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Vanessa Hudgens Had the Best Dinner Ever with Chef Steven Fretz!

Vanessa Hudgens Had the Best Dinner Ever with Chef Steven Fretz!

Vanessa Hudgens rocks a stylish leather jacket while exiting a studio on Saturday (February 8) in Santa Monica, Calif.

“With the mastermind Steven Fretz last night at @thechurchkeyla #best. Dinner. Ever. So fun!!!” the 25-year-old actress tweeted the night before with a pic. Check out the pic below!

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Earlier in the week, Vanessa was all smiles while grabbing lunch with her BFF Ashley Tisdale at Aroma Cafe in L.A.

In case you didn’t know, Vanessa‘s latest film Gimme Shelter is in theaters now!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Samilynn Jewelry ring and AllSaints Chelsea boots.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens stepping for a studio session in Santa Monica…

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vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 01
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 02
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 03
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 04
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 05
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 06
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 07
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 08
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 09
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 10
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 11
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 12
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 13
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 14
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 15
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 16
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 17
vanessa hudgens had the best dinner ever with chef steven fretz 18

Credit: Instagram; Photos: AKM-GSI, FameFlynet
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  • whorenessa

    no good whore

  • whorenessa


  • Lia

    Ew…I dislike her very much. I don’t get the obsession with this troll. Gross!

  • sarra

    prettty vanesssa !!! in your face haters

  • abby

    I dont have anything against her but I think she spends too much time having fun and so does Stella. Not that there is anything wrong with having fun but she oughta work more for her own sake. She will be 26 this year and I think she needs more stability careerwise and get in to a real relationship.

  • xx

    i wonder when her money is gonna run out…i mean c’mon indies don’t bring a steady income so she needs another journey 2 type movie like right now.

  • lol1

    first, she looks pretty! love the jacket and necklace <3

    2nd, lemme grab my popcorn now…

  • maya

    Love her. Everything about her speaks of positiveness. She has a good family, good friends and a hot BF. Everyone loves her.
    She did kitchen sink last year and gimme shelter came out this year, oh well after two years delay! Perhaps she will find something soon. She said she is ‘very open’ for a project. So I think she is not gonna be choosy and gonna go with w/ e she’s offered but I don’t think she gets too much offers at this point. So we might have to wait and see

  • teddy

    the thing with vanessa is lately ive found shes not a bad actress(actually pretty good) shes just in really shittty movies. its easily done in hollywood so u have to make the most with what you’ve got until a good thing comes along. connections help a hell of a lot but sometimes u just have to put urself out there as much as possible. i get why she took on gimme shelter. a shittty shittty script with a character that is always pissed off but she managed to develop it into something more than a bible bashing hallmark movie- something it was truly in danger of becoming and evidently, to many many reviewers, it was. it was actually vanessas acting that gained that star or two out of five otherwise it would probably have got even lower reviews. i think vanessa was ten times better in frozen ground because that character was more refined and she knew how to control her emotions. but kitchen sink sounds like utter crap as well as it being released in january. good luck i guess.

  • teddy

    plus i dont think people are “obsessed” with her, its literally just this site. outside of this side she is not publicized as much, and when she is people don’t have much of a problem with her cuz she isnt shown on the feed every hour only now and again. but i think she needs a new agent tho.

  • yets

    i love her.

  • maria

    @teddy: Thanks for your honest opinion, and I do agree on many points. That’s why I don’t get the bullying we get. A bunch of us follow her JUST here, and like to comment. We have no impact on her career, are not employed by her PR, we are not family. So why the heck can’t we say good things about her? Sheesh. When did it become a crime to cheer on another human being?

  • me

    She has more google search results than zac! Plus lots of sites report her going to gym, doing this, doing that everyday. Just that they dont get enough hits to remain on the side column as most read/ important.

  • Nightwish

    @teddy: They are pr or family

  • teddy

    @Nightwish: I respect ur opinion but i honestly dont think they have anything to do with vanessa. if i thought they did, i would say because ive read some comments from people that have later been close to a celebrity. however these fans dont fit and they hardly seem the very intelligent type to use a site like this to promote things when they hardly promote and there is nothing really to promote. ive seen fans of other celebs who are just as dedicated – perhaps even more- but have no relation to the celebrity in person.

  • teddy

    plus, since vanessas scandal, she has been pretty determined not to get caught up in the “gossip”. although seeing her on this site a lot is really annoying, you dont hear any rumors about her personal life. im guessing shes quite close to selena gomez since they have the same agent and have for many many years. however, selenas career still pretty much thrives on the hype of her relationship with justin bieber (and now rehab which she apparently blames on bieber). something that never really applied to vanessas relationships, despite one being particularly high profile (i wont mention any names since i dont want to start any drama :)). vanessa couldve easily gone down that route to maintain her popularity among tabloids, but she didnt so perhaps she doesnt want part of that after all. i still question some of her motives when she exclaims she wants to be taken seriously (remember last year when she was literally at every event?) but i think shes starting to cool it off and focus more.

  • Nightwish

    @teddy: The effort is so much different though, and way overboard dont you think? Professional pr people wouldnt show their hand on sites like this btw, they would perpetuate the charade that they are just loyal fans like joe shmoe sports dude who happens to love hudgens (hatersuck), chemo nurse maria, and mrs sharpshooter/ chemist/ accountant/ mother of three Tina and so forth. If they arent pr or family, i’d trip out. Whats even more trippy is their ages. 15 year olds acting this way is maybe understandable, but 45 plus? And over this calibur of actress? That is mental.

  • Nightwish

    @teddy: What im also trying to tell these guys is that hudgens has significant hurdles as an actress coming up. She isnt a kid anymore but still acts and markets herself like one. I find that particularly annoying. Her acting is passable at best, but her last two movies thick with drama portrayals have totally bombed. She is excruciating to behold, and the critics agree for the most part. Whats next? Back to kiddie smirky stuff? Too old. Adult comedy? Shes not a comedic actress. There are too many talented actresses but not enough roles for women anymore, and hudgens has no edge or anything that makes her stand out. The way i see it, its pretty much game over with the exception of being a promo girl, more yoga, posting youtube vids, etc.

  • teddy

    @Nightwish: im a bit confused with the first paragraph you were talking about cuz you gave all the users weird…nicknames? i mean i still dont think they are pr but i mean its ur opinion. plus i dont really feel i can judge who is a fan of who and their age depicting whether they can be fans. of course its a little weird because u dont typically get older people being fans of women like vanessa but u know things change i guess. however i do agree with some of what you are saying. she has a lot of hurdles to jump over as an actress and i dont see her getting over that in just one huge movie like some actors and actresses have managed to do. like i said frozen ground and gimme shelter has really bad scripts, marketing, etc however she still held her own throughout but that is never enough if you want to be taken seriously. for someone who is very picky with movies shes not that great at being a ~good~picky.
    about her personality , i dont think she markets herself as a kid, i think she genuinely is quite childlike. im not going to lie its a little scary but ive done a bit of research on disney and find that the women either become overtly sexualized, or extremely child-like. Vanessa lies pretty much in between. Why? because her acting is not child like and tends to be young people in serious situations but her personality is quite kiddy. The Disney industry is full of pedophilia so to be honest its not surprising how vanessa turned out, especially her voice as it can either sound very sugar coated or very sexualized but thats down to her handlers to fix with some speech lessons. I noticed an improvement in Gimme Shelter as she managed to lower it so its tamer for the viewer. Same with frozen ground.
    Whats next? Perhaps more movies around the age of 20-24 so surrounding college students or where the age isnt quite specified. She is at that point where she cant do high school students anymore only because spring breakers allowed her to go further in age and you cant go back. There are plenty PLENTY of actors and actresses that are scraping 30 yet playing 16 (Glee, Teen Wolf etc) because thats how Hollywood works. With critics and directors like Tarentino praising Spring Breakers, it makes me wonder if she got offered anything from her portrayal of Candy. I doubt she got much from Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter because those bombed despite being Indies.

  • teddy

    sorry its so long :/ you had a lot of points i felt i needed to cover

  • Nightwish

    @teddy: Her ‘portrayal’ of candy was barely acting at all. Look, throw any chicks in front of the camera with limited dialogue and tell them to act like sluttie college girls and they would find it easy as pie. There was no critically acclaimed acting in sbers, as that would be a joke. Actors can also play a part well, it happens constantly, but are they actually liked and accepted by the masses? That takes special people, and hudgens aint that. Too many actresses, not enough roles, hudgens gets scraps if shes lucky and tv doesnt even want her. Whats left? A reckoning, but the dumb broad is still in denial even though no work comes in, so lets see where it goes. Meanwhile, the cheerleading clowns will continue to pump and put zac down, fans will keep arguing and all over this very insignificant and forgettable actress

  • sara

    “Look, throw any “chicks” in front of the camera with limited dialogue and tell them to act like sluttie college girls and they would find it easy as pie” acting like its not the same with the boys or apparently almost all zac’s role are like that acting like a douchebage without any clothes at least vanessa’s “slut ” acting payed off and the movie did sooo good something i can’t say about zac now go away and take your sexist craps with you.

  • RT

    Here comes ‘zac talk ‘. Look who started it as usual. * sigh*

  • teddy

    @Nightwish: Yeah you’re right. her acting was very 2 dimensional. as was the entire cast apart from franco. but being even affiliated with such a project is sure to bring in recognition dont you think? im thinking of connections at this point rather than talent. talent can only get you so far sometimes. I know you dont like vanessa cuz to you shes pretty much a waste of space, but although you say “too many actresses, not enough roles” that can literally apply to any field in anything. so many people have said “too many artists out there that are the same” in regards to painting when i have wanted to start a gallery in the future. i am fully aware of that, but its whether you still take that step out of pure enjoyment rather than a work ethic. I think you miss the point when i say vanessa is a good actress. a GOOD actress, not spectacular or amazing or phenomenal. Not bad either. Im just as surprised as you that half the actresses out there still get work because they are clearly passable. but like i said talent sometimes come second to connections. I know some of her fans are in denial of her acting abilities, but i also think you are in denial of accepting that shes a good actress whether she is getting the scraps of shitty scripts or not. i dont think you needed to mention zac either – that was something i was trying to avoid to steer away from drama. but if u want drama i will go elsewhere, i just wanted a civil conversation.

  • emily

    Vanessa couldnt have used her relationship for being in tabloids even if she wanted to. Zanessa ended fair and square. No reunions, no insta pics. Whereas Jelena, its still quite open out there. Neither seems to have a problem speaking abt the other or being seen with the othet in pulic.

  • teddy

    and for the record its clear that you are a zac fan, so i think that you should just ignore the vanessa fans. im a fan of many actors or singers that people hate but i just ignore them. is that why you dislike vanessa fans so much? im just wondering. plus if you find her forgettable then i find it pretty ironic that you cant forget to comment here a lot. i mean its your choice but it was a pretty funny statement. like i said vanessa is good but not amazing however your comments kind of contradict your motives.

  • teddy

    @emily: i was speaking in regards to any of her future relationships as well. i thought she would’ve done that with Josh H because he gained quite a high status from hunger games but she didnt.

  • tina

    @abby: Lovely morning. Please explain how you can you can “spend too much time having fun?” You’re only young once. I enjoyed and am still enjoying my life. No regrets. I make time to spend with family and friends. Nothing sadder than an unfulfilled life.

  • maria

    @teddy: Thanks for the civil conversation. That’s all we expect of everyone here. We don’t expect everyone to like her. But the tone of conversation changed when NW showed up. He is not able to maintain civil conversation whatsoever. It’s sad. That’s all we want, without accusations and belittling us. And for the record, we have nothing to do with her, not family or PR. Just regular fans, like all other celebs have. We are young, we are old. We are male, we are female. Who cares? He does, way too much. I do take offense to your stab at our intelligence. I also like other celebs, but felt a maternal sense of protection for Vanessa when she was treated so harshly after the photo scandal. I have stuck up for her ever since, and that does NOT make me unintelligent.

  • teddy

    @maria: i apologize for the offence i caused. im going to be honest as soon as i clicked submit i knew how i worded that was not going to go down well. what i meant is that you guys are very regular and normal. the pr people are usually calculated and often try too hard to appear like regular fans and often get caught out doing so. It takes a lot of unnecessary sharp thinking for pr people to go “undercover” to promote celebrities and you guys dont seem the type. perhaps i shouldve worded it as you dont seem silly/stupid to do such as the pr people always/usually get caught. by now, if @Nightwish was correct, you would’ve been caught like the rest. But you just appear as dedicated fans.

  • maria

    @teddy: That is the truth, teddy. I guess I could understand his distaste if we proclaimed her to be the world’s best actress and the world’s most beautiful woman. We have NEVER done so. EVER. Just trying to be encouraging to a young gal, with a tough, prejudicial, competitive road ahead. I certainly never expected to be ridiculed, taunted, or made to feel that being positive is so demeaning. I wish he would use his voice and brains in a more humane way. We used to have such decent conversations before the attack mode was launched, and sadly, we had to respond in the same manner. Not sure what his purpose is. I have always suspected he was a plant here to drum up the comments, because he was the king of ridiculous perverse comments. Sad thing is, he really doesn’t hate her. *smh*.

  • Nightwish

    @maria: Pls get a life

  • Haters Suck!

    Maria’s had a great life it seems. Once again you are on here the most, have commented the most, are here 24/7. Why don’t u get a life.

  • Haters Suck!

    Year cause you have such an amazing life. That’s why you’re here all the time.

  • zacfan

    @nightwish: give your fat finger a break. if you’re not posting at vanessa’s thread your fat finger is busy dipping where it shouldn’t be.

  • maria

    @Nightwish: I’ve got one, thanks! And it includes looking out for others. Try it sometime.

  • Kelly martineau

    She hasn”t work for couple years I wonder the same thing when her money will be gone. v is always spending her money on supied things. Hopefully her money running out and she”ll be living on the streets.she been wearing that black jacket a lot. She”s playing around to much. Get a different manager who can get you work.

  • Easy

    Vanessa Hudgens is a excellent actress…and gorgeous. She a bright future ahead of her.

  • Easy

    @Kelly martineau: Vanessa according to sources is worth $10 million.

    Plus she is doing fine on her acting…she will be in journey 3. Plus journey 2 made better box office than journey 1. That’s not counting other projects she is working on.

  • Easy

    @Kelly martineau: Sorry I gonna have to correct that last statement about journey 3….she has yet to be confirmed to be in the sequel. But she already has another project in 2015 scheduled.