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Bradley Cooper's Oscars 2014 Date: Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse!

Bradley Cooper's Oscars 2014 Date: Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse!

Bradley Cooper holds his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse‘s hand as they head into the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held after the 2014 Oscars on Sunday night (March 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor had his 22-year-old girlfriend by his side in the front row at the show, where he was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in American Hustle.

Bradley lost to Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club.

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Tom Ford tuxedo and a Chopard watch. Suki is wearing a Marchesa dress, Brian Atwood shoes, a Rauwolf bag, and Harry Winston jewelry.

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  • niagirl

    Twenty years olds are not good luck charms, just ask Leo.

  • Lili

    She remembers so much Jennifer Lawrence. And I must confess it’s just disgusting how young she is. They loo like father and daughter…

  • Lili

    She remembers so much Jennifer Lawrence. And I must confess it’s just disgusting how young she is. They look like father and daughter…

  • Pame latty
  • ari

    good one

  • toby

    clearly she did her own hair

  • Alaia

    Is that really the best she could do? A second-rate frou frou Marchesa gown?

  • Drake

    Why y’all chopped off his sister in the main photo and his mom in the fourth photo. Lol at will and jada face in the fifth pic. I wonder if Zoe was there would suki still been his date. Things that make you wonder,

  • web address

    I too am a little surprised that for the biggest event of the year in the movie industry that her gown arrangement, in my opinion, has very little luster. I will give her the benefit of the doubt with regards to her hairpiece and say she just had a bad hair day.

  • Cate

    Just yuck at this creep and his bimbo and of course she’s wearing Marchesa. She desperately wants to be one of Harvey’s ~girls~. Gross!

  • Hannah

    They are a beautiful couple!

  • Hey

    I just watched Kelly & Michael (in NY) and Kelly asked Bradley who he was with and he said his mom and sister….still will not acknowledge Suki???

  • Grace

    Dress isn’t bad…hair still looks dirty. He definitey dyed the gray out if his hair and bread! Renner, Dicaprio, and Cooper didn’t win. Maybe that’s because it’s not just about the performance for the voters and people don’t like their lifestyle choices of dating toddlers. Oh and the one pic she looks unhappy in, his sister Holly is on his other side. Coincidence? They don’t exactly look like the type to be friends outside an event like this. Wonder what she thinks about Suki and all the fans BC has lost? Hmmm…

  • Rhonda

    @Grace: RENNER aint even nominated trick.

  • Hayden

    Scarlett Johanssen, Mary Stuart Masterson and Juliette Lewis’s love child

  • Grace

    @Rhonda his film was…

  • DJ

    @Grace: I can’t imagine that Suki is the reason Bradley isn’t winning. I mean, a lot people in the industry seem to still love Woody Allen.

  • lr

    He looks like a fool and I don’t know what he sees in her. I guess she’s good in the sack.

  • CastilianGirl

    He looks so much better with his own kind instead of that ugly revolting Zoe Saldana.

  • L

    What some sad losers do to get famous

  • scarlett

    Well she got what she wanted didn’t she? The pinnacle of everything she’s been dating for, walking Burberry and then front row at the Oscars on the arm of a nominee. Jamie Fox took his daughter and honestly if I didn’t know better I’d have thought Bradley had done the same. I don’t get this girl at all, the appeal of her, why people want to work with her. Her modelling photos are all the same open mouth pose. She’s mediocre at best.

  • nikky

    @CastilianGirl: your comment is disgusting

  • L

    Totally agree with Scarlett her modelling pose is the same all the time

  • Juicy Lucy


    Woody Allen’s wife may have been 21 when they started dating since her birthdate is unknown. Woody still gets nominated as do plenty of his actors/actresses as he really knows how get great performances out of them. Also, Woody’s films are quite good.

    I do find it strange that no one here as mentioned the age difference between Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford which is 26 years, Are we more willing to overlook them as they are more homebodies and not famehos? Just asking a simple question.

    As for Brad and his child Suki, I can recall a time in the not so distant past when Brad couldn’t stop gushing about Renee and actually called her his gf in the press. Suki is being treated like a kept woman who only good to go to after parties and warm his bed. I think it is appalling that after dating her for a year-he still can’t call her a gf. I have a feeling that once Suki’s so called modeling career gets off the ground and Brad’s insane work schedule this year we will read reports that they have split do to their work schedules.

  • Jenny

    @Juicy Lucy: Link me to him gushing over Renee in a personal way and calling her his gf. It didn’t happen. I saw one interview where he talked about her and it was in relation to their movie together.

  • DJ

    @Jenny: Didn’t he say something about Renee during his appearance on ‘Inside The Actor’s Studio’? I’ve never seen it, but I thought people have said that he acknowledged her during the taping.

  • DJ

    Sorry, I meant Inside The Actors Studio.

  • Jenny

    @DJ: Her presence was acknowledged by James Lipton and he clapped of course. Bradley didn’t say anything about her being his gf or anything else.

  • Libby

    Suki looks as pissed as hell in that first photo. This romance isn’t going to last. She’s probably working on an exit strategy, hence the pic.

  • Jasminty

    @Libby: I saw a GIF of Suki throwing daggers at Bradley when he was eying up Jen when she was eating her slice of pie. I wonder if she is the jealous type? “Watch me eat my slice Bradley!” Front row and center.

  • DJ

    @Jenny: When he was on Howard Stern in March 2011, he was asked whether he had a girlfriend and he said yes. It’s obvious who he was talking about. They broke up right after, but still, he did acknowledge that he had one. LOL And, when the video was still up for the interview he did with Howard in November 2012, you could tell that he acknowledged Zoe was the person he was with at that time.

  • Jenny

    @DJ: OK… has he denied having a gf since dating Suki? I don’t think so.

  • Ale

    Such a beautiful couple!! I like them very much! She’s too cute!

  • DJ

    @Jenny: No, but he won’t come out and acknowledge they’re a couple.

  • Jenny

    @DJ: But he didn’t do that with the other gfs either unless asked directly.

  • DJ

    @Jenny: He may not have been asked flat-out if he has a girlfriend, but I think he’s been given some opportunities to say something or admit they are together. When he was on ‘Morning Joe’ and they mentioned that he celebrated his birthday with someone special. When he was on the red carpet for the Golden Globes(or it might have been the SAG awards, I can’t remember) and Nancy O’Dell brought Suki’s name up, mispronouncing it by the way. And, if it’s true that he mentioned on ‘Kelly and Michael’ that he was at the Oscars with his mom and sister, that seems like another opportunity where he could have mentioned his girlfriend being there.

  • Drake

    @DJ: that’s the problem he need to be comfortable with himself and come out no need to hide.

  • Jenny

    @DJ: But he didn’t do that in past relationships. He’s consistent. On Morning Joe they said gf and he said he didn’t talk about his personal life. He did not deny it. He also corrected the mispronunciation on the red carpet.

  • Drake

    @CastilianGirl: well I guess Robert de Niro make you sick.

  • Mary Sue

    Bradleys sister looked so lovely here and so happy to be able share this moment with him. I think its wonderful that he brought his Mom and Sister to the Oscars. Its those important people who you love unconditionally that really appreciate your success.


    gay gay gay She is a beard with a juicy contract

  • Hmmm

    Cooper is just seen as a sleazy guy who dates barely legals. The more he’s seen with this girl the sleazier he looks. I think we won’t hear much about Cooper this time next year.

  • Hmmm

    Also did you notice he was sitting better his little girl and JL at the Oscars. There was something really creepy about that. But sadly I think he probably thought was really cool. The guy has a powerful stomach churning quality about him.

  • Marion

    Bradley Coopers date isn’t that attractive. Sure they put a lovely dress on her, makeup and did her hair, but her features are plain and she has a big nose.

  • starsh

    I can’t believe people don’t know she’s his beard.

  • Red Silver

    @CastilianGirl: No, you’re the UGLY and REVOLTING one.

    I think Waterhouse looks clean and well presented…for once! Still they’re a little creepy, I agree.

  • jenna

    aww, sweet. he brought his daughter. sad that a grown man needs a child on his arm. there is like 17 years difference. get a grown woman brad

  • Drake

    @TRAVOLTA: +1 if only they knew

  • Eek

    Her hair looks greasy and gross as usual. You were in the front row of the Oscars, honey, you could have done better than that, especially since you’re a “model.”

  • Aubra

    Awww…Holly was there! I didn’t watch the Oscars