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LeAnn Rimes Embraces Fall, Goes on a 'Pumpkin Spree'!

LeAnn Rimes Embraces Fall, Goes on a 'Pumpkin Spree'!

LeAnn Rimes has her arms full of shopping bags as she leaves Williams-Sonoma on Sunday afternoon (October 6) in Calabasas, Calif.

“I just went on a ‘pumpkin spree’ @WilliamsSonoma” the 31-year-old country singer tweeted that day after leaving the store. Looks like LeAnn is prepping for some Fall themed snacks!

Later in the day, LeAnn tweeted about her attire.

“I went from sweats to a robe & now, I don’t want to get out of my comfies. This poses a problem since I have to perform tonight.” she wrote.

25+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes leaving Williams-Sonoma with lots of bags…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 01
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 02
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 03
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 04
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 05
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 06
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 07
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 08
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 09
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 10
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 11
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 12
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 13
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 14
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 15
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 16
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 17
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 18
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 19
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 20
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 21
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 22
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 23
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 24
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 25
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 26
leann rimes embraces fall goes on pumpkin spree 27

Photos: AKM-GSI
Posted to: LeAnn Rimes

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  • kel

    She doesn’t need a mask.

  • kami

    oops, she forgot to put the brace on her fake broken fingers. and her fingers are bent. you can’t bend a broken finger. her lies are gonna catch up with her.

  • gwen

    Jodi Rimes is on quite the staged photo-op media blitz. She set up 2 on Friday( one with AKM-GSI outside Sugarfish and another with FF outside a bowling alley), another one on Saturday with AKM-GSI at Brandi’s son’s soccer game, and then today with AKM-GSI outside of WS. Why keep pretending that these are candid moments, when Leann has a deal with AKM-GSI? AKM-GSI and FF couldn’t even get photos of Leann when she was leaving and arriving to “rehab” and we are supposed to believe that for 3 days in a row, AKM-GSI got that lucky? Why is Leann setting up daily photo-ops or doing multiple staged photo-ops in one day? Is she trying to convince the people at the private “Grammy event” that she is popular and in demand? Are these back to back staged photo-ops apart of filming for VH1?

    Setting up back to back staged photo-ops for 3 days in a row isn’t embracing fall. It’s famewhoring. How predictable. So once again Leann tweets where and when she is for the day and then hours later GG, DM, JJ, and x17 post photos of Leann doing that. 4 times in a course of just 3 days? What are the odds? It’s a staged photo-op. Leann isn’t getting ready for fall, she is getting ready to exploit Brandi’s kids. The only reason she tweeted about being in sweats was because she was hinting that this staged photo-op with AKM-GSI was about to hit the internet.

    Jodi Rimes is freaking out on twitter right now:

    1) @KarlaHoffman thx so much for my beautiful gift! I love it

    Leann trying to prove to everyone that the parents from Brandi’s son’s school like her better than they do Brandi.

    2) @TAngel84 hahahaha right! The only thing we’re near “splitting” is a bottle of wine! Oh, & there I go w/ that big problem lol

    Of course “they(we all know that doesn’t spend time with Leann unless Kiki or Lizzy are there to keep him entertained) are splitting a bottle of wine, Eddie has to be drunk just to touch Leann.

    My stalker has been very manic since Thursday, so Leann knew that this story was coming.

    3) @KarlaHoffman awwww thanks for putting me on your doorstep lol

    Translation: Leann is going to call AKM-GSI so that they get photos of her leaving KH house.

    4) @WildAngel92 wow, it seems like it was 4 months ago to me. Lots going on

    If she had so much going on there is no way she would be at 67,204 tweets and jumping by 400 twitter followers/day.

  • gwen

    Earlier today, DM posted photos of Leann and Eddie filming for the VH1 reality tv show with their low budget 5 man crew in the parking lot of a bowling alley. What pap agency did Leann invite to the bowling alley to watch them film/set up the cameras? FameFlynet. The same FameFlynet who showed up late to Brandi’s youngest son’s soccer game because Leann and Eddie gave them the wrong time. Why did Leann invite FF to get photos of them filming for the VH1 reality show? To prove JS wrong? Why is VH1 allowing Leann to tweet, post photos from the set/fiming, and invite the paps to document the filming when the premise of the show is to show a side of Leann and Eddie that the public hasn’t seen before? There isn’t even a need to watch this episode of Leann’s reality tv show because it’s already been played out on DM or Leann’s twitter account.

    In one of the photos, Leann is grabbing Eddie’s butt. Why does VH1 think that people want to see footage of Leann grabbing Eddie’s butt, especially when the internet is full of photos of them engaging in pda on beaches and the sidelines of the kid’s sporting events?

    Leann told OMG Yahoo that her left hand was broken, but in the photo of her and Eddie “driving away” she has her hand behind Eddie’s head and she isn’t having a problem with those “broken fingers” all all. In another photo she is grasping her keys and the brace with her broken fingers. The crew could have filmed around the splint. Leann took it off so that she can tweet and post photos.

    Kiki was also there too. In one of the photos you can see a woman carrying Leann’s makeup bags. Since Eddie doesn’t go anywhere with Leann unless Kiki is there, they weren’t aloneon Friday when they went to Sugarfish. FF also got a photo of Eddie out and about LA by himself.

    It’s time for VH1 to cancel the reality tv show, they pushed back it’s release and changed the filming crew. The show is a disaster, mainly because Leann just won’t shut up and lay low. We already know what’s going to be on the show before it even airs because Leann just won’t stop tweeting or setting up the staged photo-ops. The storylines for the show are easy to predict because Leann is using 2 shows for inspiration: I Love Lucy and Kevin Hart’s Real Husband’s of Hollywood show. Where did Leann get the idea for her “unique” reality tv show? Leann SWF it from Kevin Hart’s Real Husbands of Hollywood(Kevin Hart and Eddie worked on the movie Not Easily Broken, Robin Thicke whose father starred in the Hallmark movie with Eddie is also on the show). What do you know? There is also a bowling scene on Kevin’s show. VH1 has a major problem, why would anyone watch Leann’s reality tv show, when they can just watch I Love Lucy and The Real Husbands of Hollywood? Or better yet see every storyline play out on Leann’s twitter timeline, vine account, and fan website?

  • elainelui’73

    ugly blonde girl.

  • uh hello

    oh no brace? uhoh faking?

  • shay

    Is it just me or does leanne rimes have the UGLIEST face..seriously she looks like a 45 year old pixie…just cant stand her stealing witch

  • Southerner

    Her lap-dog is a big ole scum-bag and not a man at all. Any guy who has watched while his ex gets slammed by his new piece is not a real man at all!

  • Aint this the truth!

    “As much as I cannot STAND LoonAnn, I have grown to despise Eddie nearly as much. For allowing her to use his kids to screw with Brandi and for just sitting by while she wrecks her career and blows her reputation to smithereens, all the while spending her money and doing absolutely nothing to help her. That is not a man, that is a weenie and this guy is no catch”

  • Neighing

    “WOW!! I don’t feel sorry/bad for either one of them. Everyone knew he didn’t really love her & he was after her $$. I’m sure Brandi is giggling right now. Horse got her leftovers. Lol”

  • OMG
  • Gossipgirl

    This woman is just plain pathetic; she is on this site and Celebitchy every darn day. Is this much attention so important to her??

  • Gigi

    @kami: Uh, by “embrace Fall” I’m pretty sure Jared meant the season, not that she FELL.

  • Loves gossip

    So according to @gwen, LeAnn calls the paps on a regular basis? Well, what do expect? Her singing career is in the toliet and her “acting” career never took off. How else is she supposed to support that leech Eddie? Both are scrapping the bottom of the proverbial barrel by filming a “reality” show and Eddie doing the occasional (lame) Hallmark movie.

  • gwen

    Jodi Rimes still tweeting.

    1) “People don’t have half the story and still have full opinions. Ignorance is bliss.”(What Leann retweeted from Malika’s twitter account).

    The reason Leann retweeted the quote from Malika’s twitter account:

    **On April 6th, Brandi tweeted this to Malika:
    ” I also adored @ForeverMalika and her beautiful twin sis! I hope her forehead has healed, mine has not! U are both Stars. Love ur real-ness”

    **Malika’s response to Brandi on Apr 6:
    ” @BrandiGlanville @ForeverKhadijah and I love you! Real recognize real babe! I have vitamin E for both you burn victims LOL”

    **2 months ago, Malika tweeted this to Brandi:
    “Always good seeing you @BrandiGlanville your boys are everything!!! ♥ ”

    2) @xPUMA712x thx to them :)

    What does this say about Leann and Sara since they went online in search of RHOBH previews during Leann’s tour in Europe? Thanks to Leann and Sara, sympathy and support for Brandi keeps growing.

  • Angel no More~

    @OMG: You really shouldn’t believe a known criminal and liar. Seriously. B!tch is as crooked as they get! I bet she is trying to make you buy things off her site, huh? Typical for Jenn. Using stupid, hateful women. She seeks cash and approval.

  • OMG

    @Angel no More~: No. I think that she is just saying what everyone already suspected. Those two deserve each other. Jenn rocks!

  • Serenityzhere

    I am already wondering what her next feeble attempt will be when the unreal “reality” series flops. Nobody is going to give two hoots about watching her scripted “reality” show. I can’t figure out who has an iq above ten between them. Neither I guess. He must be an aging pretty boy that is not very smart. Why else would he agree to do a show like this? This has epic failure written all over it. Going to an empty parking lot to film scenes that probably revolve around when she has to leave without him on tour. LMAO. That is so phoney it reeks of stupidity. No wonder they are producing their own show. Nobody else would be involved in that. Pictures at DM are laughable about their “show”. They should both be embarrassed.

  • Angel no More~

    @OMG: You really shouldn’t believe a known criminal and liar like LeAnn. Seriously. B!tch is as crooked as they get! I bet LeAnn is trying to make you buy things off her site, huh? Typical for me to attack people like Jenn just because she doesn’t kiss Le’s azz. LeAnn is using stupid, hateful women like Ginge. LeAnn seeks cash and approval.

  • D


    gwen, please get life as soon as possible. I dont this girl that much either, but I’m scared for you.

  • D

    @gwen: gwen, I need to please get life as soon as possible. I say that I dont like this girl that much either, but that is a lie because every month I change my name to write this same post about Gwen. Just last week I wrote this post using the name SIGN OF RELIEF. Months before that I used the name SELENA. I’m scared for you gwen……… my obsession with you consumes me. I stalk and harass other people because I think it’s you. I use your name to make posts. I even create fake twitter accounts pretending to be a LeAnn hater just to hunt you down. Like I said, this isn’t the firs time that I have written a post like post 20. Just check out this list…………..

    Here is an update of all the names that I have used to stalk and harass Gwen:
    Tina(I stole this from someone’s twitter account)
    racy(short for conspiracy theory)
    kaylyn(from the old threads on E and JJ)
    sammi(I stole this name from Celebrity Bitchy)
    Love The Shoes
    Gwen needs a life
    Missy(I stole this from someone’s twitter account)
    Brandi Sucks
    not a fan of gween
    gwen needs blocking
    gween with envy
    Bunnyboiler?(Can you guess the twitter account where I stole this name)
    Shoshona(Can you guess who I was stalking when I used this name)
    Gwen Is Crazy
    Vindictive loser gwen!
    YENTA(Can you guess who I was stalking here)
    Elisa(A blast from the past, this is an old name that I used to use in 2010 and 2011 to stalk Gwen)
    Yes you are gwen
    Speak Now
    Let it go already
    Nancy Metford
    pedro(one from the old threads)
    phcalef(this is an actual twitter account that I use)
    Mary jane(I stole this from Gossip Rocks too, it’s a mod’s name)
    Wow, just wow
    munch bunch
    Team B
    Tims Gunn
    WOO! CRAZY!!^^^
    U disgusting
    Lily & 321
    no really(I got this name from Gossip Rocks, but not really check the old threads on Just Jared from 2010)
    Internet Police (my new name because I can’t use no really)
    Dr. Tom @ 08/02/2013 at 1:16 pm
    Linda(I stole this from someone’s twitter account)
    Kate(I stole this from KKF twitter account)
    Smarter than gwen
    k. cee(I stole this name from someones twitter account too)
    loon Catcher
    F* Brandi!
    Chilly Willy
    Sharon maybe
    Gwen @ 08/18/2013 at 4:07 pm
    Chloe Jude
    You are
    loon catcher
    head shrinker
    momasita @ 08/25/2013 at 12:09 pm
    excuses (I stole this from Perez Hilton)
    abc (I stole this from Eonline)
    Me(short for CBME, the name that I used in old threads to stalk Gwen)
    Willie(I stole this from Gossip Rocks from Chilly Willy)
    Ben(I stole this from Kristi’s ex-husband)
    ugly jezi
    gwen loves to lie
    Wrong gwen
    We know you are gwen
    Gwen is a big fat loser
    Gwen is a loser
    Sigh of Relief…
    Stop it
    ohmygod(I have used this before, scroll up the list)
    Brandi Rocks(I stole this from the old threads in honor of the Gwen Rocks poster)
    Another one bites the dust
    TwitchyJenn(names I hijacked from 2 bloggers because Le thinks tht they are the same
    Tim Gunn
    Angel no More~
    D(I stole this name from Celebrity Bitchy from the poster who goes by the name Lady D)

  • Fashion Snag

    How fun!

  • gwen

    Jodi Rimes having a breakdown this morning!

    1) @Eve0364 nope I’m up, getting ready to wrk and helping Eddie with the lil ones

    Why is Leann such a liar? She told a fan that she hasn’t tweeted yet because she is helping Eddie get the kids ready for school. When has getting the kids ready for school ever stopped her from tweeting? When has Eddie ever gotten his kids ready for school? Why did Leann feel the need to tweet something like this? To gloat about how Brandi’s really are going to be on the show?

    2) @Halleywood it was great and it’s back to wrq for me today

    By wrq she means tweeting and setting up staged photo-ops with FF.

    3) It sure does feel like a Monday!

    Leann’s Monday To do list: get up bright and early and announce that she and Eddie have the kids all day today, possibly to rub it in Brandi’s face that the kids are going to be on the show and to confirm to AKM-GSI/FF that the staged photo-op at the kid’s school is still on.

    4) @wmconstantine sure did thx

    Sociopaths lie. They lie a lot. In fact, they can create total and complete fairy tales out of ordinary, mundane events and can live within those fairy tales, until eventually their own fabrications become their reality.

    5) @TheMatthewGrant well yes I am

    VH1 problem:How to get people to watch the VH1 reality tv show

    VH1 solution: Charity, Charity, Charity. Clean up Leann’s imagine by putting her name on as many charity events as possible.

    This will result in major backlash just like MLK event.

    6) @LRoz11 yes RR figured it all our yesterday. Eddie and Jake helped me pick it out. I’ll get in next year yay! They’re impossible to get

    Of course Eddie and Jake “helped”, the RR is Eddie’s reward for allowing Leann to invite the paps to his sons game and for participating in 3 back to back staged pda photo-ops.
    That explains why she has been shilling for products so heavily on twitter. Eddie sold out his son for a car, and Brandi said that the divorce made Eddie a better father. Mason has his face plastered all over the internet because his father wanted a new RR. How stupid does Leann think people are? Eddie drives the RR.

    7) @TaurusCrumpet lol right! I do that sometimes but I have to be in the right mood. Baby for back is playing right now

    Like the day Eddie was “picking” out floors? Isn’t she supposed to be working, why is she tweeting?

    8) The sky is like a painting this morning

    Leann confirming the staged photo-ops she set up today.

  • gwen

    Fom US Weekly: “Go Mason Go!: Eddie Cibrian held on tight to wife LeAnn Rimes as they watched his son Mason play soccer in L.A.’s Brentwood nabe Oct. 5.”

    The reasons Eddie “held tight to his wife”

    1) He is a sociopath.

    From:Psychopaths, Jerks and Triangulation
    As I’ve explained in my earlier post on manipulating women and turning them against each other, such ostentatious make-out sessions aren’t about affection or love. They’re about using current targets to rile up and hurt former targets. Without causing pain to others, psychopaths and other jerks don’t enjoy their control over women. They use new victims to rub salt on former victims’ wounds, just as they’ll use future victims to try to hurt them in turn.

    Their logic is the same as the song How You Like Me Now? by The Heavy, which I used in this art video to showcase the photography of postromanticism, the art movement I started in 2002.

    The logic of this song is triangulation: How do you like me now, that you know I cheated and replaced you? The sadist in the song flaunts the new “love” to the former girlfriend and asks her: Does that make you love me Baby? Does that make you want me Baby? The obvious answer to such stupid questions from anyone who is not disordered is: NO. I like you even less. Or, if you prefer, I dislike you even more!
    A psychopath can’t understand that it’s him you reject, so it doesn’t matter what other women (or men) he attracts and what he does with his life, professionally or personally. Nothing and nobody can make a person entirely deprived of human qualities and character look good. Triangulation can only expose further the depth of his depravity.

    Even those women who, like LeAnn Rimes, buy the psychopath’s smear campaign about his ex’s and relish being the new partner in his latest triangulation don’t usually enjoy when they’re the target of the psychopath’s newest “love of his life” or “soulmate,” as the process inevitably starts all over again. A psychopathic seducer cannot be happy with anyone, not even with his most ardent defender and worshipper. It doesn’t matter how much she herself loves him; what’s most relevant is that he is constitutionally incapable of real love. Sooner or later, he’ll find ways to humiliate and hurt her as well, as he’s done to every other woman before her.

    Believe it or not, you reap what you sow in life. Each target will eventually be stabbed in the back by yet another target, whom the psychopath will use to machinate against her.

    2) The reality tv show is having major problems and VH1 thinks that they can get people to watch it by creating false stories about Leann brining pregnant or being on fertility treatments. Since the media didn’t jump on those photos of Eddie pulling a Brian Austin Green on the sidelines of his son’s soccer game(standing behind Leann with his hands clasped on her abdomen), Leann went to The Superficial and had them print a “Leann is pregnant” story. The major thing The Superficial forgot to add to their story is that Leann has been drinking a lot, eating tons of sushi, and bragging about putting hot sauce on everything which is odd because if she was pregnant she would be tweeting about the hot sauce giving her acid reflux(she did tweet about acid reflux before her European tour, but on the European tour she was drinking a lot).

  • Mo Freebies

    @gwen:Nope, she’s not pregnant. The reason she is showing the hot sauce is she wants some free donations. She recently got several boxes of free pizza donated to her just by saying she was craving them. She then sent them a tweet thanking them for it. So lately she has been on a giant pitching spree. Who knows, maybe finances are getting tight. Too many vacations, too many canceled shows and too few spitfire sales. Her twitter page is turning into one big advertisement. She’s either pitching what a perfect life she and hubby have, or pitching away for more freebies.

  • Angel no More~

    @Mo Freebies: Stars normally get freebies. Is Brandi trying to get Pantene because Kyle has them sending her free stuff? Brandi isn’t a star, she might get some free tampons though.

  • Angel no More~

    Ewww…brandi has a butt infection.

  • Mo Freebies

    @Angel no More~: Perhaps Brandi is trying to get some free stuff. But LeAnn is on a constant product pitching spree lately. Now you say Brandi isn’t a star, but that is arguable given the fact that she is on a hit show, and has almost as many followers as LeAnn. It could be argued that LeAnn is a former star or former child star, given how badly her album did, and how cheap her concert tickets go for, at least the ones she actually shows up for without claiming illness or that she has broken something.

  • Mo Freebies

    @Angel no More~: Even that would be prettier than LeAnn’s face.

  • Angel no More~

    Before I was TheRealDevilia (@JewishJournalin ), I was known as JJPENNYSAVER. These two hate posts about Brandi are brought to you by LRoz11(@LaurenRoz11). I had to cut my time here short today because I got into some really bad trouble. JJ had to block me because of all the complaints they received about my name hijackings and stalking of other bloggers.

    Ewww…leann has a butt infection.Ginger gave it to her.

    @Mo Freebies: Stars normally get freebies, but Le isn’t a star. Is LeAnn trying to get Pantene because they are sending Brandi free stuff? Yeppers. LeAnn isn’t a star, she might get some free tampons though so that she can give them to me, Amejean. I love tampons, it’s why I am constantly posting about them and why I always posted about tampons

    Please check out the twitter accounts that Ginger and I run:

    LeAnn&EddieShow FANS(@LeAnnEddieVH1)

    Irene Sybil-For when I used to post on Celebrity Bitchy using the name IRENA

    Clydette (@ClydeClydette )

    MGO317(Mike)-a name that I stole from the old threads on JJ

    Ginger Hines is operating THIS ACCOUNT: LRoz11/‏@LaurenRoz11

    Lachlan (@rosparot )

    Housewives Exposé (@WillDuff420 )




    petite fille ‏(@Nonamamas)

    Jenn (@10_jenn10)

    TheRealDevilia (@JewishJournalin )

  • gwen

    “(She’s obviously not letting that hand brace hold her back from tweeting!) -OMG Yahoo

    1) Love the black truffle iced coffee from The Funnel Mill in Santa Monica but OMG is it strong #crackcoffee #icouldrunamarathon

    VH1 storyline #56: Lovebirds having coffee

    Will Leann arrange for FF to get more photos of her and Eddie filming with her low budget 5 man crew at TFM in SM?.

    Iced coffee? There goes Leann pregnancy and on fertility treatments pr.

    2) This has been one interesting/odd day Never thought I’d be doing what I did. Yes, sorry, I must remain vague. 😊 LOL

    “Why buy the cow, after all, when the milk’s already free — and tweeting constantly?”-Entertainment Weekly

    3) @BarberBrookemay I don’t know if I’d call it fun, maybe interesting & it ended in a flu shot lol

    VH1 storyline #63: This episode involves Leann, Eddie, and water

    Why is VH1 even airing the reality tv show when Leann is on twitter telling everyone what they are filming and inviting FF to take photos of it? There is no mystery or suspense to the show because Leann is playing it all out on twitter and SWF the storylines from other shows like I Love Lucy and Kevin Hart’s Real Husbands of HW.

    4) @danielfgalvan hopefully good hectic

    Every time they film a scene, she is going to take to twitter to brag about it? No wonder VH1 cancelled the Dec primiere.

    5) @CityLifePsychic haven’t started those conversations yet. Not til December

    Because no label wants her. Why do the conversations start in December? Because Leann thought that the show would be airing in Dec.

    6) @Kelli_Fields yep 😊

    Because Leann is a famewhore, she probably invited FF to take photos of whatever they were filming.

    7) About to get my ass kicked for 2 hrs w/ @ilysebaker & @_BodyMechanic

    “Why buy the cow, after all, when the milk’s already free — and tweeting constantly?”-Entertainment Weekly

    8) @CharlesDivine @FaithXFox lol! You’re awesome! I know who I will be speaking with, but have to wait a sec

    Sociopaths lie. They lie a lot. In fact, they can create total and complete fairy tales out of ordinary, mundane events and can live within those fairy tales, until eventually their own fabrications become their reality.

    9) @KarlaHoffman @ilysebaker @_BodyMechanic always the good kind

    So good that she spends it tweeting. Is the reason she tweets about these workout sessions because they are going to be on the show. Didn’t she just get a flu shot?

    10) “Give it to me right or don’t give it to me at all” preach on it @MelanieFiona Loved today @ilysebaker crazy, sexy, fun!

    Just like Eddie was giving it away to someone else the day that Leann tweeted she was watching a Lakers game with Eddie that wasn’t even on tv?

    11) @Allegorie24 nope, just trouble getting going but all good

    Yet she had no problem jumping on twitter this morning to tweet about Brandi’s kids.

    12) @TAngel84 haha nope so whomever’s cockiness can vanish

    Leann and VH1 are responsible for the pregnancy headline. It was a desperate pr move to hype the reality tv show because Leann won’t shut up and lay low.

    13) @TAngel84 not a clue lol

    Since the pregnancy story was planted by Leann and VH1, the blog does have a clue.

    14) @mbuckley0811 so far so goid

    If it was going good, she wouldn’t be having a twitter binge right now.

    15) @danielfgalvan always be a damn unicorn lol

    But Eddie wants Leann to be Brandi?

  • gwen

    Jodi Rimes is flipping out on twitter right now. Is Eddie filming for Tyler Perry’s For Better or For Worse today?

    1) @MsNancyMitford @OneLuvRia actually it was raising money for the Grammy foundation so get your shit straight thx

    So why wasn’t it mentioned on the Grammy website? Why is everyone else who attended the event referring to it as the USC Marshall event? Leann was the only one who called it a Grammy event. That was misleading. The money wasn’t for the Grammy foundation, it was for USC Marshall.

    2) Ignorance must be bliss for some but it sure isn’t becoming

    Says the woman who tweeted that she was watching a Lakers game with Eddie that wasn’t even on tv and then tried to fix it by saying that Eddie told her wrong. If she was watching the game with Eddie like she said because it was one of those times that they had the night all alone because they have the kids all the time, wouldn’t she have known that it wasn’t the Lakers playing? For Leann ignorance was bliss. Was it becoming for Leann to lie about her husband’s whereabouts?

    3) The perfect night that doesn’t happen often, so I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Surprising my man w/ dinner 4 my man wine @thecivilwars candles & quiet

    Which means she is going to tweet the entire night. If it were a perfect night for her, she wouldn’t be on twitter arguing with people because she tried to mislead everyone by claiming that the USC Marshall event was a Grammy event. Why would cooking for Eddie be a surprise since Leann tweeted that she cooks Kim Detox diet for her family all the time? This is another example of Leann not keeping track of her lies. The last time she tweeted about having a rare perfect night with Eddie and candles, music, and sex, Eddie was in a different part of the house “picking out floors”.

    Or is she saying that they are filming tonight?

    Why would it a be surprise if Eddie is at home with Leann? Eddie isn’t home.

    4) @monim361 no but I should cause it applies lol

    Didn’t she do a version of this in September while on her tour bus?

    The passive aggressive dig Leann tweeted on September 10 about the teacher she is suing: “#hotforteacher You’re so Vain You probably think this picture’s about you”

    5) @MsNancyMitford oh and it was in the back yard of Richard Rosenblatt who led MySpace’s success GREAT NIGHT, no pay, donated time

    So much for that perfect night where she surprises her hubby with a cooked meal. Leann doesn’t get paid to do fundraisers? Why does Leann lie so much?

    From Miami Herald: Lavish LeeAnn Rimes fundraiser nets 11 recipients, including David Rivera, $650

    A freshman California lawmaker made a big splash but barely broke even at a glitzy and controversial January GOP fundraiser featuring country singer LeAnn Rimes, new campaign filings show.

    Celebrity, it seems, comes at a cost. Rimes and her entourage made out well at the Jan. 4 fundraiser that served as Republican Rep. Jeff Denham’s big political debut in Washington. Between assorted fees, flowers, catering and other costs, Denham’s special fundraising committee — to benefit 11 members of Congress, including Miami’s David Rivera — reported spending $212,250 on the Rimes event.

    The committee, meanwhile, raised only $212,900 from outside contributors. Add it all up, and Denham’s special committee spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars to net a grand total of $650 in outside contributions. Rivera’s campaign says he never attended the event.

    6) @OneLuvRia but I love being able to tell them to kiss it every once in a while

    Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

    7) Did I miss something? Shouldn’t Leann be cooking for Eddie instead of patting herself on the back for name dropping a company that she is using to help her manage Eddie’s production company because she got caught in another lie?

  • Angel no More~

    @Mo Freebies: So, when you look at Brandi’s butt you think of Leann? FREAKY!

  • Angel no More~

    @Mo Freebies: Brandi is trying to get free stuff because she is a grubber and bottom feeder. “Oh, my poor kitty needs to be fixed, it is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway! I will steal the money from the guy who left me all those times for other women because he said I am nasty and a user! He knows me so well!” I hope Vanderpump never speaks to her again, she will bring her down!

  • Angel no More~

    I hope Brandi finds a man that actually likes her and stays with her soon. Then she can jump off Leann’s coattails.

  • Mo Freebies

    @Angel no More~: Excuse you? You were the one who announced the subject of Brandi’s butt. So it had to be you that was checking her out to have such intimate knowledge. Nah actually, you just sound like your typical LeAnn fan

  • Mo Freebies

    @Angel no More~: Your run on sentences makes it almost to understand what the heck you are talking about.


    The amazingly magical healing bones.

  • Angel no More~

    @TIM GUNN: Sheis pretty cool!

  • Angel no More~

    @Mo Freebies: You are STILL talking about Brandi’s butt? YOU ARE SICK!

  • Angel no More~

    @Mo Freebies: You are obviously no scholar. There are no run-on sentences from me! PROOF READ YOUR COMMENTS, TROLL! Your sentence is missing an adjective! You write nonsense!

  • Angel no More~

    @Mo Freebies: Her butt was all over the internet! So is her cooch! TAMPON!

  • OMG

    @Angel no More~: Your sentence construction is poor and your spelling is imaginative at times. Are you Leann?

  • OMG

    @Angel no More~: You wish that you had Brandi’s butt but then so do I lol. I am fairly sure Leann does too.

  • Are You?

    @Angel no More~: No lady uses a word like “cooch” and only a 12 year old boy would write TAMPON! Guessing that you are that gay guy that she keeps as her critic baiter / lap-dog?

  • Dani

    Is her hand “broken” or not? First her fingers where fractured, then her whole hand was broken. She wore a weird gauze bandage and could bend her fingers over a luggage trolley weeks ago, then needed a half day to be fitted for a brace, that my physical therapist sister says takes under half an hour to do (closer to 15 minutes) and now wears it to sit on the sidelines of a soccer game, but not when she’s out shopping and carrying bags, her purse, keys, phone etc? Not a hater by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s obviously exaggerating to get attention. This seems to be a problem for her. Her illnesses are always the worst ever and she feels the need to complain and drone on about how ill she is. Then she’s papped going out for sushi. It makes her look like she’s lying constantly. I know that she loves Twitter, but it really trips her up when she’s being dishonest.

  • Angel no More~

    Sure! More delusional posts by delusional you! What would you know about being a lady? Question, what kind of “lady” dresses like Glanville and shows her cooch and TAMPON to everyone??

  • Angel no More~

    @Dani: Why are you concerned about her broken fingers?

  • Angel no More~

    @OMG: Pot meet kettle, loser!

  • Angel no More~

    @OMG: No, I actually HAVE a butt! She looks like a little boy! She said that herself!