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Leonardo DiCaprio Spends Time with Friends Before Oscar Sunday!

Leonardo DiCaprio Spends Time with Friends Before Oscar Sunday!

Leonardo DiCaprio stands outside Chi Lin as he waits for his pals on Wednesday evening (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor spent the night out with some friends that night before his big nerve-wracking evening this coming Sunday (March 2)!

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The 2014 Oscars are set to take place this Sunday, and Leo is up for the Best Actor award for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street. Best of luck, Leonardo!

Stay tuned to Just Jared on Oscar Sunday for all the coverage of the big show!

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  • Margot

    @also we can assume alot that she will be there. If she was there for the GG and they are still together than she will be there for the Oscars, which are alot more important. It would be weird for her to go to the GG but skip the Oscars.

  • nice
  • also…

    @####: How do you see on IG what photos she liked? I keep seeing comments like that here on JJ that she liked many photos on IG but how do you know or see that?

  • Nessa

    Why do his clothes never fit him properly??! Le sigh. I still love him.

  • sleep

    toni will be carried like a plant on the oscar red carpet.

  • also…

    @Margot: Assume. You said ‘we know’ and that’s different. Now you sound like she went to the GG so she will go to the Oscars. You mean the after parties, right? lol

  • ####


    I haven’t seen any photos that she’s liked recently (within the past couple of days). Not on Dave’s IG, Madison or her sister’s IG and they’re taking pics in LA so I don’t know where she’s liking pics on IG either.

  • sleep

    toni will be the big oscar statue on the oscar stage.

  • ####


    I think it’s funny that he still wears boxers! You can see them in these pics! You would think a man like Leo who dates VS models would wear like boxer briefs or something a little more sexy!!! LOL

  • Don’t get it

    Well, as “also…” said in the last thread, if she didn’t walk this show that is not near the oscars, do you think she is going to walk in Elie Saab’s, instead of being with leo in some after after after after party?. I don’t know. I hope i’m wrong, i would love to see her in that fashion show. She looks so good in those dresses. Maybe she is looking for a career change?. I don’t know. She changed so much in this last year. I do think that she is not in LA. She is somewhere in Europe, and didn’t she told her friend that she was going back to NY soon?. So i don’t know.

  • Margot

    @also Sorry I meant assume …

    and yes I mean the afterparties. There is no way shes walking the red carpet. As to Toni she liked one or two of Daves Jamacian pics, and has been liking other pictures as well, I know some from that other model Valentina Z or something like that, and a few other models from paris. Those were all yesterday.

  • Don’t get it

    I’ve just discovered that there’s a way to see the activity of the people you follow on instagram. I have no way to post this, but Toni liked three photos of madison and a photo of Andreea Diaconu where she is with Joan Smalls, Emily DiDonato and Karlie kloss (it’s from todays Balmain fashion show).
    You can always learn something new.

  • http://justjared justsaying…

    i am pretty sure toni is a little piss ofF that she is not going with leo to the ocsars for a big night but she might be at the after parties if she fly back to L.A..

  • Nessa

    @####: I know, right? Is it me, or are boxers more an old man thing?? Lol

  • Radiant Smile

    Look at his gigantic smile and glowing eyes! Such enthusiasm for life! The club therapy must be working its wonders!!

  • loneliness

    he looks so lonely in the last two pics aww seems like he has too much free time on his hands

  • also…

    @Margot: Just for the record I didn’t want to start a fight. I see your point you just sounded so sure. I also think there’s a chance she will be in LA for the weekend so it’s not like I don’t see it happening or anything like that. I just assume and won’t guess since recently not too good at it! lol
    No, I don’t think the red carpet or the ceremony is for her. The way Leo kept it so low key during WOWS promo and Oscar campaign suggests she won’t be there.
    I saw the Dave photo that she liked but that’s all. I just thought there is a way to see all the photos she liked and that’s why I asked.
    @Don’t get it: Goos points. But career change? I don’t know! She should think about it because Leo dating a non-model is unlikely to happen! LOL I forgot about her remark that she will be back in NYC soon. Maybe on her way from Europe to LA? Here we go… I’m guessing again! lol

  • ####


    They are old man and old school. He has always worn them though which I think has always been funny and sexy to me!!! :-)

  • also…

    @Don’t get it: How do you see that?

  • nominations

    @Margot: yeah wows got tons of noms from the academy but so did american hustle lmao also wows missed out on editing where dbc got a nom

  • ####

    @Don’t get it:

    And the poster Margot mentioned that she liked some pics of some models from Paris too so maybe she is still in Paris. If she is though, we’re not getting any pics of her at the after parties where last year she posted a lot of pics from the after parties. She could be working though….once again, who knows…..

  • nominations

    some nominations are downright awful this year… the cast of hustle taking up valuable actor nominations and pushing out emma thompson and tom hanks, preposterous! no young and beautiful for best song and i’m not a fan of gatsby. and jonah hill over bruhl or gandolfini??? also, scorsese for director?? i guess the appeal of goodfellas lasts to this day since wows seemed like a near clone of goodfellas minus the good music

  • Don’t get it

    I see it from my app. Let me see if i can upload a screencap to tinypic.

  • Chi Lin

    Leo is embracing his Asian side

  • Don’t get it


    Here you have it. From the app, you click where you have a heart (where you see all the notifications) and then you click on “following”. There it shows all the activity of the people you follow.

  • Don’t get it

    LOL!. The guessing game is fun!. Do you think that if she changes her career, leo will dump her?. LOL. I don’t know where she is. I think it has a lot to do with those harsh messages that were left on her instagram. Maybe she decided to make her life a little more private. No?. LOL!. Just kidding. I’m clueless. I love this game.

    Like i said before i would love to see her walking in a show. She looks good on the runway. But i don’t know. I’m clueless.

  • also…

    @Don’t get it: Thanks. I’m on my iphone and it doesn’t show activity. I will try later from my laptop.
    It’s interesting that she hasn’t posted her usual #tbt photos today.

  • Lainey

    Maria emailed me yesterday wondering if it was time for another Kate and Leo hookup. Actually, to clarify, she was suggesting something more serious. But Leo doesn’t do serious with actresses and besides, Kate likes her love a little more off-beat.

  • also…

    *#tbt Unless she is in LA and it’s still early there

  • also…

    @Don’t get it: She got nasty comments for the V Day photo. She posted after that and there were no nasty comments.

  • Maybe


  • also…

    @Maybe: Mourning what?

  • Pig

    Leo looks like a pig.

  • fatty

    @Pig: with skinny stick legs and no ass lollllz

  • Ok

    @also…: She does delete a lot of nasty comments though. For some reason I get the impression she was naive going out with Leo, because all his and other high profile male celebrity’s girlfriends get a lot of hate. She new his reputation, but I guess she’s enjoying the fame. That GG pic from the after after party did wonders for her.

  • food

    leo is lonely these pics are what is life is really like he looks awful in real life and does nothing with his time

  • Dasha

    Good luck for the Oscar my boy ♥♥♥

  • also…

    @Ok: I agree. I don’t think she cares too much about those comments. She deleted only the nastiest ones. She has a famous bf and most of the comments are kissing her butt. And many of those comments are from Leo fans.
    I wouldn’t say the GG photo did ‘wonders’. It was awkward kljust like the Ibiza one and I think it was obvious.

  • Blacksharpie

    I am guessing that she is in LA with him. I think if she was working she would post pics. PFW is a big event for models. Her counterparts are posting.
    Also, if he was waiting outside Chi, I think he was probably waiting for her. Why would he wait for male friends. Wouldn’t they just meet him inside?
    I still think she will be in LA for the Oscars even though she is not walking the red carpet.
    As an aside, he does look sad/bored in these pics.

  • Lilly

    Hello :):) Leo has a Libra Ascendant and moon. I would like to write about his Ascendant (which Kate also has). Libra Ascendants are meant to be charismatic and good to be around. They have a charming personality and people are mainly attracted to them. Most of the time, Libra Ascendant have a long string of relationships. Lots of the time they have many problems in their relationships. However, Libra’s can be indecisive and need to have a partner. They would rather be with bad company than none. This is why I think an Aries or Gemini would be good for him, moon wise. Another thing is they usually hate conflict, they like to be surrounded with peace. They are also known for trying to keep a bad relationship going and going all out to do so. This is due to them, as i said before, not wanting to be alone, and that they don’t like conflict. But if a relationship does end they are most likely to move onto another :)) xx

  • lol

    I also think she’s in LA. Although its surprising she isnt posting pictures with her friends.

  • Ok

    @also…: Yeah, i’ve noticed the comments are from people like ‘mrsdicaprio’ or someone with Leo has their profile pic. Re the pic; I think it gave her recognition, her name has been picked up by more sites. Not all the sites know about her, but defindenly more then before. I like the lastest picture of her, she looked a lot better with longer hair.

  • also…

    @Black sharpie: I’m not saying that she is not in LA. I don’t know but it’s a strong possibility. But Leo wouldn’t wait for his friends? Only for her? Why? I don’t really get that. He could be waiting for his car.

  • 868

    @Lilly: Sounds like Leo and Kate. I miss your posts.

  • BZ girl

    Maybe she just doesn’t have anything to post about…lol I mean she usually just posts random things anyway ! I think the those angry comments was a thunderstorm on her parade..she just admiring of others at the moment!

  • poor toni

    awww leo is waiting for toni <3 i hope they enjoy their chinese meal together

  • Ok

    @Blacksharpie: I agree with also on this one. I mean I think he’s waiting for his car. I very highly doubt he’d be waiting for Toni. It definitely looks like he’s waiting for a car. I don’t know where she is but even if she’s in LA I doubt she’s will Leo. I don’t think he will take her somewhere where he knows they will be photographed.
    I still laugh at the picture where he left Bar after he saw the press. And that was after how long they’d be dating for?

  • Amy

    @poor toni:

    Unless Lukas changed his name to Toni, that didn’t happen.

  • also…

    @Ok: it definitely gave her recognition but wonders? I think the last Leo gf who experienced wonders in her career thanks to Leo was Bar. He helped her career big time but after her… maybe Lively got good exposure. Do you see my point?

  • Blacksharpie

    I just think a man is more apt to wait outside for his date than for his friends. Honestly , most people would probably say meet me inside regardless of who they are meeting but if they are going to wait for someone it’s more likely they are going to wait for their date?! The exception might be if he needs to get his friends into the club. JMO.
    On the other hand, he could be leaving and is waiting for his car.

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