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Chris Pine: LAX Arrivial with Iris Bjork Johannesdottir!

Chris Pine: LAX Arrivial with Iris Bjork Johannesdottir!

Chris Pine keeps it cool and casual as he arrives at LAX Airport with his rumored new girlfriend Iris Bjork Johannesdottir on Tuesday (January 7) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit actor and the 23-year-old Icelandic model kept close as they tried to avoid photographers exiting the terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Pine

In case you missed it, check out Chris looking super sexy in a partially unbuttoned shirt on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s latest issue.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit hits theaters on Friday, January 17!

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Credit: Sharky; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • NYC

    Icelandic. You’ve got to be effing joking. What a little weasel. America will watch these fruitcakes like drones until they make the wrong move they always do.

  • Off the grid

    I see pics came out just in time for Ryan promo next week. Yea sure little ice birdie didn’t call the paps.

  • OMG

    A “model?” I think not. Every actress wannabe always calls themself a model.

  • checkerboard

    @Off the grid: Think JJ has been forgiven? Didn’t think these sorts of items were going to shown here anymore after the last go round.

    Daily Mirror says he is “off the market” and wrote nothing but kind and loving things about their fashion and their new found love. LOL

    Way back when I said she would be coming to LA to be near her man. She doesn’t have a job back in London as far as we know, so she is looking to get famous in Hollywood. Remember I said that it is an Icelandic company that is involved in Pine’s next movie which he starts filming in a few week in New Zealand. Coincidence that she has arrived in America. I think not

    He is supposed to appear on some late night talk shows next week. I wonder if he will mention he is “off the market” like he did with Dominique Piek. Could go either way but it is odd that the DM used the exact phrase “off the market”.

    Feels good. I’ve had to hold the inner snark in for a while now. Thought JJ was going to be a Chris free zone.

    I said it was going to be a crapshoot whether or not we would see her again. Guess we have our answer. I also said she is smarter than all the others if she gets a part in the movie he is filming or she gets introduced to the ‘right’ people in Hollywood. It remains to be seen if any of that happens. AF certainly didn’t get that but she didn’t play it cool enough. She missed out on a trip to Paris and Costa rica, and to be actually seen in a ‘friendly’ pap photo.

    To be fair this girl does look ‘normal’. She is definitely pretty but not IMO trashy looking.

    @burning the midnight oil, @Cyn, @off the grid, @Irish Fifty please come out and play.

  • Sykur

    Áfram Island. But sadly she’s the Minka Kelly of Iceland. Only 23 and is known for sleeping with “famous” men

  • burning the midnight oil

    haha so it starts again! As “off the grid” said just in time for Jack Ryan promo. I mean srsly even his fans at tumblr are laughing! But gotta get the straight vibe out there!Sorry but as far as I’m concerned this guy is gayer than a room full of feather boas! I wonder whether she’ll last till Trek or a new beard is lined up for that….a 18 year old waitress perhaps?!!

  • smirk

    They arrived at LAX. No one says from where. And there were no pics from Costa Rica. these are the facts.
    How easy it is to make people assume……oh and why rumored gf? just like Quinto’s rumored bf? both 23? what? these guys share a Vulcan mind meld or something? oh no I forgot CP has no industry friends!!

  • checkerboard

    @burning the midnight oil: Trek is a few years away and I don’t think even he can stick with the same one that long but hey stranger things have happened. Her name is out there but it remains to see if that will do her any good. AF didn’t gain anything. DP faded away once she was out of the picture. So IDK. He is not that big a star where he can insist she get hired for parts. OH……she is probably not an American citizen. If she stays for a while wouldn’t she need a work visa or something?

  • Rose

    Ugh why do these 30+ year olds date these young twentysomethings? Can’t the 30+ actors find someone their own age? Seriously, I’m starting to notice a trend in Hollywood. 23 appears to be the new hot age for hooking up with much older actors.

  • van gogh’s irises…not!

    I guess you become a model at 16. Then you try till 20. You get desperate at 23 and hook up with a older guy (mostly gay in HW) to see if your career will take off. Remember what DP said? You fake till you make it in this industry!

  • off the grid

    Hello checkerboard and burning the midnight oil. some of us were on prior thread and someone suggested we get a forum to discuss cp and his antics. well there’s a thought. yes you did mention her coming to america and well here she is. looks like the london modeling thing didnt work out for her. will be interesting to see if she’s involved with the Z movie, what with all its icelandic connections.

    so on the new set of photos. as smirk said, there were zero pics in costa rica, just lots of rumored sightings of CP and the icelandic website letting us know (on ice princess’ behalf of course) that she had tagged along.
    all i can say about this girl is that at least she’s a total departure (looks-wise anyways) from the other girls. personally i think she looks like your average college girl, fashion included. nothing wrong with that (and im not saying she’s unattractive) but i did have to side-eye Daily Mirror referring to her as “stunning”. sorry but no. she is also quite the departure from last girl he was publicly spotted with, ms. shorty shorts.
    Rose, its not just celebrities who do that, in real life men do it as well. they go for 20somethings well into their 40′s and even 50′s. it seems to be a societal trend thats rising unfortunately.

  • burning the midnight oil

    Oh please! of course the poor girl is working! Her job title is “Chris Pine’s current Beard”! :)

  • natasha

    The timing is very very convenient, like one week before the Jack Ryan movie. Pine is looking happy because he just saw the paps!! = pathetic!

  • burning the midnight oil

    I have been through LAX many times and never seen any paps aimlessly hanging around. And real papworthy celeb like Jolie and Pitt are not around all the time. so who called the paps?
    btw Pine needs to buy icicle a new bag….

  • hipsternot

    @smirk:the mystery deepens. Where is the luggage? Does make one wonder.@checkerboard: I’ve traveled enough to give an educated guess that she can use her passport to stay here 90 days before visa paper work becomes necessary.

  • hello!?

    Oh come on she is as trashy, z list as most of the others, she has so many tattoos, it’s embarrassing and for a Scandinavian that says it all. He just traded a swimsuit, tweeting ‘miss beer’ for a ‘miss reykjavik’ with tattoos and, at 23, already with a *reputation*. No difference.

  • checkerboard

    My inner snark is screaming right now. Ok, we don’t know for sure if they went to Costa Rica because no photos but they go to Paris and we get a movie’s worth of photos out of the trip. The paps get pics at LAX but not until they are outside when usually they would snap him and DP rolling their luggage carts towards a waiting car. If he is alone usually get pics of him walking across the terminal or waiting to board plane. Word is that Pine is going to present at Golden Globes and you know there are always pics from the after parties. Jack Ryan premiere parties this week. Sure there will be pics from that too. Well if she can only stay here for 90 days with passport then she best get him to start with the introductions Parties like these are full of industry people. She is either going to go with him to NZ or return to England. Works out perfect for him. My lady had to go back to her country and the long distance thing was too hard for us. But again crapshoot she may stick around longer that the last one. DP made it for more than a year.

  • checkerboard

    @off the grid: A forum sounds great. Let me know how to help

  • mirror

    new girlfriend was in rehab once because of drug addiction, hope he doesnt bring more trouble to her nor she to him

  • off the grid

    @hello!?: oh, i agree,. she most definitely is zlist and desperate (pretty sure she’s the one trying to get her name out, with CP”s blessing of course) but I meant looks-wise, she’s a departure. the others looked like models for the most part, tall, thin, mostly brunette. i dont think iriswhatshername looks like at a model, at all. kinda short, average size, no frills. the smoking and the tattoos give her a rough edge. She doesnt seem as high maintenance as the others is what im saying. not unattractive, but not the model-looking girls he was going for lately.
    checkerboard, do you know how to create a forum? i dont and i dont think the others did either. sorry to hear it didnt work out with you and your lady.
    lets see if she makes it to the golden globes then. if so, i vote total bearding. timing is all too convenient for ryan promo. CP cant claim privacy if he’s all too happy to sell his love life to help sell his movie.

  • checkerboard

    @off the grid: @mirror: May I ask how you know this about her being in rehab? Info on her is in short supply.

  • checkerboard

    oops sorry off the grid. Didn’t mean for you to get grouped in that question. it was supposed to be @off the grid: about forum. I can try to look into it and get back to you if I get any useful info.

  • off the grid

    yea Mirror, i was thinking same thing as checkerboard. there is not much info on her so how do you know about rehab? that would suck. maybe she is over it, but drug addictions are hard to beat. i really hope she doesnt have bad influence on CP.
    i was thinking if no one else does it, i may try this weekend to see if i can start a forum. if so i will let you guys know. and vice versa if you get to it first.

  • erica

    He probably doesn’t mind about her reputation as long as the fact that he has a ‘girlfriend’ is being discussed and pictured everywhere for you and me and everybody to see and as such he is not suspected to be gay. Lol, he has a complicated life that’s for sure….

  • hello!?

    @off the grid:
    //CP cant claim privacy if he’s all too happy to sell his love life to help sell his movie.//
    You’re absolutely right totally agree!

  • smoking and tattoos!

    Poor Chris Pine his “girlfriends” are just ewwwww…

  • checkerboard

    @off the grid: LOL. I must learn to use proper punctuation. “MY LADY HAD TO GO BACK TO HER COUNTRY AND THE LONG DISTANCE THING WAS TO HARD FOR US” is what I imagined the excuse Pine will use if they part ways. But as I said she is sort of a free bird and could be around quite some time. I mean we don’t even know where she lived in London. So yeah she will be around for the parties after that crapshoot because he is going to NZ and maybe she goes with because what else she have to do?

  • mirror

    @off the grid: not secret in Iceland she talked about at the time of Miss Reykjavik 2010

  • It takes a village

    The rehab info: Iceland is a small country, these things tend to be difficult to hide completely and you have some of her fellow citizens who have already posted tidbits about her…..

  • checkerboard

    @mirror: Doing the math she was about 18 when she was in Miss Reykjkavic. When would she have gone to rehab to already be discussing this at that age? Just curious not doubting you. With this reputation how did she hide herself so well that even google doesn’t show this info?

  • smirk

    Judging from the comments around the net this is just great publicity for Jack Ryan. Who are these idiot PR people of his?

  • checkerboard

    Based on what happened last time on JJ when word of Paris got out I am surprised that this item was posted here about them arriving at LAX and secondly that it hasn’t been shut down like DM did last time after like five negative comments.

    His agency is a member of the big boys club. If I were him I would ask for my money back. I mean if he were doing this crap on his own they would “fire” him because they wouldn’t want to be associated with this disaster.

    Long time ago I read where his PR people wished he would quit picking the zlisters. Maybe he likes to help strays and this is just the way he is.

    If the PR were that upset with him they would ditch him so I don’t know what gives.

  • burning the midnight oil

    I think they are between the “devil and the deep blue sea” as they say. It’s a toss up between the gay rumors and the “girlfriend hate” which can be dismissed as jealousy. Whatever it is, less and less people will see Jack Ryan just for the love of Pine. If JR doesn’t success I doubt Pine will become a Alister. But that maybe a good thing as then he can take on more independent projects and drop all this fake sh!t. He has kinda indicated this in some of his interviews but who really believes him anymore and which HW actor didn’t want to be Alist and not have their eye on the $$$?!

  • mirror
  • checkerboard

    @mirror:thanks for the link. I google translated it and maybe it is an Icelandic thing but : ” There is coming a year ago I went to therapy. I took with me and turned the paper and it goes quite remarkably well in life, ” says Iris Björk Jóhannesdóttir , Miss Reykjavik 2010 in an interview with the latest issue of a magazine .”

    but something is lost in the translation. I know the word therapy but in USA it is not really used when referring to rehab and as for the rest about the paper if I understand it correctly she means the entrance form for the pageant.

  • off the grid

    i cant keep up with the comments. CP’s mess of a “lovelife” sure keeps us entertained. Checkerboard sorry, i thought you meant you and your lady, lol! oops.
    i hope for CP sake she is not still involved with drugs. last thing he needs is association with a drug addict. not good for his image. it seems no one in iceland who knows her actually has good things to say about her. again, not good for his image. the paris thing got shut down here because it turned out to be a pr disaster and they nipped it in the bud before it spread any further. we still dissected it in detail on another thread tho. lainey gossip also posted these pics on her blog today and her title was “Jack Ryan is coming”. lainey isnt a pine fan and rarely posts on him but even she can make the connection between his ryan promo and him getting papped at LAX with gf.
    Burning midnight oil, i hope he does get to the point where he drops all the fake sh*t. this all makes him look rather foolish and that’s a shame because he seems quite intelligent in other ways.

  • checkerboard

    passive/aggressive silent rebellion If you stop and think about it he has been doing this girlfriend thing for years. Before Star Trek and after yet he still has like four movies coming out this year that were big paydays for him. For sure he is Kirk for the final trek. And yeah he is smart in a lot of ways and knows how things work from when his father was an actor so I am sure he negotiated some good back end deals on movies. In the big picture of things picking bad girlfriends is far from the worst thing actors in Hollywood do. So maybe the powers to be can live with it. Maybe they don’t really care. IDK

  • Maybe

    Hope they had a fun vacation. That’s pretty much all I can say on the matter. & the Iceland News were right she was with him…

  • errr….


  • Irish fifty

    @errr….: I know I sound ridiculously naïve but did they really fake the vacation? why bother? They were off the radar and could have just come into LAX without all the pretense if they wanted to pull a fast one. I sound so gullible. I don’t know what to think anymore

    Going back to other post from when the paris thing came out one person said that he really is not that well known outside of a sight like this so really who cares but people on here?

    so YaY Jack Ryan is all I have to offer.

  • errr….

    @Irish fifty:
    Faking it and HW actors go hand in hand. Saying he was on vacation in Costa Rica gives the arrival in LAX continuity without anyone saying where he/she/both actually came from. Everyone assumes they were holidaying together in Costa Rica when they probably didn’t. I mean so many sightings and tweets but not a single pic? why? do all these people belong to a collective conscious like the Borg?! I mean good enough to mention his name but no pic? not one??

  • smirk

    Also as someone mentioned before where’s the baggage? and he has gone to London and NYC without anyone knowing when he got there so where’s the paps and the pics if they are ALWAYS hanging around LAX?
    Totally staged photo op for Jack Ryan promotion. See? Chris Pine has a girlfriend! All you bad bad people who think he’s gay PAY ATTENTION!!

  • Irish fifty

    @errr….: I have nothing other than it seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through when he could have just kept her on the down low and avoided all the negativity which leads me back to probably no else much cares but us people on the sights. I think in general the conversation around the dinner table is not chris pine has a new girlfriend. LOL

    I can’t pretend to know the ins and outs of PR and how this translates into a good thing but they didn’t shut it down like Paris and let JJ post it so I guess it somehow has a positive to it.

  • checkerboard

    I recall mention on here that she has a lot of tattoos. I don’t know if this is true or not. But if so how does that play out with wearing a gown for the parties? I do believe Pine has himself an edgy rock n roll sort of bad girl here and he is not minding one bit.

    In truth I would like to see some pictures of them at these parties because I am really curious to see how they act together. They did a great job of the in love couple in Paris.

    My inner snark is telling me that this girl is here for the long haul. I am placing my money on she sticks around for quite sometime. But then I think the problems with these girls begins when they live or visit him often. Things were great with DP until she started spending most of the summer with him. Who can forget the famous Gelson’s Supermarket shopping trip with DP. That was painful to look at.

    So f***k once again a crapshoot. Will she stay or will she go?

    Cast your votes folks.

  • errr….

    She’ll go! Of course that depends on how long she’s willing to wait without getting any publicity hoping something will come her way or whether she’ll move on to someone else who’ll help her career. Also depends on the projects Piney gets. Big budget? Fake gf required. Indie project? no gf. LOL
    I also think Piney doesn’t spend anytime at all with his “gfs” other than what is needed for the planned photo ops.

  • hipsternot

    All I can say is at least the boy is smart enough not to even mention the “M” word (marry) in his interviews and that their are no little Pines running around out there.

    It was exhausting enough to watch a fake vacation. A fake marriage would be to much to endure. LOL

    Back to the mystery of the missing luggage.

  • mungate rocks!

    luggage? what luggage? they only needed a box of condoms and that’s in her bag! Ask Olivia Munster….

  • kim

    you can clearly see the tattoos in the pictures that have been put up in other US gossip sites (aka the leftovers pictures that were not given to the English tabloid)

  • off the grid

    agree hipsternot, it would be too exhausting to endure a fake marriage and kids, just ask cruise and travolta.
    Irishfifty, in response to your but why go to all the trouble if no one really knows him, my answer is that with Jack Ryan coming out next week, people may be inclined to google him and find out more about the actor they just saw, and the first thing that will pop up is the articles about the “costa rica vacation with the gf”. so right away they get the impression he’s straight. you’ll notice that when he’s not promoting a movie, he lays way low and can even go in/out of LAX without much fanfare.
    as to the luggage, he has a backpack in one of the pics. and she has that big ole purse. i guess that’s all they needed…lol.
    i think we can place better bets on whether she stays or goes after the golden globes.

  • ugh!

    Why are they wearing sunglasses inside the building? No one else is. lol
    The girl looks fat and frumpy. Her clothes are awful. Such a try hard.