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Alexander Skarsgard: Hakkasan Dinner Outing!

Alexander Skarsgard: Hakkasan Dinner Outing!

Alexander Skarsgard looks dapper as he arrives at Hakkasan Restaurant on Wednesday evening (September 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 37-year-old Swedish actor and his actor pal Keith Ewell
came out to support DJ Nikki Pennie. Fergie and hubby Josh Duhamel were were also spotted there on the same night.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

The day before, Alexander checked the time on his watch while arriving at Chateau Marmont.

Alexander recently announced that he will be joining Prince Harry on the Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge to the South Pole this coming November!

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83 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Hakkasan Dinner Outing!”

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  1. 1
    BeautyBarbie Says:

    alex so handsome as always . I wonder who are those friends just curious

  2. 2
    sexy pants Says:

    Why are you so HAWT? Damn you and your sexy pants. Uggh those pants and that shirt are so tight and he wants to kill me he is Bringing the Sexy fiercely and he is wearing white sneaks.. DEAD!

  3. 3
    Lola Says:

    I know! He’s dreamy.

  4. 4
    fashion icon Says:

    what are you? some groupie??

  5. 5
    you Says:


  6. 6
    sexy pants Says:

    @fashion icon:

    haha good question? LOL at the what are you part, seriously what’s the deal post 1? Alexander sure does have some intense (I am being nice) fans males and female Damn!

  7. 7
    sexy pants Says:

    just wanted to say again that he is bringing the sexy Fiercely. Uggh! So Hawt, Handsome and in great shape. He really needs a woman (me) lol in his life to tell him baby you already wore that shirt yesterday even though he is Unnf in it choose another.

  8. 8
    fashion icon Says:

    @sexy pants:
    I think #1 was giving his people a quick link of how to reach her.. did you notice the 400 pins of the boz?? ultra creepy that’s her fashion icon huh?? she must be a real stalker troll 4 sure!! she likes stacy keibler’s fashion too?? what no Olivia munn??

  9. 9
    Kirstin So proud to be Swedish Says:

    Your bod is a wonderland sir!!! YUM YUM YUM

  10. 10
    sexy pants Says:

    @fashion icon:
    Really she is following the the boz dude! Fail! Now I am really worried. Maybe she thought that would help her out FY post 1 No that wouldn’t help and plus has history states blonde and desperate is NOT WHAT HE NEEEDS or probably looking for right now. I didn’t click on the link sometimes just No to clicking on links.

  11. 11
    yehyeah Says:

    Good to see his girlfriend is with him, Keith Ewell. And they included her profession, actor pal.
    Am starting to think Alex just doesn’t have space in his life for a real girlfriend.

  12. 12
    sexy pants Says:


    Don’t hate on the Chocolate/Vanilla Bromance not cool man not cool. Keith is alright with me, but maybe we should send him the link of post #1 maybe he wants Blonde one more time LOL.

  13. 13
    sexy pants Says:

    @Kirstin So proud to be Swedish:
    hahahaha I just saw this and I am totally having John Mayer song moment and I conquer his bod is THE SH8T now I feel for some body surfing

  14. 14
    BJ Says:

    Definitely 2 different shirts! Didn’t the Swedish military teach him how to use an iron? Guessing it’s a rumpled fashion statement. ;-)

  15. 15
    Just a model lover Says:

    Yeah both r out going to pick up trashy models u tube , like last yr at c marmot Danish model 22 katrina damm having to clear out the bottles of the car before she had a shag with both of them nice Alex classy and gentleman …

  16. 16
    ladybug Says:

    I don’t know whether #15 is a really bad parody troll or really that lacking in brain cells.

    We might know about Tarzan’s fate in November:

    “Christoph Waltz is in talks to join the cast of Warner Bros.’ “Tarzan” reboot starring Alexander Skarsgard.

    David Yates is on board to direct the pic.

    It is unclear how the new version will be interpreted, but sources say Waltz would be a military figure that crosses paths with the King of the Jungle.

    A bigscreen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of novels, “Tarzan” is being produced by Jerry Weintraub, Alan Riche, Mike Richardson and Yates. Numerous scribes worked on the script including John August, Cormac and Marianne Wibberley and most recently, Adam Cozad.

    Jesse Ehrman will oversee for Warner Bros.

    The studio is still awaiting a greenlight, which some say may come in November with a summer start date. Still, Warners wants to begin packaging a cast to present to the greenlight committee. Yates is also taking meetings with actresses to would play Jane.”

  17. 17
    Not many comments Says:

    @Just a model lover
    she got with both?
    Being Alex’s friend is a good pay off for Keith. All the benefits (women, trips, fancy hotel’s) none of the negative stuff (work, fans constantly asking for your photo, paparazzi) . I need to move their and try and do the same.

  18. 18
    sexy pants Says:

    @Not many comments:

    Isn’t that a redundant statement because don’t all celeb friends get the same treatment just by being around a celeb. The all access pass, the posse unlimited. Pointing the finger at Keith is BS leave Dark Chocolate Alone you guys don’t know how they became friends just know that they are, maybe they back in the day they shared a cup a noodle together when Alexander was broke and roughing it or Keith save him from drowning in his bath tub or helping him with his woman problem guys talk about woman and how it affects them too. I could go on..I don’t know why you guys keep picking on Keith like he is the only friend that might have a tight financial situation. it’s coming off as racist. White Amurika sh*t Not cool. i love how other countries are ahead of not seeing color and class why Amurika is still bawling over an Indian Miss Amurika and a Black President in 2013. I am glad to see Alexander hang out of all sorts of people regardless of class or color or whatever they are just friends. Deal with it!
    Alex knows alot of people we have no idea who he really hangs with all the time and what their financially situations are.
    As for the if Alex hit that his bros do too, I have no intel on their bro code but guys are known to do that’s not saying they do but yes Keith would benefits in getting girls and their number just by hanging with Alex who really is to blame here? Alex for being famous, his friend for hanging with his famous friend or a girl that made that decision to do so. It a road you don’t want to go down.
    Anyways since no one seems to stans for Keith and seems to think so badly of him I am here for the Dark Chocolate/Swedish Vanilla Bromance.

    Great news about Waltz Love him and everything he does. Would love for Alexander and Waltz and Tarzan take off

  19. 19
    yehyeah Says:

    @sexy pants

  20. 20
    fashion icon Says:

    alex met keith after he was famous on true blood. he was here in la filming some Swedish guy groupie band show and followed alex around until alex let him join posse. he only hangs around others when alex is around. other swedes don’t hang around him unless alex makes them. he is a stan as well.

  21. 21
    Not so fast there Says:

    @fashion icon:

    There are pics of Keith and Alex from the very beginning of TB so I am guessing Alex knows Keith since living in LA that video was you are talking about was later and No Keith has been seen with the posse without Alex he hangs out with Joel and was at his TV premiere without Alex get your facts right and stop making the guy out to be a coat tail rider. I never heard Keith say or do anything to make himself look bad or Alex. If Keith is where Alex is it’s because Alex invited him. He always seems to hang in the shadows.
    Alex is just doing what his dad have done be nice to people and take his friends where he goes. Alex have said that his dad left people stay and end up living in their house for years. So it seems like the whole family like to have their friends around if they have good friends why not?!

  22. 22
    yehyeah Says:

    @fashion icon:
    he is a stan as well?

  23. 23
    Ha Says:

    Jee. He’s hot.

  24. 24
    Karin Hammarby Says:

    Thanks Ladybug for your updating on the Tarzan reboot. Things are looking good for Alexander, we’re really proud of him.
    Never mind the trolls…they’ll just keep on blabbing their ‘truth’ ..and to me that means just a steaming pile of ****!
    Who cares anyway when we’re constantly blessed with such a fine specimen?
    Hello Sexypants, you so rock!!!
    cheers from Sweden X

  25. 25
    Karin Hammarby Says:

    You’re ridiculously hot mr. Skarsgard….I can’t keep my eyes off you.
    Just can’t… my.
    Please have mercy mr. Skarsgard….

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