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Miranda Kerr Explains Instagram Photoshop Confusion

Miranda Kerr Explains Instagram Photoshop Confusion

Miranda Kerr carries her plaid wearing son Flynn while stepping out of their apartment on Saturday (November 16) in New York City.

The 30-year-old Australian supermodel and her two-year-old son were heading to JFK Airport for a departing flight.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda wrote on Instagram, “Hi guys, here is the original VS image! When I re-posted the photo this week to support the girls I screen grabbed it off the internet when I was working in Japan. I had no idea it was photoshopped. All good intentions- sorry for the confusion and congratulations to the girls for such a great show! ❤” Check out the non-photoshopped pic below!

Earlier in the week, Miranda was chic while dropping by Samantha Thavasa shop before flying out of Tokyo.

FYI: Miranda is wearing Citizens of Humanity jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr carrying Flynn in New York City…

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miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 01
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 02
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 03
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 04
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 05
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 06
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 07
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 08
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 09
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 10
miranda kerr explains instagram photoshop confusion 11

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  • Q.

    Look at her! The Liar caught lying using her son to divert attention for all the photoshopped pics she has posted on her instagram….!

  • jud

    Oh yeah course you didn’t know…we all know our bodies, you’re a model so spend longer than the average person focusing on yours and yet you didn’t notice they sliced off your waist? Btch please.

  • Anna

    I like Miranda, but I’m no stupid. Of all her VS photos she mistakenly chose that photoshopped one. Stop trying to get attention by using such low methods. Do something interesting, you have the resources. This only brings negative attention and really makes me dislike you.

  • Lisa

    She just put a picture with the angels to get attention. She is sick for attention

  • L

    lol she has a ton of pics photo-shopped.

  • Yawn

    Please, she runs a business and has a toddler or young kid, whatever his age is. She probably spent all of five seconds looking fro that pic to share. Cut her some slack, no matter how much you might dislike her.

  • whatever

    Big deal! You girls get ALL upset over the most minute things. Photo-shopping is part of the fame business. Everybody gets it done. You phonies are constantly looking for excuses to hate her. Do something interesting? She IS interesting. She’s a model and and she’s juggling and career, motherhood, flying here and there. Are you nuts?

  • also

    Miranda Kerr and her “little man” look so happy! I love that!

  • Really

    If you’re going to photoshop a picture for publication you don’t just photoshop one person or part of the picture. Seems strange that she just happens to be the only model of the three photoshopped in the picture.

  • kat

    lol why are people even surprised that a models picture is photoshop? Thats what they do in all the magazines. chill out, i don’t even know why this is news.

  • Jordy

    @Yawn: Exactly. I doubt she spent time examining it. Besides, she corrected the error.

  • allison

    Why is she the only one photoshopped if indeed she just grabbed it from the internet?

  • Rose

    Except that she’s a professional model. As others here have pointed out, she’s spent more time observing her body then most people do with theirs. You’d think she’d notice right away that the pic was photoshopped and would quickly remove it.

  • Roxanne

    @whatever: ummm idk but she no longer models…shes turn into a business women and she has VS to thank for that ……yes everyone Photoshops there pics but most of the time its just there face , I have never seen someone do that to their body, especially shrink their waist that MUCH ….btw she calls the paps

  • Lee

    Oh i don’t care coz i have Candice to drool over haha

  • Bull

    Did you notice that in the photoshop picture she made Doutzen’s waist bigger while she made her’s smaller. LOL!

  • ?

    NY to LA, then back to NY, only to almost immediately leave for London, then on to Tokyo. Back for what, a day? And now she’s leaving again?
    No wonder Orlando got tired of her absent wife routine. I thought that she was going to cut back on traveling for her family. And why take Flynn with her? Let that gorgeous little guy have some stability with his daddy. No need to drag him across the globe.

  • ladyb

    I just saw that link that L posted and to me is sad, to be so perfectly beautiful and still yet be so insecure to start deleting few inches your waist. It’s really sad. There are girls that are dying to be thin and look like a supermodel and doing all the wrong stuff. And it’s like she’s promoting body image issue by telling the world I still want a smaller waist.

  • Looselipz

    You know, the classier thing to do would have been to not address it at all.
    By defending herself it shows guilt. She really thinks we are that stupid to believe such excuses.
    I never found her Model material. She’s just a somewhat cute girl, nothing special. And she’s obviously extremely insecure. The two other models have superior looks and bodies.
    Miranda is a catalog model at best. She just simply got lucky or had good PR.

  • so

    This woman gives me the creeps. She’s deranged. What kind of glorified, narcissistic, self obsessed idiot photo shop candids of herself? To say that she’s fame-hungry and fake is an understatement. I just went through her instagram and it seems like this is not the only picture she photo shopped. This has been going on for God knows how long. Why can’t she just behave like all the other models, even ones that are more successful than she is? Her whole public persona seems to be a lie and she doesn’t have a problem vomiting out more lies just like in this case

  • Hmm

    Oh I think that she really is a good model. Some of her editorial work is absolutely amazing. I just think that everything that has happened this past year has really affected her more than she would like to admit.
    Losing DJ, giving up a high profile gig like VS, and losing Orlando have been big blows to her ego and self esteem.
    She may be feeling a bit insecure about herself for the first time in her life. She never needed to develop the emotional tools to handle those alien feelings. She’s a bit lost. I think that may be one of the reasons that she courts the paps like she does. No, I really don’t think that she has to call them. They really do wait outside to get photos because they do sell. But she is always so happy to have them greet her. You just know that they are heaping on the praise that she so desires. ‘Miranda! You look gorgeous!’. ‘Miranda I love you!’. ‘Orlando must be crazy!’. She loves that stuff. Hence the big smiles.
    She may calm down when she gets another ego boost. A new contract or a new boyfriend. But that contract would have to be a big one. And that boyfriend would have to be a better catch than Orlando. And I honestly don’t see either of those things happening. And heaven help us if Orlando shows up with a new girlfriend any time soon. That may just send her over the edge.
    BTW. Flynn gets more gorgeous every day. And it’s funny to see Orlando’s expressions on his sweet little face. I just adore that little guy.

  • gratayua5061

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  • lol

    lol to the person claiming she’s a businesswoman now and not a model, why don’t you go feed that garbage to the donkeys?

  • Oh please….

    It’s hilarious reading self righteous comments from “haters” that have STALKED, BULLIED & INSULTED her for the past 6 years!!!

    If you google Miranda Kerr on the Internet & YouTube there are THOUSANDS of pics & videos of her, most are normal but there are also MANY MANY that HAVE been photoshopped by “fans” for different reasons.

    Some people love to take pictures of her from magazines & especially VS pics & step by step change her into a perfect “doll” then people comment on the result & say which they like better, it’s very very weird!

    There are also those “thinspiration” sites that photoshop HER & other female celebrities to get the perfect “skinny” body which is just sad!

    Miranda has NO reason to photoshop anything because she’s gorgeous but there are people who do & it must be scary for her & other female celebs that these people are out there doing this sort of thing.

    You only have to look at the “haters” from Delphi to see that people can become OBSESSED, delusional & paranoid about her.

    It’s irrational that a group of mature women have cyber bullied a woman they don’t know & never met over a 6 year period simply because she was with their “pretend” boyfriend.

    Even now they’re STILL doing this even though they’re no longer together. That is INSANE behaviour yet the “haters” think their normal & rational…

    Miranda has a range of people like the hundreds of women who post makeup “tutorials” on how to achieve her look down to the stalker that was arrested & taken to a psychiatric centre for help as he was going to “save her”

    At times it must be overwhelming yet she always has a smile on her face & tries to see the positive in everything, good for her.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdasians: Miranda Kerrdashians lies through her teeth about the fact that she used an app on her phone to tuck in her waist and make the other two women in the picture wider. Also, the b@tsh*t crazy woman who posted comments #21 and #24 is b@tsh*t crazy.

  • Oh Gawd!

    I’m so tired of jealous women! When they are fat or ugly — or both, they really tend to have nasty dispositions. With their evil mouths, they are much worse than men when it comes to being hateful and spewing out nastiness.

  • @Elena

    “batsh*t crazy”….Mmmm perfect words to describe yourself “Elena”…

    I mean your just like the creepy people that photoshop Miranda trying to turn her into a “doll” & the girls on the “thinspiration” sites that photoshop HER & other female celebrities to make them super “skinny” to get a perfect body in their eyes, so sick.

    All of that is obsessive & crosses the line from being a normal “fan” into something else entirely.

    Except you’re WORSE because you’ve gone a step further from being an obsessive Bloom “fan” into STALKING, BULLYING & INSULTING Miranda for 6 years simply because SHE was with Orlando.
    There is no excuse for that other than sheer jealousy & that makes you very very CREEPY.

    Not to mention the vile comments you post about innocent little Flynn.

    If I were you I wouldn’t be concerned about Miranda mistakenly screen grabbing a photoshopped pic on the Internet of which there is many.

    But rather you need to seek professional help in regards to your bitterness & hatred toward a person you don’t know & never met!!!!

  • HA!

    If you believe that Miranda “had no idea” the pic that slims only HER and not the other women was Photoshopped when she posted it, I have a bridge to sell you. It’s over some swampland on the moon.

  • Elena

    @@Elena: Awww! Look at you! You stalwart wackadoo! Defending your lady love to the death! How adorbs!! She would be so happy to have such a defender in her corner…if she knew and even cared that you existed. But she doesn’t. Nor will she ever. She doesn’t know or care about any of us here or what we are say, good or bad. Also, you have to remember, that she is a raging diva b*tch who cares for no one but herself so there is no room in her heart for a fat fatty like you. She wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole because, well, you’re disgusting and she only likes thin people, to the point where she even has to Photoshop herself to look thinner than she already is. I know you love her with all of your heart but you are going to have to give up the dream. She will never be your girlfriend, pigeon. Never. I know that’s devastating news but the sooner you can accept it, the sooner you can get on with your pathetic, lonely life.

  • Q

    Some one needs to remind Ms. Kerr what road “all good intentions” pave.

  • @29

    Calling someone else fat?
    LOL! Pot, meet kettle. LOL
    Come on Callie/Bealzie/Fat Camp, or whoever you are. We all know that you just sit in front of your computer all day, doing nothing but snack on chips while you stalk Miranda across the web. I can practically see your sallow complexion and love handles from here.
    LOL! Pathetic.

  • Treasure Yourself!

    By making your waist smaller and those of the women around you bigger! Every woman is a flower…but all flowers need a little help arranging their petals so that they look better and stomping on the petals of the flowers around them so they don’t look as pretty. The problem is, Miranda has made an entire career being a slave to the impossible beauty standards set forth by the patriarchal fashion industry so it’s no surprise that she would stoop to this level. The problem is, this is a woman who sets herself up to be a role model for young girls and all she’s doing is providing a bad example. It’s no wonder that women are hurling words at each other that are meaner than any man could, because we are following the bad example provided for us by women like Miranda Kerr. She shows us that we all have to vie for the attention of men and if we have to sink so low as to enhance and image of ourselves while making the women around us larger, s be it. If she had “screen grabbed” this image from a random site, like a so called “thinspo” site, all three women would ahve been made to look smaller. The fact that it is just Miranda’s image that has been “improved” is proof enough that she altered the image herself. The fact that she has the nerve to call herself a role model, even going so far as claiming that she wants young women to “treasure” themselves and is actually going to claim that her second book is a call for young girls to “empower” themselves is shameful. Hopefully, young girls will be smart enough to see through Kerr and women like her. Empower and treasure yourself through education, not Photoshop.

  • Treasure Yourself!
  • Treasure Yourself!

    @Oh please….: “Miranda has NO reason to photoshop anything because she’s gorgeous” No reason? Perhaps. But that doesn’t stop her. Take a good look at all of the times she has posted altered images of herself and rethink your comment.

  • Aw

    Flyn looks so happy with hios mommy and miserable with Orlando

  • I have to wonder…

    …why this is in the Orlando Bloom tag.

  • Aw

    Flynn looks exactly like his mommy and nothing like Orlando.

  • @aw

    That’s funny. Flynn sure looked happy on his daddy’s shoulders just the other day.
    And really? I didn’t know that Miranda has deep brown eyes, incredibly long eyelashes and straight brows. Most people would say that he got those from his dad. You know, since Orlando DOES have deep brown eyes, incredibly long eyelashes and straight brows. But I guess that you aren’t most people then, are you.

  • Anon

    Flynn always looks happy with Orlando. Flynn looks exactly like Orlando. He has Orlando’s eyes and eyebrows. He looks more like Orlando than Miranda.

  • HA!

    I notice that the crazy Miranda fan (#31) who writes the endless diatribes on her virtue and light and spews vitriol on anyone who denies MK’s divinity stopped commenting after being hit with evidence that MK really DOES Photoshop her Instagram pics. She uses the warp tool, probably an app on her phone. It’s kinda obvious. The “haters” have known it all along. Just like how they knew MK and O have been living apart before the separation was announced. Hmmm…I wonder if the crazy fan still believes the “lost wedding dress” story? Boy, would she be stupid if she did…

  • tee-hee

    Obviously, whatever Miranda Kerr does must be pretty darn important. Something as non-major as photoshopping herself just ruined a lot of YOUR days. Who is the model on the left? She actually looks the fittest and has the curviest waist of the three. Probably hasn’t had kids. In the pic, Miranda is the most beautiful tho.

  • Bwahaha!
  • @42

    Mango always replaces their models after a year or so. No big deal here.

  • Amy

    @@42: It is a big deal when she has nothing else to fall back on. She’s been losing jobs left and right and she’s not exactly in demand. She’s demanding, not in demand, and that’s her problem. She believes her own press and has become a spoiled brat who Photoshops her Instagram pics and get fired because she’s a diva.

  • This is funny!
  • Bitty Gifty Pants
  • wow.

    Okay so;
    I don’t think she’s insecure. If you see in interviews or whatever she SEEMS pretty confident. Also, she is pretty nice, and busy as said before. I don’t think she’d spend time on this, these are her FRIENDS. Just because she wasn’t there doesn’t mean she’s all of a sudden some type of jealous insecure person, you know… I mean, wow. Listen to the comments that are sensible to the nice-ish person she is, k?:) NOT TO BE RUDE.

    Plus, no proof of her lying. Plus, she’s not the type to do that. Plus…oh. Well, doesn’t that settle it?

  • wow.

    Oh & last thing; She apologized. For whatever she did. K. JS. This may be kind of biased, but true.

  • Maria

    @Oh please….: oh please… So she didn’t notice her waist was photoshopped in the pic? Really? Come on don’t be so gullible…

  • Maria

    @tee-hee: the model on the left is Doutzen Kroes and she did have a kid.