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Angelina Jolie Leans on 'Unbroken' Hero Louis Zamperini!

Angelina Jolie Leans on 'Unbroken' Hero Louis Zamperini!

Check out Angelina Jolie leaning on Olympic runner and World War II prisoner of war Louis Zamperini after signing on to direct her upcoming film Unbroken!

“Like all readers of Laura [Hillenbrand]‘s book and all people who love and admire Louis, I am a fan,” the 38-year-old actress shared. “It will be hard to make a film worthy of this great man. I am deeply honored to have the chance.”

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Louis added, “Angelina is a human dynamo, and I know she will tell this story in the right way.”

FYI: Louis was a bombardier, who survived 47 days on a lifeboat after a plane crash, but was taken prisoner by the Japanese.

Bigger pic inside…

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174 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Leans on 'Unbroken' Hero Louis Zamperini!”

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  1. 26
    anustin Says:

    See that uglyniston fans….u think ur azz can only post ur crap…..goes back to ur fuggy azzz eh.

  2. 27
    White Swan Says:

    I love you Angie, you are the best. THe best person to bring this story to life.
    can’t wait to see the finish product.

  3. 28
    cut/paste Says:

    Zoom in.
    Jolie is not putting her head on that dandruff filled shoulder.

  4. 29
    Just me Says:

    Angie is unbroken, she is the best person to make this movie Unbroken.

  5. 30
    lol Says:

    spoiled insider cutter h addict adulterer,,,, who better to bring this real American hero’s life to the big screen..sooo much in common ….NOT

  6. 31
    well Says:

    Unbroken and Fury could be Oscar contenders in 2015.

  7. 32
    vickifromtexas Says:

    i love this photo. i can’t wait to see the film.
    hello to all of the lovely jolie-pitt fans.

  8. 33
    busted Says:

    Aww that is a sweet picture

    I like that she and Brad have spent some time with him and his family. IIRC they were at his Birthday party this year. He is an amazing man. SO great that the Zamperini family is or will be in Australia for the filming. I think that is such a nice thing. And his son in law I think said that Angie has kept the family involved in all aspects of the film. Talking to them throughout the entire process.

    Mr. Z is not a young man. I think it is great to have him be there as long as possible. His mind is intact and the man is as smart as a whistle. Beside he has been gushing about Angie since he met her.. so yes he is on the money.

    again that is a beautiful picture.

  9. 34
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    Beautiful picture. To me, it’s poignant picture of daughter leaning to her elder, at peace & safe, & secure. How I wish J. Voight could be that elder to Angie. Sighhhhh!

  10. 35
    Angie and Brad beautiful love Says:

    Angie is really a super-woman or as Luis Z. said a dynamo-human, no other woman would have the courage to do 10 % of the things Angie do.

    It´s incredible that Angie is working in her second movie already, just two years from the first one. And this movie is not a easy, romcom, cheap movie . It´s a very dramatic, difficult and based in real life history and the most important and stressed factor is that Luis Z. is alive and he will see the movie.

    Can you imagined, Angie is a fresh new director and she was able to convinced a big HW studio and get the approval to spend millions in a very difficult movie.

    Beside all the other hard work Angie do for UN and the personal health problems and the six kids and all the attention she received because she is the most beautiful and powerful woman in the world and her engagement with Brad, she is not slowing down.

    Angie is a super-woman because she go after a difficult project and she won the trust of the important people in the studio and she have the confidence and the intelligence and the capacities to start the hard work the fast she can because she want Luis Z. to see it.

    We only can hope she will do it, Angie is a amazing and wonderful woman and everything she want to achieved we can say – Done.

    I love Angie, she is the only famous person that i truly like and follow, no other person, man or woman, is like her, Angie is not empty head, beside her stunning beauty Angie is unstoppable and unbroken….. she is a Human Dynamo, love this girl….kisss

    PS: Brad know very well that Angie is a dynamo… hummmmm hummmm

  11. 36
    Passing Through Says:

    Look at the gleam in Louis’ eyes. The old guy is smitten.

  12. 37
    Passing Through Says:

    # 1026 an oldie @ 10/09/2013 at 11:18 pm
    The hens are giving delusional a bad name. Even the other tabloids don’t think she’s knocked up. In the old days after an US preggers covers all the others would have followed suit. This time nobody did, not even Ticky Central, aka notOK, and they had her pregnant with twins for most of the first 4 months of this year.
    On another note about Ticky – I was LMAO at the Jezebel tab report yesterday because for 8 years we’ve been laughing at Ticky’s much altered fugly mugly and Lies & Shite has decided to finally take notice -
    Remember…the hens swear Ticky still looks 22. Well, she was 27 or 28 in the comparison photo. They should just be glad that L&S didn’t use one of those high res photos I’m always posting…

  13. 38
    zce Says:

    This is wonderful, GOD BLESS THE JOLIE PITT’S.

  14. 39
    bap Says:

    Great picture of Angelina and Mr. Z.

  15. 40
    yolly Says:

    @vickifromtexas: Hello Vicki, hope, you are all doing okay. Take care and hugs to your grandkids. God bless.

  16. 41
    Maleficent Says:

    I thought this thread will be troll free for a few hours, I was so wrong.

  17. 42
    Maleficent Says:

    To all Brad and Angie fans, this is to let you know, you are all awesome.

  18. 43
    Brad & Angie fan forever Says:

    Nice picture of the most beautiful and amazing woman Angelina Jolie with LZ. I just respect and admire Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

  19. 44
    bap Says:

    Dawne # 26: A very inappropriate remark towards Mr. Z.

  20. 45
    Passing Through Says:

    # 1104 annon @ 10/10/2013 at 12:33 pm

    Michael Fassbender & Brad Pitt: Bromance Brewing?
    I wish I had a dime for all the guys in HW who have a hard on for Brad – Porgie, both Afflecks, Damon, Eli Roth, Tarantino, etc., and now Fassbender. Meanwhile Tampon continues to claim no one in HW likes Brad and Angie. Crack is wack, Tampy!

  21. 46
    trt Says:

    @Dawne: This is a troll, not the real Dawned.
    Remember, if it’s all about perversion and the hunger for a D.I.C.K., it’ll be the tamzhit and her alters who goes for it first. Tamzhit, the lonely hunter…dreamer…pervert. Always going for the nether regions coz it has never been.

  22. 47
    Passing Through Says:

    # 1143 well @ 10/10/2013 at 4:18 pm
    Maleficent reshoot doesn’t include Angie, it is very normal for a huge budget movie. Reshoot is only 8 days, not a big deal
    You know, even when you break it down Crayola Style to the trolls…they still don’t get it. Angie’s in Oz directing a movie. The reshoots don’t involve her. Ergo, how does that equate to Angie sucks in the movie? Eight days of reshoots on a movie that filmed for over 4 months is nothing – especially when they don’t involve any of the lead actors. It must really suck to never be able to understand anything you read…

  23. 48
    lucy Says:

    @Passing Through: How slow do the Trolls have to be not to understand what Disney said, the 8 day reshoot ONLY involves the very beginning of the film, and not Angie. Damn, once they see Angie’s name, they’re off like a shot to write some ridiculous shite, poor things never bother to actually READ the article. lol

  24. 49
    Passing Through Says:

    # 58 lucy @ 10/10/2013 at 10:23 pm
    You could draw the trolls a diagram and they still wouldn’t get it. If Angie was going to have to do Maleficent reshoots with the movie due in May 2014 she sure a hell wouldn’t NOW be in Oz directing a movie. What part of Angie can’t clone herself and be two places at one time do they not understand? I’d feel sorry for those tricks except…well…they’re not worth wasting my time.

  25. 50
    ntso Says:

    Angie is a woman of substance – she’s beautiful, intelligent and caring, unlike that shallow, vain, fat cow who thinks it’s ok to fly off to Paris to attend fashion shows and gather up as many freebies as she can get her grubby hands on while leaving her newborn with nannies and family members.

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