lunch with any girl friend – and I mean just a platonic friend – there’ll be a story like you’re in a serious relationship or whatever,” Alex said about constantly being linked to his leading ladies. “There’s nothing you can do about that – so I try not to let it affect me.”

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  • Anna

    Yeah! Still got a chance of becoming Mrs Alexander Skarsgard one day then. ;)
    Oh, and thank you God or nature or whoever/whatever is responsible for the creation of this perfectness, for your kindness.

  • Mel

    He’s allergic to grown up relationships.

  • Diane

    @Mel: Then he is just like any typical male walking the planet ;)

  • Diane

    @Anna: He is lovely :)

  • Kristin just so swedish

    It was fantastic to have him in Stockholm for such a long time and to see he was having such a great time was really uplifting.
    Bless you Alex, good luck for your next projects.
    You are just a beautiful human being XXX

  • Coward

    No he is a bad person and a coward

  • Empty

    @Kristin just so swedish:

    You know he an athe├»st he doesn’t believe in anything and it shows he not active in any charities he is not apart of anything with substances for someone his age he pretty empty all he does is drink beer and parties and cheer drunkly for hammarby he is an empty Guy so keep your blessings he doesn’t believe in them or you.

  • ladybug

    @Empty: Empty/Coward: I know I shouldn’t respond to trolls, but you really have no idea what being an atheist is, do you?

    Back to Alex, in LA after two months away-finalizing the HBO/TB and The Giver contracts? As well as furniture shopping?

  • Kirstiny bell

    It’s so nice..

  • lydia

    @Mel: Or he just hasn’t found someone he wants to be in a relationship with *GASP*

  • lydia

    @Empty: Most of Sweden is atheist and they’re near the top of pretty much every quality of life list so you can take your stupid ass God and shove it with the fat/illiterate/violent people who believe in him/her/it.

  • http://twitter angelnoel

    @lydia: Yeah cause all Atheist are skinny/intelligent/peaceful people. Your like a school yard bully who has been made fun of and starts spouting out obscene/derogatory statements just to get someone back. Why not have an intelligent well informed statement that explains Atheism? And really I don’t think his religion has anything to do with him being single and if it does what does it matter???

  • Mel

    It’s a shame Kate isn’t going to talk about their relationship, I was waiting for her to do a tell all, I would love to know what really happend.

  • BS

    The Swedish women and men cheat on each other more and lets not forget they drink themselves men and women into a puddle this is just a few things Sweden is not all great as Askars would like you to believe ask any Swedish people they are miserable suppressed but please continue.

  • Bliz

    Daddy’s boy

  • Kristin just so Swedish

    Great point LADYBUG!!! I know we should not be giving a s..t if those trolls keep on blabbing stupid nonsense – they are just retarded, that’s what they are.
    As for Alexander; don’t ever talk about him if you’ve never had the chance to meet him , let alone talk and work with him…because you’re just trolls and your friends are just like you. Moving on!
    Again, bless you Alex, you’re the most funny, witty, grounded guy in showbiz.
    Wish you nothing but the best.

  • Lilla

    @BS: I’m from Sweden & I’m not miserable or suppressed. Neither are my family & friends. So, not all Swedes fell that way.

  • BS

    @Kristin just so Swedish:

    Have you? Or should I ask are you Alexander you are quit defensive even for a stan.

    @lila I never said everyone is so chill but anyone who has been to sweden know what I am talking about you don’t even have to look far for an example Askars does a great job of portraying this.

    But you stans are like rabid rabies hounds foaming at the mouth at any observation continue

  • Kristin just so Swedish

    Hi Lilla, I’m from Sweden too and never felt miserable nor suppressed in my whole life. Quite the opposite in fact!
    Those trolls just don’t know what they’re talking about, their inconsistent life must be so dull and flat boring I guess.
    And don’t get me even started on their ridiculous ‘nudity’ issues….LOL I’m so over it.
    Relax guys, it’s just that we were all born that way, that’s why we don’t care about nudity and nude scenes!

  • Strange

    Alex is yummy!!

  • Macy

    Good to see him out and about back in LA. Hopefully this means he’s working on his contracts and securing new work.
    Let’s not get started on who has the better country, the US is no peach either. Everyone has their own ways of life, and that’s fine. Nothing saying anyone has to be like it is here.
    Anyway, hopefully we’ll see a bit more of Alex now that he’s back. I wonder if he’ll go to any film festivals this year.

  • gaja

    stop de wereld Alexander Skarsgard is singel and he drinks a lot so what . he should do what he likes .and if he f…. every day another girl or be drunk is that no one business but his own .

  • Carolyn

    ALEX ALEX ALEX ALEX!!! you rule you beautiful man. Cheers!

  • Sarah J

    Stupid question to Alexander:
    why is it you’re so comfortable about nudity?
    Smart answer from our sexiest Swede:
    Errrr…maybe bacause we were born like that?????
    LOL LOL LOL he’s sooooooo smart!!!

  • Matilda Just So Swedish

    TACK SA MYCHET for doing what you do Alexander!!!
    you’re a beautiful human being
    All the best

  • Mitchie

    @Coward: why?

  • hiall
  • Askars’s Tiny Flaccid Penis

    Hey it’s Little Alex here. We’re back from Sweden! As for the current news: Of course Big Alex is single!! Homeboy can’t commit to save his life. But, He sure knows how to give me a goooooooo work-out!!!!

  • Askars’s Tiny Flaccid Penis


    You got that right! But Little Alex (that’s me!) isn’t allergic to vaginal relationships, if you get my drift. LOL!!!!!

  • Askars’s Tiny Flaccid Penis


    HAHA, you’ve really got Big A all figured out! But one thing’s for sure: he sure believes in Little Alex, LOL!!!!!!

  • Askars’s Tiny Flaccid Penis


    Hey, since I’ve been attached to Big Alex since birth (even before!) I can speak on this: Big A is an *atheist*, not an agnostic. He has directly said this. He. does. not. believe. in. a. God. He believes in his tiny flaccid pee-pee, though, which makes me say “THANK GOD!” LOL!!!!

  • Mammas boy

    Visiting his GF and hiding her single? he is lying Carnt fess up and tell truth

  • Askars’s Tiny Flaccid Penis

    @Mammas boy:

    Why does anyone think he would answer “no” when asked if he’s single when he just got done saying he wants to keep certain things private?? Fans of Big Alex are so dumb. They believe everything he says.

  • Matilda Just So Swedish

    Alexander Skarsgard # Man of my dreams….love ya to bits babe!!!!

  • Karen So Proud to be Swedish

    He’s agnostic you retarded dumbass you silly pathetic stupid little thing!
    and YESSSS he’s the most lovely creature I’ve never seen in my life…so get lost you pathetic trolls!

  • Askars’s Tiny Flaccid Penis

    @Karen So Proud to be Swedish:

    Do you even know what “agnostic” means?

  • Askars’s Tiny Flaccid Penis

    As you can see, I’m still obsessing over Askars and his tiny flaccid penis. Can’t help my self ;)

  • hiall

    Agnostic means that you don’t commit to believing in a God but you don’t disbelieve either dumbass

  • puhlease

    And he disbelieves no? You’re all a bunch of trolls anyway. Shameful considering your demographic.

  • Blackcat

    No air brushing is needed for Alexander Skarsgard! Alex is sheer perfection! Flawless! Absolutely flawless!

  • His shit is weak

    so said ERW so now he is hiding at HIS GF house and she at his it very plausible that’s how it going down he has a place she has a place so they can boot call each other. They have been hanging out alot since January and every one has seen how they make a spectacle of that movie Lame btw so I am not surprise that he is or doing EP or BM or both and Zal lol I believe he is NOT single the paps are not with him 24hrs so he can be doing animals in his backyard for all we know and I believe that he IS with her and ashame he sees to have a thing for hiding his GF. He did it with ERW they were seen around LA hiding with KB that Puss actress that girl from his New Years party CT at private clubs he has money now and he looks f**king shady like he is into alot of crazy sh*t why go through all this trouble to hide stuff if he not hiding something and god know how many others So I can totally seeing him stringing EP along and her buying his swedish sh*t.
    he is just looking like a fool with the lies his stans follow his every move but whatever Alex people already think you are drunk so add liar to it and your set. He should take 50 shades because he wants it it right up his alley anyways.

  • His shit is weak

    I have no problem with him being single which he ISN’T and hitting it and quitting it, what I don’t like is the idea that he is stringing along these women and hiding them as a woman I find it disrespectful and then I loose interest good looking or not being a dick to women unnecessary I just can’t stan for someone like that. Even Leo take his Models out for some air with the paps and B coop walks his daughter to the park. He is looking like a tool with all this secrecy

  • Empty

    so obviously my comment hit a nerve here if you didn’t think he was Empty you would have ignore my comment obviously you think or feel so as well. if you can list things of substances in his life not his family he was born into that something he has bonded with in his lifetime and advocate for please tell me.

    I will put it to you like this Alex Skarsgard is a good Friend good guy superficially and a bad BF he is too self involved in himself and how he is feeling to merge with someone or thing. All his friends Swedish or otherwise or involved in something his close friend Kristen is actively active with alot mostly animals there are so many things he can get involved in or lend his name to or do, but He goes on and on about his stupid team that loses all the time by footballer that make alot of money like him he lives in LA were there are more Homeless people than anywhere he could start there. Anna and Stephen have lend a hand and his other co stars he does have to call the paps on himslef I am not saying he should do that but as anyone heard of him at a not a fancy dinner thing but in the shelters helping. But you guys see it as well if my comment wouldn’t have bother you so that says alot.

  • Empty

    as for he is atheist or agnostic or anal It doesn’t really matter he is doesn’t seem to believe in much and he is seeming more self involved and empty than anything it is not attractive at least not to me.

    he spend 2 months in Sweden drinking and drunk shouting for football he couldn’t squeeze in something of substance again his friend Kristen is working and getting her Elephant doc ready painting to raise money for it. Tom Hardy is doing something similar and he seems to have a busy schedule my point I will say it again Alex Skarsgard is coming off empty and self involved in himself to cared about anything outside him you don’t need religion to believe and advocate for some more than you.

  • Betty

    That’s strange. Why would anyone say he is atheist? I never heard him say that. Just because a person doesn’t have a religious affiliation doesn’t mean they don’t believe in God. Also I have never heard him put down US. I watch or read HIS interviews not what some “source”says. He is certainly not a coward this is obvious and he likes beer. So what? I would throw back a few beers with him any time. At least he’s healthy and doesn’t do drugs.

  • http://@BJCottuli BJ

    And this is why the poor man tries to keep his private sh*t PRIVATE! Totally crazy comments! Y’all talk like he actually reads this. HE DOESN’T!

  • Betty

    Just because the media would like us to believe he is stringing along women doesn’t make it so. If you hate him why read about him? He makes friends wherever he goes and his friends and coworkers all say he is a great guy. Kristen Bauer is one of his best friends and never has anything bad to say about him. And he doesn’t say bad things about anyone. His directors love him and say he is great to work with. He was raised in a large very loving household and is still close with his parents and siblings and tors home every chance he gets to see them. If Sweden was such a bad place why would he go? He loves his homeland. Oh and to flaccid penis : you wouldn’t be a tad jealous would you?

  • Askars’s Tiny Flaccid Penis


    Yeah, you’re totally right. Big Alex is really a superficial guy but I can’t say he’s totally selfish ’cause he loves ME, ME, ME, his flaccid little pee-pee.

  • Empty


    Ok list me something of substance that he is doing outside of family and work? The rest is irrelevant his co workers wouldn’t say anything bad him and he wouldn’t either. I am taking about Alex Skarsgard outside of acting that guy seems empty.

  • Empty

    @48 I am not here for you and your juvenile comments. Please don’t agree with me when you’re making these shallow vapid comments. Your comment is very superficial as well.

    @46 how are my comments crazy its a observatory comment about a man who is in the spot light for a long while now that doesn’t seem to be involved with anything other than his superficial work community.