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Charlie Hunnam Holiday Shops at the Apple Store!

Charlie Hunnam Holiday Shops at the Apple Store!

Charlie Hunnam shows off his gorgeous smile as he exits the Apple store after doing some shopping at The Grove on Wednesday (December 11) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Sons of Anarchy actor carried out a small bag of goodies – we wonder if he was holiday shopping for himself or a loved one!

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This past week, the Sons of Anarchy season six finale aired on FX! Did you watch the episode???

Chuck and I have been down so many different roads. We love working together so much,” Theo Rossi, another actor on the show, recently told EW.

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  • Racy

    Alone again!! Haven’t seen or heard of a girlfriend in a while. Is Charlie going Hollywood like all the other hunks?

  • dart

    his beautiful smile! love you charlie. love sons of anarchy as well.

  • Elisa

    Stunning man! *_*

  • FAN

    Charlie is great, love his films

  • Love

    Love Charlie, great finale for SOA.

  • Gemma

    Love him!

  • Jax

    @Racy: He seems to hide his left hand, but at least he’s smiling, which I haven’t seen in awhile.

  • Racy

    @Jax: Don’t think he was married to his last GF, but he did wear rings which we don’t see lately. Thought he was different to the other guys in H’wd, but guess they all have something in common. Also thought he and the GF moved to a ranch with donkeys, ducks, etc.. but don’t hear about that anymore either.

  • Meadow

    @Racy — What exactly is this that all these guys have in common? Charlie and Morgana have never been seen together in public all that much. They’ve only walked a red carpet together once and more often than not, they arrive in separate vehicles at public events. She’s a very busy woman with her own jewelry business, so it’s possible Charlie is alone during the day because she is working. Don’t jump to conclusions just because he isn’t seen with her often.

  • elisa

    he is so hot and good actor , i’m going to miss SOA until next year :(

  • Racy

    @Meadow: You are kidding, aren’t you? Now, what do you think all of these guys have in common? Read what you wrote and tell me you would tolerate those things. I am a fan of Charlie, but there is just something that doesn’t ring true about what you see and what you read. My best to him – but, also, my best to a girl that just seems to show up for special occasions, and otherwise is seen so seldom it is hard to believe she really exists. Don’t YOU jump to conclusions, Meadow, and believe everything you see – or don’t see. I am a writer and I certainly have an active imagination, but some things are difficult even for a fiction writer.

  • Jax

    @Racy: He wasn’t married, but he wore some ring that she made for him.

  • Charli

    @Racy: I’m sure he’s still with her, they’ve lived together for years. They’re just really private. If he was going after other women, believe me, we’d be hearing about it somewhere, in the blind items, if nowhere else. There’s never been any gossip about him since they’ve been together the last 6-7 years.

  • Meanie

    @Racy: If you’re implying that he’s gay, he is one of the RARE ones in Hollywood that is pretty much confirmed to be straight. He dated quite a few women before the current one.

  • Racy

    @Jax: From the description, that was the one on the right hand. He said it had diamonds worked into it. Don’t know what the one on the left hand was but I saw earlier pics and he had it on. I just cannot but wonder how this girl fits in. I hope everything works for them, and I really hope that she is appreciated. Good luck, Girlfriend , whoever it is with.

  • Racy

    @Meanie:You wouldn’t have to guess at what I am saying, so don’t try to read something into what is not there. I believe that if you are gay and with someone, you wear the ring on the right hand – think we already cleared that his GF made that for him. State your own ideas, and don’t try to read the minds of other people. Whatever or whoever you are, you deserve some kind of recognition – lack of that bothers me. I have a daughter, and I wish the same for her when she finds someone.

  • Meanie

    @Racy: You need to lighten up…nobody was “reading your mind,” which is a really stupid thing to say.

  • Racy

    @Meanie: Its pretty stupid to tell someone they are putting a brand on a person also. Don’t mind your criticism – that is what we are doing here is giving our opinion. As I said before, I feel a bit sad for a girl that appears to be left out of what’s going on around her. Unless you are one of those people who goes a bit overboard with admiration, such as wanting to see him naked, etc…, you might be interested in her life and the way his fame is affecting her. When I made the statement that he might have somehting in common withe H’wd people, I meant that many of them drop the lesser known girl for the higher on the fame level ones. I just simply hope that doesn’t happen to this girl.

  • Hana

    Charlie sure loves his beard, I hope he gets a clean shave for Crimson Peak, haha!
    And will everybody calm down just watch him on the screen and let the man have his own life.

  • Racy

    @Hana: Afraid he is in the wrong business for that.

  • bleeep

    Oh, Charlie. What a beautiful human specimen.

  • Gabrielle

    Racy, you’re a bit too invested in Charlie’s personal life. As has already been said, he is a very private person & always has been. There are very few pics of he & his wife when they were together & I can count on one hand the number of times he’s been seen with Morgana over the last seven years.

  • Racy

    @Gabrielle: Perhaps you are right.when you use the word investment. Is that why you are interested in something concerning this celebrity? You follow what is going on with him or you wouldn’t be reading these reports about him and what someone else’s opinion is. Would you call that investment? Because I am interested in how all this might affect someone in his life is no different than your curiosity about the man himself. You don’t need to defend him against me since I am a fan also. I wish Charlie the best since he is a terrific actor – but I also wish the GF the best.

  • Missy

    He looks cute. Hope he have some great christmas days <3

  • Ethan T.

    He needs to stick to tv show. That S&M sex movie would have been a disaster.

  • Love & War

    @Racy: Just because a couple breaks up does not mean it’s because he has gone “Hollywood”. People break up. End of story.

  • Racy

    @Love & War: I don’t know that they have split up – I am just guessing. Opportune time if they did though, huh? This happens in H’wd a lot. I know about breaking up – most people do know that. LOL Most fans are mourning the end of his love story in a TV show; guess I just hope that the real life one has a better chance.

  • leah

    lol still laughing at the idea that he was considered for CG :)

  • Racy

    @leah: Just couldn’t imagine Charlie being Christian Grey. Doesn’t resemble the character in the book at all. The personalities also don’t seem to match. Agree with the person and you – just can’t see it.

  • Racy

    Just saw an article that said Charlie has dropped out of the movie he was going to start filming in Feb or March of 2014 (999). What you think brought that on?

  • Abbey

    “Crimson Peak” is scheduled to film February through April 2014. If Triple Nine begins production the same month, it sounds like the schedule for it was pushed up and Charlie could no longer do it. Obviously.

  • Racy

    @Abbey: Thanks for clearing that up – I don’t know the scheduling dates for movies, etc.

  • d

    I wish charlie was my best friend, imagine all the fun ,he just seems like a really cool and fun fun guy ! love soa

  • Bianca

    What a beautiful man….

  • Racy

    Think Charlie bought a ranch or farm. Does he still live there and grow vegetables and ducks, etc?

  • Racy

    Since the GF doesn’t travel to England with him, guess she is at home taking care of the ducks. Not trying to be a smart a** – just seems a bit far fetched the way this romance goes. Must be fighting off all the women who hang their underwear on his door knob, call him “yummy” and say on facebook, etc., what they would like to do to him. Oh, well – I’m just a country girl – what do I know!!

  • Hi

    Does seem a bit odd that he is never with her. I mean she could just wear sunglasses if she didn’t want to be in any pictures.

  • Racy

    When he is with her in a picture, he doesn’t touch her, or look at her and all she is ever called when he is being interviewed (if he mentions her at all) is girlfriend. In one interview about 50 Shades, he said “She loves me and wants to be with me…” What about him? Doesn’t he feel the same or at least say it anyway? I am a fan of Charlie, or at least of the great way he plays his role in SOA, but I feel a bit for this woman who is almost completely left out. What does she do when he is out at night? You see pictures of him being out with friends at clubs, riding his bike, etc… I know it isn’t my business but I feel for her while he is out doing whatever it is he does. Some people just say you are nosy when you ask about it, but the info, the pics and travelling alone, etc., is put out there for all to see. Sorry if this doesn’t sit right with some. Good luck, Morgana.

  • Livy

    Where are there pics of Charlie at a club with friends? I’ve never seen such.

  • Racy

    Do you look at the pics that are published about him? One lately said he had been out on the town and was walking back to his ride. Have seen several of him out of town in clubs where girls are trying to get their pictures with him – some in Canada. Look, I have nothing against what Charlie or anyone else does. I JUST feel bad about a woman who is supposedly a girlfriend and yet spends so much time apparently away from him. It isn’t my business – I know that, but I still feel for her.

  • Interesting

    I read somewhere that one of Charlie’s ex (the black women he used to date) was actually a friend of his ex wife. His ex and the girl were actually friends. They divorced and Charlie started dating Stella (stayed with her for a while too). He’s gorgeous but if that story is true he’s a messy fella. Also kinked to Liv Tyler while with Morganna. He’s no angel but I love him anyways. Lol!!

  • Finola

    It’s common knowledge among Charlie’s loyal fans that his ex-wife was fine with his dating Stella Parker who later cheated on him with a British fashion designer so in turn, he dumped her. He’s been quoted as saying the relationship between the two (he and Stella) ‘wasn’t particularly deep or fulfilling’. He has said he and his ex-wife are still good friends and there are no hard feelings between them over the marriage ending. According to he and Katharine, they drifted apart due to her work schedule, but truly loved one another. He dated Georgina Townsly for two years and was head-over-heels in love with her, but she also cheated on him and he was devastated. A year later he met Morgana. Some say they are still together. but some say not. By all accounts he’s been in the UK for close to three weeks and she hasn’t been seen with him.

  • angela m.

    He is soooo freeking fine