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Simon Cowell Shares Cute Pics of Newborn Baby Eric!

Simon Cowell Shares Cute Pics of Newborn Baby Eric!

Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman admirably watch over their newborn baby boy Eric in this adorable new Twitter photo!

The 54-year-old X Factor judge shared several pics of the little one with his fans on social media.

“I never knew how much love and pride I would feel,” Simon captioned them. “Now you can see how very handsome little Eric is.”

Another caption read, “Mum, Dad and Eric. Now two days old.” Too cute!

The couple welcomed their son, who is named after Simon‘s dad, on Friday (February 14) at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Congrats again on the new addition to their family!

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  • kara

    Too funny. Simon fell for the oldest trick in the book. Broad gets pregnant by a rich guy. Yes, lady keep rubbing you meal tickets head. Cha ching, when does the first cheque arrive?

  • NYC

    They are a perfect match and deserve each other.
    I love how the mom is wearing a long sleeved warm top and the baby has nothing but a diaper on. It’s freezing in NYC right now.
    I have a fleece on in my house a few blocks away from their hospital.

  • ForMe

    Very sweet pictures,but it’s clear Simon has never held a baby in his life. @ kara I agree this woman is a gold digger.

  • meiii

    They r not outside people..they r in a warm hospital room!!! I wish them all the best….i think she truly loves Simon…..i hope they r a happy family…
    they look sweet…congrats!!!

  • dorothy

    Cute baby, hope she doesn’t abandon this one, like she did her other child in the chase for more money.

  • clay

    Can’t get excited about this situation. They should keep their business to themselves.

  • Lydia

    “admirably watch over their newborn baby”… I think you mean admiringly, not admirably. You make it sound like they should be admired for watching over their own kid.

  • so funny

    It took 54 years for Simon’s heart to melt! Congratulations Simon! You finally have a real legacy.

    That will be one financially blessed child…I hope Simon teaches him responsibility and that his entrepreneurial gifts overflow unto his son.

  • Lacey

    Congratulations. You’re life will never be the same. You have entered a club called: parenthood, fatherhood. You will never love anyone or anything as much as you love your child. I should know. I waited until mid-thirties until I had my son. I focused on my career, marriage and my travels. I had no idea how much I would adore my son. It was love at first sight and I finally understood what life is about. Being a mother is best thing I have ever accomplished. My son is now 11 and I still adore him more than anything else. Enjoy while you can, time will fly and they will go on with their life. It’s true, the time goes by so quickly. I can assure you that you will never love like you love your son.

  • DailyNightly

    Beautiful pictures! Eric sure seems to like being held by Daddy!

  • Sheri

    While I certainly don’t condone how this baby came to be (adultery, cheating on a best friend, etc.), I do believe that Simon will be a great father. It’s usually the people you least expect, like him, who step up to the plate and make surprisingly good parents. I wish them all well.

  • Maks5709

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  • Dv8

    In his head I feel like he’s saying “ahhh, what do I do with this?” lol Congrats!

  • Sam

    What a precious little baby he is. Like all babies are precious. All. How does she smile and feel happy when another little boy doesn’t have his mommy, so this little boy can. How do you even stand to be with yourself. This isn’t a proud moment for her. For shame.

  • British Latin American

    @Lacey: Not touched. You sound like a boring and obsessive stay at home mother. Plenty of people love their kids but still don’t obsess over them like you do and maintain independent lives of their own. There are also plenty of parents that don’t care much for their kids.

  • Lacey

    I’m not trying to be “touching or maudlin” and no, I’m not a stay at home mom. I very much have a career and am pursuing a Masters in another field as well….so your point is mute. My point is this: I never wanted children until I had one myself. It was an unplanned pregnancy that ended well. It’s hard but worth it and yes, I love my son more than anything. It’s not something I could understand until I had a child. I’m not sure if it is the same with everyone but that was my experience. Sure their are plenty of parents who “don’t care for their kids” but that wasn’t my experience.

  • Lacey

    @British Latin American: I’ll take you you don’t have children nor do you intend to?

  • British Latin American

    @Lacey: I will admit that I was in a bad mood, otherwise I would not have responded so negatively to what you said. You made a very general statement with no qualification and in my bad mood I pounced on it. Certainly I think parenthood is a wonderful thing.

    No, I do not have children, and I am not sure that I want any, but I know that if I did i would love the child with all my heart, though i would not try to wear it on my sleeve. I believe that leads to bad parenting. But children can be the best blessing.

  • Lacey

    @British Latin American: I understand completely and can empathize. Not everyone is meant to have children nor is it wrong to decide not to have children. Everyone is different and I respect people who make a conscious decision not to have children if parenthood is not something they desire. I was an only child myself and trust, motherhood was not on my list of priorities. But I must be honest, I did not know what it meant until I had a child of my own. That was my experience and I can only say that for myself.

  • Lacey

    @British Latin American: I understand that my earlier statement probably sounded corny like a greeting card, bit it’s how I feel in an honest moment and no, I don’t go espousing the virtues of motherhood to my friends and colleagues.

  • British Latin American

    You’re treating me with a kindness I don’t deserve, but I thank you for it. Enjoy your son!

  • Lisa

    They are a cute couple. She met her lovely husband at the new

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