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Suri Cruise Breaks Her Arm

Suri Cruise Breaks Her Arm

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s seven-year-old daughter Suri has suffered a broken arm, according to People.

Suri did break her arm, but she is okay,” Katie‘s rep told the mag. It is not clear how or when she suffered the injury, nor where she was at the time.

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Most recently, Suri was spotted on the set of the just-wrapped movie Miss Meadows with her mom Katie in Cleveland, Ohio.

We are sending our best wishes to Suri on a speedy recovery!

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  • Franson

    Hail Xenu!

  • Anne

    I hope Katie allow Tom to visit his daughter.

  • Yassine

    Get well soon Suri!

  • Jeanie

    ”’“Suri did break her arm, but she is okay,” her rep told the mag. ”’

    Suri has a rep?

  • Blackplanetmobi

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  • katien

    oh poor baby!

  • lol ridiculous

    Are you serious? Who the hell cares? She’s a CHILD. Write us a novel the day she’s buying her first baguette.


    Suri belongs with Tom

  • Carol

    More like Tom don’t give a care about raising his daughter but may be she is not his.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Proud of Katie on her escape and saving Suri from Scientology.

  • Suri=meal ticket

    I bet it’s self-inflicted. The meal ticket was enraged by whatsoever again. It’s nothing new. Yeah, and according to People again, Suri is handful.
    It’s really not your fault that you have been a child labor since day one.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Actually, if she broke the epiphiseal plate, not good! Could end up with problems.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Annie, this is the very example of why Katie can’t be doing the Djuango Unchained with Jamie. Yes I know it is a double standard but, that’s life. There r checks and balances though: yes men get their 40 virgins but women get reality. Yes Miley got dissed while Robin got the wink wink, nod nod. BUT, Statistics show that more men than women drop dead of heart attacks because they r living in denial with consequently huge stresses. If Katie weren’t doing her mom job, when Suri broke her arm, the guilt of a mother would weigh heavily.. And Tom would be FIRST to blame. I know it may be neurotic but Anorexics/bulimics (along with bad teeth) DO have osteoporosis. Tom will be the first to blame Katie if Suri gets diagnosed with osteoporosis.

  • rubyz

    @Sincerely Concerned: Just as Holmes would have blamed Tom if Suri had been with him when she broke her arm. Holmes’ “people” would have seen him annihilated in the press, yet again. We’ll see how long it takes Holmes to provide a photo op of Suri in her cast. Suri is never photographed when she is with her father.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @rubyz: can not wake someone who is pretending to be asleep;/. ……i.e., of all the songs/ performances on the MTV awards, Katie Perry’s was the BEST. When all the stories fade away, what is left? What stands the test of time. How will history play it? Katie alone knows if her motives r pure…

  • mana talagi

    @SHINE: a child will always belong to a mother if they divorce unless there’s other complication but honestly she stays with her mother.. broken her arm its part and parcel of growing up…kids..

  • mana talagi

    @SHINE: a child will always belong to a mother if they divorce unless there’s other complication but honestly she stays with her mother.. broken her arm its part and parcel of growing up…kids.. get well Suri

  • Anne

    Can anyone tell me, because after over a year of divorce, these two opportunists did not appear as new partners? Strange.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: Because, there is MORE going on than we know.

  • Lolli

    Suri probably broke her arm to get attention, something tells me Suri is a spoiled spoiled rotten soon to be 8 yrs old! Katie is not controlling the child or reasoning with the child. So glad Tom stays out of the picture. He has other children who loves him more and are great kids. Katie and her child should get together with Suri’s real dad. When is Katie going to tell Suri the real truth?

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Lolli: You r a joke. You DON’T reason with a 7-8 y/o.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: why don’t u just hand over your check book and credit card while you’re at it:-o!!!!

  • Chewbacca

    @Anne: Actually, the issue is whether the cult will let him see Suri. Which they will, they need to keep their favorite celebs happy. It’s just the peons who have to disconnect.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    They are finding the hidden? I doubt. Tom flees Katie like bat out of hell, he poses bully, a man is more insecure and fearful in his private life. Remember when he went to visit Suri in New York the first time after the divorce? It took her sister along, full of toys to disguise. Or, do you think the two are opportunistic hidden ace with new partners? A man staying more than 01 years without sex …. it’s complicated.

  • annie

    ”Suri broke her arm to get attention”. Well how about you go and break an arm and a leg, and maybe your head as well, and then let us know so we can give you our attention and sympathy.

  • annie

    @sincerely concerned
    When Tom was promoting MI3, he was on this show, I think it was in UK, don’t remember, Jamie Foxx came on the show as well and he gave TC this huge basket with all things baby in it .
    Also I remember it was just a few months after Suris birth Tom and Katie attended some game, JF and TK sat together, that was still when they held hands resting on her lap .
    You know how I feel about doing a little Djuango Unchained with him, go for it, but he’s not for keeps material ,and I believe it when her lawyer said. that Suris best interests are her #1 priority, when she and TC separated, which made me think that maybe not all of it, but a lot had to do with Suri.
    It was time for some serious decisions, and Katie had to make them, because I think that if they were not made then it may have been too late.
    Everything that has come out, about Scie, Tom , everyone for that matter, I’m sure her father knew all about it from early on, and I will bet anything that he knew it would have come to this end, he also knew, and was aware, he’s a divorce lawyer, of how things maybe had to be done.
    Because Katie would have lost Suri, if she started her education, and he would have lost his grandaughter, so there was really no choice left, because I doubt that Tom would ever back down from his Scie beliefs, and he wanted that sort of education for Suri, he said so before she was even born, so he was pretty determined.
    I also think that he does see Suri, and keeps it quiet, because other Scie members don’t have it so easy, so if there are no pics , nobody points the finger.
    Maybe to him Katie now doesn’t even exist, because he seems to be good at that, but Suri is his daughter, and I think he loves her very much.
    At the same time, I think that Tom inside is a troubled man, although he and probably people around him don’t see it, because they are are all part of the very thing that is creating havoc in his life.

    Regard less, about her womb being for sale, as you put it, she loved him, and had his child, maybe this is not the way, she wanted it, and when she hooked up with him, not the way it would end, not only for her, but Suri, and him too, I guess.
    I’m not saying it is, but maybe just maybe, it’s been more difficult on the inside, that what is shown on the outside!
    Anyway today is the first day of spring, for us!
    It’s also Fathers Day, big celebation this evening, honouring 4 dads!

    Also Suri jumps, and she jumps high.
    There is a picture of Suri on the set of Knight and Day, the door of the trailer is open, and you can see Suri, honestly jumping so high, I remember thinking where is she jumping from or to in a trailer.
    Even the pics of her at gymnastics, or the beach, this little girl flies through the air.

  • Siya

    Omfg you people… She is a child! Believe it or not it is quite common for children to break bones! You people are acting like they just said “Suri was found lying on the sidewalk unconcious after a hit and run while her mother stood posing for the paparazzi”

    Calm the hell down. Suri is with Katie. End of story. We do not know what happened, how they act personally, or truly anything about them at all.
    You people need to stop judging this people.
    Get over yourselves.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Siya: it’s what we do;)

  • Anne

    You say:
    At the same time, I think that Tom inside is a troubled man, although he and probably people around him don’t see it, because they are are all part of the very thing that is creating havoc in his life.

    Now, after tons of information that I read last year, I’m sure of it. And it has to see with the abandonment of the father. He distrusts everyone. It has complex rejection. He’s crazy. He is so “burned” which is why the 4th “wife” did not appear.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Just because he is not “marriage material” doesn’t mean he can’t embrace his failures and go from there. He acts, loves to act, so keep on acting. What scares me is what Annie said about his height issues. That is just nuts. I guess he and Miscavidge deserve each other.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @lydia oh lydia: it’s what we do;)

  • Sincerely concerned

    Some people talk about sports, we talk other people’s lives. Why should it bother you?

  • lydia oh lydia

    What is wrong with you people? Sincerely concerned & annie especially!! You act as if you have some clue about what has gone on in the lives of these complete strangers. You only know what gossip mags and random pics make you THINK you see. Why don’t you just enjoy their work and get on with your own lives instead of spending hours discussing the personal lives of strangers you know nothing about. In short, GET A LIFE.

    As for the people saying horrible things like Suri broke her arm on purpose to get attention: You’re as damaged as the two others I mentioned above! SHE’S A KID. She didn’t ask for this life or those two freaks as parents. She’s an innocent kid who happened to break her arm. It happens. Just give your best wishes and move on or shut up. Saying stupid sh*$ about a kid has got to be some seriously bad Karma.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @lydia oh lydia: The more I think about it, the more I have to laugh at YOU. What the frank do you think these sites are for? 80% of these posters have knowledge that they share and yes some is speculation. It’s not like Suri is exposed to our “gossip”. When someone is that unbelievably wealthy, people can’t help but to want to know. This couple has just enough mystery: with the Scientology issues, Travolta’s crazy sex life, Miscavidge’s wife disappearing; some movie star who dated Cruise ends up cleaning toilets because she said the wrong thing? What DID happen that made Katie leave after she said how madly in love the 2 were with each other? And why r both Nicole and Katie so hush, hush?
    Every time, I visit this site, there is a tiny piece of the puzzle that gets solved. You, my dear, r free to not visit nor read these posts:)

  • lydia oh lydia

    @ sincerely concerned

    I was merely suggesting that you worry a little more about your own lives rather than write pages and pages of nonsense about complete strangers, but hey, if this is how you want to spend your time, go for it. I thought perhaps you were unaware of how totally batspit nuts you sound, but obviously you don’t care. Whatever floats your really sad, lonely, little boat sweetie. By the way… don’t play well with others either. You and annie and one other poster (can’t recall her name) seem to enjoy being rude to others.

    As for my being free not to visit the site or read your posts, thanks for stating the obvious. Unlike you, I’m your average, normal individual who enjoys reading about and seeing pictures of celebrities without becoming completely obsessed with them and their personal lives. Most of us can read about these people and get on with our lives. You somehow delusionally believe you somehow know what’s happening in their lives based on gossip and some pictures and then you proceed to spend paragraph after paragraph and post after post discussing those delusions. Hey…..I’m just letting you know that you sound like a delusionally obsessed nut, but whatever…

    Have a nice day!

  • annie

    @sincerely concerned
    I think we just got told off ! Doesn’t bother me, but I think it’s offensive to be compared to those people who talk about a little girl that.
    I never thought of it as a puzzle before, but you’re right, every piece is telling.
    But it wasn’t me who said anything about Toms height.
    There are always pics of him with fans and he doesn’t look that short. For some reason he goes for tall women. Maybe he’s not the tallest but he’s not the shortest either.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @lydia oh lydia: I’m just trying to figure out how I got my response to your post BEFORE you posted. You don’t do well with sarcasm do you?:(

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: :)

  • lydia oh lydia

    Neither of you have the intelligence to tell off anyone over the age of 3. LOL! Again, get a life. Try paying attention to your own family, if you have one (probably not). Your lives must be totally empty. Another suggestion would be that you both see a psychiatrist to find out why you’re so obsessed and delusional.

    Have a happy, happy day crazies!!

  • Anne


    He wants to feel the alpha male. Beautiful women and submissive to the great Tom. Girls let’s not fight. Lydia did not come to this site if it is bothering so much. By the way, I read that Katie has no more contract with H. Stern. How boring.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: She started it! :-Q

  • passerby

    Tommy had some good times with PAULA PATTON . That’s why Katy was a no show at the premier of MI111. She and husband have open marriage.!!

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    I do not understand what you say. Be more clear please. Kisses.

  • Anne


    How do you know about Paula and Tom? Who has an open marriage? Paula / Katie? Paula Patton gave an interview on MI and seemed very dazed by being there. In premieres, red carpet, she admired Tom as if he were a God (Cruz, Kidman, Holmes, at the beginning of “marriage”) also loved it. If you observe the body language of this people, it is all the same. Artificial and pathetic. Nicole with Urban on the red carpet today seems more natural.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: Responding to Lydia oh Lydia’s crassness with an American good ole fashion “up yours”.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Just found out from a very reliable source that Suri did NOT break her arm. Her PR people have, with the @ of a Physcal Therapist(PT), made a removal cast that is used to ward of the Paps. Their thought is that the Paps will have more compassion for the 2 and at the same time keep them in the spotlight;). Due to prolonged immobilization, however, she IS going through PT to apply Wolfe’s Law with supervised PROM, AAROM, AROM and PRE withe isometric strengthening being the main focus. How do I know that? Because I know a therapist who knows a therapist who knows the therapist that is working with them. Is that cool or what????

  • lydia oh lydia

    @ Sincerely concerned

    OK, its official. You’re totally insane and completely delusional. What you’re saying is ridiculous and sick. I guarantee no medical professional would go along with it. There’s nothing “crass” about what I’m saying. It’s simply a fact that you’re nuts, which is clearly provable by your most recent post. Look up the term delusional and you’ll find an 8 X 10 picture of yourself.

    You sincerely need professional help Sincerely concerned. Either you’re a sick, twisted liar or so insane that your delusions and obsession is becoming real for you. I don’t think you can tell the difference between your fantasies and reality. Please get help….you need it desperately. Contact a mental health professional.

    To other posters:

    PLEASE STOP RESPONDING TO THIS PERSON AND/OR ENCOURAGING HER. She is obviously not well. Feeding into her delusions is only making it worse for her. She needs mental health assistance ASAP. Sorry, but it’s true. What she’s saying makes no sense and is simply not real. She has no connection to anyone even remotely related to Katie or Suri. No medical professional would participate in a lie like that. Think about it! What doctor would immobilize a child’s arm and give her PT if no injury occurred, just to placate her mother??!?!?!? Also, what kind of a mother would do that!! I can’t fathom that Katie Holmes would do that to her child. No decent mother would. I REPEAT: I DON’T BELIEVE KATIE WOULD DO THAT. Say what you will about Katie, but she isn’t insane the way SC is!!

  • Danielle

    @Sincerely concerned:

    I find this really hard to believe. It would not make the paps back up if anything it would make them more aggressive trying to get “the” shot of the cast and yelling at Katie to tell the world how she broke her arm. And if she had a removable cast for when she was at home then why would she need PT? The whole thing doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    Kids break their arms all the time. She could have done it in gymnastics, at Tom’s (if he ever sees her), on the school yard, at Grandma and Grandpas–we don’t know and Katie and Tom aren’t telling. She could have a hairline fracture too–which may mean she does have a removable cast if the doctor chooses to treat it with one. Sometimes with a hairline they will give the person a removable so that they can bathe without a cast.

    I sincerely doubt, Ms. Sincerely Concerned, that a cast would keep the paps away. Katie and Tom both know full well how to keep Suri how out of the limelight. And I bet we don’t see Suri until the cast is off now.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Danielle: I know.. I just wanted to get a rxn. out of Lydia oh Lydia. I mean if Us, The Star and other’s can start rumors; why is it so obscene for me to start one. And these magazines are run by professionals!! Hopefully, Suri will get some peace now:)))

  • Sincerely concerned

    @lydia oh lydia: I only say these things to you because I can.