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Stephen Amell Welcomes Daughter Mavi Alexandra Jean (Exclusive)

Stephen Amell Welcomes Daughter Mavi Alexandra Jean (Exclusive)

Stephen Amell and his wife Cassandra Jean have welcomed a baby girl, his rep shared exclusively to!

Mavi Alexandra Jean Amell was born on Tuesday afternoon (October 15). Everyone is happy and healthy,” the 32-year-old actor’s rep said.

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Stephen posted a pic on Facebook and wrote, “She came just in time for Amell Wednesdays.”

In June, Stephen and Cassandra announced that they were expecting their first child together.

The couple tied the knot in December 2012 while on vacation in the Caribbean.

Congrats to the couple on their new bundle of joy!

Click inside for bigger pic…

Just Jared on Facebook
Photos: Wenn, Facebook
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  • Elle

    They’ll divorce soon. Not going to be surprised when it happens.

  • Mia

    @Elle: I agree. She got pregnant right away to tie him down. His Arrow career seems like it’s pointing nowhere but down. What was all that 50 shades PR crap his team was trying to spin?

  • Adrienne

    Given the timeline of marriage and birth of baby, it definitely sounded like a shot gun wedding.

  • Chloe

    The comments on here are disgusting and negative – are you deluded? Congratulations!

  • Mia

    @Chloe: Get over yourself. It’s a gossip site. People can comment however they want, just like you did beotch.

  • Jen

    @Adrienne: Didn’t want to join in, but have to agree. It is fishy. And the baby came just in time for what again? to revive his career? Time will tell, just like Tom Welling’s divorce I guess.

  • Candy

    According to the time frame she got pregnant about 2 months after they got married but I do see divorce in his future, I think they should have waited a few years this looks like she wanted to trap him with a baby.

  • kandy2000

    I have to question it as well, it appears to be an unplanned preg, and why would two seemingly intelligent people get preg so soon in their relationship? also why did he tease with the 50 shades thing, then take it all away after and abruptly?

  • Marlena

    I can’t believe all the negative comments about such a happy event in the Amell household. They loved each other and decided to start a family as soon as possible. Everyone is different….I got pregnant one month after my wedding and will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in January. And I was married at age 20, another taboo.
    We don’t know him or his wife, and for people to be calling her names like a golddigger is just wrong. Grant it Hollywood marriages are hard to keep because of the schedules, but love is rarely a issue. It’s easy to see how much the two of them are in love and now even more after the birth of their daughter.
    People today are so negative and ignorant…You should go by the old saying…”If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”

  • My opinion is my own

    lol, you guys are hilarious. How many people all over the USA get pregnant BEFORE they get married and THEN get married? More then any of you can count. They got married. Had sex without condoms. DISCUSSED if they wanted to have the baby or not. IT takes TWO to make a baby. Just calm down. It’s not like if they did divorce any of you would be able to get with him.

  • Katie

    Or maybe by wild chance, I mean this could totally not be a reason, but maybe they actually wanted a baby. He is 31.. it’s about that time you start to have kids. Does anyone actually know when they were first together? It could be years they’ve been together. Or not. I mean Jared Padalecki married his wife in 2011.. after only dating for like a year and then had a baby a year later.. and now they’re pregnant again. But she must be trapping him. Yeah I highly see a divorce in their future. But I mean if you get pregnant after only being married for a couple of months then she must be trapping him. Makes complete sense guys. Wow.

  • My opinion is my own

    @Katie: haha I was going to say the exact same thing about Jared.

  • ck_always

    Holy smokes people are crazy! Haven’t they been together for years now? His wife is gorgeous though good lord.

  • the researcher

    that name, MAVI in kiswahili means sh*t! literally..

  • Omg

    Hell yeah she tied him down with this baby. Haha he’s an idiot. And are we all going to believe the timeline they put out for fans? About when she really got pregnant. Like ya’ll believe what these celebrities tell you as fact? You’re stupid if you believe Hollywood. He’s got an image he wants to sell. I did notice his wife wasn’t papped often with him during the 50 shades PR. Coincidence?

    P.s. Celebrities are not like normal people like us, so comparing when you got yourself married and when you got pregnant is crazy.

    Yeah, they’ll end up done with each other when the money and fame run out.

  • Chloe

    @Chloe: Sorry if I don’t agree with absolute rubbish about people. I mean ‘pregnant to tie him down?’ They had been together years before and.. ‘arrow career down.’ Have you actually read the reviews for arrow? Cause there pretty damn good.

  • xyz



  • xyz



  • xyz



  • xyz

    @My opinion is my own:


  • Marlena

    I’m guessing by your response your very young and uneducated..And you seem like a miserable person. Stephen is a grown man and no fool, I’m sure if he felt he was being trapped, he would have moved along. But she was with him 2 years before Arrow was even in the making. I don’t wear rose colored glasses. I live in reality. I feel sorry for you, because if you don’t change your attitude, you will be alone.

  • kassy

    It is everyone opinions as this is just a paparazzi site, and we all can write and think what we want. I think Stephen fell in love with the lovely Cassandra as she looks to me to be just what he wanted A NATURAL BEAUTY, and she doesn’t look like she needs to trap anyone.

    Its mature adults in 2013 folks, if he didn’t want a relationship with her he wouldn’t, he can still be responsible for making a baby with a lady.
    I think he is not just some actor, he is the reason Arrow is becoming/is the best show on TV, and he works hard as does rest of the crew on Arrow, and as a fan he deserves to be happy, and have a beautiful wife, they are both fortunate, and I am happy for them.

  • PGH

    Congratulations! Wish them the best of luck. Cute baby name.

  • Donte

    @Elle: You are the Devil!

  • Clyde

    Congrads to them, Amell looks very happy with his baby girl, she is pretty how could she be anything else.

    But Im such a cynic when it comes to Hollywood marriages, especially with these CW boys. First Justin Hartley aka the first Green Arrow gets divorced 8 years after marriage and with a daughter, Paul Wesley gets divorced to Torrey when they seemed so happy, and now breaking news Tom Welling Is divorced to his wife after 10 years, it seemed this happened just post his hit show just like just like Justin. How long do we have to wait to hear news like this about the Supernatural.

    It saddens me that one day these kids might not grow up with their parents under one roof and in broken homes.

  • Macbeth

    How could it be a shotgun wedding, #4? The kid was conceived in January and they were married a month earlier.

  • zeth

    This dude is very Bisexual, sooner or later he is going to want the d.

    He still got his baby its a win win for him.

  • Adrienne

    @Macbeth: Just because it was announced today by Jared that he has a baby girl, does not mean it happened today. They announced they were expecting their first child in June but of course, they were well into the pregnancy at that time.

  • Isa
  • FYI

    @My opinion is my own: They got pregnant…then got married. It’s Hollyweird baby! Most normal couple marry first, then Wed. It looks better for his image that way if they did traditionally. He didn’t want her to look like the gold digging hoe she i$.

  • Golijat

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  • Anon2

    Congrats on the beauty!

  • Brittania Thompson

    so you guys are saying she was pregnant for over 10 months?? LOL wow. Do the math MORONS. GO on a pregnancy website, type in the DATE of their marriage as conception, she went WAY OVERDUE. But really who cares? And also,,since SO many of you on here seem to be FORTUNE TELLERS and can SEE THEIR DIVORCE, can you give me lotto numbers while your at it? Thanks a BUNCH. God…talk about a bunch of jealous ass hats with no life. LOL too funny. CONGRATS TO THE AMELLS. I can imagine you would appreciate the negative comments if it was YOUR baby. Dumb asses…lol

  • Chloe

    @Brittania Thompson: well said

  • Adrienne

    @Brittania Thompson: Don’t be so ignorant to think just because Jared announced their baby on so-and-so date that this really happened ON THAT date. She could’ve easily given birth last month. His wife was well over 4 months pregnant when they announced to the public in June that they were expecting.