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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Completes Filming, Author E.L. James Celebrates!

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Completes Filming, Author E.L. James Celebrates!

Production on the highly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey has just wrapped!

“One of us is drinking… It’s a wrap,” author E.L. James wrote on Instagram with a pic of herself and director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Producer Dana Brunetti added, “And… “That’s a wrap!” E L James Author and Michael De Luca, you were amazing partners to have on this journey.”

In case you didn’t know, Fifty Shades of Grey, also starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, is set to hit theaters on February 14, 2015. We can’t wait to catch a showing!

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Sarah

    Can’t wait!

  • Belen

    I want to see their faces when people won’t go to see that crap. Thats why they did what they want with the movie and dissappointed their fans. James: keep writing, u will gain more money than the movie.

  • limmi

    feb 2015? seriously? why not feb 2019?…..oh wait – 2025.

  • Marisa

    If it’s finished now…why do we have to wait until practically a year from now? It was originally supposed to come out on my birthday in 2014.

  • Huh

    ELJ looks like the older version of Dakota Johnson. That pointy nose, drippy eyes, that chin, just add some fat around DJ’s face it’s ELJ! Anybody?

  • Angelia

    @Marisa: Probably because of editing and promoting the film.

  • Effy

    I really don’t mean to offended anyone, but I genuinely don’t get why people even liked this book. The writing and characters made me cringe. Then again I never understood the Twilight hype.

  • Rose Minaseel

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  • Laters, Baby blog

    @Marisa: Probably a variety of things – when filming got delayed from starting in October to November/December they realized they wouldn’t have enough time for editing. Then they have to find a release date. I’m not sure how release dates work, but there is some formula or schedule – they can’t just release a movie whenever they want.

  • Jess

    And no one cares anymore. Casting ruined ruined this. You can tell people have lost all interest. Used to be hundreds of comments, now just a couple. Classic bad casting.

  • soccer mom

    I’m so horny!

  • Maria

    @Effy: I have to agree. It was the worst written book I’ve ever read. It was like a 16 yr old wrote it.

  • Sun

    Can’t understand, that great Aaron Johnson”loves” this ugly woman. Urghhhh.

  • Sun

    And sorry, but she IS ugly!

  • nessa

    I wish I was more excited, but by casting Dakota, I’m just not as much. She looks so wrong for this part. She looks 40 years old, and yes I want to see Christian, but Ana is the main character and Dakota just kills her image for me. Most of the casting is awful, and I don’t think they are fooling anyone when they keep throwing Dakota in the public eye trying to sell her as a sexy perfect Ana.

  • lol

    These old hoessss lol

  • lol

    Sam looks like Dakota Johnson lol

  • EMPTY PR HYPE!! ..SAD!!!!

    el james BLATANLY copied other peoples stories and writings. has horrific reviews on amazon, and the most unappealing, uninteresting cast. NOT SURPRISING HER PEOPLE DONT WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW– THE TRUTH: they keep SELLING AND HYPING saying the movie based on a book that sold 80 million – what they’re INTENTIONALLY AND DELIBERATELY KEEPING FROM THE PUBLIC IS OVER 70% OF THOSE ‘SALES’ HAVE BEEN PPL WHO ABSOLUTLEY HATED THE BOOKS FOR VARIOUS REASONS AND HAVE VOICED THEY’RE OPINION LOUD AND CLEAR ON AMAZON AFTER PURCHASING THE BOOKS (SHE ONLY HAS A 3.0 RATING) WHICH MEANS THEY WILL NOT BE GOING TO SEE THE MOVIE..HENCE ALL THE HOOPLA AND DESPERATE PR HYPE. ITS ALL A BUNCH OF EMPTY PR HYPE BS CAMPAIGN !!!!!!! TO GET PEOPLE MORE INTERESTED !! but you cant expect anything more from a movie thats based on a book who’s author blatanly stole from other scripts and writers. meshed it together and called it her own ‘love’ story. then shamelessly goes on tv and smiles when recieving accolades for scenes and words that arent originally hers and copied off movies. disgusting! what a joke!

  • SHUT UP 50!!…

    BEWARE: PREPARE for the onslaught of sneaky PR mindgames the studio and ppl behind this farce will be unleashing for the next year bombarding the public to get them hyped for this cheesy pc of crap! .#YAWN #CopyCatWritersArePathetic

  • UGH

    @lol: LAME. I know right?? Why did E.L let her do this. I mean how the heck do you go from Felicity Jones being your number 1 choice to the dreadful pick that is Dakota Johnson. Its because she really does look like the director.

  • v connor

    I read these books quite quickly. I was into the story, then they began casting and screwed it all up. I am not interested in the actor who plays Christian, or Dakota actress for Anna. I think I had problems with just about all of the casting. Now the filming has taken so long to get it together, I have lost interest in the whole thing, not even sure I want to see the movie at this time. EL did not care what the fans had to say about who they thought would of been good for the roles. And she made some stupid decisions.

  • sam taylor&dakota johnsonTWINS

    YESSSSS!! sam taylor johnson and dakota johnson look like twins. they share the same face and both are bottom of the barrel shameless idiots who would do anything to get ahead…..still LMAO over LYING dakota told regarding her wanting the role. 1st she says she wanted the role bec she heard michael de shmucka was producing it and had her people stalk the producers begging for the role PRIOR to even reading the trilogy ( where’s the artistry in that???) ..then says in a second interview “when she heard sam taylor johnson was doing it she “bought the books to see if she had a connection to the story” …and most recently she said that annas literature passion was boring.(um..does this girl know ANYTHING about artistry)—- sh** this girl is all kinds a wrong, aside from NOT looking the part and repulsing many of the fans with her incredibly unappealing effect, she is a HEAP OF LYING SH** !!! there is ONE believable thing about her ….the girl has NO “IT”‘ factor and WILL “SHAMELESSLY” try to BS her way to the top! altho not a shock the real mrs robinson -sam taylor johnson- hired an anna that looks like her, she’s known to hire on personal preference and must’ve read a very different FSOG since dakota looks like her and nothing like the anna described thousands of times in the books. but not surprising coming from a director in her mid-late 40′s who only was hired to do one other film in her career-during that film she hired an EIGHTEEN year old boy to star in the film. within the time the film was made (she in her forties) she began and got impregnated with his child by the time he was NINETEEN. shes gross (and he has mommy issues.) this whole cast and crew is despicable!

  • truth hurts!

    This book felt like a teenager wrote it. no wonder it has such a low rating. and no wonder so many people hate it! they’re under the illusion (or not, given the onsalught of PR the studio is doing for this film) that the same amount of people whom purchased the trilogy will be going to see the movie. LOLLL when in reality many – half the people hated the books- the PR machine doesnt want to publicly admit to knowing this so they do what they do best- shove it down the publics throats with fruitless empty hype… on a side note: the books dont only read like a kid in middle school wrote it but E L james FILLED the books with STOLEN scenes and words- some line for line- from movie scripts taken from original real writers whom actually thought up the ideas themselves. this women is not only a thief she is an absolute controlling phony!

  • nessquick

    If you haven’t read it yet, I only read the first book but if you like Fifty Shades then I think you will enjoy the crossfire series. Its better written, and Eva the main character is only two years older than Ana but somewhat more mature, and not so childish. I really liked the relationship a lot more between Gideon and Eva. And the quality of writing is far better than fifty shades.

  • :(


  • babymomma

    @nessquick: I read the crossfire series and loved it. I have to agree about not to happy with the casting.

  • Nicole

    Wow! I love the books and I love the actors choose to play the characters.

  • Nicole

    It’s as if E.L. knew she describing Jamie Dornan as Mr. Grey from the moment she described Mr. Grey. Down to every last detail. It’s mind boggling.

  • meh

    @Huh: Actually I think E.L. James looks more like Kristen Stewart her original choice. Dakota looks exactly like the director Sam Taylor Johnson. Both woman have small eyes both have elongated noses and long faces. Both tall blondes.