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Michelle Obama Tells Crowd: Amy Poehler & I Are Best Friends!

Michelle Obama Tells Crowd: Amy Poehler & I Are Best Friends!

First Lady Michelle Obama hugs Amy Poehler at a celebration for the Lets Move! initiative at the Gwen Cherry Park NFL/YET Center on Tuesday (February 25) in Miami, Fla.

The 42-year-old Parks & Recreation star introduced the First Lady to the podium that evening.

“We are best friends. I’m coming over to your house. I want you to cook me something to eat…lean meats, whole grains, vegetables, you may have heard,” Michelle said, nodding to her initiative, which aims to ensure that all children grow up healthy and reach their full potential.

While celebrating the initiative, the First Lady and Amy met up with some local children for a round of mini golf!

Amy Poehler & Michelle Obama Are BFFs!

10+ pictures inside of Amy Poehler and Michelle Obama promoting Lets Move!…

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amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 01
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 02
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 03
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 04
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 05
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 06
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 07
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 08
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 09
amy poehler michelle obama promote lets move initiative 10

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  • BlogBrat

    Michelle needs to take her fat butt back to whatever country her nasty stinkin liar of a husband came from…She serves no purpose to the American people…She is a joke as a first lady…Her husband is crippling OUR country so IRAN can take us all down in the end, and this piece of trash is busy sucking up to celebs…GMAB….IMPEACHMENT time for Mr. “Hope & Change”….

  • LOL!!!


    Yet after that rant of yours, President Obama is still the President of the United States, Michelle is First Lady and you’re just a nobody commenting under her picture on cyberspace. You will never achieve even 1/10th of what he has, no matter how much you rant.

    That must hurt, right?


  • Sara56

    @LOL!!!: Ok. Name one accomlishment Obama has done. Name one thing he has done to improve the country. One day you will take your blinders off and realize how foolish you have been about those two. They don’t even spend time together. Their marriage is as fake as Bill and Hillary’s, who you probably also voted for. But do go ahead. Name an improvement in this country since those two moochers got in office.

  • tuf

    @#1 – I agree. All Barry and that buck-toothed wife of his like to do is hang out with celebrities, go on expensive, tax-payer paid vacations, and in Barry’s case, golf and golf and golf and golf. And the only thing Barry has achieved is lying to the American public that if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor; oh, yeah, he also wants to grant amnesty to illegal aliens who have broken our laws by entering our country illegally and then having the nerve to make demands on our politicians that they want a pathway to citizenship. That’s what they’ve achieved…. A great big zero.

  • BlogBrat

    @LOL!!! ~ Well answer Sara56 question…Name one thing???? You need to go back over to Ho-lee’s threads & join the “twat patrol” in defending her…You will be out numbered on this topic…Obama needs to be Impeached for his crimes!!! I hope to hear this is happening soon otherwise we are all doomed!!!!!

  • sjackson44

    @Sara56 He saved our country from a 2nd Great Depression, has oversaw us becoming the third largest oil producer in the world (soon to be second largest oil producer), and has been investing more in greeen energy as well, got Osama killed, drew down our involvement in Iraq and is drawing it down in Afghanistan, passed a health care reform that is and will continue to provide healthcare to millions of Americans, and passed legislation that makes it easier for college grads to pay back student loans. Just to name a few things.

    Not that any of it will matter to you guys, because you’re just a bunch of haters who are terrified that the country no longer looks just like you, or believes in your ridiculous mythologies about the identity of real America and real Americans.

  • sara

    @#6 – sorry, but you’re delusional if you think the majority of Americans like or want Obamacare. Obama lied when he said people could keep their insurance and keep their doctor; he simply lied. If you like a liar for your president, good luck. And I don’t hate the man, I hate his so-called policies so don’t speak for me and anyone else mentioned above by saying we’re a bunch of haters.

  • sara

    A person can disagree with Obama’s policies without hating the man personally, which is where I find myself. He seems like a decent guy, but his policies are far removed from my thinking, which is his right and my right to disagree with him.

  • sjackson44


    No one is forcing people to sign up for health insurance under Obamacare, they are free to pay the (much more affordable) penalty. So clearly they do like the program and the security it brings.

    Bush lied and we got Iraq, Obama lied and we got healthcare. Anyway you are right a person can disagree with the president and not hate him, but if that were the case we would not see your side making crazy, outrageous, nonsensical, and sometimes flat out racist claims that it has over the past 6 years. This is about more than policy to the haters, much more, no use pretending it isn’t.

  • sara

    People should not be forced to pay for something they don’t want, either in the form of Obamacare or in the form of a penalty. And my “side” may make racist claims but the other side makes pretty ridiculous claims as well. And whoever makes racist claims doesn’t speak for me.

  • Megan

    Michelle Obama is a strong woman who exhibits grace, class, beauty, and intelligence. There is no point in attacking her or her looks because you disagree with her husband’s policies. The first lady is expected to have one main issue that she focuses on while her husband is in office, and Michelle’s is healthy eating and exercise for children…both positive things that every parent should strive toward.

  • mom50

    I love Michelle. My favorite first lady by far. Too bad for Sara and her negative low life comments and Blog brat. You two are behaving like spoiled little brats. Impeach Obama? Ha. Bush was a lying mass murderer.

  • tuf

    @#6 – You’re the one calling people names by calling us “haters” just because we disagree with your beloved president. Sorry, but he’s much more interested in entertaining himself then he is in governing and following the Constitution. What president would say “I have a pen and a phone??” He thinks he’s a King who can rule by executive order rather than an elected president who has to follow the dictates of the Constitution.

  • sjackson44


    People are going to pay whether they are insured or not, that’s how it always has worked. We pay less when people are insured.

    It doesn’t matter if they speak for you, they want to govern, and you want them to govern so it does matter that the people on your side make hateful claims, and pass or try to pass racist/homophobic./misogynistic laws or laws that allow these prejudices to flourish. (SYG).

    That said I notice a lot of hating on Michelle a smart, strong, classy, kind women, who has largely gone out of her way to not be controversial. And no promoting healthy eating at home and in schools, and physical fitness is not controversial. The hateful comments lobbed her way only go to prove my point, your side is so wrapped up in its visceral hate and fear of the president that it has bled over to his family.

  • sara

    @#12 – Too bad you never learned to disagree with someone without calling them names. Have a nice day; bye.

  • sjackson44


    I call you haters because your side has revealed that that is all you are, look above my comments, there is no need to attack this woman. No it is your myopic hatred of the president that is fueling this, and other right wing ridiculousness. He’s no king you just hate that you can’t completely stop him from governing.

    Its been 6 years you guys have added nothing positive to the conversation. If you had shame you would feel it.

  • sjackson44


    The truth hurts, but feel free to double down anyway. Have a nice day.

  • who gives an F

    Another suck-up loser lefty from Hollyweird. BiPoehler
    I liked Ms Obunghole. much better when she was on eternal vacation

  • Car Insurance

    @sara: Yeah like car insurance, lol.

  • god help us all

    Lookey at all the clueless uninformed Obamanoids.
    I see Michele is heavy into the image maintaineace these days in order to shore up her hubbty’s failed presidency. Her target audience being the vapid dumbed down main stream media junkies who haven’t a clue what is really going on in the world or in this country.
    Obama has zero cred with those that pay attention and are informed. and he did it to himself. This from a 4th generation Dem( now Independent) who got fooled into voting for Mr. Liar the first time around.

  • mom50

    OMG! You people are odd. All presidents lie! Bush’s lie cost thousands of lifes!!!! WMD- Yeah dumb__s, I never saw any proof.

  • Fran

    What planet are you from ? I don’t think i’ve ever read such shite in my life. You and Obama must both live in fantasyland. This man is destroying our country and you read and parrot his press releases. Now get back to AMESSNBC, watch some Reverend Al Shaptoon… and please don’t have children…lol
    I am printing your comments out and bringing them to work for a good laugh. I think I like the “Obama lied and we got healthcare” .You are precious …..andretarded.

  • Fran

    Absolutely Detested Bush but I know that does not compute with illogical my side vs your side types. So tired of the mutually exclusive logic of left wingers And right wingers. Our Politicians are crimminal in their behavior and it does not matter what color they are or what party they are affliliated with. Wake up

  • proud American

    @Blogbrat Wow, so much hate for a man who has completely turned this country around. No thanks to Bush and Cheney. Obama passed healthcare reform, passed stimulus, passed Wall Street reform, ended the war in Iraq, began drawdown in Afghan, ELIMINATED BIN-LADEN, turned auto industry around, recapitalized banks, repealed ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ toppled Gaddafi, told Mubarak to go, reversed Bush torture policy, improved America’s image in the world, released new fuel efficiency standards, coordinated International Response to Financial Crisis, tightened sanctions in Iran, increased support for Veterans, passed credit card reform, protected 2 liberal seats on Supreme court, improved food safety, achieved New START Treaty, etc..I could go on and on, but you get the picture FOOLS! I do not suffer idiots well!

  • BlogBrat

    I never said one word about Bush…But seeing as you morons had to bring him up, we were a much safer country when he was in office…After 9/11, we were not attacked again while he was in office…We went over to Iraq & Afghaniston to fight for our country & our loved one’s that were slaughtered by the same terrorists in 9/11 because we WERE the strongest country in the world…Obama likes to snuggle up to those terrorists…Bush kept a close eye on Iran..Our Ambassador to Benghazi & three other men would be alive today…Their blood is on Obamas hands…Bin-Laden would have been captured regardless of who was put into office…I wouldn’t be surprised if Bin-Laden was safe somewhere waiting for his friend Obama to give him the “all-clear”…If he was captured it was Thanks to the Navy Seals, not Nobama…The American people who voted him into office are the most gullible people on the face of the earth…You trusted the devil himself with your childrens lives….He has had five years to prove he is nothing more than a common criminal hiself…His wife is no better…She would rather have been a celebrity than the first lady…Remember that when the Impeachment process is started…He has broke enough laws to warrant grounds for Impeachment….We are now the weakest country & the other countries know we do not have a leader that cares to help his own citizens….Obama & you prozac infested followers of his may think he is untouchable, but Snowden got passed his dumb a s s.. So as far as I’m concerned “Snowden for President”…..Obama has destroyed what our founding fathers created….We are no longer America the free…Freedom can cost you your life under this community organizer from Chicago of all places control…The death capital of the US…That is what he left behind in Chicago…The people will rise up against him, it is inevitable….He needs to GO!!!!!!

  • k

    Republicrats- Both parties are the same. They are the political who res
    who carry out the elite’s agenda. They no longer answer to the people.They are mostly corrupt and many are blackmailed into continuing the same plan no matter who is President. Obama is just a Salesman who sells to the public, deflects with the race card and other special interests which divide people, making them easier to defeat. He distracts while the powers that be rob the country blind. Read and research. You will find that we are run by what amounts to organized crime.

  • sarat

    I HOPE that NEXT First Lady brings back DIGNITY to WHITE HOUSE

  • sarat

    yours? or Saras facts?

  • Lefties Don’t Read

    @proud American (lol) The best thing about the left is that they imagine their intelligence. You are not. LOL
    Healthcare Reform
    - Written by the Healthcare companies themselves, hiding behind helping the uninsured, with the result of wildly increased premiums for all, and massive profits. Look at Healthcare Stocks in the past 3 years. WOW! Total SCAM. May you who love this get a meat butcher down the road to operate on your loved ones because doctors are fleeing.
    And what was they average person’s complaint before Obama? High Insurance Premiums. he done fixed Dat! .WE won’t go into the website LOL
    Wall Street Reform -LOLOLOL
    The Glass Steagall Act remains repealed . It protected the public banking system from being financially linked & involved with the risky securities banking system. Nothing has changed and another bailout IS likely. Banks who used to lend out at 3 or 4 times their deposits now gamble with depositors money (20 times) with derivatives .and other risky investments. It is still a gambling casino. NOTHING has changed.
    - that did not stimulate, just increased debt, We are in a 6 year recession at this point with continuous lies of “recovery” in order to keep the consumer upbeat. And how much of the stimulus was wasted and given to unproductive cronies who folded?.
    Ended the war in Iraq
    -LOL we have 250,000 “contractor’s that remain. Many are formal special forces/military and they are paid on average 3 times more than the military by our tax dollars. They will NEVER leave .We the tax payers will foot the bill for Oil Company security and the price of oil remains high by design,.They have built huge bases to guard the oil fields.
    Eliminated Bin Laden
    -with ZERO PROOF.His word ,which HE has rendered worthless. Not to mention many if not all witnesses to the compound invasion conveniently eliminated with “crashes” and “accidents”.
    Recapitalized the banks-.
    - with bailouts which adds to the debt and destroys the value of the dollar. We are insolvent.
    Revitalized the auto industry
    - who have thanked us taxpayers by continuously moving models and lines to be made in China with Obama admin. blessings.

    Toppled Gaddafi-
    - Libya is in turmoil as Gaddafi was assassinated by cia backed rebels. 40,000 have been killed so far and blacks are being singled out for wholesale torture and imprisonment . The flags of al Qaeda fly. The energy industry has moved in to steal resources from the people. Gaddafi was a dictator but gave his people a good standard of living which is GONE.
    . Torture – THEY STILL TORTURE . They now do it on Navy ships and still use Rendition.
    Improved food safety
    - as we eat petro chemicals(plastics) in over 500 foods .read today’s news.
    Read.,,,,,you are tiring

    You are (proud too stupid for words . Our country is in deep trouble because of uneducated morons like YOU. You are unable to think critically and swallow whole the easiest simpleton propaganda. I have much more to say about every subject but kept it simple for you.:)
    May you get what you want and end up a penniless slave
    In the mean time keep playing Team Politics for ego’s sake.

  • Dee

    I like how Democrats say we have insured the uninsured. Yes on the surface. The uninsured used to get charity care which is disappearing..
    Obamacare has increased deductibles. Mine went from $600 to $5,000.Yep $5,000. If I get seriously ill I can’t afford that much and I will not go to a doctor or delay going to a doctor, meaning what?…in a sense I am uninsured, I can’t rely on healthcare. Others I work with have said the same. What I see is healthcare charging more and giving less which seems to be the porfit motive of all companies these days.

  • relax

    proud American’s list of Obama’s accomplishments is cut and pasted from Democrat talking points. I’ve seen it many many times and is not to be taken seriously.

  • JT

    Who cares who Michele is friends with. America is being turned into a police state by liberals, turning the meaning of liberal on its head

  • Joe Biden

    Watch out AMY. Obama and his fat gorilla wife hate white people! Be warned!

  • Shut-Up

    WOW so much hate! Its tireing to read al the negative comments.Does it make you feel better to come to an entertaining webite and throw hate around? Really fat gorilla wife? buck tooth? So easy to sit behind a screen and feel justified in hating someone you have and will never meet.