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Gerard Butler: Beverly Hills Outing After 'Kane & Lynch' News!

Gerard Butler: Beverly Hills Outing After 'Kane & Lynch' News!

Gerard Butler sports a cool pair of aviator sunglasses while out and about on Rodeo Drive on Wednesday (November 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined on the outing by two male pals.

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Last week, Gerard was spotted satisfying his Italian food craving at Dan Tana’s restaurant in West Hollywood.

It was recently reported that Gerry is in talks as Kane for the video game adaptation Kane & Lynch, which has offered Vin Diesel the role of Lynch.

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  1. 126
    Conspiracies can stop now Says:

    @youarenotalone: you said that no one knows for certain and yet you call other posters homophobic for telling you that he’s straight? are you high, or just on your regular meds? loon.

  2. 127
    Conspiracies can stop now Says:

    ” Your boy is gay and it’s going to come out soon.”.
    Yeah right! after twenty years of endless stories about him banging women left and right. LOL! Not too bright are you?
    And the two examples you mentioned, did not have an extensive list of one night stands. You don’t know how the gay culture works at all, do you? dummy.

  3. 128
    Why?.... Says:

    The DM has posted variousl articles about Madalina Ghenea in relation to Gerry and more recently Dom Hemingway, so they know who she is. Why on earth would they say here that she is a ‘mystery woman’ and not identify her correctly?

  4. 129
    Conspiracies can stop now Says:

    The Daily Mail are notorious for getting information and facts wrong. It’s one of the worst rags in the UK. Once their editor becomes aware, they will publish it with the correct names.

  5. 130
    Oh Please! Says:

    @GremmieNalu: Rock Hudson was from a time when you didn’t advertise the fact you were gay but it makes no difference now. As someone has already asked, where are the men from his past claiming to have had sex with him?

  6. 131
    Conspiracies can stop now Says:

    @Oh Please!:
    great point. so many of his randoms have blabbed, why not the men?

  7. 132
    Oh Please! Says:

    @Conspiracies can stop now: Yes, why not the men? the answer is simple, they don’t exist.

  8. 133
    youarenotalone Says:

    @Conspiracies can stop now: It’s you that are dumber than a rock, hon. And your reading comprehension skills aren’t so good. The homophobic comment was because “Stop socking”, which is obviously you, accused me of a hate campaign for simply stating my views. If you believe that’s hate, then you believe something is wrong with being gay. But carry on. Your hysteria is showing.

  9. 134
    Conspiracies can stop now Says:

    @youarenotalone: well, in that case, i accept your apology. it’s obvious that i was referring to your comments about his character, not something else.
    still waiting for that evidence of him being gay……
    nothing? what a shock! LOL!

  10. 135
    Oh Please! Says:

    @youarenotalone: There’s nothing wrong with being gay but what is wrong is claiming someone else is without any evidence at all. One of my gay friends says that there are some in the gay community who would make it compulsory if they could.

  11. 136
    @Oh Please! Says:

    It makes a huge difference if you’re selling yourself as a romantic leading man. Huge. There are many articles written on the subject and gay leading men in HW are still encouraged to keep it under wraps. Google the articles for yourself if you need to, but it’s just common sense.

  12. 137
    Conspiracies can stop now Says:

    @@Oh Please!:
    I guess you’ve got no evidence for us either?
    okay darling, well you go and play with your dolls and trains and let the rest of the adults deal with the facts.

  13. 138
    youarenotalone Says:

    @Conspiracies can stop now: You are making no sense at all. It is my opinion. Do you understand what an opinion is? BTW unless you were in the room yourself, you have no proof of anything, either. Grow up.

  14. 139
    Seriously? Says:


    OMG are you for real? That is no more MG than I am! (I’m no fan of MG nor am I a phannie, however, I am possessed of eyesight and intelligence.)

  15. 140
    Conspiracies can stop now Says:

    @youarenotalone: But if it’s just your opinion, then why are you calling other posters morons, or telling them that they are deluded if they believe that he’s straight?
    Here is some free advice because it looks like you need it.
    1. There is no reason for you to be here. what purpose are you serving, outside of wasting your own time, in trying to convince his fans that he’s gay? if he is in your own opinion gay, then what the hell does it matter to you if others don’t feel the same way?
    2. Not even Travolta has escaped from men coming out of the background and saying that he’s gay. Why doesn’t Gerry have any of these men in his past. Like none. Zero.
    3. If he’s using women as a cover for banging men, then why sleep with so many of them? He could cut his randoms list by 3/4 and still “appear” totally hetero.
    4. you sound totally naive and stupid. we’re not the ones with the problem. you can’t accept this beautiful man the way he is. that’s why you’re unpopular here.

  16. 141
    Someone needs glasses Says:

    @Seriously?: It is her and it’s the same coat Gerry bought her last year.

  17. 142
    Conspiracies can stop now Says:

    This has been dealt with. it’s MG with Fassbender. They probably met at an event at TIFF in September.

  18. 143
    El comandante Says:

    Is not her , the lady in those pic is black. Would be a good news but is not her. Anyway she is not with Gerry or Fass

  19. 144
    GFW Says:

    Gerry does not mind being called Gay. He does not see it as an insult. The only problem with people not liking it is because he isn’t.
    who wants to see the sweetness in his eyes return

  20. 145
    seriously Says:

    @Prancing Pony:
    Given how long he’s been in LA, and stating the logical, maybe a new woman maybe reconnected with an old one, how is Jeannia these days, a birthday present from any of a number of people or he does what I do, find jewelry you almost forgot you had and start wearing it again. If someone is going to be his girlfriend, get a ring with a GPS device or/and listening device installed.

  21. 146
    seriously Says:

    @Why?….: Wow have you idiots ever heard of photoshop. Photographers and newspaper editors mess with the color all the time and more than just the color. Even newsy photos.

  22. 147
    Huh Says:

    @Why?….: Plus MG’s coat was belted in the picture with Gerry.

  23. 148
    Garbage Says:

    @Conspiracies can stop now: So, you’re running a popularity contest? I knew this joint was junior high-ish and you just proved it. How childish.

  24. 149
    Kristina Hoksa Says:

    Gerry is looking very old lately even without baggage he still look old and tired. No wonder she move to Fassbender. He’s younger and very attractive.

  25. 150
    Thursday'schild Says:

    “Why is E! calling this chick “mystery girl” when they know who MG is and have written about she and Gerry several times?”
    Isn’t it obvious? She’s behind the photos. Let the games begin!

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